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Sun's Sky

By SeventhAssassin

Drama / Romance


Vongola mansion, Italy.

Sawada Giotto, 25 years old from Japan was the current Vongola boss known as Vongola Decimo the 10th generation of Vongola Famiglia. He ones lives in Japan with his two years little brother (honey color of hair and caramel eyes and same hair style as Giotto’s), Natsuriko and his mother, Sawada Nana. When he was in his middle school, he was known famous male idol on their school due to his looks, blond hair, blue eyes like the sky, good posture, kind and handsome. His intelligence was just average but good in track and field. Around that time, an infant came to his life, telling him he will become his tutor for becoming a mafia boss. Who was the tutor? It was none other than Reborn, the famous number one Hitman around the world.

At first he was denying that fact that end him up being tortu-tutoring him more than normal. His two friends got mix in this troubling life but stayed on his side and fought alongside him. Those two friends of his became his Guardians. As life go on, he also meet his other Guardians and so is challenges.

He’s Guardians or he call friends were G. his Storm Guardian, Asari Ugetsu his Rain Guardian, Sasagawa Knuckle his Sun Guardian, Hibari Alaude his Cloud Guardian, Bovino Lampo his Lightning Guardian and Daemon Spade his Mist Guardian.

This also drag his own little brother, Natsuriko or Natsu within the mafia that thankfully, he was being protected by Gokudera Hayato, G’s little brother, Yamamoto Takeshi, Asari’s cousin, Sasagawa Ryohei, Knuckle’s little brother, Hibari Kyoya (not really), Alaude’s haft brother, Bovino Lambo (he gives trouble), Lampo’s little brother, and Rokudo Mukuro and Dokuro Chrome, Daemon’s adopted brother and sister.

Many enemies of mafia came to challenge or try to kill Giotto but with Reborn’s training and also with his friends/Guardians, he is still alive and able to overcome such obstacle like fighting the other candidate boss, Xanxus, the future battle against Byakuran and Shimon’s misunderstanding battle with the current boss, Shimon Conzarto and his little brother Enma. In the end they all became allies and best friends.

Giotto came in the challenge of Arcobaleno’s battle of Representatives. Giotto and Natsu decided to help Reborn about his curse. They owe him too much, thanks to him even if it was a harsh training and craziness, because of him they got this far and also met many people that became their allies and friends.

They also faced Checker face but somehow able to convince him about Giotto’s idea about the flame inside their pacifiers. The Vendicare who were all previous Arcobalenos, gave their part to prevent anymore sacrifices and also their way of revenge against Checker face. The Arcobaleno’s were saved and soon will grow up once again to get back on their rightful age.

Five years later, Giotto in age of 20 years old was now entitled as the new Vongola boss of the Famiglia. Natsu in age of 18 years old also became the new CEDEF boss. Many celebrated for their titling position. All his friends were there for them, even the ex-Arcobalenos were also back to their normal body. Both brothers were still close and working together in keeping the Vongola, returning it back the way it should be, a vigilante group.

Two years later after the inheritance of Sawada Giotto

G, Giotto’s right hand gave another pile of paperwork’s on his desk which made Giotto groan on the new sight. He still hasn’t finished his own paper works and now increased once again.

“Y-you got to be kidding me” Giotto said tiredly.

“It can’t be helped Giotto, it’s the boss duty to sign this papers.” G reasoned. He knew his best friend was now very tired but who could blame him.

Giotto sighs deeply and soon another person came, it was the grown up Reborn with a folder on his right hand. He went in front of his desk and gave the report on his desk.

“You’re becoming a responsible boss Baka-Giotto, my tutoring really paid off.” Reborn said with a smirk.

“S-shut up Reborn.” Giotto shouted but Reborn ignore it.

Reborn turned to G, “I’ll be out in three days. Be sure to watch over your boss if he ever slacking around or doing his job. There is something I need to do.”

“Going out somewhere?” Giotto asked in curiosity.

Reborn just smirk and turn around, leaving the room. Well this made the two curious but didn’t mind.

As years goes by, it became frequently for the hitman. He finish his job without fail and more than earlier than the deadline and said walking out somewhere that who knows where. There are times they ask about where he was going but not ones he answers their question. They even tried to tail him but they been caught and got their punishment from him. Well they all give up in the end.

Current Timeline

This time, Reborn became even more mysterious more than ever. He now proclaimed that he will not get any job every Saturday and Sunday, which is will be his own day off. No one complain but they still found it mysterious around the hitman. The hitman somehow... change for unknown reason. Giotto also noticed a gold ring on his ring middle finger. He didn’t get a chance to question it.

Reborn still able to do the job that was being signed and as always. Even the jobs that took a month, he only finishes them around three to five days. He became awesome to everyone, but to those who became close and know him better, he became mysterious. What was the hitman trying to hide?

Yuni, Giglio Nero Famiglia boss and ex-Arcobaleno boss had decided to make a tea party for everyone, inviting the ex-Arcobalenos, Byakuran and Giotto. This was just the reunion for the holders of Trinisette. It will be held in Sunday morning, everyone have accepted the invitation, except for one person, Reborn. Now, not only the Vongola have witness his strangeness but also his ex-teammates and Byakuran.

“I wonder what’s wrong with Uncle Reborn, he became... strange.” Yuni said in worry as she sip her tea in Giotto’s office with Byakuran who was now eating his marshmallow, Giotto who was thinking deeply and Natsu who also drink his tea.

Natsu offer a refill in her cup and Yuni nod as yes. Natsu refill her cup and sat.

“Does Reborn-kun always act like that Giotto-kun?” Byakuran asked as he took a bite on his marshmallow.

Giotto looked on the fellow sky and nod. “He also decided not to take any job every Saturday and Sunday. He refused and always finished the job earlier than expected. It’s like he never wanted to stay too long from far places.”

“Yeah. You know, last year we made a surprise party for Reborn and his birthday happened to be Saturday. He as expected won’t come but we made an excuse, telling him it was an emergency and he needs to come here.” Natsu said.

“Then what happened?” Yuni asked in curiosity.

“Well, he came here completely irritated and although we able to surprise him, instead of having fun, we were all punished.” Giotto ends it with a broken laugh. It was not a pleasant memory at all.

Yuni began thinking, “Hmm... that only means I have to move the day huh.”

Yuni was disappointed at the same time curious about her Uncle Reborn. She wanted their tea party to become a whole, a success but with her Uncle Reborn aren’t around, they won’t be complete.

“How about you try to please him Yuni-chan? He only listens to you, just give it a try.” Byakuran said as he smiles.

Yuni smile and nod, “I’ll try”


Reborn automatically replied Yuni. They were both right now in the hallway, Reborn was taking a leave when Yuni called out and asked him if he could come to their tea party.

“Why Uncle Reborn? Is there something important on that day?” Yuni asked, she can’t hide her disappointment to her tone.

Reborn was quiet for a moment until he spoke once again. “Something like that.”

He turns around and left.

“Ah, wait Uncle Reborn” Yuni called but he didn’t stop or turn around, a silent message saying the conversation is over.

Yuni just sigh deeply. Thinking about her own schedule, which was the only day she could have free time with everyone, looks like they will never become a whole.

Tea Party day, they choose an open area, a green land which can only feel the wind of nature. It was also a perfect place for picnic. Thankfully everyone came, even Verde and Viper. Giotto and Natsu with their Guardians also came and also Byakuran with his six Funeral Weather. Only one person was missing, Reborn.

“Oh, Reborn wasn’t here kora?” Colonnello asked after everyone was now their tea party began. Yuni nod sadly, “Uncle Reborn said he can’t come. It was Sunday.”

“Now I think about it, I heard that he was acting strange right?” Lal asked, trying to confirm the rumors she had heard.

Giotto nod, “He won’t take any job or even come to Vongola every Saturday and Sunday that he used to before. He also finished the job he was given to him faster more than anyone. He also refuses to take too much long time job like years job.”

“Hmm... interesting.” Verde said. Reborn wasn’t like that before, that took Verde’s interest.

“So none of you knows anything about him kora?” Colonnello asked, also taking interest about Reborn new behavior.

“No one at all” Natsu said.

They were all quiet for a moment until Yuni decide to try and call him. She went from afar but the ex-Arcobalenos were surrounding her, well, trying to hear the conversation between the two, even Viper took interest about this. They were all quiet as the phone ring and waited to be answered until it clicks.

“What do you want?” Reborn’s voice was heard, seems in the bad mood. Yuni gulp for a minute, not used on the new treatment but answered. “U-Uncle Reborn w-well I’m just t-trying to ask whenever you’re coming to o-our t-tea party today?”

“No, I won’t” Reborn automatically answered.

“E-even for a few hours? M-minutes?” Yuni said with desperate.

“No, I won’t” Reborn again answered.

Yuni sigh in defeat. Someone took the phone and it was Colonnello and spoke.

“Yo Reborn, how are you kora?” Colonnello asked happily, no one answered, well that’s expected. He continues to speak, “Come on Reborn, everyone except you are here kora. This is one a life time kora!”

“I’ll put down the phone” Reborn said and that made Colonnello panic a bit.

“Wait wait wait WAIT! Re-Reborn come on, don’t make Yuni sad kora.” Colonnello said, trying to convince him.

Reborn off the call which made Colonnello sigh and gave Yuni’s phone back.

“I tried but failed kora.” Colonnello said in defeat and sad tone too.

“It cannot be helped but somehow it did interest me. The way he answers, it’s like there is something more important than be with us.” Fon said with a smile.

Now that everyone thinks about it, he did seem like that.

“Something important than us huh...” Skull murmured.

Well no one knew so they all just decide to return back with the others.

After an hour, they were all surprised. They all saw Reborn coming, still in his usual attire and Leon above his fedora. This overjoyed Yuni and went to the hitman.

“Uncle Reborn! You came.” Yuni said happily which also makes everyone happy.

“Only for one hour and haft Yuni, be thankful.” Reborn said.

Short time but that’s fine with her. She quickly pulled his hands and made him join with the others. They all continue to chat to one another, some were arguing and some were fighting in no end. Reborn was just quiet as he sips the tea. Fon noticed the ring in his ring finger.

“Oh, Reborn what’s that ring on your right hand?” Fon calmly asked.

That stopped everyone from whatever they doing and looked on the Hitman who was sipping his tea and looked on his hand and smirk.

“What else do you think?” Reborn asked them. They all think and think, well Byakuran answered happily, “A wedding ring perhaps?”

Reborn smirk again and sip his tea. Now it makes sense to all of them.

“EHHHHHHH!?” they were all shock. Reborn was married!?

“W-who was it?” Colonnello asked first.

“You got to be kidding me Reborn!” Giotto said surprisingly at the same time depression because he until wasn’t dating anyone, how much more married?

“Who’s the girl Reborn?” Natsu asked happily.

“Tell us please, no, let us meet her!” Yuni said in happiness and excitement.

Well, Colonnello and Lal were the only ones married but still don’t have a child. The others were all single, but there are some who were now in relationship like Hayato to Haru, Fon to Viper who was actually a girl, Yuni to Gamma, Daemon to Elena, Ryohei to Hana and Natsu to Chrome.

“I can’t” Reborn answered which disappoint everyone. Before anyone could question, he follows up on the next word, “She’s a civilian.”

That stayed everyone quiet. Well they all understand if this person was a civilian but the question is what kind of person is this girl that able to take the Hitman’s cold heart? A big mystery woman to say.

“S-so tha-that is the reason why you don’t work every Saturday and Sunday?” Giotto asked.

Reborn just nod. In his mind, he was laughing at their reaction. It was worthy but he knows limits. He can’t say any more information about his wife. If people knew about her, there are high chances she can be targeted and he won’t let it happen.

Everyone are now thinking one thing,

Who is the Mystery Girl?

I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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