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Chosen - Taegi Mpreg


Taehyung was taken from his mother and his only friend at a young age. He is now a forced sex worker. Yoongi goes through life not really care much about anyone but Taehyung. He will stop at nothing to find him. One day on Yoongis 18th birthday his "friends" take him to a strip club to celebrate but when someone comes out they cry mate. Sooner or later he'll find out it's his one and only Taehyung and they can live in "happily" ever after Notes: • Mpreg • Violence and some mentions of self harm • Quite a few rape scenes • Top Yoongi/Bottom Taehyung • Not edited Im on here because wattpad is filled with petty people who like to report some of my favorite authors accounts.

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That’s how taehyungs life was after he was taken from his mother. He was a male omega, piercing blue eyes and pure white fur and all, male omegas are already rare but what made taehyung different is that he was a pure-blooded omega, both of his parents were both omegas which has never happened. Because of this taehyungs mother knew to keep him hidden from everyone and everything.
Taehyung knew he could get hurt when sneaking out, but he loved to explore and he loved seeing people just live their lives, although he knew never to go up to people, he still enjoyed watching them from a distance. One day while he was out exploring the forest, he met someone, at first, he freaked and started to run away but the person stopped him.
Taehyung was scared at first but then after a while they started to play and run around, the boy took him to his favorite spot in the forest, it was a little cave under a small waterfall.
“my names yoongi”
“I’m taehyung and I will call you suggie!”
That was the blossom of a friendship, yoongi and taehyung were inseparable when around each other, they’ed always meet at 3 every day and taehyung wouldn’t come home until the sun was gone. Taehyung told his mom and begged her to let him have one friend and after meeting yoongi she agreed if yoongi never said anything about him to anyone else. Yoongi started spending days on end at taehyungs house, they never left each other’s sides until one day.
Taehyung went out to pick some flowers for the flower crown when he was taken, his mother blamed yoongi for it, saying that If she never let yoongi be taehyungs friend that her little baby wouldn’t of gotten taken, yoongi believed the same as her, he thought it was his fault, he blamed himself for everything and at that point, he shut everyone out.

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