Sun's Sky


Iemitsu was send to the infirmary as they began to heal him, still, under orders of Natsu and Giotto, he’s confined and will be watched over by Alaude and Ryohei.

The rest were all in the dining room, hearing the whole story from Nana. Giotto and Natsu can’t help but feel furious about their father. She was just born with impure flames and that’s how he’ll treat his own child? He of all people should know that flames can change. There’s no need to accuse the child’s future on something it wasn’t proven.

“I’ll kill him, I swear I’ll kill him” Natsu growled, really in rage after hearing the whole story from their mother. Takeshi and Hayato were trying to calm him down before he could do something inappropriate, even though they felt the same way.

Giotto was no different from his brother. He was truly in rage on his father’s action. He swore he will never see a sky again. Asari and Knuckle were trying to calm his flaming fist, knowing that if ever he became angry, it would become a hell around the mansion.

G knew both Giotto and Natsu must be stop or they might destroy the whole mansion just to kill him. He faced Nana and asked. “Nana-san how did you and Tsunayuuki met?”

Nana gave a gentle smile, remembering that time was one of her greatest memories.

“It happened four years ago G.” Nana began, somehow made everyone silent and turned to her who was ready to listen. “The true reason I wanted to come here after learning about mafia was because I wanted to search for my daughter whom I just seen once, unable to give a name or time of affection. She’s not around Japan so for some reason I knew that bastard didn’t left her there but somewhere else, far that I couldn’t reach. Learning Mafia, I have another hope that maybe even in a small chance should be here.”

She took a deep breath before she continue, “My search for my daughter alone was not successful at all. I never ask anyone’s help, knowing once he knew about my searching, he’ll do something about it that might endanger the life of my daughter. My search always fail which I almost lost hope but still continue, until Reborn came with her side.”

“Reborn?” Giotto was shock to learn that. Nana smiled and nod, “Reborn introduced her to me and for some reason, my heart could tell she’s the person I been searching for so long and she was indeed her. I told her everything and also asked forgiveness and I’m very thankful she accepted me and called me Kaasan. I’m very grateful to Reborn who helped her to all her life. So ever since then, every time she visits me, I gave her love and affection as much as I could, wanting to catch up the whole 20 years of lost.”

Knuckle can’t help but smile, “God really guided her way to see you again. Praise God Almighty. May God bless and protect her.” Nana smiled and nod, “Thank you Knuckle-kun.”

“But to think Reborn was the one who helped her… wait, does that mean she and Reborn met?” Natsu asked.

Nana smiled, “They both met five years ago. From Reborn’s story, it was the day in the middle of his mission when he bumped to her. Reborn really took interest to her and so forth.”

“Kufufufu that’s interesting discovery.” Mukuro said. Daemon added, “Nufufufu I won’t be surprise if something happened to those two.”

Everyone except Nana glared the melon head. They all knew the hidden meaning of his words.

“Actually they are married.” Nana said as matter-of-fact tone.

Everyone became silence, registering the word Nana just told them. Little by little, their eyes widen and yelled at the same time.


Nana giggles to their reaction, “It’s not that surprising. Also, they’re married for three years and as you all heard from me, finally they’ll be having their first child!”

Everyone in the room jaw drop, very in disbelief in everything they had heard. Really, too much shocking news after another.

Somewhere, Reborn and Tsuna were still in the car. Leon trying to cheer the brunette while Reborn drives. Tsuna for so long stopped crying and beginning to smile as she watch Leon transforming to different kind of things, knowing he’s trying to cheer her up. Seeing her smile somehow relief Reborn, still, his anger on the certain blond still boil his blood, wanting nothing but bloodshed.

Finally arriving home, Reborn carried her in bride way until they got in. Tsuna was insisting that she can walk but Reborn won’t listen. Both couple went to their room and finally, Reborn put her down to their bed, Leon still to her shoulder.

Leon jump down, landing to the bed. Reborn kneel down and hugged her. Tsuna somehow knew what he was doing and hugged back. Reborn never fail to notice because he knew everything. Tsuna began crying again but Reborn didn’t mind, she let her.

“I’m sorry for making you worry Reborn.” Tsuna whispered. Reborn shook his head, “Tsuna its best if you rest. It’s not good for our coming baby if you’re always stressed.”

Tsuna smiled, knowing he’s right. “Thank you Reborn… thank you for coming just in time.”

“I swore to protect you, still, they able to kidnap you.” Reborn said deeply, he’s feeling angry to himself, for letting it happened. Tsuna shook her head, “It’s not your fault Reborn. I wasn’t careful and… thanks to your teaching and my intuition, I’m fine and escaped.”

Reborn can’t help but smile, “Good to know.”

Tsuna smiled, knowing somehow Reborn feel better. Reborn pulled back a bit and wipe her tears with his hands, somehow effective that made her smile and stop crying.

“Reborn I’m tired. Shall we sleep together?”

Reborn kissed her forehead and smiled. To Tsuna’s translation, his answer was a yes.

Back to Vongola Mansion, Nana was holding her phone when it vibrated. Nana immediately turned to her phone and read the message that just arrived. She smiled, glad that her daughter was now fine. She gave a quick reply before sending it.

“Kaasan?” Natsu gave a questioning look. They were now on the guess room and both Nana and Natsu was the only people inside the room.

Nana smiled to her son, “Reborn messaged me.”

“R-really? What does Reborn said? Was my twin sister okay?” Natsu asked. Nana smiled and nod, “Yes she is Na-kun and… He said Tsu-chan still need more rest so I replied him a thank you… Really I’m glad Tsu-chan is finally in safe hands.”

Natsu smiled, telling the same thing. He stared the wall for a while before asking, “Kaasan… Does my sister… Does Tsu-chan… hate us? I mean… we never knew and we didn’t able to defend her from Otosan’s sudden attack and… So…”

Nana smiled and went beside her son. “Don’t worry Na-kun, Tsu-chan has no grudge at all. She actually enjoyed hearing everything about you and your brother. It’s what we always talk about when she came to visit. She was really glad to know both of you were doing great.”


Nana smiled wider, “Tsu-chan has a kind heart Na-kun. So don’t worry okay?”

Natsu smiled to his mother’s assurance and nod. Somehow, he hoped his mother was right.

Three days after the incident, Reborn came back in the Vongola Mansion with a deadly aura around, making the people stay away from him. For all of them, it’s like coming near to the strongest hitman was already a death sentence.

To Reborn, he didn’t mind, it was more convenience at the same time really in hurry. All he wanted was see the idiot bastard blond and torture him to death. He arrived in the front door of Giotto’s office and slammed it open, making the people inside startled which were Giotto and G.

Reborn walked in front of them and asked in venom tone, “Where is that idiot?”

Giotto and G gulp in fear. Giotto was the one who answered, “Being watched under Alaude and Kyoya Reborn.”

Reborn nod and was about to turn around and leave when Giotto asked.

“How’s Tsuna?” Reborn halted and turn to him. Giotto seems very serious and asked again, “How’s Tsuna? My little sister.”

Reborn observed him for a while before replying, “Home where she still needs rest.”

Giotto gave a sigh of relief, “Reborn… does our little sister hate us? Me and Natsu?”

Somehow the dark aura around Reborn was vanishing. He raised an eyebrow.

“What makes you think that?” Reborn asked. Giotto felt nervousness but answered, “Well… about we not knowing about her, unable to search for her and unable to save her before our father dashed to hit her and Kaasan.”

Reborn hum as his answer at the same time, studying his ex-student. Seeing how worried he is, Reborn gave a sigh and answered, “No she doesn’t hate you, both you and Natsu.”

Giotto was shock, “R-really?” Reborn just nod. Giotto asked more, “Then when will she visit? We… we want to learn more about our little sister Reborn.”

“That I cannot answer.” Reborn answered, surprising both of them. Giotto asked in desperate, “W-why? Was it because of the incident three days ago? Was it because of that you-” Reborn cut him off, “It is her decision to decide that and not me Baka-Giotto.”

Giotto became silence as he looked to his desk, really down. G took a deep breath before facing the hitman and asked, “Reborn-san can you tell us where she is? So we can give her protection?”

“No” Reborn answered, “As much as I know you want to protect her, making it expose will give her more danger. I am good enough to protect her. I am her husband.”

G was bit speechless but nod, accepting his answer. “I see… sorry for that.”

Reborn no longer care as he was about to go when again Giotto stopped him.

“Reborn let us take care of him.” Giotto said, making him turn to Decimo. Reborn narrowed his eyes and asked dangerously, “Why?”

“This is a family matter… or so to speak Reborn…” Giotto began, “I know it’s very unforgivable to do such thing and I know you have a right to be mad and shoot him as much as it takes but… please… not this time. We want this to be settled between our families alone.”

Reborn narrowed his eyes, “And what’s make you think I’ll answer to your words? You may be Decimo but we’re talking about my wife here. Don’t think I’ll listen to you so easily.”

“She’s also my little sister so I know that Reborn.” Giotto reasoned, “But… just please Reborn.”

Both still can see the hitman’s unwavering gaze, meaning he was still not convinced.

“We’ll teach him a lesson Reborn.” A voice said. The three turn to the door, seeing Natsu standing there.

“Natsu?” Giotto questioned. Natsu walked forward, heading to his ex-tutor and spoke, “We will be the one who will give him a lesson Reborn. It may be unjust for you but as Gio-nii said, let us our family take care of this. This is a family matter and I want to make sure my twin little sister is in safe hands. So… can we ask you to stay by her side and protect her?”

Reborn was studying his ex-student behavior and smirk, “Looks like both of my students had matured.” Reborn glance to Giotto, seeing his wide eyes in shock. Reborn continued, “Fine, I will leave it to you people, in one condition.”

“W-what is it?” Giotto immediately asked.

Reborn spoke, “You will make sure that idiot will never show himself again to my wife. Dead or alive, I don’t care.”

Hearing his condition, Giotto can’t help but smirk, “Gladly Reborn.”

G mentally sweat drop to his boss dangerous antics but didn’t mind for now.

Natsu smirk, “We’ll make sure he’ll learn his lesson Reborn. I promise.”

“Be sure of it or I’ll toast every single one of you to ashes.” Reborn said to Natsu before turning to Giotto. “I will not take any job at this moment.”

“Please do and please, take care of Tsuna.” Giotto said as he bowed to him.

Reborn didn’t answer as he just walked away from the room. Natsu was somehow glad they able to convince him and turn to his brother.

“Everything was ready Gio-nii.” Natsu reported. Giotto smirk, it was a dangerous smirk for G’s vocabulary about Giotto. “Then let the lesson begin.”

After his visit, Reborn immediately came back home where his wife welcome him with warm hug and kiss. Both now sat on the couch where Reborn drink his hot espresso while Tsuna on his side, leaning to his shoulder.

“Reborn… can we talk about flames?” Tsuna asked. Reborn thought for a while before speaking, “What do you want to learn Tsuna?”

Tsuna thought for a while before asking, “Everyone told me my flame became pure right? How does it change?”

“Depending on the person’s will.” Reborn answered, “With no malice and hatred, surely the flame will change. All people’s flame change Tsuna.”

Tsuna hum for the information and asked another question, “You told me before that Flames has seven elements. Both my brothers have Sky Flame and you have Sun Flame. What flame do I possess?”

“You possess two flames Tsuna.” Reborn answered. Tsuna was surprise, “I thought people only have one flame.”

“True but there are rare cases that people gain another flame.” Reborn faced Tsuna, “For you, you have both Sky and Rain Flame.”

“Rain… what’s the Rain’s characteristic?” Tsuna asked.

“Rain has a special kind of characteristic that was calm and comforting. Like water that refreshes the people around him, depending on the person. There are also saying those people who possess Rain Flame were people who were far better of comforting others need more than anyone.”

Tsuna hum to the explanation, “The Sky who accepts every each one and gave a place where they belong, the Sun who shines that shows the right path and the Rain whose better of comforting others more than anyone… it really was a funny logic.”

“You think so?”

“I guess I am”

Reborn smiled, knowing that somehow, she’s recovering from the incident three days ago.

“I hope we can stay like this forever Reborn.” Tsuna murmured but the Hitman heard it. Reborn replied, “I feel the same way Tsuna.”

A month had past and the Sawada Family made a final decision. Nana divorce herself to him while both brothers, even its painful exile him within the reach of Vongola. Iemitsu seems accepted the decision and gave them his last message that they’ll regret their decision and left, not telling where he’ll be going or any communication at all.

Nana seems satisfied, still it pains her heart. Even in too much hatred after what he had done, she still love the man. Even so, if it means protecting her children, she can sacrifice everything, even her life for it.

Giotto and Natsu somehow felt pain and sad but somehow they feel they had made a right decision. The only thing they worried about was their little sister who still hasn’t showed herself ever since the incident. They tried contacting the hitman but his response was always the same. They respected it and decide to wait for it.

The exile and divorce news flied around from the alliance and as expected, almost all ex Arcobalenos and friends reacted. They visit the Vongola mansion to learn the news if it was true.

In this moment, Dino was there with Enma who came to visit the brothers.

“So it was true.” Dino said, understanding Giotto’s explanation.

Giotto nod, “It’s the only way and somehow, the problem was finally over.”

“But why? Somehow there’s still something you still haven’t told us Giotto.” Enma asked.

Natsu decide to answer his question, “The truth is Enma-kun, we have a younger sister.”

Dino and Enma stayed quiet before shouting in union, “WHAT!?”

“I haven’t heard this Giotto” Dino whined, somehow sad that there were still things that being kept from him. Giotto shook his head, “Dino I didn’t know it too until I found out last month.”

“Eh? You don’t know? You too Natsu?” Enma asked. Sadly, Natsu nod, “She’s been kept by both Kaasan and Otosan. Also, she’s my little twin sister Enma-kun.”

“Hmm I wanted to meet her.” Dino said. Giotto save a sad tone, “Me too but unfortunately she still hasn’t showed herself ever since the incident. She’s somewhere right now with her husband.”

Dino jaw drop, “H-husband? She beat both of you?” Giotto glared, “What’s that suppose to mean Dino?”

“H-huh? W-well… haha… So, she has a husband and that’s all?” Dino said. Natsu answered, “They’ll be having a child soon. She was three years married and believed me who the husband was.”

Both stayed quiet, waiting for him to speak the name of their sister’s husband. Natsu smiled widely and said it.


Silence came to the room, the atmosphere seems dropping but not because of dark aura tension but the name of the husband was still hard to sink and still hard to believe.


Giotto and Natsu looked to each other and laugh. Really, just like how they had learned the truth, it was hard to believe.

All ex Arcobaleno except Reborn somehow found a time to visit together at the same time and tried to learn the truth. Once they heard it, they were shock, stun or maybe wanting to fly off and meet her already. Really, who would ever thought the mysterious girl that Reborn married was actually Decimo and CEDEF boss’s long lost sister?

Finding more about them somehow understand everything. They were somehow mad to Iemitsu, it’s very unjust to not accept your own child and much worse abandon it and leave it to die. Really if ever they meet him again, they might tortu-teach him a lesson.

Five months later, the whole family was having lunch and as expected, there are fights, yell and so forth. Their whole breakfast, lunch and dinner was never quiet, still it was fun, seeing they all still getting along.

Giotto was somehow stressed from Daemon and G’s argument when the door slowly opened, revealing one of the butlers.

“L-Lord Decimo do you have a minute?” The butler asked. Giotto turned to him and smiled, silently telling to go on. The butler spoke, “You have two visitors waiting for you. It was sir Reborn with a young girl who seems pregnant.”

Somehow the whole room turned quiet. All Guardians looked to their bosses, seeing their disbelief and happiness. Everyone smiled and immediately dashed out the room.

Arriving in the entrance, they saw Reborn, still in his usual clothes. He’s holding hands with his wife, Tsuna who seems change due to her pregnancy. Both brother smiled and went to their younger sister, finally, she had decided to visit them.

All went to the dining hall.

“Sorry for my sudden visit everyone. Am I troubling your lunch?” Tsuna asked, seeing the foods were still around the table. Giotto shook his head, “Not at all Tsuna, I’m so glad you finally visit. We were so worried.”

“Gio-nii is right Tsu-chan. I’m sure you know how we long to see you again.” Natsu added, almost in tears.

Tsuna smiled and nod, “I know and I’m very sorry. I never thought being pregnant was so tough and my husband was always the one who kept assisting me. It took time for me to adjust the new environment.”

“Kufufufu a reliable husband indeed.” Mukuro said as he looked to the hitman and chuckle. Reborn didn’t mind him at all.

“So Tsu-chan can you stay here for a while?” Natsu asked, hoping for her to say yes. Tsuna was bit worried and turn to her husband, silently asking him. Reborn smiled as his reply. Knowing that made Tsuna smile and turn to her brothers and nod, “Why not.”

That was the first time the siblings had bond to one another. They learn many things to one another much that made Tsuna happy. Her first visit became frequently every time she has time and of course if Reborn let her. She also uses her time to know Natsu and Giotto’s Guardians. She was happy to learn more things and became friends with them.

Time passes and she also able to meet Elena, Daemon’s girlfriend. The two immediately get along well, much as it made Daemon happy.

Knowing that Tsuna would be safe, Reborn return to his job and also take long jobs. When he’s gone, he always leaves her to their care and never fails to threaten them. Everyone always shiver and nod multiple times, not wanting to meet his wrath at all. Tsuna knew his over protectiveness and always gives him a kiss of good luck.

Giotto and Natsu blushed madly every time their sister and Reborn were together. They can’t help but say there were truly fit for each other.

Tsuna as she has time with them, learned how to call Giotto as Gio-nii and Natsu as Natsu-nii. She was so happy that finally, one of her wishes came true.

“Tsuna-san does it hurt? I mean… carrying a child inside you?” Chrome suddenly asked to Tsuna.

They were currently in the Garden. Elena, Tsuna and Chrome were there, having a girl chat.

Tsuna smiled, “Sometime, especially when our baby moves. Still, its fine, knowing the child was there and alive. He’ll be coming to our life soon enough.”

“That’s right, you’re already seven months pregnant.” Elena said as she holds the place of the child. She turned to her and asked, “So you already checked the gender.”

Tsuna nod, “Shaman said it was a boy. I was happy to know he’s healthy and really loves moving around.”

Elena giggles, “I can tell. He’s kicking as his response.” Elena turn to Chrome, “But why suddenly ask that Chrome? Oh, don’t tell me you and Natsu are already planning that.”

Chrome blushed and shook her head, “N-no I’m just curious Elena-san!” Tsuna and Elena giggle.

“Now that I think about it, Natsu-nii and you are in the relationship right? So how was he? Does he say sweet things to you? Does he always hug you or kiss you?” Tsuna asked, curious how her twin brother handle this kind of relationship.

Chrome blushed madly, unable to answer at all, making the two laughs.

Night time when Reborn came back and took his wife home, Tsuna was relaxing herself in the presence of her husband.

“Did you have fun time?” Reborn asked. Tsuna smiled and nod, “I did. I still can’t believe it you know. Finally able to talk to my brothers, having time with my family and so more. I’m so happy that I wanted to fly out the sky.”

Reborn chuckle in amusement, “That’s good to know.”

“But you know, it’s all thanks to you Reborn.” Tsuna faced him, “It’s like you are the one who showed me the path. You gave me happiness and love more than I could imagine and you also showed me the path leading to my real family. I’m really grateful that I had met you Reborn.”

Reborn smiled to that. He can feel too much warm inside his heart that he welcome full heartedly.

“I should thank you too, for giving me light in my life.” Reborn said as he kissed her forehead and so were her lips.

Tsuna smiled as she kissed back.

Love really opens everything that no one could ever imagine.

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