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The Strange Coming Of A Mcboss

By NightFuryNadder

Humor / Adventure

Chapter 1

Checked another game off the long list and added it to my list of favorites. Life is strange is now number two on the list, that's quite obvious. It's time to go to sleep. But 'ey, this day is over, but a new one is about to begin. Jack thought as he folded back the covers to jump in bed. Nothing much had happened that day, just a normal day of recording, editing, posting and the internet above all. Undertale was over, and he was sad to see it go. But, as much as he loved the adventure it took him on, he has other things to worry about.

 Before closing his eyes he checked twitter to which he came up with the usual fanart, and other things his subscribers could manage to tweet at him. Smiling, he turned off his phone and snuggled up under the comforter. Listening to the drizzle of rain muffled by the apartment roof, his mind slowly came to a rest. 

Suddenly a sound startled him back into reality. Things went blurry before he could make a clear thought as to what it was. The room was dark, but on his desk a blue light interrupted the night. His phone had gone off. Reaching a hand out blindly, he gripped the electronic. Squinting he looked at the glowing screen. 

"That's weird." He mumbled, looking at the notification. It was a text from an unknown number. Literally all it was, was a smiling face. Not an emoji, a colon and parentheses put next to each other. God above knows he makes sure his private information is under lock and key, no fan could possibly find it.  Then again, you never know. 

Shrugging it off as someone texting the wrong number by accident, he put the phone down and closed his eyes once more. 

Waking up took quite the effort, its as if his body didn't want to do anything but his mind was in full gear. Not bothering to change from his pajamas he left the small bedroom. Yawning and stretching his arms, he silently wondered into the kitchen and on automatic, started making some cereal. The day seemed to be starting out dull, but he knew that wouldn't last too long. 

He brought the bowl to his computer so he could get an update on social sites and to choose the game he'd start recording. Double checking the time, he had exactly two hours before todays noon video has to go up. This video is the last episode for the genocide run of Undertale. 

Out of curiosity he checked the sims twitter. There he was taken back by the tweets. They had a bunch of updates to sims four! Sims get together with clubs and, he looked at the one attached video, twerking? Sean laughed out loud at the thought of Steve, Bitty or Betty twerking. That was most definantly gonna be his first recording session of today. 

Continuing to browse social he ate his cereal with a big grin as he saw every new tweet, tumblr post, deviant art upload, everything his community had been doing while he was asleep. The young man loved all of it to bits, and hoped it would never change. 

The bowl was empty now, and Sean went to get changed and start recording. He put on his blue hoodie, plain jeans and his beanie, washed his face and started setting up. The lights for the recording were left off as he got the expansion. Once that was done, he turned on the lights and checked his microphone. Everything was ready, time to record.

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