Sun's Sky


Morning Sicily, Reborn was too relax to his small but beautiful home. His wife was in front of him and she cooked breakfast for them while he read the latest news. It's truly a peaceful day, although not almost peaceful.

To tell the truth, his wife sometimes felt dizziness and morning sickness, much that made him worry. Tsuna, his wife was sometimes stubborn. She kept telling she's fine but still made him worried. This time, Tsuna suggest something which surprise the hitman for a bit.

"You want to go to the hospital?" Reborn clarified. Tsuna nod, "Well my strange sickness kept coming so I finally decide to have a check up like you told me. Also... I don't want to make you worried anymore."

Reborn hum as he approve her decision. Seeing how Tsuna thought about her own condition really made him happy.

Tsuna finally finish cooking their breakfast serves her husband, their pet Leon and herself. Reborn kissed her cheek which made her blush but smile. She knew it's his way of saying thanks. Both now eat together and Reborn started their conversation.

"Now that I remember... Tsuna did you happen to meet them after your last visit?" Reborn asked.

Tsuna froze for a moment before nodding, "My mind somehow told me to get out as soon as possible but I can't just move out so easily, especially to Kaasan." She told him, "So I explained to her before she let me leave. Just as I was about to leave, I saw them for a second and immediately looked away and focus my leaving... did they ask you about me Reborn?"

"No, they were curious that's all." Reborn told her, much as her relief, "Still, that idiota heard it from them and now he's focus on finding you."

Tsuna looked down, truly guilty, "I'm sorry Reborn. I don't want to cause any more trouble and still I..." Someone hold her hands which surprise her. Looking on the person, it was his husband, "Don't blame yourself. Knowing you I know you can't easily leave to your mother's side."

Tsuna smiled, "Thanks Reborn, for being by my side."

Reborn smiled back before standing up and went behind his wife and kissed her cheek, making her blush.

"Who do you think I am Tsuna? Don't forget that I'm your husband and you are my wife."

Tsuna really love to hear those words. She nods, truly accepting that fact. "I'm really happy to be with you Reborn, when was our first meeting?"

Reborn smirk as he took his chair from the other side and put it beside her and his sit, taking his espresso and meal from his previews place and drink his espresso. He really loves the espresso his wife made, it was the delicious espresso he had ever taste.

"Five years ago we first met Tsuna, four years ago when you had first met your biological mother and became couples and three years ago, we married." Reborn answered her.

Tsuna continue to smile, remembering her days before she had met his husband.

She was a new born baby when her so called parents left her in the middle of the streets, especially winter. An orphan nun found her and keeps her before she froze to death. The only thing they knew about her was the towel that covered her body. It was light blue with a fish figure in down on the right and a Japanese words which they don't understand. They somehow found that this baby was a Japanese since the baby looked Asian and heck, what kind of parents leave the baby in the middle of the streets and much more so far from this child's homeland? Somehow they found a way to name her, and that was Tsunayuuki. 'Tsuna' for fish in the towel which really looked like tuna and 'Yuuki' because they found her in the middle of winter and the Japanese of snow means yuki so they joined it together.

Everyone in the orphanage gave her a home, a family and living. She somehow grows with beauty and sweet personality which really made every man around fall in love at first sight. She cares to everyone, especially to those young orphans that came to join their family. She will give sweet and shining smile with no hesitation, making everyone around her be happy and never feel sadness again. She was great, like an angel who saved the lost souls. That's why to everyone, she's the greatest treasure of their family where they'll protect her pure heart and soul to who ever try to dirty them. Unknown to all, she's not like that, she's more needed help more than anyone else which everyone failed to notice.

She still can't believe over the fact that she was left on the street, leaving her to die like that. There are questions that always run to her mind. Was she unwanted? Was she curse? Was she not needed? If so, why does she exist? Why did they just leave her? If they don't want her they should have killed her, they should haven't left her and much more let her feel alive at all!

Still, not once she ever voice those frustrating questions, not wanting to worry all those who cared and loved her. She hid all her worries to her smile, giving them more lightly while she sinks within the pit of darkness. Where she continue to be alone, knowing no one would ever saw everything, not that she actually wish for someone to learn about her. But those days end when she had met him. The man who saw her through her bright smile, that person was the man name Reborn.

Reborn wasn't just the only one who cracked her mask, he's also the one who search for her biological parents which was truly shocking for both of them. For the first time, she finally met her biological mother, Sawada Nana. At first she thought that her biological mother hates her existence but truly wasn't the truth. It was her biological father who hate her existence for some reasoned. Her mother told the whole story about what happened, truly shocking at the same time, confusing. Thankfully, Reborn was there to explain her everything. After that, she was glad that somehow, not all her real family members hate her. Nana asked forgiveness and she accepted it, after that she tried to learn more about their family. She had learned many things. She actually have a big brother named Giotto, the Vongola boss of the strongest Vongola Famiglia and twin brother named Natsuyoshi or Natsu for short, the CEDEF boss and external advisor of Vongola Boss.

Both of her brothers didn't seem to know her existence, making her understand why they never ask their mother or searched for her. She also learn few things about her father who truly hate her, still all those she had heard where bad comments from both her mother and Reborn. Not once she also met them so she only knew through family photos. After learning many things about her family, she decided to stay hidden from the family, as non-existing to both brothers and dead to her father.

Sooner, more things had happened to her life and the person who saved her was none other than Reborn. For those past years he had done too much for her, unknown to her own feelings that she's already fallen in love to the man. She tried to keep the new feeling she had gain and later on, Reborn was the one who proposed to her. It was her happiest day that she accepted it and be together with him, as lovers and after a year, married couple.

"Having a nice flashback Tsuna?" Reborn asked with a smirk. Tsuna pouted at first but smiled. She went closer to him and hugged him.

Reborn didn't mind, he was happier to it. He laid his head to her smooth hair that he sometimes tells a smell of caramel, just like her. Tsuna on the other hand hugged him more, smelling the coffee he always like, which she can tell it truly belongs to him.

They stayed like that for a while, feeling the warm and love of one another.

Later on, both couple was now inside the car. Reborn was the one driving while Tsuna on the other side, watching the place they passed and so forth.

"It feels like it's been years since I came out Reborn." Tsuna can't help but said it, like she had missed the whole place around her.

Reborn kept smiling, knowing her who really loved outside such as these. "You stayed inside the house until I arrive huh."

"I can't help it, my head keep telling me that." Tsuna told him.

"It's not your head Tsuna but your intuition." Reborn corrected her, "Looks like having the same blood of Vongola also awaken yours huh. Looks like the whole siblings of Sawada had gained their intuition."

"Was it about mafia stuff? About the first boss of Vongola created Vongola as a vigilante group?" Tsuna asked.

Truthfully, Tsunayuuki knew about mafia, even her husband's job as a hitman, not just ordinary hitman but the strongest hitman. How she knew? Her husband told him everything even before they became couples. Tsuna didn't mind about that fact, she loved the man no matter what happened. Right now, all she wished was for his husband to survive to his everyday life jobs and return back home safely.

Reborn nod, telling yes. Tsuna can't help but sigh over the fact, "Looks like I'll be thankful for this intuition. It did save me many times, not just that, you thought me to believe what my intuition kept telling me to do."

Reborn smiled and nod, glad that every word he tells about her, she kept it by mind and heart.

Later on, they arrived the nearest at the same time most trusted hospital. The car went to parking before both heading in. Reborn was the one who spoke to the nurses, since out of all people, only one person he could trust that he can truly say his wife is in safe hands. Few minutes and the doctor he trusted arrived. It was none other than Shamal. He was actually a part timer doctor since this hospital was also the Vongola's main hospital.

Shamal happily greeted them, "It's been a while Reborn. Oh, nice to see you again bambina"

Reborn wanting to twitch but held back. Tsuna on the other hand bowed a bit for respect, "It's been a while too Shamal. Also, refrain yourself from calling me bambina, it's embarrassing."

Shamal chuckled, "What are you talking about bambina? Oh and don't worry, I know my limit, knowing a certain hitman will kill me if ever I done something bad to you." He said as he pointed Reborn.

"You better be." Reborn said, really eager to shoot him but holding back. Tsuna somehow knew what her husband was thinking and sigh inwardly. Leon on the other hand was just watching the whole scenario.

Later to his own clinic, Shamal was checking Tsuna while Reborn with Leon in his hand wait on the side, watching the two. More check up and confirmation were made until they were finally done. Both couple waited for the result until Shamal came back with the paper result in hand.

"You two really made me jealous." Shamal said, somehow happy for both of them.

"Sha-Shamal? What's the result?" Tsuna asked, seems nervous.

Shamal grin widely and gave the result paper to them. Reborn took it and read it, so was Tsuna on his side. After a second of reading, their eyes widen, shock to know the result.

Shamal can't help but laugh on the two. It was normal but still, once you experience it, it's very hard to believe. "That's right you two. Congratulation! You both will have your first baby!"

Both couple looked to Shamal in wide eyes, still can't believe the fact that they'll finally have a child, A CHILD!

Shamal wanting to laugh, especially how the greatest hitman react after learning he'll finally become a father. It was understandable so he pushed it on the side.

Both looked to each other, still can't believe the fact that here, Tsuna was carrying a child inside her.

"Re-Reborn... does that mean that... I'll... I'll become a mother?" Tsuna asked in disbelief. Still can't get the fact her long wish is coming true.

Reborn smiled, really happy that finally, their long wish coming true. Reborn immediately hugged his wife and she returned the hug. It was the greatest news they all had ever heard. It was too great to be true!

Both looked back to Shamal and Tsuna was the first one to speak, "Thank you for telling us such wonderful news Shamal."

"What are you talking about? It's the doctor's job to tell such truth." Shamal said, somehow blushing, seeing how happy the beautiful maiden in front of him and of course the most handsome husband which really not wanting to admit but this time, should for her happiness. "Reborn be sure to take care of your wife more than you already had."

"No need to tell me that Shamal." Reborn said, still happiness was evident to his tone. Leon in his fedora was jumping on the news, really happy for his master and now his mistress.

Both turned to each other and Reborn can't help but kiss his wife to her lips, much as her surprise, still like it.

"Ohhh, both of you stop making me jealous." Shamal said as covering his eyes.

Both can't help but smile and laugh. Shamal join in too, it was indeed great and wonderful news they had receive.

On the road, Giotto was inside to their car with Natsu, Chrome and Lampo. Giotto was the one who's driving for them.

"Are we there yet?" Lampo whined. Giotto gave a sigh, "Yeah Lampo almost home. Just wait little bit more."

"Okay" Lampo said, still bored from their long hour ride.

"How do you feel Chrome?" Natsu asked in bit worried. Chrome smiled and nodded, "I'm just fine Bossu, no need to worry much about me."

Natsu was glad to it. Giotto was snickering as he watched his little brother from the mirror. "Oh little brother, what am I going to do with you?" He murmured. Natsu heard it and yelled, "HEY!"

Giotto just smile and continue his driving when they were about to pass the hospital, a car came out and heading to their opposite side. Still, Giotto didn't fail to notice the person in the driver sit. It was Reborn, remembering the car that passed them, definitely him. On the other sit was someone he doesn't recognize. The speed they had was bit fast that he didn't able to see fully the face of the person with his ex-tutor.

It was too sudden that he stopped the car, making the three looked to him in questioning.

"What's wrong Gio-nii? Why did we stop?" Natsu asked.

"Natsu" Giotto began. He slowly turned to them and spoke, "I didn't see it fully but I definitely saw Reborn with someone else. Did you see the car pass through us?"

"Reborn?" Natsu questioned. Chrome answered, "It's blurred but I think I saw it too. The person with him seems a woman with long hair."

"Long hair... woman..." Lampo said as he thought about it.

The four slowly realizing something that made them screamed, "Reborn's Wife!"

Arriving home, both couple rest their days to their shared, maybe can say one bed where both can relax for a while.

"Reborn" Tsuna called, taking her husband's attention before asking. "What gender do you want to have? A male or female?"

Reborn was thinking for a while before answering her, "Gender doesn't matter Tsuna. For now," He turned to his wife, "All I'm thinking was there will be another one whom I will surely protect."

Tsuna smiled, knowing he never failed to protect her no matter what happened.

"I love you Reborn"

Reborn kissed her cheek, making her blush with a smile and continue to relax, as they feel the baby that's coming to life inside her.

Reborn may not replied her words but his kiss just now gave his answer. Tsuna can tell, since his husband always talks in action more than anyone else.

Monday morning, Reborn arrive and seems to be in the very good mood, much as the servant's surprise for the Hitman's sudden change of mood. He went inside to Giotto's room, seeing Giotto was too busy and frustrated on the paper works that kept coming to his desk.

Seeing the Hitman's arrival made him stop for a while and smiled, "Good Morning Reborn and... seems to be in the good mood today. Did something happen?"

Reborn pull down his fedora to shadow his eyes and spoke, "Something like that. So what's the job today?"

"Huh... w-well... could you take a long job again?" Giotto asked as he searches for the files of mission.

"Can't do Giotto." Reborn replied, making Giotto shock in surprise. "H-Huh!? W-why?"

"My wife is pregnant" Reborn answered, "I don't think I can take long missions."

Giotto slowly absorbed the information which was unbelievable and... truly great!

"R-re-really!!?" Giotto shouted as he stood up in disbelief at the same time heard a loud bang from behind.

Turning to the entrance, it was G, holding the paper works that needed to be assign but once he heard the news, he was so astonished that he lost his hold to the papers, making it fly around until it fall.

"Co-co-CONGRATULATION REBORN!" Giotto shouted in great happiness. G also shouted, "REBORN-SAN CONGRATULATION!"

Reborn continue to smirk and pulled down his fedora. "Thanks" He said in low tone but the two could hear. Leon in his fedora was jumping in happiness, still happy for the news.

"Re-Reborn should you just take a break? I mean, you wife needs you, especially in time of her pregnancy." Giotto said, still happy for the news.

Reborn scoff for a bit, "I know but we need income. I can't be with my wife for whole time but I could every night she needs me. That's why I can't take long jobs Baka-Giotto. Beside, how long does it takes for the baby to come?"

"Still Reborn you'll need it." Giotto said, "But your right. Just a minute, I'll search something easy but truly fitting for you." He said as he immediately looked for the job that's fitting for him.

Reborn sigh before turning to the right hand who's now quickly taking the papers that were scattered around.

Giotto as he search asked, "Reborn is it okay for me to tell this great news to everyone? I mean, only those who are close to us. Was it okay?"

Reborn thought for a while before answering him, "Don't spread too much news. Remember, my wife is a civilian and so is my unborn child. I can't have them trouble."

"Oh your right. I guess I'll only tell this to my Guardians, Natsu and his Guardians, Yuni-chan and Dino since he too became your student." Giotto said before taking the right job for him. He turned to him and gave the paper of his mission.

Reborn took it and read the mission carefully. He smirked. It's simple task and easily be done. He nod, telling he'll take it turn around to walk away.

"Come back safely Reborn! Again, Congratulation!" Giotto said happily to the hitman who walked away the office.

G finally done assembling all the papers turn to Giotto and smiled. He smiled back too, "I'll call Dino for a while. Can you go and call Natsu and the others who are still on the mission?"

"Sure Giotto and really don't be so excited." G told him. Well, it was a great news so who could blame him?

It was indeed a great day... or so they thought.

Shopping road, Tsuna was alone, carrying a bag for her groceries and wallet. Tsuna kept walking happily when her intuition kicks in. she looked around, seeing nothing other than people walking around and shopping like her. Tsuna was somehow hesitated but continue her walk when suddenly, someone grab her from behind and covered her mouth.

She tried to fight back but her head suddenly got fuzzy before losing consciousness. That person wasn't the only one, the van came, opening it and quickly drag her inside before driving away in full speed. People who were around don't seem to bother, not because they didn't care but because they didn't notice. Someone hidden from the narrowed building was there, using an illusion to hide the whole scene before disappearing out of sight.

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