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Normal - Taegi


Taeyon is not Taeyon. This body is not the body she wants. Taeyon is Taehyung. But no one knows that yet. Not even her boyfriend. Notes: • Self harm is mentions heavily • I'm not sure when but there will be a rape scene • Top yoongi/ Bottom Taehyung(Taeyon) • Not Edited

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Hellllllooo my lovely’s this will be the introduction to my new book Normal!!!! I have a bunch of ideas for this book and I’m excited to write them. I decided to write this after seeing there are almost no trans Taegi fanfics and where as I am not trans my cousin is I know what it’s like with how he’s been and so if any medical things come up I’ll ask him for confirmation to make sure I don’t get anything wrong. Also I’m really really bad at the whole when you put Hyung so if I misplace it or forget it or something please let me know so I can fix it! Now let’s get into it!


Pre transition but with brown hair.

After transition with the blue hair.

• 16 years old but 17 in 3 months
• Trans (duh)
• 5′ 4"
• Bottoms but is a Virgin
• Junior year
• Only has one childhood best friend Park Jiminie
• Has a boyfriend named Lee Jun-ho
• Has an adult brother named Kim SeokJin
• Super sweet but shy
• Has major depression
• Self harms quite often
• Introduces himself as she/her in public
• Transition will take a few years

Park Jimin

• 17 years old
• 5′ 8″
• Bottom
• Junior
• Kim Taeyon/Taehyung childhood best friend
• Is the only one besides Jin who knows about Taehyung
• A very protective rice ball (can fuck you up if need be)
• Loves Taehyung but is waiting for the right time to confess

Kim SeokJin

• 19 years old
• 5′10"
• Bottom
• Sophomore in collage
• Owns a cafe called Pink Mochi’s (what fanfic ever does he not own a cafe honestly)
• Boyfriend is Kim Namjoon (Namjin for life)
• Would kill or die for Taehyung
• Knows Taehyungs secret
• Best friend is Jung Hoseok

Kim Namjoon

• 18 years old
• 5′11"
• Top
• Sophomore in collage. (Graduated a year early with Jin)
• Loves to say his destruction talents work best in the bedroom *wink wink*
• Kim SeokJins boyfriend
• Owns the cafe with Jin
• Is best friends with Min Yoongi and Sunshine Hobi

Jung Hoseok (Sunshine Hobi)

• 18 years old
• 5′10"
• Top
• Senior
• A ball of sunshine
• Loves everyone
• Has a boyfriend named Lee Yoon
• Best friends are Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, and Kim SeokJin

Jeon Jungkook

• Will be introduced shortly as Park Jimins love interest
• 16 won’t be 17 for another year
• 5′10"
• Min Yoongis cousin
• Top but is a virgin
• Amazing at everything that comes his way.
• Moved to be closer to his Hyung
• Is a bunny

Min Yoongi

• 18 years old
• 5′9"
• Senior
• Jeon Jungkooks cousin
• Best friend is Kim Namjoon and Jung Hoseok
• Top
• Love interest pre meeting Tae is his bed
• Favorite thing to do is sleep
• Is an old Grandpa at heart
• Cold and mean exterior but is sweet and caring once you get to know him


Lee Jun-ho: 19 years old. Taeyon/ Taehyungs asshole boyfriend. Is Yoons brother.

Lee Yoon: 17 years old. Hoseoks amazing lovable boyfriend. Is Jun-hos brother.

Taeyon/Taehyung/ Jins mother: Loves Taeyon with every bit of her heart, as long as she’s a she. Hates Taeyons boy nonsense. Loves Jin but hates his relationship.

Alright I think thats it. If you want anything else just let me know.

DISCLAIMER: this is pure fiction and self harm is not a fix. Please talk to someone close if you ever feel depressed or are thinking about anything bad. Life may be shit now but I promise it will get better. I wish you all the best. Bye bye lovely’s

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