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The final goodbye- In the pov of Alejandro Rosario


5 years apart and he never realized that she was toxic, evil, some may say. After strong consideration, he was able to build up the courage to confront her on the pain that she had dealt him. Numerous rumors, lies, and drama...... He becomes stronger and she becomes more venomous but this is just the beginning of a story of growth and final goodbyes.

Drama / Other
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Chapter 1

It was time for our last goodbye, I can’t believe I was leaving. I knew that my best friend and I would soon become distant, the memories would soon become unreal memories in the back of my head, always on my mind. Memories that I am aware of that we can only access when we were together, but soon they will become nothing but a perfect dream. “Goodbye,” her last words to me, the eerie silence wasn’t any longer, her voice felt so close but also distant.

” Alejandro are you okay.” her final ‘Goodbye’ rung in my hear. Her voice added a tear to my eye, I felt like a puppy without its owner. I felt helpless and alone. I missed her. Was I a villain for feeling emotion or was I finally normal?

“ALEJANDRO,” Kairi yelled as I snapped back into reality. I replied with a simple “hmm.”

” Are you okay, you zoned out,” Kairi stated as I played with my fingers trying to hide the droplet that had escaped my eye.

“I- I just really miss her.”

” I know you do but you have to get over her, to be honest, I have a bad feeling about her.” Suddenly I felt anger rise in me and I SNAPPED.

“WELL, YOU’VE NEVER MET HER SO HOW’D YOU KNOW! I-” I was going to apologize for snapping at him I just missed her voice, her laugh, and her in general, Kairi understood he always knew what I was thinking so he simply just nodded with an understanding expression plastered across his face.

I don’t know what I would do without Kairi, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here right now.

A/n: hey guys I would love to let you know that both I and my cousin run this account but this book is only for me to right but she will give me ideas as she did in this chapter but see you guys Luv you...

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