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My Lover | Taekook


Oneshot Taekook story

Romance / Other
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My Lover 💕

Taehyung Pov

I'm getting married,with my crush,yes my crush,I had a crush on her since middle school....I proposed to her and she said yes.

Tomorrow is my engagement with her,I saw my best friend,Jeon Jungkook, helping my papa with something,But I-i feel like Jungkook is not happy.

I goes towards them' papa,I need Jungkook for a moment' I said papa and Jungkook looked at me,Papa nodded his head...I grabbed Jungkook's hand and take him to my car.

'Tae,what happened? ' he asked me, without saying anything I start driving the car ' Tae,tell me please , what happened?' he asked me 'Shh,bunny' he pout at me and looked outside the window.

We reached the place..

I get out of the car and goes towards Jungkook's side and opened the door ' Come on' I said and hold his hand in mine.With sat at the beach beside bonfire

He was still pouting and looking so cute but his eyes were sad ,and I can see that ' bunny,the thing is are you not happy that I'm getting married with Lisa?' he shook his head while looking down.

' I-i am happy for you,Lisa, She's P-perfect for you' He said without looking at me,I know you are not Jungkook but why.

' But,I think you are not , aren't you going to tell your best friend?' I said and pulled him closer ,he looked at me...I don't know why my heart beat so fast.

'Tell me' I said,I looked into his eyes,but he looked away ' I-i am happy hyung, don't worry' he said,I nodded my head ' Hyung,can we eat ice cream' he said,I smiled at him.

After some time.....

We were sitting in my car and was eating ice cream, Actually Jungkook was eating two ice creams.

'Would you like to taste it?' He asked me,I smiled and shook my head ' How is your ice cream?' He looked at me and asked ,I slightly shook my head ' Its nice' I replied.

As I was eating my ice cream I noticed that Jungkook is looking at my ice cream,I looked at him,he smiled at me,I smiled back confused.

I start eating again ,but Jungkook was still looking at me,I stopped eating and looked at him ' do you want mine too' he opened his mouth to say something but closed it again.

' I just want to taste it ' He said ,I shook my head, he pout ' How miserly you are!' he yelled at me and pout again ,he looks so cute right now.

'Okay' I chuckled at him,I tasted my ice cream and he make a weird face and shook his head ' yuk,I hate it ..mine is so taste' now here he is my Jungkook.

After eating the ice cream,We reached Jungkook's house ,we get out of the car ,I saw Mrs.Jeon and Mr.Kim in front of the house ,I waved at them and went towards them.

' Hi,aunty, uncle ' i greeted them ,they greeted me back and smiled ,they went inside the house,only me and Jungkook was left.

' Bye tiger, tomorrow is a big day for you' he said and slightly smiled at me , I nodded my head and kissed his cheek 'Bye Bun' I get inside my car.

Jungkook waved at me,I waved back and left the place...

Jungkook Pov

After Taehyung left ,I get inside my house,I was about to go to my room 'Kookie,can you come here,my son's I heard my dad said,I went to the living room were I saw my dad sitting on the couch and mom beside him.

I stand in front of them and looked at my feet ' Come ,sit with us' My mom said I looked at them and sat between them ' I know it's really difficult for you,but you have to be strong' Mom said and hold my hand in her.

I was looking at my lap, dad wrapped his arms around my shoulder 'Son,I know you love Taehyung so much,but please be strong' dad said and I felt wit on my cheeks and then I noticed that I was crying.

' I-i know ,if Tae is happy then I am happy,i-its just hurt' I said and points toward my heart,before they said something I ran and came to my room I fall on my bed and start crying.

I love Taehyung since childhood ,before Lisa ,I don't blame Lisa for it,it isn't her fault that Taehyung loves her,it's my fault that I didn't tell him how much I love him,I love him so much,I have to smile for him, don't let him notice that you love him.

I don't know when I fall asleep.

Taehyung Pov

Me and bun was sitting on the beach ,looking at the ocean ,I looked at him at admires his beauty ,he look so beautiful the moonlight makes him more beautiful.

I holds his hand in mine, I love his hand in mine,so warm ,so soft...he looked towards me and smiled I smiled back

' Bunny,I wanted to tell you something' I said and smiled at him,Jungkook looked down at his lap,I put my fingers under his chin and made him look at me.

He looked at me ' I love you Bunny' I said looking deep in his eyes,he wide his eyes I leans towards him and was about kiss his lip..

' SIR WAKE UP!' I heard Jack's voice ,I again heard his voice ' KIM TAEHYUNG' I wide open my eyes and jumped and sat up on my bed,I saw Jack and my papa Jin looking at me.

' Today is your engagement ,get up fast,NOW!' My papa yelled at me and left my room,Jack was still standing in front of me ,looking tensed ' Sir,Do you really love her?' I looked at him confused.

I nodded my head ' Of course!Why?' I asked him,he shook his head and left my room,what was that dream?I shook my head and get up from my bed.

I was in the shower,when hot water hit my body I feel so relaxed...after the shower I saw Bun standing outside the glass door holding a towel 'BUN!' I shouted at him but he was still looking at me smiling.

I grabbed the towel from him and covered my body with it,I was still shocked, without saying anything he left the bathroom,what just happened?,i wrapped the towel around my waist .

I get out of the bathroom....I took a white shirt from the closet ,I was about to wear it when ' I told you' I heard bun's voice,I looked behind me,I saw Bun sitting on my bed smiling ' White is my favorite color' he stood up and came towards me.

' And you look good in it' He said,I was feeling weird...I looked at the shirt bun what are you saying why I feel so weird 'bu...' I looked back but he wasn't there,I looked around the room ' I won't wear white' I said and goes towards my closet I throw the shirt in my closet.

I took another shirt from the closet while looking around the room,I wear the shirt and get out of my room ' i really need to clear my mind' I mumbled to myself.

' Tae...wait,where are you off to?' papa asked me ' I am...going for a walk ' I replied to him and start walking ' Wait,it's your engagement ,and Jungkook is expected,but you are going' He said,I stopped walking ' Wait,he is not here yet?' I asked him confused...

' No,he is ....not ' he replied, what he is not here yet and then what was he doing in my room ' papa,I can't meet Jungkook so...I was about go but he grabbed my arm.

' Why,He is your best friend...he's gonna help you getting ready so' I shook my head...he looked confused at me, I'm mentally not composed,I have strangest dream,I'm seeing bun everywhere,if he comes here, I'll lose my mind ' Hey what are you thinking ?' he asked me.

' Papa,I just remember,I forgot something important I had to do,i..am going to remember what it was ' Before he replied to me I ran from there,I opened the front door,I was Bun standing there smiling looking at me...

I was looking at him without blinking,he came towards me ' Good morning ' He greeted me while smiling ,I was still looking at him is he real or...' Tae..Hi....Good Morning' I smiled at shook my head,I was about to go.

' Hey' He grabbed my arms and pulled me back,I looked at him ' Don't you see me?where are you going?' He asked me...I pokes his cheek ' Your real....' He looked confused at me ' What does that mean,and where are you going?' He asked me.

' Me,No where ' I laughed nervously...he smiled and hold my hand..we both went towards the dining table where everyone were eating breakfast ' Hey look,come eat breakfast with us' My dad Namjoon offered him,he smiled ' No uncle,I already ate it,Feed this tiger...it's his engagement.....he needs energy' he said and giggled...

' Yeah,his engagement with Lisa' Dad said,I don't know why I feel bad when dad said my engagement with Lisa,I looked at bun,he looked at me and pushed me ' Go eat tiger ' I nodded at sat beside my brother Yoongi.

After the breakfast....

I was in my room thinking about everything ' Tae,which outfit you want to wear tonight' Bun came into the room,I looked at him,he looks so beautiful ' Tae,what happened ?' he asked me,I shook my head ' Bun,can I take rest ,I don't feel good' he asked me.

He looked at me worried ' W-why what happened...should I call the doctor?' He came towards me and put his hand on my forehead,I hold his hand in mine ' Just I need a nap' he looked at me and nodded ' Okay,call me if you need anything' he said and left the room.

I fall on my bed and closed my eyes,but I saw only bun's face,I heard his laugh ,his smile....I sighed and get up from my bed I looked outside the window ' Do I love...Bun' i wide my eyes ' Of course you idiot,you love Kook' I looked behind me and saw Yoongi hyung .

He came towards me ' Idiot you love Kook,and honestly I want you to marry Kook,not only me But also Dad and Papa too, That Lisa insulted Kook ,told him to stay away from you and you know Kook was about to go to Japan after your Engagement' I looked at him shocked.

' What...Bun?' I asked him,he nodded his head ' Yes, and it's better if you marry Kook ,not Lisa...she only wants your money ' he said and left the room, Lisa hurted my Bun,my Jungkook.... without wasting my time I went to my Dad's room.

I saw him sitting on the bed ' Dad I need to talk to you ' He looked at me ' I don't want to marry Lisa ....I love Bun,stop all these arrangements ' He smiled at me and nodded his head.

I grabbed my keys and get into my car, after some time I reached Lisa's house ' Oppa,what are you doing here?' she asked me and was about to hug me ' Lisa,I can't marry you..I love Jungkook,and don't you dare hurt him' I galerd at her.

' YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME 'ahe yelled at me,before she could do something more ,I left her house.after I reached my house ,I went to my room and saw Bun was sitting there waiting for me pouting ,so cute.

I smiled and went towards him ,he looked at me 'Tae,where were you?' he asked me worried,I hold his hands in mine ' Jeon Jungkook ,you are not my best friend' I said,I looked at me ' W-why?' he asked me ' Because you suit better as My Lover'..........

The End

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