Sun's Sky

Reborn's Wife

Night back in Vongola Mansion, Byakuran Gesso with his Funeral Weathers went back to their home with Yuni and the other Arcobalenos. Right now, Giotto and Natsu were together in Giotto's office, drinking a nice hot coffee.

Natsu took a sip before smiling, "Kyaaa! Today was a really great day, right?" Giotto can't help but chuckle but truly agree to his little brother's statement, "I agree. Reborn also came which we really all thought he wouldn't come and not just that, the fact that Reborn was already married was more shocking and surprising."

Natsu nod happily, "Now that I think about it, I'm really curious who's the wife? I mean, Bianchi failed to take his heart. I wonder who could it be?"

Giotto thought for a moment before nodding, "That's true. Whoever she is, I hope that person wasn't someone like Bianchi. Not that I have any problem with Bianchi, just that her way of love and cooking was..." he trailed off, not wanting to think about it.

"Might be too much with additional of poisonous stuffs" Natsu ended, truly agree. "Then what do you think about her Gio-nii? Was she a hitwoman like Bianchi? Strong? Sadist?"

"Natsu if ever Reborn heard you talking about her like that, I don't even know if you could survive his surprising wrath." Giotto said to his brother, somehow worried. "Beside, Reborn told us she's a civilian so there is no way she's a hitwoman like Bianchi."

Natsu somehow realized it and nod. He again was focused in mystery than his future misery. He turned to his brother and asked, "Well, whoever she was, she was truly one of the kinds. Believe it or not but I can see Reborn his own over protectiveness around her."

"I'll have to agree with that Natsu." Giotto said before having a sip to his coffee. He turned to the window where night sky was reflecting. "Reborn left us exactly one hour in haft. Mukuro tried to follow but he was caught and defeated went back with us."

"Mukuro? Really?" Natsu was surprise, it seems he didn't know that. "Hmm... I more want to meet her."

"Only if Reborn would let us Natsu." Giotto said, seeing his brother's shining eyes in excitement. Well he too feels the same way. Whose student wouldn't be for their teacher?

Thinking about it, somehow he remembered something and faced Natsu, "Oh Kaasan called me this morning Natsu. She told me she missed us and hope we can have time to visit her. How about it? Wanna go with me?"

"Gio-nii, I missed Kaasan too." Natsu said, happy to go.

Giotto was happy and nod, "Let's tell it to our right hand so they won't get worried. Now since we plan to go tomorrow, maybe I should finish the paper works that's been waiting for me on the table."

Natsu smiled worriedly, "Don't push yourself Gio-nii."

"I won't and I would like to say the same thing to you."

"At least I'm not doing much paper work like you Gio-nii."

Next day after Lunch, both Giotto and Reborn were inside the office. Reborn was reading the new assignment that his ex-student now boss had given to him. Giotto was waiting for his response, still there is a surge in his mind about asking him about his wife but of course he controlled it. He doesn't want to be shoot and much worse, forced to be train in his hellish way of teaching.

Reborn as he read the assignment can see how Giotto was looking at him. There is something shining within his eyes, must be excited about something. If he could guess, it must be about his wife. He smirks inwardly, not letting single information about her to be slip to his mouth. He wasn't someone who's obsess too much that he wanted to hide his wife from anyone, just that because of his mafia life, he could give her more danger than she already had involve.

"This will be done in few days Baka-Giotto, expect for my fast return." Reborn said before turning around and walked away.

"Have a safe trip Reborn." Giotto said.

Reborn gave a last smirk before walking out the room.

Later, Giotto and Natsu with G, Asari, Takeshi and Hayato were all inside the car, heading to a certain place.

"Sorry to bother you guys just because of this." Natsu said, somehow feel bad for it.

Takeshi laugh to it, "What are you talking about Natsu? Its fine and we would love to accompany you." Hayato gave a glare, "Baseball Freak I was about to say that!"

"Really? Sorry that I stole it Hayato." Takeshi said, still with a smile, making Hayato even more annoyed.

"No fighting please you two." Natsu said in bit worried.

Asari can't help but smile while G snort and looked on the other side. Giotto was just smiling, things haven't changed that much.

Soon they arrived on the certain destination which was almost to their new house... so to speak. After Sawada Nana, Giotto and Natsu's mother learned about Mafia, she didn't hesitate to come here and live here instead than continue to live in quiet and safe Namimori which truly alarm them. They tried to stop her decision but she won't budge to her determination, heck, even their father can't stop her. In the end they secretly left Namimori Japan much as their guilt, but soon turn into shock because Nana, their mother actually rode to Italy on her own and much worse already brought a house in Sicily where they actually going. She told them that no one could stop her decision, which was now true so they decide to let her live here with them at the same time made sure no one in earth would know so their mother would be safe.

Now, they park their car somewhere almost the destination and decide to walk. They were all chatting as they walked but suddenly stop when they noticed someone in front of the door where their mother live.

There was their mother, happy for some reason as she talk to someone who has a long brown hair like the color of their mother and the way the person laugh, somehow they imagine it was an saint who was laughing.

The person in front of their mother was a girl, short that seems around 18 years old. Her look was hidden due to her hair covering it and their mother seems to be so happy to chat with her.

Now the girl bowed, seems giving respect to their mother and was about to turn when she gaze over their direction. She immediately looked away.

Giotto and the others found it questioning. They didn't able to see her look really well because she immediately turn around them, seems not liking to face them. Still, they did saw something about her. The color of her eyes, they were brown like honey, like their mother.

The girl went to the other side and run away, seems in hurry. They somehow felt they want to talk to her when suddenly, their mother called them.

"Gio-kun! Na-kun! Welcome home!" Nana greeted happily.

Both her son smiled and looked back on where the girl was but already disappeared on sight, much as their disappointment. Nana went to them and hugged both of her sons.

"I miss both of you, I'm glad you finally got a time to visit. Do you know how much worry I was?" Nana asked, really full of worries.

"D-don't worry Kaasan, we're fine and still doing fine." Giotto said, trying to reassure his mother. Natsu continued, "That's right Kaasan. We're alive and doing fine. So how have you been Kaasan?"

"I'm doing great!" Nana said happily, she looked to the others and smiled, "Oh, G-kun, Asari-kun, Takeshi-kun and Hayato-kun it's very nice to see all of you again. Thank you for protecting my sons."

"Heh, it's only right for me as his right hand to protect him Nana-san!" Hayato proudly said, making Takeshi laugh. Gokudera glared at him.

G didn't speak but he has the same thought as Hayato. Asari on the other hand was just smiling, happy that they were still bonding with each other until now.

Giotto was happy, seeing their mother worried about them somehow made him feel all his stress were draining out. Now remembering back, "Kaasan who was that girl? The person who's with you"

Nana's eyes widen for a bit before looking away but not far away from them, "A-a neighbor."

Giotto's hyper intuition told him it was a lie. Before he could ask, Nana spoke cheerfully, "Oh since your all here, why don't we have some snacks and have a nice chat. Gio-kun Na-kun you two better tell me some stories on how you're doing to your dangerous work." What she means about dangerous work? That would be mafia stuffs.

Giotto gave a broken laugh, just what's so exciting about that? Looking at Natsu, he was somehow bit surprise. Natsu seems not listening from the very beginning. He kept staring on the road where the girl with brown hair like their mother had gone through. For some reason, his eyes show longing, not in a love way but something else.

"Natsu? Natsu what's wrong?" Giotto asked as he shakes his little brother's shoulder, making him return back to reality and turn to his brother who seems worried. "W-what?" Natsu asked, confuse on why he seems worried.

"Na-kun are you alright? It seems you're facing out for some reason." Nana asked, worried for her youngest son. Natsu somehow can't make an excuse for all of them, seeing all of them were looking worried for him.

He sighs before turning to the road where she had disappeared. "I don't know guys. Just that... for some reason, I knew that person."

"That person? You mean that girl Natsu?" Asari asked. Natsu nodded, "Yeah, although it's strange since if I remember correctly, I never met her, just today. Still, I don't know the feeling at all. Why do I seems to know her and... why do I seem to be connected."

"Connected? What do you mean Natsu?" Giotto asked, truly confuse.

"Like she's the missing part of my soul" Natsu stated his answer. Giotto, G and Asari were more than confuse. What does he mean connected? Why does Natsu felt that way? For both Hayato and Takeshi, both seem worried for him.

Truth to be speaking, Natsu's Guardians knows the little yet unsolved problem around him. He always told them for some reason, he has a missing part which he himself doesn't understand. He told them he felt incomplete, much that confuse them. They ask what kind of things does he seems to feel missing, and his answer was something until now can't be understand. His Soul, haft of his soul is missing.

Nana for some reason knew what he means hugged him. Natsu was surprise on his mother sudden hug. She continued to hug him, not that he complained with it.

Night when they gone back to Vongola Mansion. Giotto and Natsu still remember their times with their mother who was happy to listen to them and also tell things about what happened to her. Both brothers were absolutely sure they noticed something about their mother. Nana seems... happier than before. Well she was always happy when they were still around, even when they still live in Namimori but this time was more different.

It's been three years since they noticed it but didn't mind. They were actually thinking because they came to visit her, but their intuition was telling another reason which they don't get it. They tried asking her but she never told them. She only says something really good happened and whatever that was is her secret.

Meeting the mysterious woman who happened to be with their mother before she left somehow tells them it has something to do with her.

Giotto sigh, somehow exhausted about his too much thinking. Looking to his brother, he asked, "Natsu do you want to rest?"

"Huh?" Natsu shook his head, "No. I'll help you with a little work Gio-nii. Does my too much thinking worry you? Sorry for that."

"N-no its fine. Beside you're not the only one Natsu." Giotto said, somehow glad he's still fine.

Natsu smiled for a while before sighing, "Really what a day."

"I could hardly agree Natsu."

Both brothers were quiet for a while, until a loud bang of the door snapped their silence and looked on the person who just surprised them. It was Iemitsu, their father and ex-boss of CEDEF.

"Boys!" Iemitsu shouted in happiness and grin.

Natsu smiled, "Otosan welcome back!" Giotto on the other hand face palm, really not liking his loudness.

"How are my boys doing? Must be hard when I'm not around." Iemitsu said with happiness.

'No, we're better when you're not around.' Giotto thought inwardly. Really until now, he still can't understand his father's behavior.

"How's your trip Otosan?" Natsu asked. Iemitsu smiled and replied, "It was great Natsu! Want to hear my story?"

"Sure!" Natsu answered happily.

'Oh boy' Giotto can't help but sweat drop.

Later on and Iemitsu continue to tell his story about his travel. Natsu seems happy to listen while Giotto was just fine and continue to work on his paper work. The father and sons continue like that until Iemitsu suddenly asked about his wife.

"By the way Giotto, Natsu how's Nana? I heard you two went out to visit her."

"She's doing great Otosan." Giotto was the one who answered, "Still lively as always like no mafia stuff were happening around her at all which was a really a relief. Also, it seems she had met someone that truly gives her a great day over her life."

"Huh? What do you mean? I mean, Who?" Iemitsu asked.

"Who knows" Giotto answered, "All I know about this girl was her hair was same as Kaasan. We tried asking her but she didn't answer."

"Girl? Same hair color as her?" Iemitsu suddenly felt something which turn not to be one of his likings but made sure not to let his sons know it. "Do you know her name? Her age and so forth?"

"We told you we don't know." Natsu this time answered, "Just when we arrived, she left. Kaasan won't tell anything besides being neighbors... Is there something wrong Otosan?"

"Oh n-no, nothing." Iemitsu said, trying to feel fine but in the back of his mind, he has some suspicious.

After the long talk, Iemitsu immediately went to the CEDEF headquarters and called someone who's loyal and skillful under him.

"Find the girl who frequently visits my wife. Find everything about her, especially where she lives." Iemitsu ordered. The loyal man bowed before walking away.

Iemitsu grip his hand, for some reason, glaring the plain wall in front of him.

'If ever that child is still alive, this time, I will kill her.'

Two days later in early before sunrise and as always, Reborn came back to his mission without fail. He gave his report to Giotto whom he hellishly woke him up. Giotto's head was spinning around and took a while to compose himself. He read his report.

Giotto smiled and looked to his ex-tutor, "Fast as always Reborn. Really what makes you done the job a lot faster than anyone else?"

Reborn just smirk as he tilt down his fedora, "My own business."

"Oh, must be about your wife? Does being away with her more than days make your day down or unmoving?" Giotto asked, trying to tease him.

Reborn just huff, knowing what his ex-student was thinking, "At the very least different than your idiota father Baka-Giotto."

Giotto can't help but agree to that, "Well since you done the mission in early and still well done. How about a break Reborn? Today is Friday, tomorrow and another day has no work."

"Gladly accepted" Reborn said with a smirk. Giotto smiled to that. He looked back on the paper and asked, "Speaking of Otosan, he's been acting strangely today."

"Hmm?" Reborn raised an eyebrow, telling him to tell him more which he did. "Well, after telling him about the person we saw when we came to visit Kaasan, he began to change and seems hype to find that girl. I don't know why."

Reborn's eyes were narrowed within the shadow of his fedora, still asked. "Who's the girl he's been looking for?"

"I don't know, all I know is she has a brown hair like Kaasan. Now that I think about it, her voice was life a saint. I want to meet her again."

Reborn didn't pushed more question but something in his mind that needs to take action. Giotto looked to him in concern, seeing him in deep thought about a certain topic, much less about a civilian girl who just became their mother's friend.

"Baka-Giotto remember this and be sure to tell the same thing to your brother. Keep an eye on your father and don't let that idiota move as much as he pleases."

"Reborn?" Giotto questioned. Reborn didn't answer as he silently went out the office.

Giotto seems surprise on his sudden words and this time for some reason, his head was twitching. Does his Hyper Intuition reacting again?

Sunrise, somewhere house, it was small and seems to be a peaceful one. It was just a normal house, not in richness, just normal. A car came to that house and parked it to the side where the car was usually park. The car's door opened, revealing the person who was driving the dark and shining car. It was Reborn and his Leon still in his fedora. He locked and secured the car before walking away.

He took something from his pocket which was a key, inserting it to the door and twists it. The door opened and he went in then closing the door. He pulled down his tie a bit and fixed his fedora to his head. The Hitman seems finally relax as finally, he's home.

"Reborn? Is that you?" A girl's voice called. Reborn knew full heart who the voice came from.

Someone was slowly taking steps down the stair. It was a girl, a long brown hair until her waist and her brown orb honey eyes seems still sleepy, and it seems she just woke up. Finally down, she looked on the person who arrived. She smiled and gave a hug much as he welcomed it.

"Welcome back Reborn, how's your mission today? You really made me worried even if it was just three days." The girl asked, seeing the person in front of him and especially, she loves the most.

Reborn smile, his true pure smile and kissed her forehead.

"I'm back... Tsuna"

Tsuna, Tsunayuuki Sinclair, the wife of the strongest Hitman, Reborn Sinclair has a brown hair and big honey eyes, smile that could compare to an angel and voice like a saint. Her height seems to be around eighteen years old but truthfully she's twenty three years old. She was truly happy and glad that his husband came back alive and safe.

I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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