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Mr. Mendes


His warm hands sneak slowly under the hem of my shirt. Inching it up by going further and further. Fingers are almost ghosting over my skin till he squeezes my waist once. I feel my heart pumping so unbelievable fast. My cheeks so hot, even hotter when I see him smirk down at me. Lifting my hands he removes the shirt and tosses it somewhere. "Tell me when to stop" Its a small whisper before he leans down again.

Drama / Erotica
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First lesson

James keeps touching my thigh, going further down under the skirt.

"Stop it" I whisper yell, but he doesn't. "James stop it right now" I whisper yell again.

"Never" He smirks. I can't focus. And what is more important I dont even like him, I hate him.

"Y/N!" I hear, making me shrug. "Front seat. Now!" Mr. Mendes says, pointing at the empty seat in front of his desk. He looks pissed. I mean, obviously. The has year barely started, and he gets already interrupted by students mumbling and not even paying attention.

I sigh when I grab all my stuff. Then sit there in the front row. I hate my life right now. First lesson with our new teacher and I already need to sit there. Front row. All lone. I hope its just temporary.

"James could you please come here, tell the class what you have as solution and explain everyone how you've got it" Mr. Mendes says. He is trying his best to make the first day as pleasant as possible, obviously. But when I look at my empty sheet, I know that its not really working.

Theres silence for a while and when I turn back, I see James, who flushed in a deep red. Mr. Mendes and James exchange some glances and then James speaks up, its more like a little stutter though "I- I don't have it"

"Why are you lying? You have everything!" Kate smirks, who is sitting next to him.

"Please" Mr. Mendes says, gesturing him to come in front of the class, while holding the solution in his free hand, I guess.

"I'm sorry. I cant" James says shifting.

"He can't, because he has a boner" A boy yells from the last row, his best friend. All burst out in laughter.

"Weak James, weak" I hear Mr. Mendes. He is shaking his head. Now I laugh a bit myself.

"Why is it Weak? I'm feeling attracted to girls and my body shows it" James says, playing it cool. Jack, his other close friend nods with him. I just roll my eyes at both of them.

"You've to control your body. Not one girl in this room likes it too fast. Am I right? The teacher smiles. If not, then feel free to protest He adds.

And after he has said that, there wasn't a single sound.

"Prove enough?" Mr. Mendes smirks with a little huff. Ready to continue class he looks at the sheets in his hands. With that little ego boost hes just earned theres this small smirk which can barely leave his lips. I scan him and when he looks up again he catches me staring for a brief moment. So I look away.

"I can control myself!" James protest.

"Fine Mr. Mendes shrugs. Then prove it. Come here" He adds gesturing him again to come to him.

James was about to stand up, but he sits back down onto his chair. "I will prove it.. In about 10 minutes" he mumbles the last part.

Mr. Mendes nods and continues the lesson with a huge smirk on his face. He told him to speak up whenever hes ready.

And after about fifteen minutes he is ready - standing there in front of the class.

"How should I prove it? By standing here?" James says sarcastically. Obviously trying to do it as cool as possible.

The teacher just laughs.

"No. We will test you" He says. "Who was the girl huh? Y/N, am I right? She must sit there all alone now just because you kept bugging her. Great" Mr. Mendes says sarcastically. I just roll my eyes at the smirking James.

"Y/N could you please?" Mr. Mendes says, waving me to him.

"Nope. He's my ex and I don't want to touch him or his dick ever again" I say pissed.

"Okay. I respect that" Mr. Mendes says, while James is looking at the ground. "Jess. What about you? Come here" He says.

And before Jess stands up, she looks at me. Kind of waiting for my approval. So, I nod. I dont mind it. Im done with James. Whatever Mr. Mendes is up to Im totally fine with it. As long as I dont have to do it. She walks to them and the teacher whispers something in her ear. She nods and then walks over to James. I look slightly confused at them.

"We will take it slow. Rules are easy. No touching under the clothes and no kissing. You should remember we are still in school" Mr. Mendes says.

I see how Jess walks slowly around James, her hand is driving gently around his neck. Thats when my eyebrows furrow. Yet standing in front of him she kneels down, they keep eye contact the entire time. I hear James swallow hard. Jess hands now on his thighs rubbing up and down in a slow way. When she stands back up James is fast with grabbing her ass.

"Cmon, please. No touching" Mr. Mendes sighs. He is looking so amused at them.

He looks at the chair and then at James. Jess has seen it and takes the chair, sitting James down on it. Jess is about to straddle him, but James has his hands already over his crotch, looking with wide eyes at Jess.

"Okay enough" Mr. Mendes stops.

Again, everyone starts laughing, especially the boys.

"Okay class. Yes, he has got a boner. We get it" He tries to calm them a bit. "I'm pretty sure that every boy in this room would get a one Mr. Mendes says.

"So that's the prove. You can't control yourself" The teacher says, taking again the sheets in his hand, trying to continue and forget it. But James looks lowkey pissed.

"That proves nothing. I bet you would get a boner too" James says. Mr. Mendes looks for a second at him. Thinking, I guess before his mouth opens. "Then let's test it" he shrugs and grabs a chair yet placing it in the middle of the class before he sits down.

James gets back onto his seat, arms crossed while his jacket is onto his lap.

"Let's do a bet Mr. Mendes leans a bit towards us. Since we have not enough time to finish the task together it will be homework" He says. Everyone groans in frustration.

"Except, James is right, and I will get a boner in the following minutes" He adds.

Wait what. That cant be that difficult. Or?

When I turn to check everyones reaction, I see that all girls are staring at him, hoping they could sit on those thick, pretty thighs. Just being so close how everyone is daydreaming since this lesson has started. Even though that James has kept distracting me every now and then I still had some little daydreams myself. He obviously looks pretty good with his 24 years.

"Since it wasnt my plan to get you jealous with Jess touching him. I think it would be just fair to ask you first for coming here" Mr. Mendes says tapping onto his lap, while his hazel eyes are gazing at me. My heart stops for a second. Body feeling tingly.

There was some little whistling from behind and I think I even flushed a little. Having eye contact with him which lasts more than a second or two is absolutely crazy.

"I would love to" I say and get up. Mr. Mendes just smiles at me.

"Do what you want. But the rules are no kissing and no touching of skin under the clothes" He says.

While I walk up to him, I can already feel all those eyes burning on me. I cant mess this up. And I even think that its not even possible to mess it up, because he makes sure that I dont feel uncomfortable. His eyes never leave mine and when I lean down to his ear, while my hands support myself by resting on his knee, I hear him chuckle ever so softly.

"I'm glad you've asked me to do this" I whisper very briefly next to his ear, making sure that no one else would hear it. I could tell that he was holding back a little groan.

I move my head back, looking deep into his hazel eyes. I spot some little green spots in his pupils, almost getting lost in them. He smiles, in the cockiest way Ive ever seen someone smile. One eyebrow lifts ever the slightest and then his eyes fall onto my lips.

When he lifts his hand and places it softly on my cheek to moves my ear near his mouth I feel tingles in my entire body. And when his hot breath touches my ear, Im almost the one loosing it.

"If it's about me we could break the rules and you could touch me wherever you want to" He whispers. A trail of goosebumps covers my skin and my heartbeat increases within seconds.

"No touching Mr. Mendes" James yells from somewhere behind me.

"Okay, okay" He says, letting lose. I look back at him, trying to make sense of what he just said. Was it for show? To turn me on or just to mess with my head a little? I couldnt tell at all. And this grin on his face is not helping. But yet I grin myself.

"Bad boy, huh?" My voice sounding a bit taunty when Im grabbing his face to move it a bit from right to left with my index finger and thumb on either side of his cheeks.

"Can't be. I'm a teacher" He replies while he furrows his eyebrows and moves his head to make my hand get off his face. All people starring at us.

"Well, would you teach me?" I ask silently, with the best puppy eyes I could ever set up. Yet moving closer to his face then in the direction of his neck. I hear him swallow. Slowly I drive my hands along his beautiful toned chest, feeling his heart pumping. I would say it's pumping faster than it would normally.

I drive them all the way back up. I need to touch his hair. So my fingers lock in this fluffy dark brown hair, tugging slightly on it.

"Hmh" He hums deeply, causing me to smile. Everyone whistles again.

Slowly I start grinding myself against him. I feel his cock and damn he is long. He is not even stiff and I fell him through his pants. I lean to his ear, whispering again.

"If we would be alone here. Would I have permission to do this?" I whisper, sneaking my hands slowly down his chest.

"And then go further down, unbuckling your belt" I add, tugging on it. I see him smirk, which causes me to smirk too. I grind a little harder, but still in a slow pace.

"Would I have the permission to wrap my soft lips around your cock" I whisper. I see him swallow at my words, but the smirk never leaves his pink lips.

"Huh, daddy?" I add. He groans low in my ear as response, shifting on the seat ever so slightly, but I press myself more on his step. Finally I feel him twitch in his dress pants.

I open my mouth again as suddenly the bell rings. I look into his eyes. He looks back at me. His dark pupils so wide. His eyes flicker down at my lips. For one second it feels like there's just me and him. Then he seems like he starts leaning in. His lips separate ever so slightly.

"Stand up Y/N. He must have a boner" James says. Blinking a few times, I climb off.

Nope Mr. Mendes says and stands up as if nothing just happened. "Like I've said. I can control myself. That means homework for everyone" Mr. Mendes adds, everyone groans in frustration again. Soon theyre all outside, but I'm still here, getting all my things together. Maybe even a bit slower than I usually would.

"You've yourself really under control" I say, causing him to look at me. "The boys in class would already cum undone. But you can't tell me I haven't turned you on" I add. Not sure if the humming and little groaning was just show.

"What about I make you feel good in front of the whole class and you dont have the permission to enjoy it and act like you actually dont like it - What would definitely be a lie" He states, getting his things together.

"Uhm. I don't think it would be a lie" I tease before I walk past him with my bag. A smirk's growing in my face.

I've just turned the hot teacher on. God damn. It feels like heaven. Pure heaven.

But the smirk fades when I feel his hand wrapping around my wrist. I froze as he holds it firm in his hand, not really moving anymore.

"You really want a prove? I won't hesitate from proving that it wouldnt be a lie" He says, having my skin cover in goosebumps once again. I swallow before speaking, not really thinking clear.

"Then prove it" I say.

He pulls at my arm, within second I bump against his chest. He moves down. So close to my face, doing it so slowly. Eyes looking down at me and then theyre almost at the same level as mine. His big hands grab my thighs under the skirt and lift me up with ease. He turns to the desk and sits me down on it. Yet spreading my legs just enough so he can fit in between, pulling me moments later closer so our bodies are touching.

My breath gets heavy as he runs his warm hand under the skirt along the side of my thigh. Almost all the way up to the hem of my underwear. His eyes looking pitch black. He licks slowly over his bottom lip before he bites down on it. My eyes just watching. Watching him lean in, being so close to my lips with his, feeling his hot breath brushing over my bottom lip.

But after moments he moves his head away without our lips touching. I take advantage of the moment to breath again and cool down a bit, but when his warm breath runs over the soft skin on my neck I feel my eyes roll back. I lean my head all the way back, enjoying every little second of it.

And when I feel him plant a gently kiss onto my skin, Im almost losing it.

"The. The rules" I mumble, tangling my fingers in his hair, not really wanting to let him go.

"I don't like rules" He whispers, kissing slowly along my neck with his slightly wet lips.

"Hmh. Fuck" I hum as he starts sucking gently. I wrap my legs around his torso, moving him even closer. "Right there" I say as his lips are just above my sweet spot, but he pulls back.

"I can't let you go with a hickey" He whispers his lips a little swollen from kissing my neck.

My eyebrows furrow a bit. I blink a few times to clear my thoughts and then I place my hands onto his chest.

"Damn. I'm sorry to say it. But you were pretty close" I tap onto his chest and let loose with my legs to stand up, but he pushes me down on the table, climbing on me, without any warning. His hand lifting my legs around his torso, until I wrap them again around him. Then theyre placed on each side of me having me trapped.

"Nobody said I'm done. You can go when I say so" His voice is deep. He leans down again, sucking on my neck. This time directly on the right spot. It takes all of me to not moan, but I couldn't hold it anymore as he starts grinding his boner in a slow pace between my legs.

"Oh. fuck" I moan breathful, digging my nails into his shoulders.

Suddenly he pulls back climbing off me. I lay there for a second, but he lifts me up by my waist and puts me back on the ground. I'm looking shocked at him when hes grabbing his bag.

"So don't forget to finish your homework. If you have other questions, feel free to ask me again" He says. Then it knocks on the doorframe.

"Shawn? I need you for a second" A man says. Now his acting makes sense. I mean he could be caught, laying on top of me on the desk.

"Okay?" He says, looking at me.

"Yeah sure" I nod. Moments later he left.

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