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Thrilling Haunted House


A Thriller story of a college students

Humor / Horror
Shashi Rekha -swasan
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Swara Bose (Soon to be sanskar maheshwari)

Sanskar Maheshwari(swara to be Husband)

Laksh Maheshwari(sanky’s brother)

Ragini Godadia(soon to be laksh maheshwari)

Kavitha Malhotra(soon to be sahil mehra)

Sahil Mehra(kavitha malhotra to be Husband)

kavya Mehra(sahil sister)

Nikhil Arora

Uttara Maheshwari(sanlak cutiepie)

Ansh Shindey

These all are total naughty batch in college very energitic if anyone college fight with someone from this batch they are out with there pranks.In studies also these batch is toppers nobody can’t beat them in anything.

In total batch romantic couple is our swasan(this is true na guys wink)and the secret couple is uttan couple . No one no anything about this couple.

Let’s see what our naughty batch is doing:)

In college:

one boy: Hey juniors u have to do this as ur punishment if u say no means u guys know about us na do.

one girl: good sahil nice punishment how dare they will complaint against our batch.

sahil: yes kavitha(who think they are swasan they are wrong “wink”:)

boy : yaar this is simple punishment just bringing our bags we will give another punishment with this like they have to pay our food bills.

with that sahil and kavitha and said yes to that boy.

girl came there with angry: U bukkads always thought about eating seriously guys u have brains can’t u think anything else go go and eat and don’t come for tomorrow trip also.

b( boy):but y my cutie pie

girl: y means u guys didn’t call me for food (said with cute pout)

After she said like that sahil, kavitha and that boy all see her like now who is bukkad.

b: not like that my cutiepie without you how I will go.

girl:with excitement: really then let’s go.

“now what u r doing” came a voice from there back. Their one boy is standing with a girl by side hugging her .

that boy: now what u r doing my cutiepie and ansh y u r calling as cutiepie . only me and sanky bhai have right to call her cutiepie understand.

that girl: what lucky only u and jiju had rights even I and swara also have rights on our nanad to call her as cutiepie.

yes the first boy is ansh and second boy is laksh and first girl is uttara and second girl is ragini.(guys how many thought that first boy and girl or second boy and girl are swasan:) ; for swasan u need to wait for somemore time)

lucky:I know ragu baby sorry for the mistake please don’t be angry now.

rag: Hmm that’s good keep it in mind from nexttime.

while they are going on with this discussion juniors are seeing them like what’s going on here?

lucky:ok my ragu baby.winked at her naughtily.

utt:oohoho mere bhai stop ur romance in front of me atleast.

lucky and ragu feel shy and embarassed .

lucky: ok uttu by the way what u r doing now without us u are also planning to go.

utt: nothing like that bhai I am coming to call u only.

lucky: haha behena I know about you.ok chodo (with smirk) per what is going between u and ansh I didn’t miss anything na.

After listening this uttan gulped .

sah: I am also thinking same laksh.

ansh: arey jiju sorry I mean laksh interrepted by laksh

lucky: what re saleey jiju kya baath he

ansh:aisa kuch nahi he laksh by mistake

lucky: by mistake tho ok if this is true na I will see (he don’t know that it is true only :))

ansh : sorry. with that uttara and ansh got relief.

rag: chodo lucky . let’s go and search for swara and sanskar in the meantime kavya and nikhil also will come after that we all will go for lunch chalo.

sah: ha chalo par wo kaha he.

kavitha: where ever they are they will do romance only.

lucky/ragini: ha yes we also forgot about our romantic couple duty.

They all laughed .

ansh: ok chalo (to juniors) u guys wait here we will come

They nod.

They all went to search swasan.After searching whole campus,

rag:sahil where they are we searched whole campus.

sah:I also don’t know yaar I am also thinking.

utt:we forgot to check campus backside.

ansh: yes let’s go.

lucky: guys while checking campus we didn’t find kavya and nikhil also.

kavitha: yes where they went.

rag: guys first check on swasan later we will check on kavya nikhil.

an:yes let’s go.

at backside of college :

They all came and searcing suddenly kavitha frozed at her place and call remaining.

kavitha: guys see there.

They all see at that direction and frozed like kavitha.while that direction we can see one couple is doing fighting.

Any guesses guys who is that fighting couple ?that couple is swasan or kavya and nikhil?

precap: starting journey to haunted house.

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