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Taekook Oneshots


Every chapter is new story! Only Top!Kook & Bottom!Tae

Romance / Other
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Two Wizard’s Love Story

This will be a Harry Potter au

It won't be just like Harry Potter but still enjoy


Taehyung (Gryffindor)

- - -

"C'mon, Tae! You wouldn't want to miss out on the train, would you?" Taehyung huffed our of exhaustion of running to platform 9 3/4.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just so tired" The strawberry blonde male said.

"Oh, wow. We just ran for 5 minutes and you're already tired? Slow poke" Hoseok teased the other as Taehyung rolled his eyes.

After the speed walked through platform to platform, they finally arrived in their destination place.

"Right, so.. you or me go first?" Hoseok asked Taehyung. The strawberry haired male shrugged as an answer.

"I'll go first then. See you in the other side!" Hoseok exclaimed as he run through the wall, disappearing through the brick walls.

"Alright, Taehyung. You could do this. You've done it countless of times, you can do it again." Taehyung took a deep breath and stared at the wall. For a few moments, the pink haired male started to walk as it sped up to running.

He closed his eyes when he was just seconds away from going through the brick wall. Taehyung felt a light breeze hit him and then heard the sound of the train whistling loudly.

Taehyung searches for his friend, which it didn't take too long. He had bright orange hair while others had boring brown, black or blonde hair. How did Taehyung and Hoseok have different hair than the others? They dyed them so that when they would want to find each other, it doesn't take long. Smart right?

The pinkish blonde haired boy gave his trolley to a worker and catched up with his hyper friend.

"I can't wait to go to Hogwarts again!" Might as well ask. Which year are they on now? Sixth year. Taehyung and Hoseok are 17 years old.

"Same" Taehyung replied back.

Then the two friends heard a worker announced that they would start the train very soon, Taehyung and Hoseok hurriedly jumped on the train and found their seats. It was going to be a long journey so Taehyung curled up to a ball and put the blanket over him, not forgetting to say goodnight to Hoseok who was secretly taking pictures because it was cute.

After some time, the orange haired male began to get tired himself and slept.

The next day came quickly. Now, Taehyung and Hoseok have already arrived at the historical castle. They were both speechless at the sight before them, every time they would come to Hogwarts, it would always take their breaths away. Floating candles in the air, scary statues in the hallways, everything and anything there was priceless.

Students were taken to the great feast hall to have dinner before they go and have a goodnight's rest.

"Welcome, again, students of Hogwarts. Get ready for this year's learning and activities. And let us enjoy our feast that is right in front of us." As in right on queue, when the Head Master clicked his two fingers, food was magically in front of them.

People gasped, surprised, as they started to dig in. Taehyung wasn't very hungry so he just took corn and ate it.

As for Hoseok, he almost ate every thing that was served on the table.

After the feast was done. Students were assigned to their own dorm room for the night. Taehyung and Hoseok were talking about how fun would this year would be, that the pinky blonde haired male didn't see the person in front of them.

Taehyung was laughing hard at the other's joke, his body made collided with a hard chest that made him fall down on the stone cold floor.

"Taehyung!" Hoseok shouted at the top of his lungs and helped to get his friend up on his feet. The strawberry haired male grunted in pain and apologized to the person in front of him.

"You should be more careful, beautiful" Taehyung's eyes widen he heard the familiar voice.

His head shot up as horror took over his eyes.

"J-Jeongguk" The ravenette smirked.

"Missed me, pinky?" Taehyung tried to fight a blush that was forming on his pale cheeks. He couldn't form words and didn't notice that Hoseok sneakily ran away from Taehyung and Jeongguk.

"No I didn't, you je-jerk" Taehyung stumbled on his words.

"Right, pinky. See you later" Jeongguk chuckled lowly and began to stride to another corridor, leaving Taehyung blushing by himself. He also frantically looked around for his friend anywhere but couldn't find him and pouted. Taehyung went to the Gryffindor's chambers and found Hoseok sleeping on the couch.

He shook his head and went upstairs to his own bed, looking over to the side all his stuff was already there.

Taehyung laid down on the soft mattress and covered his own body with a red and yellow patterned blanket. His mind wondered over to the ravenette that he bumped in to in the corridors earlier.

Who is he, you ask? Well, it is the great Jeon Jeongguk. He is in eighth year, a Slytherin prefect, a cocky person that has handsome visuals. Girls drool over him while guys are jealous of him. He has been hitting on Taehyung since Taehyung was in fourth year. Calling him annoying but sweet pet names. Sometimes helping the strawberry haired male in the corridors and classes. Overall, Taehyung thinks Jeongguk is a caring but a very irritating person.

The very next day came, Taehyung had different classes with Hoseok so he was sulking by himself in the corner of the room. Taehyung kept biting on his nails because a certain ravenette occupying his mind. He didn't hear the professor calling his name when he heard something smashing nearby.

"Kim Taehyung, can't you hear me? 10 points from Gryffindor and detention for you, Kim, at the end of the day," Other students groaned as Taehyung pouted.

"Stupid snakes," The strawberry blonde muttered to himself.

The day went by quickly and Taehyung had told Hoseok that he was having detention. The orange haired male teased him about it nonstop. Taehyung walked through the castle corridors swiftly, wanting his detention to be canceled or delayed.

The location of detention class is on a tower, with desks. So Taehyung was very lazy to go up but if he doesn't, points will be taken more from Gryffindor and he doesn't want to disappoint his other mates.

The strawberry male opened the rusty door and inhaled while closing his eyes, he just has to wait for 2 hours and get out again, easy right? Welp.. not for Taehyung.

"What brings you here, baby?" Taehyung clicked his tongue, clearly annoyed.

"Can you not suddenly show up in unexpected places, Jeon?" Taehyung turned to the other who was laying his back on a wall, arms crossed. Taehyung would be lying if he didn't say that Jeongguk like that was hot.

"No can't do, Kim, now.. can you answer my question?" Jeongguk said as he lifted his eyebrows.

"Can't you see? I'm having detention" Taehyung sassily replies back.

"Oh? My pretty baby having detention? That's odd, you rarely have detention. Is it because you were thinking about me?" Jeongguk teased Taehyung and the other blushed furiously at the nickname.

"No it wasn't n-not that.." Taehyung shyly said and sat down on one of the desks.

"Aww, poor thing is thinking about me in class that he got told off."

"Shut up, you snake," Taehyung fought back while Jeongguk chuckled darkly when Taehyung was burrying his face in his own hands.

"Why are you here?" Taehyung asked the other after he recovered from his blushing mess.

"I'm surprised you didn't know. I hangout here when I'm bored" Jeongguk states as he changed his place from standing on the wall to the teacher's desk, sitting on top of it.

The strawberry blonde haired boy nodded and looked down. Why am I always stuck with him every time.. and why am I always blushing around him? Fate must be kidding me.

Taehyung heard Jeongguk standing up from his previous place and got nearer to him. He tried to not pay in mind and think of something else but that failed when two fingers were under his chin and lifting them up gently, meeting the other's onyx eyes.

"You know about the upcoming Quidditch match?" Jeongguk suddenly asked the other. Taehyung furrowed his eyes brows, Why is Jeongguk asking him about the Quidditch match?

"I want you to cheer for me during my next game" Taehyung's gorgeous eyes widen.

"N-no! Yo-you're a Slytherin! I will definitely NOT cheer for a snake!" The strawberry blonde male hissed and swatted the finger from his face.

"Mmm, you're cute.. how about if I win my next game, will you let me take you on a date, how does that sound, babe?" Jeongguk suggested slyly. Taehyung blushed as he grit his teeth.

"No! Never!" The ravenette smirked as he got closer to the other Gryffindor's face.

"Why? Scared Gryffindor will lose, gorgeous?"

"What?! No, it's just.. I— Umm"

"Hmm? So you think they can't win, Kim? I can't wait to tell everyone that my pretty little baby doesn't think they can win" Jeongguk flicked Taehyung's chin to get a reaction.

The strawberry male blushed and closed his eyes for a moment before opening it again.

"Fine, I'll let you take me on a date. But only because I know they can win," Taehyung said with a huff at the end. Jeongguk has a smirk plastered on his face and had the mischievous eyes too, like the Cheshire Cat.

"Wear something cute, babe. I'm taking you out on the second I win" Jeongguk whispered in Taehyung's ear and blew on it softly. The strawberry blonde head blushed as an answer. The ravenette went closer to the Gryffindor's face, their lips only inches away.

Jeongguk looked at the other in the eyes before giving a peck on Taehyung's cute button nose.

Taehyung's blush seems to add more and more at the latter's action. He was whining silently when Jeongguk was brushing his fluffy hair.

"Well.. I have to go, see you later, pinky" With that, Jeongguk straighten his posture and winked at the Gryffindor before clicking his fingers, and then POOF! Gone into thin dust.

Taehyung groaned loudly before hiding his face into his hands. "That stupid snake left me here," The strawberry haired boy muttered under his breath and waited for his detention to finish quickly.

*Time Skip*

For the past few days, the day for the Quidditch match was approching. Taehyung had been stealing glances at the other sly Slytherin. The pinkish blonde haired male caught the ravenette looking at him with a smirk on his face when he was in the hallways, Taehyung tried to do not get distracted by the other but.. yeah, you know how it went.

The Gryffindor had told what had happened in the detention room and ever since then to his best friend and he was teased even more. Taehyung always tried to get the other to snap out of it by smacking him on the head a few times. It worked at times...

"Taehyung is going to go on a date today~" Hoseok said in a sing-a-song voice (?)

"Hush, you loud horse. You don't know if Slytherin is gonna win or not." The strawberry blonde haired male reminded his hyper loud friend beside him. Taehyung opened his book that he bought for todays match, he figured that it would be boring watching the match. And he also pointed that he needed to study Potions more often so that he could get credit scores.

"Fine," The orange haired male pouted jokingly and stared at the book in the other's hands. "You're becoming too smart, Tae. I think you need a break from studying too much" Hoseok commented as Taehyung shook his head but his eyes still didn't leave the words from the paper. "You could never be too smart, Seok" Taehyung said.

Now, their legs were taking them outside to the Quidditch arena. The two Gryffindors began to hear some chattering getting louder and louder. Taehyung and Hoseok took their seats on the Gryffindor towers so that they could get a great view of the game right in front of their eyes.

Taehyung still didn't give his attention to others in front or beside him, too caught up on his book that he didn't notice the game has started. Taehyung kept reading his book until like 15 minutes later he was disturbed by his hyper friend shaking and smacking him.

"Ow~ What!" The strawberry blonde haired male snapped.

"Slytherins got a goal!" Taehyung's eyes visibly widen as his head shot up to the score boards.


The pinkish blonde haired boy's mouth gaped. Jeongguk wasn't kidding when he'll win for Slytherins.

"Jeon Jeongguk has win a score again! Congratulations for The House of Slytherins!" The MC exclaimed over the mic on her hands. People clapped at the astonishing player of Jeon Jeongguk. In the ravenette's eyes, they were filled with excitement and mischief.

The ravenette hi-fives his other teammates and once again put on his infamous smirk again.

He turned to the strawberry blonde boy and winked at him from a far. Taehyung blushed at the action and hid his face on his book.

Jeongguk let out a loud chuckled before playing again. The wind going past his face, making his hair sway with swag and style.

The time left for Quidditch was only a few more minutes left. Jeongguk was convinced that his team house would win the match but still didn't give up for gaining extra points.

"And Slytherins win this Quidditch match today! Congratulations for them again! Until next time Gryffindors!" The sounds of Gryffindors groaning and Slytherins cheering, made Taehyung on his feet.

Taehyung gave his book to his friend beside him before going down on the ground. He spotted Jeongguk taking a water bottle and drank half of it in the Slytherin stands. The pinkish blonde male waited nearby the benches outside while fiddling, cutely, with his slender fingers.

He heard two people coming out of the stands and one he can recognize the voice. Taehyung's head shot up and looked at the ravenette who was taking with another person.

Jeongguk said goodbye to the other and turned his attention to Taehyung who was standing in the corner.

He walked closer and pulled the strawberry blonde haired boy by the waist and stared at the other's eyes.

"See, baby? I won this time." The ravenette said lowly before pecking Taehyung's blushing cheeks.

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say" Taehyung said as he smiled beautifully as he backed away from the Slytherin.

"So.. where do you want to go, Tae?" Jeongguk asked the other.

"Huh?" Jeongguk chuckled at the other's cute questioning face.

"It's a date, so you choose where we go and then I'll pay" The strawberry blonde haired male grinned before nodding his face.

"I really want to go to the cafe near Hogwarts, called Sticks & Brooms, when I was a kid" Taehyung said shyly.

Jeongguk nodded and took Taehyung's hand on his own.

"I'll take you there, pretty, don't worry" The Slytherin smiled.

Now they are walking hand by hand, walking in the pavements. Taehyung was too busy looking at the shops and some stunning flowers that had decorated the shops, while Jeongguk was too busy looking at the other, holding all the stars that were align in the sky in his brown, round eyes.

"Hey? Ggukie! Is there something on my face? You keep staring at me.." Taehyung said in a quiet voice as the ravenette snapped out of his thoughts.

"Yeah, there is something on your face."

"What? What is it?"

"Your beauty," Jeongguk smirked when Taehyung stared daggers at the ravenette, which the other thought that he looked like a puppy.

"Stop being so cheesy, Ggukie"

"Can't promise to stop, baby"

Some few minutes of walking later, they had arrived at the elegant cafe. When Jeongguk looked at Taehyung for the nth time that evening, he swore that Taehyung's eyes lit up in joy. Jeongguk could really tell that the other wanted to go here for a long time already.

The couple walked inside the cafe and the first thing that smelt was the fresh coffee and cakes.

Now, Taehyung was practically jumping up and down in excitement while Jeongguk literally has to calm the other down.

"Hello! And welcome to Sticks & Brooms, what do you want to order?" The cashier said with a big smile.

"Hi, I would like coffee and.. what would you like, Tae?" Jeongguk asked the other.

"A strawberry milkshake and a sundae please," Taehyung continued and gave the cashier his body smile which Jeongguk can't help but coo.

"Sure thing, I'll make your orders in just a bit" The couple nodded off and sat at a table where they could see the outside view, where the Castle of Hogwarts was still noticeable.

"Jeongguk, you're staring again" Taehyung reminded the other.

"I know and I can't believe that I finally got you after all these years" That made Taehyung blush as he looked out of the window hiding his shy smile.

The two couples kept on talking until the waiter has came back with the orders.

"Here's your coffee, strawberry cake and sundae, enjoy" Taehyung nodded his head and showed his best boxy smile that Jeongguk has fallen for.

"Come on, Gguk. Lets eat!" The two proceeded to have a good time together until sundown. Jeongguk noticed that outside was snowing lightly which made him smile.

"Look Tae," The strawberry blonde boy gave the other a questioning look.

"It's snowing outside." Taehyung's eyes widen when Jeongguk said and immediately checked out of the window.

Taehyung made a tiny gasp, giggling lightly and looked back to jungkook.

"This reminds me Christmas is coming!"

- - - - -

After they went to the small but comfortable cafe, the Slytherin figured that it would be a good idea to walk back to Hogwarts by foot again (He just really wants to be by Taehyung more really).

"Jeongguk," the Gryffindor called out to the other. Jeongguk just hummed as an answer and took Taehyung's slender hands in his.

"Are you going anywhere in the Christmas Holidays?" Taehyung asked.

Jeongguk didn't answer and kept his gaze low. Taehyung knew that he just hit a sensitive topic just by the looks of the others eyes and posture.

"I think I'll just be in my dorm for the rest of the holidays," Jeongguk said in a slightly pained voice, eyes didn't left the ground and he tightly hold Taehyung's hands than before.

"Why don't you spend the holidays at home?"

"Because Hogwarts is my home, sweetheart," Jeongguk finally looked over to the other and plastered a forced lip smile.

"My parents left this world when I was a baby. Then I was sent to an orphanage until I was 11, but then Namjoon found me and took me in" The ravenette shortly explained and kisses the back of Taehyung's hand.

"My.. I'm so sorry Ggukie..," Taehyung pouted.

"It's okay, sweetheart. You didn't know"

"Wait a minute. How come I never see you talk to our Headmaster before?"

"I do, just in private," Jeongguk pecked Taehyung's lips which made the Gryffindor surprised.

"Hey, you little bastard—" Jeongguk let go of Taehyung and ran as fast as he could not to get caught by an angry little puppy.

Sometime later, Taehyung became exhausted after chasing Jeongguk. He rarely exercises so he gets tired easily. Always eating snacks with Hoseok back at the dorms.

The ravenette looked back behind and shook his head.

"C'mon Tae. We need to get back to the dorms or Namjoon will get mad at me." Jeongguk called out and waited for the other to catch up.

Taehyung smiled and ran up to Jeongguk, jumping on the other's back with a giggle.

"Carry me, Ggukie," The strawberry haired boy requested as he circle his arms around the ravenette.

Jeongguk gripped the Gryffindor's thighs and walked back to the majestic castle with shining bright lights in the evening.

To say, Jeongguk didn't feel tired when he carried Taehyung back to Hogwarts. It was like Taehyung weight a feather.

"Hey, Tae," The ravenette called out the other who still on his back. Taehying hummed lightly as an answer.

"Have you been eating enough?" Jeongguk concernedly question the other while making a frown, even though the strawberry haired boy can not see it.

"Yes I am, why are you asking?" Jeongguk shok his head as a no.

"It's just you're so light" Taehyung denied the other's remark.

"No I'm not, I'm perfectly healthy."

"Hmm.. I need to feed my baby more food then".

The have arrived at the massive entrance door in Hogwarts. Jeongguk slowly let Taehyung slide from his grip and faced the other, while plastering his bunny smile which made Taehyung melt.

"H-Hey, thank you for taking me on a date today. I really appreciate it," The Gryffindor said with a blush, getting flustered all of a sudden.

Jeongguk took a step closer to Taehyung, their chest almost touching and the ravenette's breath fanned over The strawberry haired male's face.

Taehyung noticed the other's action and started avoiding Jeongguk's eyes.

While the ravenette, he cupped the other's cheek with one that made Taehying look directly at his eyes.

"Your welcome, sweetheart," And with that, Jeongguk smashed his own thin lips onto Taehyung's plump ones. An electric wave was sent through both of the male's lips to the bodies.

Jeongguk, with his other hand, gripped Taehyung's tiny waist and pulled him closer to his body, feeling the warmth of the other on a winter night. The ravenette's lips slowly loved against Taehyung's ones.

Taehyung was still shook about the whole thing Jeongguk kissing him. His brain was not functioning normally when the ravenette is extremely close to him.

Taehyung's lips was still not moving and that made Jeongguk concerned, thinking that he was moving things too fast. He took a step back from Taehyung and started to panic.

"H-Hey, I'm sorry, I thought you didn't mind that I kissed you. I—" Jeongguk was cut off from his blabbering nonsense by Taehyung connecting their lips together again.

"B-but you d—"

"Shut up, Ggukie, and kiss me already," Taehyung's bold exclamation made Jeongguk smirk.

"Are you challenging me, darling? You bold little kitty," Jeongguk hugged Taehyung closer to his own body again and sucked the other's bottom lip harshly.

Taehyung was melting against the other's flaming touch. He took a fist full of Jeongguk's once neat hair, trying to steady himself.

The ravenette suddenly shoved his tongue inside the other's hot cavern and started to explore every nook and cranny there was.

Taehyung quietly moaned against the other's mouth and that made his cheeks flush.

"You're so cute," Jeongguk whispered next to Taehyung's ear and he gently bite the other's ear. All Taehyung could do was whimper against Jeongguk.

The Slytherin started to kiss the Gryffindor again and the other's lips so hard that it made Taehyung's lips swollen.

"Hey Taehyung and Jeongguk, I see that you're ba— WAIT! OH MY GOD MY INNOCENT EYES," Taehyung was the first one to break of his and Jeongguk's make out session, which made the Slytherin growl lowly.

He looked over to see the source of the voice and saw his best friend, Hoseok, and another person with mint hair which he recognizes as Min Yoongi, also a Slytherin prefect.

"You guys are so disgusting, ugh, can you guys make out in a not so public area.. other people can see you, you know," Yoongi deadpanned at the lovebirds.

"Oh, shut up Yoongi.. It's not like you always do it with your boyfriend, Jimin" Jeongguk snapped at his friend and buried Taehyung's face in his chest. And that made Yoongi huff with annoyance. Jimin, who was also Taehyung's friend, a Hufflepuff he was. Always cheerful and happy, always helping others in need.

"They are such cockblockers," Jeongguk said under his breath and only Taehyung could hear the others comment, which made the Gryffindor giggle.

Hoseok came over to them and quickly snatch Taehyung from the ravenette's hold. Jeongguk growled at the action, eyes darkening.

"Hey, I am just gonna steal Taehyung from you. It's past his bedtime, you can see him tomorrow; Don't be mad! Bye!" With that Hoseok ran away with holding Taehyung's hand going to the Gryffindor's chambers.

The two Gryffindor left a furious Jeongguk and Yoongi at the main entrance.

Yoongi snorted loudly and laughed mockingly at his friend.

And the ravenette just clicked his tongue, annoyed that a stupid horse just stole his Taehyung away.

- - -


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