Gossip Girl

Chapter 2

Gossip Girl Fan Fiction:

Chapter 2:

Nate saw Blair's left arm poking out from the broken wing of the plane. Blaire was a limp Raggedy Ann doll. Nate ran over and called for help to lift up the wing of the plane. As him and Chuck picked up the wing, they saw Blair helplessly lying there with little breath. They called everyone over and Serena began CPR. All the friends were hoping that she would be okay and right before their eyes, Blair sat up and began breathing fine. She asked them what happened and what all the commotion was about. Nate explained to her that she had passed out and was barely breathing. She was just as confused as everyone else. The group, being very confused and not sure what to do, left the plane crash site with all the goods they found and walked back into the island. Chuck stopped abruptly in the middle of the path way and said “Did anyone hear that?”. All the friends looked around confused and said “No? What was it?”, at the same time. Chuck didn’t want to scare the group and assured them it was nothing so they kept walking. It was getting close to dark and they knew nothing good would happen on the island after dark. They found a little cave east of the shore and hid in it for the night. They thought it was brutal to sleep in the cave during the night because all of them are used to fancy beds. None of them could sleep because they were so worried about what was out in the wild. In the morning they woke up very early and began to look for some kind of hope. They walked for four miles and then decided they needed to eat. The boys tried to kill animals with spears, but could not find anything. Hunting was hard. Five brutal days passed and still no hope. After walking for days, they had no clue what was going to happen next. They finally fell asleep, but were awaken by a very loud helicopter. Out of excitement, Chuck ran out of their shelter and forgot there was a lake right in front of him.. he plopped into the water and frantically jumps out. Falling can be disorienting! All the friends laughed at him and continued to try to catch the helicopters attention. After a while, the sound stops and they all get very discouraged. The noiseless air was a quiet, abandoned town. As they gloomily walked back to their shelter, Serena heard something rattling in the bushes and they all came to a complete stop. She says, “No one move a muscle, this could be dangerous and we are all very weak from not eating.” They stand there for about five minutes as the sound gets louder. Before they knew it, a hand popped out of the trees and the voice behind it was very familiar to all of them. Chuck’s dad ran at all of them with great excitement. “I thought you were dead!” He tells them that all of their parents have been worried sick and sent search parties to look everywhere. “How did you find us?” asked Nate. Chuck’s father replies, “The black box in the airplane that crashed told me exactly where you were but there was a horrible storm and no one was able to come until now.” Everyone was so happy and they all made it back to New York, talking about what they were going to eat right when they got home!
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