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My Prince


Loki fan fiction 💚

Erotica / Romance
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My prince

The day was over. Loki was driving home to his girl in the finest part of the city of Atlanta. Where at night the building sparkled from all the lit up offices and apartments, Making it seem as the universe was right in front of you. When pulling his convertible into the parking garage he parked close to the elevator so he didn’t have to walk so far. Walking into the building the intriguing chandelier caught his eye and deeply reminded him of Olivia.

Taking another ride up to the 20th floor, he walked into the door where he was suprised by Olivia sitting on the black marble kitchen counter wearing nothing but her black satin robe with red roses on it.

“You’ve been waiting for a while haven’t you darling?”

“Mhmm. I’m all yours to do whatever you please.”

Loki sat his bag down by the door and walked over to Olivia while putting his hair into a low bun, leaving some side peices dangling behind his ear. He slid his hand onto her neck and gazed into her hazel eyes, then began to kiss her. Olivia put her hands on his sides, but he pulled back so he could unbutton his white long sleeve shirt.

Running her hands down his chest he tilted his head like a puppy slightly turned on by her actions. Loki put his lips close to hers making it seem as if he was going to kiss her again but he resisted. He pressed warm kisses on her neck, then moderately got more aggressive bitting and sucking leaving bruises.

“Why don’t we go to the bedroom darling. Because tonight you’ll truly know the word dominant.” He whispered to her.

Loki helped Olivia off the counter then walked her to their bedroom. He dimmed the lights, then opened the curtains so the night time city lights would shine into the room. Olivia waited for him on the bed as she got comfortable in her usual spot. Loki let his unbuttoned shirt hang loosely from his shoulders and started taking off his belt and pants. He threw them off to the side leaving him in his white boxers.

“I’m ready for you to give it to me Loki.” Said Olivia. He put his hand over her mouth and said, “Oh I know darling. Just wait, I want to tease you some more first.” He softly pressed his lips onto hers then moved down to her chest and torso. He untied the satin robe then began to take her away making her moan in ecstasy.


“That’s right. Scream my name a loud as you please.”

Loki ran his hands down Olivias soft white skin continuing to pleasure her to her fullest hearts content. Passionately he grinded on her making her cry out.

“My prince!”

“Oh darling, we’re only getting started.”

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