Fez's Backstory

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

With Fez’s whole body numb from the bumpy roads he traveled in the truck, he took a deep breath. The long ride finally came to an end and the truck was pulled in by Red. Fez poked his head out the back and saw a tall redhead walking to her mailbox. He heard her dad say, “Donna, Midge, come quick! I fixed the TV!” With a loud sigh, Red pulled into the next house and Fez quietly crawled back in the truck. Eric Foreman walked outside and greeted his dad with an intimation of a party he wanted to attend. While making as little noise as possible, the foreigner snuck into the garage thinking it was going to be clear skies from now on. While still harassing Red about the party, Eric closed the garage and headed inside.

While Fez mused about his decision, he was deciding if his journey was going to be a sojourn or a permanent trip. The calm sound of silence was music to his ears and he came to realization that he had officially made it to America. Exhausted from his attainment, he laid down in the vista cruise and took a long repose. In the dreamer’s dream, the world is a stage and it’s his turn to be a star. He will dance like a star, sing like a star, and do everything he can to be the a star. Fez was woken up by the loud noise in the kitchen, so he quickly hid in the backseat. Eric and the redhead Donna entered and climbed in the old car. He put the key in ignition and turned on their favorite song, “Hangin’ out, Down the Street, The same old thing, We did last week. Not a thing to do, But talk to you. We’re all alright! We’re all alright!”. Fez subconsciously hummed along and quickly came to realization and covered his mouth. Donna questioned, “Did you hear that noise?”

Eric started laughing and replied, “No? I didn’t hear anything. ”Donna, with a growing suspicion stated, “Eric something’s wrong with your car I heard an off-tune buzzing sound.” They pulled over and checked the engine but didn’t see anything wrong. “Check the backseat” Donna suggested, and they walked to the back of car. Fez, with his heart beat increasing speed, squeezed his eyes shut in hope for the unfortunate scenario to be only a dream. To his dismay, the door clicked and he opened his eyes to a shocked redhead and skinny teenager. After they finished screaming in confusion, Fez spoke, “Let me explain, I just came here to live out my passion of dancing in front of a huge crowd. All I have ever wanted is a standing ovation.”

“Get out!!!” Eric and Donna screamed. Fez slowly got on his knees and begged to let him stay just until he found a way to pursue his dream. They were cautious, but warily agreed with no idea of the new unique relationship the gang had gained with the crazy foreigner.

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