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✩|New Job|✩

᯾|I'll take care of us|᯾

Taehyung got on the bus with his earphones, listening to calming music as he stared at the beautiful view outside.

He sighed looking around the bus, then suddenly the bus stopped. An old woman walked inside, Taehyung looked around and saw that all the seats were taken.

He got up and smiled at the old woman. "Please sit ma'am." Taehyung motioned her to his in his seat. She smiled sitting down.

"May you be blessed, kind boy. Hope you find someone to take care of you in the future." The woman smiled, Taehyung blushed at her kindness.

"This is my stop, goodbye ma'am." Taehyung bowed respectfully at the woman before storming out of the bus, he waved his hand at the woman who smiled waving back.

Taehyung sighed making his way home. When he arrived he walked inside and saw his mother struggling to clean the mess on the ground. "Mom, I'll do it, don't worry." Taehyung helped her up.

"But you're already doing enough sweetheart." His mother softly smiled at him. Taehyung shook his head and grabbed a chair making her sit down. "Don't worry Maa, as long as I'm here you don't have to worry." Taehyung reassured her.

She nodded smiling, but her smile dropped when she looked at the papers on the table beside her.

"We won't be able to pay the rent this month...." she sighed. Taehyung looked at her in sadness. He sighed crouching down taking her hands then placing a soft kiss on them. "Don't worry Maa, I'll find a job so we can afford it." Tae smiled.

"No no no! You're already doing enough honey, you shouldn't stress, besides you have school too....." he sighed. Taehyung shook his head.

"I'm going to look for a job and no one is stopping me, I'll bring more money home...." Taehyung smiled. She smiled gently caressing his cheek. "You are a blessing Taehyung, I'm so happy to have you." She smiled.

Taehyung nodded softly smiling. "I need to buy some groceries," Taehyung said, his mother nods, giving Taehyung not enough money, but enough for today. Taehyung smiled reassuring her.

"Bye Maa!" He kissed her cheek then made his way out of the house. He plugged his earphones on his phone then listened to the music as he made his way towards the grocery store.

When he arrived there the took a cart filling it only with the food he needed. He hummed walking towards the cashier.

While paying he looked towards the glass doors and saw the same woman he saw on the bus today, she was trying to get someone's attention.

It was a man inside the car, the woman looked like she was asking him something, but the man seemed to ignore her.

Taehyung payed and made his way out. The car drove off leaving the woman there with bags oh her hands.

"Let me help you..." Taehyung helped her up. "Ah! We meet again young man. How may I repay your kindness?" She smiled at Taehyung who was shocked. "No no no, no need to repay me..." Taehyung kindly refused.

The woman could see Taehyung honesty and smiled sitting down on a bench. "I'm getting old... there's no time for me left anymore..." she said looking up at the blue sky.

"Will you take the offer I'm about to give to you..." she said. Taehyung looks at her in confusion. "I don't understand. What offer?" He asks. The woman pats the spot next to her and Taehyung sat down next to her.

"There's this place where I work, unfortunately I will leave soon, but I need someone to take my place.... you seem like someone who is honest and hardworking, are you be willing to take my place there?" She asked.

Taehyung looked down at his lap. He is struggling but should he trust her. She looks like a honest woman. "What will I be doing there?" Taehyung asked.

"There's this boy you'll have to take care and teach..." she said gently holding Taehyung's hand. "As in me teaching him writing and reading?" Taehyung asks. The woman nodded.

Taehyung sighed, he wanted to reject the offer but he really needed the money. He needed to pay the rent by the end of the month.

"I accept." He said smiling at the woman who returned it. "I'm so happy, finally." She cheered.

She took out a paper and pencil from her bag and wrote something on it, she gave it to Taehyung and smiled. "This is the address, you can go and visit them tomorrow, I'll contact them and tell them about you." The woman smiled getting up.

Taehyung looks down at the address then remembers that he never got to know the woman's name. "Wait-" he looked around but the woman was nowhere to be seen.

Taehyung sighed then got up taking the bags then headed home. Tomorrow he will check out this place.

'doesn't the boy go to school? Maybe he is homeschooled....' Taehyung though as he walked home.

When he arrived he placed the bags on the counter and looked around, he spotted his mother laying down on the sofa, sleeping.

"Maa I got a job..." he whispered before pecking her forehead.

He got up and started making dinner. He was happy that he was going to finally work and bring money home for his mother.

But little did he know that he won't be teaching a little boy, but a boy who is older than him, with a stubborn personality.


I'm happy I could bring this book, it's not gonna be long the plot is simple, but enjoyable❤️

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