Sun's Sky


Somewhere dark and small room, Tsuna slowly opened her eyes, still collecting her thought about what happened. The room was dark but somehow she could tell she’s alone and the room wasn’t large as normal rooms. Slowly, her eyes widen from realization and began to panic.

‘W-wait wait wait! Calm down Tsuna calm down’ She kept repeating to her mind as if a mantra, trying to calm her panic.

In this very situation, her husband, Reborn taught her things that were needed to do. One is to not to panic and try to relax, which is right now what she’s doing. Two is after calming down, observe the place you were trapped and so she did.

Her hands were tied up from the chair she sit on and so were her feet. Her mouth was taped, preventing her to shout and shouting wasn’t really a good idea, making those who kidnapped her knows that is.

After checking the place she was in, she could tell she has a short time left. Speaking of time, how many hours did she passed out? And where is she? To answer those questions, she needs to get out of here.

Tsuna looked behind her, trying to see her hands that were tied up by the rope. Thankfully it is a rope. Tsuna began untying herself. The rope seems tight but she knew with the right move and twist, it’ll come off. Her husband taught her few things about this situation, especially self defense. She’s not strong like her brothers but enough to protect herself.

After a long and tiring tries, she finally did it. The rope loosened. She slowly took off the tape to her mouth and unties her feet. Finally being free, she stood up and checked around again. Seeing nothing but the chair where she last sat on, she immediately went to the door.

She checked the door, somehow expecting to be lock... but wasn’t, much as her relief. Her intuition began to react, telling her there are two people guarding outside. She took a deep breath, truly she hate violence, especially hurt anyone but in this very moment where not only her life is in danger but also her unborn child inside, she’ll face them and be sure their child would be safe.

Her eyes snapped open with determination and immediately open the door so wide that hit the person on the side and she quickly kick the other side before that man draw his gun. Both bodyguards were knocked out, much as her relief. Now she looked around, seeing no window at all. Where ever she is, this facility is suspicious, just hope that this isn’t a laboratory or something.

Now she looked to her direction. Left or right, her intuition told her to run right and so was about to go when she noticed the gun the man that was about to draw. A little mind conflict happened until she decides to take the gun with her. She’s not good in using gun like her husband but somehow had trained a little bit to learn how to shoot. She looked around again before running to the direction where her intuition was telling her.

She became cautious to every surroundings, sensing there were more people around and seems guarding the place. She sighs mentally, thinking how she ended up like this. If ever her husband knew she was kidnapped by this unknown group, she won’t even know if she could stop his wrath. For now, her focus was to escape and hopefully get home safely.

Seeing a clear road, she run ahead, still following what her intuition was telling her. She hid just beside the door when the door opened, revealing some people in black coats heading somewhere. She waited until those men were out of sight and run. She kept herself cautious, hide and run until finally she saw a clear path and a window... What!? Night time!

She went there and looked around for a while before opening the window and looked below. She paled for a bit, she’s actually in the fourth floor and its bit too high for her. Since there are lights below.

For some reason, her intuition told her to jump. Tsuna found it crazy, why jumping out? Did her intuition she trusted the most in this situation just told her to jump and die with her child?

Before she could doubt more, she heard some voices. She knew these people if they found her, they’ll catch her and... she won’t even want to know what will happened to her.

She gulp looked down. She closed her eyes, gathering her courage and positioned herself. She calmed herself.

‘You can do this Tsuna. Just as Reborn always tell you... do it with your dying will.’ She looked below again before jumping.

Tsuna focused her landing, wanting to land by her feet first before her butt or her head. Seeing the landing, something unexpected happened. There was a blond man, watching her as she fall. For some reason, that man opened his arms and caught her just in time.

Tsuna looked to the person who caught and saved her. The blond man she knew full well. Yes, it was her older brother, Giotto.

Vongola Decimo or Giotto was shock to see a girl on the CEDEF building trying to jump all the way down from the fourth floor. Truth to be told, he has no reason coming there but his hyper intuition kept nagging him to come there so he just went there to know what kept his hyper intuition alarm him. Now he understood after seeing her. Without thinking, he opened his arms around her and caught her before she hit on the ground. Seeing her brown hair, he somehow recognizes her. It was the girl whom his mother called neighbor. But why is she here?

Tsuna immediately pushed herself out from her brother. She is really happy that her brother saved her but meeting him is not one of the things she ever expected. She kept looking down, not wanting to see him.

Giotto found it questioning, still kept his guard up. There are chances this girl in front of him is an assassin or a spy who wanted to escape but his intuition told him she’s safe and must be protected. He doesn’t know why but just to be safe, he raised his guard and asked.

“Who are you? How did you able to come here? Especially in the middle of the night?” Giotto asked with gentle and serious tone.

Tsuna in this moment doesn’t know what to do. Should she answer or not, whatever her situation is, she doesn’t like it. Her intuition told her she’s finally safe around him and stay with him. Really, why in this very moment her intuition trying to conflict her desire? Is there another way to get out without seeing him?

Giotto observed her carefully. She can see her nervousness which troubles him. Knowing assassins and spy, they would never act like that in front of their enemies. Whenever they were acting, they were always not close to the truth which was obvious it’s a fake. If this girl was a novice, who ever send her just gave her a death sentence. Just whose enemy would send someone like her to their enemies’ territory?

“I will ask again,” Giotto spoke, little high than before, “Who are you?”

Tsuna looked down even more. What should she do? Should she tell him a different name? No, knowing they both possess intuition, he could easily tell she’s lying and she doesn’t even want to think the outcome of that lie. She mentally sigh, she just hope that her own brother could help her and thankfully have her home safely or else she doesn’t know what her husband would do.

“Tsuna” She answered in low tone but Giotto heard it. “Tsunayuuki” She said it with little high tone.

“Tsunayuuki” Giotto can’t help but think it’s a lovely name. But wait, was that Japanese? He asked more questions, “How come you’re here?”

Tsuna again was hesitant and before she could answer, they both heard two man’s voice.

“Lord Decimo”

Giotto turn back to see two of the CEDEF men came running to his way. Suddenly, he felt his cape was grabbed tightly. Turning to that person, it was Tsuna, seems trying to hide herself from them. Giotto didn’t mind for now as he faced the two, sensing no danger coming from her.

“What is it?” Giotto asked them when they were now in front of him.

“F-forgive us Lord Decimo but, do you happened to witness a girl running around? She has brown hair and eyes.” The man asked.

Tsuna tensed up a bit but didn’t make a noise.

‘Reborn’ Tsuna was mentally calling him.

Giotto sensing her fear became more determine for some reason to protect her. “No” he answered “Why are you looking for her?” He asked, surprising Tsuna that he lied to them.

“W-well...” The man seems trying to find an answer and took glance to his comrade who has no idea what to say either.

Giotto can now finally tell this is something that must be taken seriously. “Do both of you doing something that I and your own boss, Natsu doesn’t know?” He asked with little dark tone.

The two sense it and immediately run away. Giotto seeing them gone sighs and took note to report this to his brother. Just what’s happening to the CEDEF building that even his brother doesn’t know?

He turned back to Tsuna who finally calm down after seeing them gone. He gave a smile which surprised her, “Want to come with me? I have a feeling we should talk in the safe place rather than here. Its night and it’s not safe to stay here in this very hour.”

Tsuna nod, knowing she has no choice.

Both went to the Vongola Mansion. Tsuna kept herself close to his brother side, knowing he’s the only one she could trust, even if he doesn’t know her. Giotto who can see her nervousness somehow really tells him to protect her, not through intuition but something else. How should he describe it... ah, like blood connection or something?

Both arrived to his office where everything was clean. Looks like Giotto able to finish all his paper works for today. Giotto offered her to sit and she did. Giotto went to the coffee blend for the two of them. Tsuna was nervous, especially now she had actually met her brother for the first time of her life.

Giotto came back and gave a cup of coffee for her.

“Thank you” Tsuna said before carefully taking it and blow, knowing it’s hot and took a sip. It’s delicious.

Giotto smiled, knowing she’s no longer wary around her. “Sorry for my attitude just a while ago. I’m Giotto, you could say the head master here. So Tsuna, mind asking again, how did you end up here?”

Tsuna looked down, still decide to tell the truth, “I don’t actually know”

Giotto gave a questioning look, “You don’t know?”

Tsuna nod, “The last time I remember, I was in the shopping district, buying groceries as always until a man grabs me, putting me to sleep. The time I woke up, I was inside the dark room, tied up in the chair and my mouth was taped too. I able to free myself before some people come to me and knock out two men who were guarding me.” Tsuna showed the gun she took from the man and put it in front of him, “I also took this just in case.”

Giotto was bit shock from the entire discovery. Not only she able to escape on her own but also took a gun. He inspects the gun, seeing no sign being used. He looked back to her and put down the gun.

“Do you know where you are?”

“Not exactly. Mind telling me... G-Giotto... san”

Giotto observed her for a while, seeing no lies from her words.

“You’re inside the building of someone I know but not to worry, I’m very sure he’s not the only one who could do that to you, since he will never do such low things such as that.” Giotto reassured her.

Tsuna smiled, believing him, “Thank you Giotto-san. So umm... I wonder when I can get home.”

“Home huh...” Giotto thought for a moment, seeing its night and dangerous. Some enemies might be around that might ambush her whenever he ordered a car for her. Well he can’t let a civilian such as her to be mix out with their mafia problem. Thinking only one option, he spoke, “Why don’t you stay here just for tonight. We have an extra room and surely you can rest there without worries. Tomorrow morning I’ll escort you home safely.”

“Eh?” Tsuna never expected that. Well she can see his point, still this is a mafia headquarters and much worse Vongola. She may able to protect herself but only enough for those who are novice. If ever she fought against professionals like mafia men, she’s dead.

“A-are you sure? I mean...” Tsuna wasn’t sure about this. Giotto thought for a moment before asking, “Do you happen to be scared sleeping alone?”

Tsuna can’t help but sweat drop mentally. Still, thankful that he misunderstood her nervousness.

Giotto smiled, “Then how about sleeping to my bed?” Tsuna’s eyes widen. Giotto realizing what he just said blushed and immediately swayed his hand in front of her, “D-don’t think something like I’ll attack you or anything! I’m not doing such thing I swear!” Seeing her understood somehow relief him. “Well... come on, I’ll lead the way.”

“Oh... sure” Tsuna replied before drinking her coffee. Giotto smiled, somehow glad she trusted him.

Later on they now arrive to his room. Tsuna was amaze to his brother’s room. It was big and spacious, add the king’s bed there.

She turned to him and asked, “Umm... mind if I borrow a phone?”

“H-huh? Oh sure. It’s right over there.” Giotto pointed the phone. Tsuna smiled and bowed a bit, “Thank you Giotto-san.”

Giotto blushed a bit before turning away. Tsuna went to the phone and dialed a number. Giotto observed her carefully, trying to be sure she’s an enemy or not.

Tsuna was waiting for the other side to answer until it finally did.

“Chaos l-love... Eh? Ahhh I’m fine... well it was a long story and thankfully the head master here saved me... yeah I’m fine love... yes... is it really okay? ... If you say so... okay... good night love... I will.” Tsuna put down the phone and smiled. The person he talked was her husband, Reborn. As expected, he’s worried and he told her stay here and he’ll pick her up tomorrow. Reborn also advised her to stay beside Giotto, knowing he could protect his unknown little sister.

Tsuna began calling again and this time, her mother. Giotto noticed the number, somehow he recognize the number she just dialed but found questioning. Few seconds and she answered, “Hello Kaasan... yes I’m fine... well I’m in... a big mansion perhaps... y-yes that’s right... I already informed him Kaasan... okay... thank you Kaasan... I love you too.”

Tsuna turn down after the call. She faced him and bowed again, “Thank you for letting me use the phone.”

“H-huh? Oh it’s fine Tsuna. So, the people you called were your mother and someone else?”

“Y-yes. It’s my mother and my husband.” Tsuna answered, making Giotto shock on the sudden revelation. “H-Hu-Husband!?”

“Y-yes. I’m three years married. Here’s my ring.” Tsuna showed her wedding ring, the ring she never let go wherever she goes. Giotto’s eyes widen even more. Who would ever think such beautiful as her was already married?

“A-are you sure? I mean, your eighteen... right?” Giotto asked, still in disbelief. Tsuna answered him, “I’m 23 years old.”

Giotto jaw drop, for real? Seeing that made Tsuna frown, “Was I that short to people’s eyes?”

“E-Ehhhh... haha... hahaha...”

Later the lights were out. Giotto sleep on the couch while Tsuna sleep on the bed. Giotto seems sleeping soundly, unknown to him that Tsuna was still awake and watching him. Tsuna can’t help but smile. Even in such unbelievable situation, in the very end of the day, she was thankful. Having a chance to meet him and talk to him seems to be like a dream. She wished their family was just a whole, where she can freely talk to her brothers and mother. Thinking about their family sometimes makes her sad.

‘I wonder when we can have a family bonding. Like a whole family.’ Tsuna wonder as she thought about her mother, Giotto and her twin brother that she still hasn’t met.

She sigh inwardly and burred herself to her bed. She also holds the place where her baby was resting.

‘I promise my child, you will never experience the same life I had gone through.’

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