It's a yes

Chapter 2

It’s a Yes

4 hours later

After callie introduced Dr. Brennan, aka Bones, to the rest of the team they continued to work the case. “The Silencer” by this time had already killed Dr. Saroyan and another victim by the name of Lance Sweets, but everyone called him sweets. Garcia and Angela had been working to put the pieces together to solve the case with their high tech computers. Booth and Hotchner had gone to the victim's home to see if they could find anything that gave them a lead. Booth got a call from Angela saying that they had found a fingerprint of “The Silencer”. Booth and Hotch raced to the car and drove back to the station. Hotch was greeted by Callie and Spencer.

“Hotch we have created a profile for our killer. Garcia and Angela are running the print through the database’s to see if it has a match, but no luck yet” stated Spencer.

“Thanks Spencer, call the team together so we can debrief and find this bastard” said Hotchner. JJ, Spencer, Derek, and Callie headed over to the conference room. Hotch and Booth filled in after them.

“Our killer is a young middle aged man, who works in the Jeffersonian. The only way he could get around our victims is he would have an access pass to get in. Booth, you probably met this person before” JJ said. Booth looked at JJ then at Hotch, “What? She can’t be serious Hotch”. Hotch looked at him and shook his head. The room became silent.

The teams did not have any leads so

they sat around and waited on results to come back or something happen.

Callie came running up to Hotch. “Hotch… Hotch” Callie said out of breath. “Callie just slow down what's going on? Is everything ok?” Hotch said grabbing her by the arms. “It’s… my mom… she’s gone. Hotch help, I need her back, she’s gone. I just met her and she’s gone.” Callie said starting to breath better. Hotch pulled Callie in and solaced her. Booth saw that Callie was upset and walked over.

“Everything ok over here?” said booth. Hotch leaned over and told booth what had happened. Running fast, Booth went to the Jeffersonian. When Booth got there Angela was waiting at the door. “Angela do we know where Bones is yet?” Booth said huffing and puffing.

“No Booth, not yet we are doing everything that we can. We do have some news though. Arastoo is gone” stated Angela.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Booth said in a strict tone. “Booth we think that he is the killer and that he has Bones” Angela said in reply.

A time had passed and they figured out

that Arastoo was the killer and had a lead on the location of Bones.

It was bright and early when the teams set out to get Bones. They hopped into the cars and headed out. They had lived together for about six months until they got into a big argument and Arastoo killed her. Once they got to Cam’s house Hotch said, “Callie you’re with Booth and I, Derek, JJ, and Reid y'all take the front and we will get the back”. The teams deployed and took off to save Bones. Hotch and Booth went in front and Callie followed. When they got to the back of the house they waited for the go.

“Team in the front are yall ready” Sated Hotch.

“Yes, let’s get Bones” spoke JJ. Booth busted in the door and ran in. Hotch and Callie followed after. The teams swept the first floor,

“Clear back here” yelled Callie, “All clear here too” yelled back Derek. Booth then headed to the basement door. The door was opened by Booth with the team behind him. Once the teams got to the bottom of the stairs they split the room in half. One side of the basement was an ice cube and the other side was a melting pot. Booth’s team was making their way to the back of the room when they saw Arastoo run away. They took fire and killed him. JJ’s team stayed with Arastoo's body while Callie, Booth and Hotch kept looking for Bones. At the back of the room was a dark figure sitting in a chair. The gun was dropped by Callie and she ran to Bones. Bones was healthy, ok, and not hurt. Callie untied her arms from the chair and gave her the biggest hug.

“I thought I lost my real mom” Callie said in tears. Booth came running up behind Callie and hugged Bones too. After it was all said in done they headed out of the house and stood around and chated. Callie was standing with JJ,Reid, and Derek when Hotch walked up and grabbed her and pulled her way.

“Callie I am very proud of you for doing your job and not letting anything get in the way of that” Hotch said looking Callie in the eyes.

“Thanks Hotch that means a lot. I love you” Callie said and kissed Hotchner’s cheek. Hotch looked at Callie then looked back at the team. “Hotch why is the team looking at us wired?” Callie said.

“Well Callie, this is why.” Hotch got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. “Callie Brennan, will you marry me?”

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