Sun's Sky


G, the right hand and Storm Guardian of Vongola Decimo was right now very angry as he walked, heading to a certain place. The reason was his boss, Sawada Giotto still hasn't come to the dining room and it was clear he's late. Finally arriving to his room, instead of knocking, he immediately opened it, finding the certain blond boss.

The jolt of the door made Tsuna woke up and looked to the person who just came. Relief when it was one of his brother's friends which in here called Guardians. Tsuna don't really know them but her mother kept telling many things about them, making Tsuna happy.

G on the other hand didn't seem to notice her when he saw the person he's looking for, sleeping on the couch. G immediately went to him and gave his wake up call.

"WAKE UP IDIOT BOSS!!" G yelled that could hear the whole mansion, making Giotto wake up instantly because of his voice. Giotto shouted, "G just who are you!? Knuckle or Ryohei!"

"Shut up Decimo and wake up! Everyone was waiting and your still here? SLEEPING!"

"H-huh? Oh, I forgot to set my alarm." Giotto said, looking at his alarm clock. G gave a sigh and face palm, really there are times his boss was such an irresponsible man.

Seeing the scene so far made Tsuna giggle, making the two turn to her. G was shock when there's another person inside to this room, much more, the person he didn't know and she's IN HIS BED!

She sat up, knowing her presence was known. She smiled and bowed a bit, "Good Morning Giotto-san and thank you for letting me stay here. I have my full rest thanks to you."

"Oh Good Morning too Tsuna and don't be so formal in the very early of the morning. Oh, want to join breakfast with us?" Giotto asked. It seems he had forgotten the other person beside him just now.

"Eh? Ah, no need Giotto-san." Tsuna humbly decline but Giotto won't let her. "Don't worry Tsuna, everyone won't bite."

'That's not the case at all' Tsuna mentally thought.

"You" The two looked to G, seems in disbelief and trembling raising his hand, pointing her. "W-wh-WHO ARE YOU!?" G can't help but shout it.

Tsuna blink for a while before answering him with a smile, "T-Tsunayuuki or Tsuna for short. Please to meet you."

It took a while before G yelled again in disbelief. Giotto can't help but cover his ears, "Stop shouting G!"

"Giotto good morning and G your voice can be heard until the dining room." A certain voice said who's coming on their way. It was Asari, the Rain Guardian and friend of Giotto. Asari gave a questioning look when he saw G, still pale and frozen. "G what's wrong?"

G didn't answer as he kept pointing the person. Asari followed the finger and shocking to see someone to Giotto's bed.

"G-good morning?" Tsuna wasn't sure about what's going on anymore.

Giotto face palm, knowing his friends, they will accuse him something he never done.

Dining hall and everyone are present, Giotto's Guardians and Natsu with her Guardians. They still haven't start eating because a certain person was still haven't come and they were waiting for him. After a long wait, the person they been waiting for arrive with G and Asari.

"Gio-nii good morning and your late." Natsu said to him. Giotto gave a broken laugh, "S-sorry Natsu, just that something happened that they kept accusing me for something I never done in the first place."

"Accusing you?" Natsu questioned.

Everyone looking closely to Giotto, G and Asari, there is another person who seems hiding from behind. The person took a peek on the people inside, making everyone raise their eyebrows. Slowly, the person came to view, seeing the big orb honey eyes and beautiful brown color of hair. She gave a little wary smile and greeted them.


A few seconds of silence, everyone except the two skylarks, certain pineapple head and melon head shouted in disbelief.

Knowing already what they were thinking, Giotto immediately defended himself. "I didn't do anything I swear!"

"G-Giotto who is she?" Knuckle asked in disbelief. Lampo followed "More importantly, why is she here?"

"Nufufufu what's this Giotto? Are you having some hidden affair with beautiful girls already?" Daemon asked with his usual smirk and signature chuckle. Mukuro followed up, "Kufufufu you had turn into something else Sawada Giotto."

"Hey my brother isn't like that!" Natsu shouted as he defended his brother but suddenly doubt it, "W-was it?"

"For goodness sake stop accusing me!" Giotto shouted.

"Then how can you explain her being here and much more we found her on your bed!" G shouted, earning everyone's attention even more.

"You know if you want to find your destined girl, you could have told us." Asari said, there's a tears forming to his eyes, and seems hurt.

"No I'm not Asari and there's an explanation behind it G!" Giotto told them.

"Umm..." The three faced Tsuna who's now haft raising her hand, showing her wedding ring. "I don't think I could be owned. I'm a married woman."

Everyone became even more silence, still absorbing the fact that Giotto got his interest to someone who seems young and beautiful and the worst thing is, married.

"Y-you're the worst." Lambo said as he paled. Takeshi also paled, "Giotto-san is hitting married woman."

Hayato was still in disbelief that he wanted to faint from too much shock, same for Knuckle and Lampo. Chrome covered her mouth that's already open due shock, Ryohei's voice was losing because of shock and Natsu seems had lost his soul from disbelief.

"Herbivore I'll bite you to death." Kyoya said, showing his tonfas. Alaude showed his handcuff, "I'll arrest you Sawada Giotto."

"I told you already you all GOT IT WRONG!" Giotto finally burst out, making everyone stop from their bickering. "There's an explanation here and I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. I made sure I swore that to her as I let her sleep to my bed while I sleep on the couch. I haven't touched her since this morning."

Everyone was silence, still trying to register everything they had heard from Giotto. Tsuna can somehow see his frustration and really, their continuous accusation somehow made her feel uncomfortable that she wanted to shout and run away.

Out of everyone, finally, Daemon was the brave one to speak, "Then kindly tell us Giotto... why is she here?"

Now everyone turn to her, making her shrink because of their sudden attention.

After they ate breakfast, Tsuna told them her story, much as everyone stayed quiet to listen. Giotto also added up. After the explanation, everyone was thinking for a while.

Hayato was the one who spoke first. "So in other words, someone kidnap her and brought her inside the CEDEF building. That's impossible. Are you trying accused us or something so you can roam around and spy on us?"

"N-no" Tsuna immediately answer.

"Or you want to break the relationship between Vongola and CEDEF." G said as he cross his arms. Tsuna answered back, "Not true."

"So how can you explain such somehow unbelievable explanation? Surely there are chances of you making that up so you can kill anyone of us here after we get close to you or anything." Hayato asked more.

Tsuna answered confidently, "If truly I am a killer you speaking, I'm sure you of all people already know that I could have kill him anytime I like right? Especially he made me sleep on the same room as him."

Now everyone was silent, surprise that she can answer them straightly.

Tsuna added, "Beside, all I want is to return home. I don't want us to have more misunderstanding than we already have."

"Well everything was a misunderstanding." Giotto said, somehow agree. "So, any more question and this time, no more accusation."

"Herbivore" Kyoya spoke in sharp tone, "Do you know about mafia?"

"K-Kyoya that's-" Takeshi was about to continue when Tsuna answered him, "Yes I know about Mafia, thought I am not working as one of them nor has anything had to do with it."

"Eh? You know about mafia?" Giotto asked in disbelief.

Tsuna looked down and nod, "Well... I have a certain family who were involve to mafia stuff and so was my husband. If ever ask do not worry, my husband works under you... I don't really know much anything about it except the normal information that many people know about. They all don't want me to have anything to do with it." She faced Giotto with small smile, "That's why I don't want to sleep alone, knowing there are people might want to harm me."

"S-so you know this is Vongola headquarters from the very beginning." Ryohei asked. Tsuna shook his head, "No, I just knew when Giotto-san introduced himself to me."

"Kufufufu this girl seems to be smart than she seems to be." Mukuro commented. Chrome somehow agrees.

Takeshi gave a sigh with a smile, "This situation is getting even more confusing... right Natsu?" Hearing no response, he looked to him, "Natsu?"

Natsu seems not listening, he's more like staring at her. Tsuna who had sense his gaze turned to him. Somehow both were looking to each other, feeling something that seems nostalgic and... whole.

"Natsu?" Takeshi called. Hayato sensing it too called him, "Juudaime"

Tsuna somehow breaking to the sensation looked away. Tsuna truly felt it to her heart. The other twin, her twin brother was there in front of her that for the first time, made her felt a whole.

"Bossu are you alright?" Chrome asked as she went to him and tab his shoulder, somehow made him woke up to reality, realizing everyone was staring at her.

"W-what?" Natsu asked, not knowing why they were staring at him.

"Are you alright Natsu? You spaced out too deep so suddenly." Giotto said, worried for his brother.

"H-Huh? Oh I'm fine Gio-nii... just that..." Natsu looked back to her who's now refusing to look to him. "I felt a very weird sensation. T-tell me, have we met before? Are we related to each other?"

All now turn to Tsuna who still kept looking down, refusing to meet anyone's eyes.

"Tsuna" Giotto called in worried, even so, hidden was also asking answer.

Tsuna was still hesitant, not wanting to reveal things more than she already had, especially about the family conflict that both her brothers haven't knew. Her thinking somehow stopped when her intuition alarmed to her head. It was telling her the danger coming and needed to hide. At that moment, somehow she knew what she means and shrinks in fear.

Noticing the strange behavior, Giotto some got alarm and so was Natsu, they were until the door suddenly opened, revealing Iemitsu, their father.

"Boys welcome home!" He greeted with a large grin.

The people around didn't mind much, somehow used while for the two skylarks, very irritated.

Their father closed the door and faced them again

Iemitsu sensing the strange atmosphere around made it questioning until his eyes saw the brunette. Iemitsu's eyes widen before narrowing it, not truly pleasant to see her, especially in this circumstances.

Mukuro and Daemon narrowed their eyes to the Ex-CEDEF Boss, seeing hatred to his eyes made them alert for some reason.

Iemitsu walked, heading to his older son, Giotto. "Son, who's the lovely girl?" he asked, as if nothing importance.

Tsuna didn't show it but she could sense the anger tone of her biological father. She unconsciously wrapped her right arm around her waist, protecting the child inside her.

"She's Tsuna Otosan." Giotto answered, "She just stayed here for a while and I asked her to join breakfast with us and she did eat well. Now I'm going to escort her back home."

"Escort? Why would you escort her home? You could have asked your men to do it." Iemitsu said. Giotto shook his head, "I promised Otosan and I'm willing to do as I promise."

"No son, you can't." Iemitsu said, truly objecting his idea, "You're the boss of Vongola and you have a lots of things to do. Why don't I with my men escort her home? That way you can stay here with your Guardians while we take her home."

Giotto for some reasoned alarm from his father. His hyper intuition was telling him not to believe but why? He's their father so why does it alarm so much? It wasn't just him but also Natsu. His hyper intuition was yelling to his brain, telling never let this man take her.

Iemitsu didn't bother to wait for his answer and just walked ahead, now beside her. Tsuna slowly looked to the man, seeing his eyes of hatred which scares her. Asari as he watches saw the scared look of Tsuna, feeling he shouldn't let those two face one another.

Iemitsu raised his hand and was about to grab her when the door suddenly opened in loud bang, revealing Nana who seems glaring in anger.

"Nana?" Iemitsu questioned.

"Iemitsu you will not touch my daughter, not even her hair!" Nana shouted in anger, much as everyone's surprise.

Nana immediately walked to where she was and quickly grabbed her daughter, pulling her to her side.

"Nana what is this about?" Iemitsu asked, not liking things here. Nana answered, "You know what I mean Iemitsu. Don't think I'll let you this time. You took my daughter away once, now that I found her and finally catching up from all the years I had lost as her mother, this time, I'll protect her from you. Iemitsu don't think I don't know what you were planning. You don't plan to escort her home, you plan to kill her so all your problem would be over right?"

Every words Nana release somehow shock all of them. What is this? Both were quarreling and... daughter?

"K-Kaasan wha-what is this about?" Giotto asked. Natsu and himself were more shock than the rest, seeing their parents fight for the first time in front of them and much more seems deep than normal once.

"Giotto this is-" Before Iemitsu could tell more, Nana answered him, "Gio-kun this is about your sister. You're lost sister."

"Nana!" Iemitsu growled. Nana glared back, not backing out to her decision.

"WHAT!?" Both Giotto and Natsu yelled in union.

Nana clarified more, "Gio-kun, Na-kun I want you to meet your biological sister, Tsunayuuki."

"Nana this is-" Iemitsu trying to stop her but instead she raised her voice, "Gio-kun your little sister, Na-kun your twin sister." She finished.

Everyone was more than astonish than they use to be and turn to Tsuna who's still staring down as if trying to hide herself.

Tsuna looked up, worried for her mother. "Ka-Kaasan this is-"

"No Tsu-chan, this must be done." Nana told her, knowing she wanted not to make trouble but this time, it's necessary to end this endless conflict. Tsuna seems to understand but still, in her mind, she doesn't want to become the reason of their fight.

Everyone was somehow speechless, seeing all their eyes were wide open in shock and disbelief, even both skylarks.

After more yelling from the two, Giotto decide to have this discussion to his office and will only be discuss within the family.

The Guardians of both Giotto and Natsu were outside the office, forbidding them to come in and hear the conversation they'll be having. Some were trying to hear their conversation, by sticking their ears to the door.

Inside, the atmosphere was too deep and serious. Both Iemitsu and Nana were releasing cold auras around them. Tsuna can't help but stay quiet behind her mother while the two sons were between the two.

Giotto tried to take their attention, hopefully it work. He cleared his throat and asked, "Now it's just us, Kaasan mind if I asked? What do you mean she's our sister?"

Both boys looked to Tsuna first before their mother.

Nana took a deep breath to calm herself and answered, "Just as I said Gio-kun, Tsu-chan here is your little sister. She's been separated from us since birth, all because of your certain father over there."

Both turn to their father in disbelief. Iemitsu spoke, "Nana I'm very sure I already discuss this about. She can't become part of our lives, especially to our sons."

"And who gave you a right to say that Iemitsu?" Nana burst her anger, "Just because of your mafia job that you have done something like this to your own child, Iemitsu your OWN CHILD! Just tell me Iemitsu, is Vongola was more important than your family? Was it because you swore everything to this Job that you can sacrifice anything, even your own Real Family just for Vongola!?"

"It was necessary Nana, I already explained everything to you right?" Iemitsu countered but Nana won't back down, "And you think THAT explanation answers everything!?"

"Wait a minute!" This time, Natsu shouted, "Just what do you mean by this? Does this have to do with the Vongola? Otosan? Kaasan?"

Nana and Iemitsu didn't speak as they turn their gaze from each other and their son. Tsuna seeing somehow both were still having a temper conflict within their mind answered them instead.

"From what they told me" All looked to Tsuna who continue to speak, "They said that I could be the reason for the Vongola's downfall or their destruction... so that might be the reason why father wants to get rid of me to prevent something like that."

Both brothers were in disbelief. Just that? They want and most especially they didn't know about their little sister because of THAT!?

Tsuna took courage to face her father, knowing hiding and fearing him won't do anything to close this subject.

"Father" Tsuna began, "I know you care about Vongola and somehow I understand that you want me to lose to their lives to prevent something like that to happen. I already know so I'm trying my best not to meet any of them, even if, deep within my heart, I want to see and even know them."

"Tsuna" Giotto whispered.

Tsuna continued, "I have no plan involving myself to their lives, that's why I live as a normal people would do who has no knowledge about mafia. I been alone for so long, at this very moment I have found my own happiness, which was I had met my husband and my mother." She became determine as she spoke, "If you still want to get rid of me then try it. This time I will never run away. I'll never let you do anything as you please from me."

"So you're actually planning to destroy the Vongola." Iemitsu said in dark voice.

"You're wrong! I'm doing this to protect my child!" Tsuna shouted back, much as surprise to her brothers and mother.

"You're pregnant?" Nana asked. Tsuna looked down a bit and nod, telling her mother yes. "When you told me to visit the hospital, I told it to my husband and both of us visit there. We both found out I have a child inside. I'm pregnant Kaasan."

"That's... a wonderful news Tsu-chan, I'm so happy for both of you." Nana said with smile as she hugged her daughter. Nana faced Iemitsu with a glare and spoke, "Looks like there is more reason for me to stop you Iemitsu."

"Nana she could have been lying." Iemitsu said. Tsuna answered, "Ask doctor Shamal, he's the one who checked it for us."

"Shamal?" Giotto was bit in disbelief at the same time might be true. Seeing her, no, his little sister was beautiful as an angel might convince him to check on her.

Iemitsu narrowed his eyes, "Don't think that could convince me. I know Shamal very well when it comes to woman like you. He could lie to us when you asked him to lie."

Tsuna answered back, "Do you think I could do such thing? Besides, I know my brother's hyper intuition could tell whenever I'm lying or not."

"H-how do you know that?" Giotto asked. Tsuna answered, "From my husband. He's a Mafioso like all of you."

"So you're already involved in this mafia stuffs." Giotto said, still surprise someone like her has already involve to mafia businesses. Now that he thought about it, Tsuna already mention it to them when they were still in the dining hall. How come he forgot it so easily? Must be because of too much shocking discoveries.

Tsuna didn't speak, she just looked away to his brothers.

Iemitsu grip his hand and spoke, "You can lead the Vongola's destruction." Nana countered, "She won't Iemitsu. I'm very sure you already seen her flame. That's the reason right? Because when she was born you said she has this impure flame within her, that's why you decide to get rid of her by taking her away from me."

"Impure flame?" Natsu asked, "Otosan what do you mean by our flame? Does this mean you knew about the flame we possess since birth?"

"It's very natural for the Vongola to know those traits. Not only the Arcobalenos can tell people's flame." Iemitsu told his son.

Giotto looking closely to her spoke, "But her flame, it's pure." Tsuna gave a questioning look, 'Pure?' she questioned.

"She could have covered her real flame Giotto, don't be deceived by it." Iemitsu spoke. Natsu countered, "But if she does hide her real flame, our Hyper Intuition could have reacted. I don't think there's any covers Otosan."

"Son, listen to me." Iemitsu said but Natsu continue to speak, "It's been so long Otosan, that for some reason I have a missing half. Now it makes sense now. I have a twin, my other haft was my twin, my twin sister! Otosan I don't get it. Why did you take her away from us? From our lives? Was this only because of flame we possess? You care for us just because you knew we are qualified to become a good asset of Vongola?"

"Natsu that's not true."

"Then tell me! I want to learn everything. I want to learn why you took my haft self away from me, just who gave you a right to do that!?" Natsu outburst, much as people inside the room surprised. Tsuna was more beyond the rest.

Everything turned to silence, until Iemitsu groan, "This sucks." Everyone faced him, "Natsu at this very moment, you're still young to learn everything. I'm doing this for both of you, you and your brother. I can't have your lives be destroyed all because of her. She could take everything from you if I let her live."

"That's not true!" Tsuna countered as they all turn to her. She spoke, "I have no plan taking anything from them, much worse destroy this Vongola. Who am I to decide that? What's more it's fully clear that Giotto-san was much more suited to become a boss and so I think for my twin brother. I have nothing against them, all I want is a quiet life with my husband and my child."

"You think you could have such kind of life?" Iemitsu asked darkly.

Giotto and Natsu were somehow alarm while Nana instantly shielded her daughter. Iemitsu walked forward, dark aura around him.

"You don't deserve that life at all." He darkly said, making Tsuna stun of his words. He continued, "You will be the reason of the destruction, just like what you're doing. It's best if you didn't just exist. I had truly regretted I abandoned you, I should have killed you!"

Iemitsu dashed forward. Giotto and Natsu were too late to realize what he had done as Iemitsu was already standing in front of Nana and Tsuna. Both son turn around, trying to stop him while Nana blocked his way, protecting Tsuna while she on the other hand was still frozen as her eyes focused on the fist of her father.

Iemitsu in this moment no longer care if anyone would be hurt, as long as he could finish her.

Everything was like a slow motion, until someone grabbed his fist, before hitting both Nana and Tsuna. Everyone were surprise on the person who able to stop Iemitsu before he could hit them. It was Reborn, eyes shadowed but completely evident to how he blocked his fist, he's furious.

Before Iemitsu could ask on why he's here, Reborn gave a powerful and quick kick from his abdomen, making him fly and slam on the wall in the other side. The wall where he was hit cracked and he even vomits some blood. He groans on his fall.

The Guardians who were outside were shock from what just happened. They were listening to their conversation and surprisingly Reborn came and destroyed the door. Reborn was bit shock on what's going to happened as he immediately took action and stopped him before he could hit Nana and his wife.

Tsuna was still in shock as what's happening but seeing her husband was finally here and protected them, she can't help but tears came out. She's been trying to be brave for so long, she wanted at least fix this problem but things turns out something she never expect to happened. Some words still echo to her mind, the words of her father truly hurts her. Was that how she was supposed to be? Does she not deserve to live in silence? Was she...

"Tsuna" Reborn called, making her thinking halted and turn to her husband. Reborn was showing his worried look, much as it pains her for making him worried.

She immediately went to her husband and hugged him. She cried as she burred herself to him, it was too painful for her own. Reborn knew that as he let her cry, letting her release everything she feel at this moment. He gave comfort as he hugged back and moves his right hands to her hair, telling her it will be alright. Somehow, it calms Tsuna a bit, much as Reborn's relief.

Finally, Reborn glared the person who truly hurt her feelings more than anyone. Iemitsu who was trying to stand up froze on how murderous he's showing in front of him. He never felt this kind of aura and much worse seems more dangerous than all his battles when he was still the CEDEF boss.

"Idiota Iemitsu" Reborn deeply growled. Wrath was evident to his tone, making everyone except his wife shiver in fear.

Leon on his fedora was also furious. If ever he has a fur, everything was raised up, glaring and really angry. Leon was ready to transform anything, just to kill the person who almost hurt his master's wife.

Reborn raised up his hand, Leon immediately turn into his favorite and deadly gun and pointed it to Iemitsu. Reborn was about to give a trigger when a hand stop his arms. He looked to the person, seeing Tsuna was stopping him.

Tsuna continues to cry but still, she raised her head, silently telling his husband not to do it. She had enough, she wanted to go home.

Understanding her desire, Reborn return Leon back to his form. Leon went to Tsuna's shoulder and licked her tears, telling her to stop and nothing to worry. Tsuna gave a small smile to Leon, somehow relieving both of them.

Reborn's evil aura disappear, somehow it made everyone finally breathe. The way he gave that aura somehow made them suffocate or unable to breath due to their fear.

Reborn looked to Nana and spoke, "I'll take her away from here."

Nana was still adjusting herself but when Reborn spoke, she recovered and nod, "Take care of her. I'll do the rest here."

Reborn nod and carried her in the bride way, not that she complain. Tears still coming out to her eyes, she burred herself to his chest. Reborn just walked away from the room. Everyone around didn't stop, seeing the dangerous eyes of the hitman.

Everyone was still silence, still recovering from this whole ordeal.

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