Sun's Sky


Almost Christmas and this is the day of Vongola’s alliance party celebration. It may look ridiculous but it was their way of strengthening the alliance between Vongola and other famiglias. It was good that everyone came and had fun. Because in this very party, everyone is forbidden to talk about their mafia businesses, since the purpose of this party was to strengthen the relationship with one another.

Giotto as the head was somehow glad that everything was turning fine. Their friend and alliance, Chavalrone famiglia, Shimon Famiglia, Giglio Nero Famiglia and Gesso Famiglia were all present. Include all the ex Arcobaleno, except the certain hitman.

Lal and Colonnello were together as they talk with their companion Arcobaleno. Yuni right now was talking to Natsu and Hayato.

“Hmm… I really wanted to meet her.” Yuni said. They were actually talking about Tsuna, Natsu’s little twin sister.

Hayato respond, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll meet her. Right Juudaime?” Natsu smiled to his right hand and nod, “You will surely meet her and I’m very sure you two will get along.”

Yuni was so happy to hear that.

Fon and Viper were together as they walk around the party when they saw a familiar person hidden and just watching. It was Reborn, still in his usual suit. Fon and Viper smiled and decide to greet him.

“Reborn it’s good to see you again.” Fon said as he walked to him with Viper, holding hands.

Reborn smirk and nod, returning the greetings. “Looks like your relationship still doing well.”

If Viper wasn’t covering her face because of her hood, they could tell she just pouted, “Shut up”

Fon chuckle to his lover and faced Reborn. “So how was it? I heard it was Giotto and Natsu’s lost sister was your wife. Truly I never expected such thing.”

“Same here Reborn” Viper said, admitting it.

Reborn continue to smirk and spoke, “I thought the same thing sometime.”

Fon and Viper laugh a bit, knowing the hitman was happy from his life.

“Reborn who were they?”

Both Fon and Viper looked on the person who just came out. Tsuna was blinking to them and back to her husband. Fon’s eyes widen, same to Viper if it wasn’t covered. Seeing the girl beside Reborn, holding his hand and pregnant… that would mean…

Reborn smiled and introduce her, “Tsuna meet Fon and Viper, my comrades. Viper was a girl so don’t get confuse and they were currently going out.”

Tsuna smiled and hum, “Oh, the material artist champion and strongest illusionist that Reborn talked about. Please to meet you Fon and Viper. I’m Tsunayuuki, Tsunayuuki Sinclair. Reborn’s wife.”

They can’t believe it. Her voice was too soft like an angel and her look was too innocent and very pure. So this was the two sky’s sister and Reborn’s wife.

“Kyaaa! You’re so cute!” Viper can longer help but enter to her girl side and hugged her so quickly. “Who would ever think the dangerous demon hitman like Reborn could marry the most angel and pure saint like her.”

Reborn’s eyes were twitching, hidden in the shadow of his fedora, “I don’t want to hear that from you.”

“Shut up!” Viper yelled, not minding his word. Tsuna gave a broken laugh. Leon came out to her hair and went to her shoulder, watching the scene.

“Wow, I never knew Viper has this side.” Fon said as he watches his girlfriend still hugging Reborn’s wife. Fon faced the hitman and smiled, “Sorry for her sudden action Reborn.”

Reborn just sigh and pulled down his fedora.

“By the way Reborn, why don’t you join everyone else? Everyone would be happy if they see both of you.” Fon asked. Tsuna was the one who answered, “The truth here Fon is that they didn’t know we’re here. We were just watching here and see how things go.”

Viper frown, “What? Wasn’t this supposed to be a party? You two should enjoy.” Tsuna sweat drop a bit, “B-but they are mafias and… well…”

“She’s nervous” Reborn spoke, “Not wanting to trouble her brothers who were enjoying there.”

“Oh that’s all, such a thoughtful person.” Fon spoke in amusement. Reborn can’t help but smirk, agreeing too. Fon spoke, “I hope you already know that almost everyone knew Vongola Decimo with his brother has a sister.”

Tsuna was shock to learn that. Viper added, “For most were rumors but to those whom they trusted the most, they told the truth and really everyone wanted to meet you.”

Tsuna sigh a relief to that. She looked to the crowed and spoke, “Then it’s more reason for me not to show myself. I mean, some of them might be enemies or they just came to learn the rumors about me.”

Reborn smiled and pat her hair, making her look to her husband. He spoke, “Even if they knew, no one could ever touch you Tsuna.”

Fon nod with a smile, agreeing, “Beside, if ever they tried to hurt you and much more kidnap you, they all just entered the war zone of Vongola famiglia and also with us.”

Viper hums to that, “I wonder who’s brave enough to face all the strongest people in the underground world at once. I would love to give them nightmares after that.”

Tsuna could feel the dark thoughts of the three, really she feared it.

“So how about it? There’s no need to be scared okay? We’ll be here for you and mostly your husband.” Viper reassured and once she talked about her husband, she pointed to Reborn who was smirking.

Fon chuckle, “Maybe if they learn that you are the wife of the strongest hitman, no one would ever dare to touch you, much more talk to you.”

Tsuna gave a questioning look, “I know my husband was the strongest hitman but I never knew he would be fear by many.”

Fon and Viper looked at her with wide eyes before turning to the hitman.

“How long was she exposed to mafia Reborn?” Fon asked in curiosity. Reborn thought for a moment before answering, “Four years. She may know mafia but only the surface. She has no idea deeper than that.”

Fon nod, knowing already what he means. He looked to Tsuna and smiled, “Tsunayuuki the world isn’t that small, especially in the dark world such as this. Just like how the world move with many mysteries was also about this world.”

Tsuna hum to it, “So basically Reborn was feared huh… I thought he was just popular because of his look.”

Reborn smirk with slight mockery, “I’m not that low to be known Tsuna.”

Tsuna gave a pout and turn away. The three laughs, making her embarrass.

“Shut up” Tsuna pouted again. The three were thinking one thing, she’s cute.

“You know… if all the girls knew you had married someone like her, hell, everyone will be jealous. Not only girls but every men too. Almost all Reborn.” Fon said, really amused.

Reborn smirk and fix his fedora, “We’re use to it.” Tsuna nod to that, “For these whole three years.”

Viper hum, “Then come on and let’s join with the others. I’m sure your brothers will be so happy to see you here.”

“But…” Tsuna was hesitant and turn to her husband. Reborn sigh and kissed her forehead, “Shall we go?” He asked.

Tsuna somehow got the reassurance and smiled. Both couple found it sweet on the two. So, it was decided.

Reborn, Tsuna, Fon and Viper were now walking to the center. Some who were talking stop as they saw the strongest and most fearful hitman Reborn with a pregnant girl who was so beautiful that everyone can’t help but blush.

Giotto and Natsu were still talking with the others when Yuni saw their coming.

“Fon, Viper where you… ah…” Yuni was halted when she saw her Uncle Reborn with the person whom she think she is. She immediately runs to them with great joy that all people could see the flowers blowing to her background. “Tsunayuuki-chan!”

Everyone stopped and turned to them as they saw Yuni went to them and gave a soft hug than a tackle hug to Tsuna, knowing she’s pregnant.

Tsuna was bit surprise to see someone knew her. Yuni pull back and introduce herself, “Oh how rude. I’m Yuni, please to meet you Tsunayuuki-chan.”

Remembering the name made her smile, “Oh, Reborn always talk about you. Please to meet you Yuni-chan.”

Yuni smiled brightly to Reborn, so happy that he actually talks about her. Reborn who saw it sweat drop mentally, still making sure no one would notice it.

“Tsu-chan?” Natsu questioned. Giotto was somehow shock to see her here, “Tsuna!”

Tsuna smiled brightly, “Hello Gio-nii, Natsu-nii.”

Both brothers smiled and joined with them.

“Wow Tsuna, I never thought I would see you here.” Giotto said, he’s happy and surprise. Natsu nod “Did you just arrive?”

“They were actually here this whole time Natsu” Fon was the one who answered. Viper followed up, “They wouldn’t come and join if we never insist them.”

Reborn followed, “She always thinks about both of you if ever she showed herself.”

“Oh worried about that stuff?” Giotto questioned, somehow knew what they were pertaining. Giotto gave a large smile, “Don’t worry my little sister, you are safe with us! Come on and join.”

“Yeah, let’s eat and meet the others too.” Natsu said as he took her hand. Tsuna smiled and nod, happy to join.

Tsuna joined with them and not once she separates herself with Reborn. She’s still thinking that it would be bit dangerous for her to go so far from his sight. Reborn never complain, he was happier she’s thinking that way.

Verde with a smirk on his lips went to the hitman. “Who would ever thought the strongest and scariest hitman will have a girl with so innocent and angelic voice.”

Reborn sighs, “At least I’m not routing like you.”

A vain of anger pop to the scientist head, “I want to see you dead.” Reborn smirk, “Try it.”

“Umm…” Both turn to Tsuna who was blinking. Reborn answer the unvoiced question, “This is Verde, the scientist I talked about.”

Tsuna smiled and nod, “Please to meet you Verde. I’m Tsunayuuki.”

Her hospitality somehow made Verde smile and nod, “Please to meet you too Tsunayuuki.”

“Tsunayuuki-chan come over here.” Yuni wave her hand up in the air, they seem planning to eat and Gamma was on her side.

Tsuna smiled and nod. She turned to the two, “Have you eaten already Verde?”

Verde pulled up his glasses and nod, “Yes I am.”

“I see. Reborn shall we eat?” Tsuna asked Reborn. He replied, “Fine by me.”

Tsuna smiled even more, making Verde blush on sight as the two went with them. Somehow it made Verde felt warm around her, like the feeling he had met Luce from the past and Yuni, now her.

‘No wonder… she can give light to those around her, especially the lone in the dark hitman himself.’ Verde thought before walking away.

More chattering happened but most was about Tsunayuuki. They finally saw her and this time prove that the rumors were true. Tsuna who could actually hear them talking about her felt nervous but Reborn was always there who’s giving reassurance without word. Tsuna was always grateful that he never left on her side. The party ended late night and both couple stayed the Vongola Mansion, having a nice long rest, knowing Tsuna especially the baby inside need it.

December 24 morning, the Vongola Mansion was almost empty, except the Guardians. Giotto announced to everyone that they could have a break so everyone could enjoy with their family. Most went home while some didn’t and just continue their jobs.

Nana came to visit with a bunch of groceries, telling everyone they will all celebrate Christmas Eve and she will be the one to cook. Everyone was happy to hear that. Elena wanted to help but Daemon immediately stopped her. Elena doesn’t know why and insist of her helping but this time, almost everyone were stopping her.

The reason for that was because her cooking were worse that could almost compare to Bianchi’s cooking, the only difference was the image of the food was normal, unlike Bianchi’s violet and stinky appearance dish.

Kyoko, Haru, Hana, Fuuta, and I-pin also came to visit all the way from Japan just to celebrate Christmas Eve with them. The girls also receive the news about Giotto and Natsu have a sister and they were excited to meet her.

“Oh don’t worry everyone, I called her yesterday and she told me she’ll be coming in almost eve.” Nana informed them, making everyone happy.

The whole mansion was never quiet when everyone was together. There were loudness of not just yelling but arguments, clash of metal and so forth. Giotto who can see another pile of coming paper work paled and wanted to kill himself just to run away from it. Natsu can’t do anything but pity his brother’s fate, knowing full well he had gone through.

Sunset and there’s still no sign of Reborn or Tsuna, much that made Nana and the brothers worried. The whole food was already set and they were ready to eat. Lambo and Lampo were drooling, wanting to eat it already but both G and Hayato stop the two, telling them to wait.

Nana can’t take it anymore as she dialed the number of her daughter. She wait for her daughter to answer but for some reason, no one. She was sure her daughter always answers her phone and not once she failed to answer it. Sensing it odd made her panic.

She immediately call Reborn’s phone, hoping for him to answer the call. She waited and still no answer. He never failed to answer any call or message when comes to her, not once! Now for the first time he didn’t made her even more panic.

“Calm down Kaasan, I’ll go and search for them.” Natsu said, trying to calm his mother. Natsu swore darkly, who ever try harming his twin sister will face ten times hell from him.

His guardians were no different when comes to her.

“Still my intuition never senses any danger around her.” Giotto said, still he’s worried. “Alaude, Daemon, Asari join them and try to know what happened.” He ordered, completely dangerous and serious. The three didn’t say no, knowing how dangerous the wrath of their sky was.

Nana continues to panic when her phone rang. Seeing the phone ID caller and it was Reborn, she immediately answered it.

“Re-Reborn how’s my daughter? Why didn’t you pick up my-” Nana was cut when Reborn spoke. His tone was in panic but still trying to hold himself and also in hurry.

“Nana Tsuna is fine so not t-to worry.” Reborn said. Nana felt relief but before she could speak, Reborn spoke, “I’m with Tsuna and we’re now in hurry heading to the hospital. Her labor is coming.”

“W-WHAT!? W-WE’LL BE RIGHT THERE!” Nana immediately answer before turning it off and faced them. “Tsu-chan is in labor, we need to go to the hospital.”

Everyone were shock but then complied. All immediately decide to have Nana, Giotto, Natsu, Chrome, G, and Mukuro go to the hospital while the rest wait. They drove the car really fast, not minding the time they almost bump or hit anyone or anything on sight.

Arriving to the hospital which they knew Reborn will be sending Tsuna, they immediately asked the front desk where they are. The nurse answered them, telling them they were still inside and both couple was inside. They all thank the nurse before heading there. They saw no one still haven’t gone out the room and it seems the laboring still continues. They all decide to wait, hopping for the best result.

Inside, Tsuna was yelling in pain as she pushed the child to come out. Shamal was the doctor who’s doing the operation, still telling her to push. Shamal already see the head, just more and the baby boy is out. Reborn was just beside her, holding her hand as much as possible. He’s encouraging her and also telling her to push more.

Seeing how Tsuna was suffering from the pain also pains Reborn. He used the last trigger, hopping for the best result.

“Tsuna remember your idiota father. Remember and release all your anger you held from your heart. All you pain, everything.”

Tsuna heard him and somehow, all memories flood out to her mind. She releases her anger as he pushed it out. Shamal was bit thankful as he already has the haft body of the child.

“Keep it up, almost there Tsuna” Shamal encourage her.

She pushed even more and finally, it succeeds. Tsuna pant from tiredness, so tired that she wanted to sleep. Reborn was somehow relief that finally the child was out. He kissed her cheek and forehead, like telling she did a great job. Somehow that gives more energy to Tsuna and smiled.

Finally, they heard the baby cry. Both finally parents turn to the child whom Shamal carried. It was a boy. It was crying out loud and really it was a great voice to hear. Shamal slowly gave the baby to Reborn and he took it.

Reborn was really happy, not minding about hiding it. It was his happiest day. Finally he became a father which really he never expects to happen to his entire life. He had killed many. It was his profession and life. No one would ever deny that but still, being blessed to meet his wife and much more meet their first baby, it was like a greatest miracle that God had ever gave to a sinner like him.

Reborn slowly turn to his wife who’s still weak but happy. Reborn slowly kneel down and let his wife see the child. Tsuna was happy to see their first child was there. Finally here, with them.

“What’s the name of our baby boy Reborn?” Tsuna asked weakly.

Reborn continue to smile as he watches his boy cry to his arms. He turned to Shamal who was still with them, holding the paper in hand, waiting for him to tell the name. Reborn return back to his wife and smiled.

“Caelum” Reborn said, “Caelum Sinclair”

“Caelum” Tsuna echoed, she liked the name. “It’s the name of the star constellation means Sky, right?”

Reborn continue to smile and nod, “It came from you and you are my Sky, my wife, my light. I couldn’t think of other name than that.”

Tsuna smiled wider, “Thank you Reborn.”

Shamal already gave his instruction to everyone and they were all now doing their work.

Later they finally went out the operation room, making those who wait stand up and looked to them. They saw Tsuna, already asleep and relief came to them. Shamal and Reborn were the last one to leave. Seeing the new born child crying and being held by Reborn, Natsu, Nana and Giotto immediately went to him.

The three were so happy to meet the child. It was a baby boy and seems very healthy and very energetic.

“What’s the name Reborn?” Giotto asked. Reborn smiled and answered, “Caelum”

“What a great name” Nana said as she stared the child, “He’s so cute.”

“Reborn we need to put him to bed and check him up.” Shamal said. Reborn nod, knowing they need to make sure there is no problem to their child.

“Can I come?” Natsu asked. Shamal smiled and nod, “Sure. Tsunayuuki’s room is in room 27. You can visit her with my permission but be sure to be quiet. She used too much energy and she needs a long rest. Also, nothing to worry because her life is safe.”

Nana smiled, tears of joy coming out, “Thank you doctor.”

So the rest went to Tsuna’s room while Shamal, Reborn, Natsu, Chrome with the baby went somewhere else.

Christmas Eve when the baby was born whose name was Caelum. Everyone who stayed the mansion celebrated with joy.

Five years later

Almost time for sunset and in Vongola Mansion and again almost everyone were gone except for the few to stay and celebrate their Christmas inside the mansion. It was afternoon but the weather was already cold. The mansion was already full of laugher, all thanks for one certain child, Caelum.

Caelum in age of five had inherited his look from both his mother and father, his hair were black from his father and color of eyes from his mother. There are also traits that he had inherited, like his big smile from his mother and his talent and intelligence from his father.

He was right now in this moment playing in the mansion’s garden with Natsu, Hayato, Takeshi, Lambo, Chrome and forced Lampo. Both Lambo and Lampo don’t like kids but Caelum became exception, except that they were always being forced to play with him. Natsu, Chrome and Takeshi didn’t mind as they spend time with him. Hayato somehow find it fine playing and spending time with him, he may still not notice but he actually like kids, he just doesn’t like showing it to anyone.

Alaude as always was aloof with Kyoya as they stay out from everyone and relax above the tree. Asari feeling the nice atmosphere can’t help but play his flute with gentle and nice tone. Everyone likes it. Giotto was relaxing with G serving him. Knuckle and Ryohei stayed silence as they listen to Asari’s music. Daemon was keeping Elena busy, making sure she will never go inside the mansion for a while. Mukuro was watching Chrome and everyone else from afar, enjoying the sight.

Caelum as the only child inside the mansion enjoys everyone’s company. He was right now playing balls with his uncle. Today was a special day and he was very excited. Today was Christmas Eve and also his fifth birthday. His mother was with his grandmother while his father was off on the job but he did promise he’ll be back so he waited. He loves his parents and everyone else. He even dreams that someday, he’ll become like his father. Strong, talented and fearful, making both Giotto and Natsu react if ever they knew.

Caelum was enjoying with his uncle when he failed to catch the ball that Lampo thrown, heading to Giotto’s place. Caelum immediately runs after the ball. G who can see the ball coming caught it. He gave the ball back to Caelum and immediately went back playing with them.

Giotto as he watch was very happy for his little sister’s son. Caelum was like both light and dark, the child who was fit for both worlds.

Giotto turned to G and whispered, “How things are going inside?” G respond back but also in whisper, “Still in preparation.”

Giotto nod and went back watching them. Truth to be told, his sister, Tsuna was making a surprise for her son Caelum and she was doing it with their mother. For them, they all need to distract Caelum until it’s done. With many people around, the less the suspicious. He’s too smart for a child after all.

Everything continue until someone came walking. Alaude who was resting peacefully opened his eyes to see the coming intruder. He scoffs when he saw the person and return back, relaxing himself. There was Reborn, holding a brief case to his right hand and yellow wrapped box to his left hand.

Caelum who enjoyed playing with them noticed the person coming and turned to the person. He smiled widely and run, heading to his father.

“Papa!” Caelum shouted in joy.

Reborn kneel down and let go the brief case and hugged his son who tackled him with a hug. Reborn smiled, happy to see his child who seems enjoying himself while he’s not around. Reborn kissed his son’s forehead, making his son smile even more.

“How’s your day Caelum?” Reborn asked. Caelum answered with great joy, “It was great! Uncle Natsu and everyone else were playing with me and having fun with me.”

Reborn pat his boy’s head, he was always delighted when his father done that. Reborn showed the yellow box in front of his son.

“For you Son” Reborn said. Caelum’s eye sparkle, seeing the gift in front of him. He took it and smiled happily, “Thank you Papa.”

Reborn pat his head again and decide to carry him. Using his left hand to carry his son and his right hand back to the brief case and walked, heading to where Giotto and the others were.

Giotto smiled and greeted him, “Welcome back Reborn. How was it?”

Reborn pulled down his fedora and spoke, “Easy to take care of it.” Giotto nod to that.

“Papa when can I open this gift?” Caelum asked, wanting nothing but open the gift. Reborn replied, “When I let you open it. It is a surprise.” Caelum pouted, not liking that he can’t open it but smiled, “Okay”

Reborn put him down. Caelum put the gift to the table and run back, playing with Natsu and the others.

Reborn sighs, still smiling, “My Son got his mother’s cuteness.”

Giotto laugh as he watch Caelum, “I agree.” He turned to Reborn, “Did anything bad happen? I mean… my little sister would be mad at me if ever you were hurt and I don’t want that to happen.”

“Baka-Giotto I think you have forgotten whom you’re talking to.” Reborn said with a mocking smirk. Giotto can’t help but shiver, knowing its dangerous one.

G chuckle and spoke, “Your wife is inside with Nana-san, doing it.”

Reborn nod, knowing what he was talking about. “I need a little rest, be sure to watch over him.”

Giotto and G nod. Reborn went inside the mansion.

“Daemon what was G talking about?” Elena asked. Daemon mentally panic and immediately answer, “N-nothing Elena, d-don’t worry about it.”

Elena gave a questioning look, somehow not believing it.

Inside the mansion, Reborn put the brief case to his family room. Giotto actually gave them a personal room where they can use every day they visit or wanted to spend time a night here. Reborn took Leon to his fedora and pat it, like he was telling good job to his pet. Leon loved being praised through action. Reborn chuckle and decide to walk to the kitchen where surely his wife was located.

Hour later and almost evening since the sun was setting down, those who were playing with Caelum were tired as they all decide to take a break. Everyone was still resting while Caelum kept an eye on the gift, still curious what it was.

Nana came happily and announced to everyone, “Its time!”

Everyone who knew nod except Elena and Caelum gave a questioning look. Daemon whispered what she mean and Elena smiled to that. Daemon mentally thankful she’s not complaining while they didn’t tell her.

“It’s time for what grandma?” Caelum asked.

Natsu went to him and spoke, “Why don’t we head inside… okay?”

Caelum just nod, still not knowing what’s going on.

Everyone was now walking inside. Caelum still holds the gift from his father. Giotto and Natsu led everyone inside the dining hall room. Both brothers smiled as Caelum was standing in front of them.

Both of them opened the door at the same time. Caelum was shock to see the decoration around the dining hall. There were Christmas lights, tree and so forth. The foods were all on the table, they all looked delicious and certainly many for everyone. The theme was indeed Christmas because it was Christmas Eve, still, on the center, his parents were standing. Above them, there was a banner saying ‘Happy Birthday Caelum’.

“Surprise!” Tsuna said happily.

Caelum was indeed surprise and smiled brightly, “Yeah!”

Caelum put the gift on the table and run, heading to his mother and hugged her.

“Happy Birthday Caelum” Tsuna said happily to her son.

Nana giggle, “Looks like we succeed surprising the young man Gio-kun, Na-kun.”

Both brother grins, indeed they did.

Tsuna kissed her forehead so happily and asked, “Did you like the surprise?” Caelum nod multiple times, indeed he is.

Reborn huff before announcing to everyone, “Shall we start? My Son’s birthday” Reborn said as he carried his son and turn to everyone, “and Christmas Eve.”

Everyone smiled and shouted in happiness.

Asari and Takeshi came bringing the cake. It was chocolate flavor, three layers and the design were all perfect for Christmas too. On the top of the layer, the lettering says ‘Happy Birthday Caelum’ with a star design on the top. The second layer side, there was a lettering, ‘Marry Christmas’.

G light the candle of the top and everyone sing the song of Happy Birthday for Caelum. The child was so happy and thought for a wish first before he blows the candle after the song. Everyone clap their hands.

“Caelum what’s your wish?” Tsuna asked her son. Caelum smiled wider and said, “I want to become like papa in the future!”

Giotto and Natsu were silence for a while before reacting, “EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!?”

Caelum always expects that reaction. Reborn hidden to his fedora was blinking, understanding at the same time, didn’t. Tsuna was same but nod for her son, hoping what he means was becoming so great and popular like his father.

“Also,” Caelum continued, “I wish for everyone to stay together and be happy.”

After hearing his words, they all smile. He was someone who cares for others more than anyone, like his mother. Reborn smiled, and pat his son’s head.

Ryohei grin wider and shouted, “LET’S PARTY!”

The party started as everyone eats and of course, Arguments, yelling and so forth were still around. Caelum on the other hand doesn’t mind as he enjoys eating his food with his mother and father.

“Everyone you all won’t EXTREMELY believe it but Lal Mitch and Master Colonnello will finally have a child too!” Ryohei shouted the extreme news, making everyone delighted and happy to hear that.

Reborn smirk, happy for both of them, but surely will never admit it to anyone, even to them.

“Kufufufu that’s not all the news.” Mukuro said with a smile.

Takeshi pushed Natsu while Lambo pushed Chrome together, making the two blushes as they felt embarrassment. Natsu took a deep breath, still nervous, same to Chrome.

“Oh come on you two, tell them.” Nana said in great happiness.

The more they became more nervous as they looked to each other and turn down. Hesitantly, Natsu took her right hand and raised it. They all saw a ring to her finger.

“We’re engage.” Natsu finally said, still blushing in redness.

Everyone ‘whoa’, finally Natsu asked her to marry her.

“I’m so happy for my brother!” Giotto cried in happiness. Hayato was really happy too as tears coming out to his eyes. “Juudaime I’m so happy that I could die today!”

Everyone clap their hands for the engagement of the two.

“Everyone it’s time for presents!” Takeshi yelled with big smile. Asari followed up, “Of course its Caelum’s birthday gift first.”

Caelum’s eyes shine when he heard the word gift. Everyone lined up, except the Skylarks and gave their present to the child. Caelum thanked them with a smile which made everyone smile.

Everyone could truly say, his name, Caelum which means Sky, a name of the constellation of southern star, it was truly symbolize him.

“You may open mine Caelum.” Reborn permitted, making Caelum smile as he quickly took the gift that his father had given. He opened the gift carefully and his smile became wider when he saw the content inside. It was a fedora, same as his father and it was orange instead of yellow. Caelum took it and wore it. It was perfect and he really likes it.

Leon in Reborn’s fedora was jumping in happiness. Reborn smirk to his animal partner. It was Leon who made that fedora and seeing his son likes it made his partner happy.

Everyone soon gave their exchange gifts for Christmas and really, it became a lot of noises. Still, everyone was having fun. Elena was opening her present from Daemon and it was a stuff toy holding a heart. Elena was happy to receive it as she hugged it but then felt something hard from the heart.

Elena expects the stuff toy before seeing the secret pocket and checked something in. there was a small red box. She opened it and surprise to her, it was a ring, a diamond ring. Also, there was a letter, saying the word which really shock and made her cry.

“E-Elena” She turned around and saw Daemon, blushing and seems nervous. This made everyone stop as they all watch what’s going to happen. Daemon gulps but took courage to walk forward to Elena. He took the ring from her and kneeled down, presenting it in the formal way.

“W-will you… m-marry me?” Daemon repeated the word to his letter. Elena kept crying in joy and nod, “Yes Daemon.”

Everyone shouted in joy. Daemon was really happy that the girl she loved just accepts his proposal. He took her hand and put the ring to her ring finger. Both hugged each other and even kissed in front of everyone.

The most who shouted in happiness was Nana that she was so happy that she almost kill Kyoya who happened to be beside her.

“K-Kyoya!” Natsu shouted in pale and worried tone.

Soon everyone still went on the party. Mostly Tsuna was with everyone, talking and having chat with Elena and Chrome. Caelum seems having fun pranking Lampo with Mukuro. They always love to tease him, even Lambo joined with them.

Alaude was just leaning on the wall, quiet and not joining with any crowed. Kyoya was same, a haft meter away from his half brother. Both were quiet until someone came and leaned between the distances of the two. It was Reborn, seems serious for some reason. Both seem to know why, Alaude was the one who speak.

“That Pineapple Head found him.” Alaude informed him. Reborn’s eyes darken, seems dangerous. “Where?” he asked in low and serious tone, making sure everyone except them won’t hear their serious conversation.

Kyoya answered, “Australia, hiding within the mountains. Pineapple Herbivore investigates and it seems he hadn’t done any movement. Also, his belief about her still hasn’t wavered. He still dislikes her.”

Reborn nod to the information he had received. “Other than the three of you, does anyone knows?”

“No one” Both Skylarks said in union.

Reborn nod again and gave his last words, “Keep the information hidden.” He walked away, leaving the two.

Two Skylarks ‘Hn’, like telling him there’s no need to tell that, knowing there’s no need to break the joy of the family, all because of someone like him.

“Papa teach me Japanese!” Caelum shouted when he saw his father coming.

Reborn smiled and kneel down, making their height almost even, although the father was still taller than the kid.

“When you learn both Italian and English Caelum.” His father said, making him pout. “Not fare, I can learn all language at once when I wanted Papa.”

Reborn can’t help but sighs, “You took too much from your mother Caelum.”

Tsuna pouted when she heard that. She was actually coming their way when she heard her husband’s words. “What’s wrong with that Reborn?”

Reborn smirk and turn to her, “He became so cute for me to resist.” Tsuna continue to pout. This gave Reborn a chance to tease his wife, “Jealous to your own son?”

Tsuna blushed madly and almost shouted, “W-wha-what do you mean!!?”

Reborn chuckle, making Tsuna even more turn red. Caelum who’s been watching his parents has an idea what’s going on and decide to take his father’s attention. Reborn turn to him and Caelum whispered something to his father’s ear, making Tsuna curious what’s her son was telling to his father.

Reborn who heard smirk and nod to his son. He stood up and went to his wife. Tsuna for some reason was nervous when his husband was standing in front of her. Reborn continue to smirk and suddenly, he carried her in a bride was and kissed her lips. A picture was taken on the two. Tsuna turn to the person who took their picture and it was Caelum holding a camera. Remembering correctly, it was G’s gift.

Tsuna turn to her husband, blushing madly, “Re-Reborn! Wha-what was that for?”

“Your son’s request.” Reborn answered, “I can’t say no to my son’s birthday right?”

“Ca-Ca-Caelum!” Tsuna shouted from embarrassment, knowing everyone was watching.

Caelum laugh, everyone followed. Reborn just chuckle, thinking there are things that he must have inherited from him, which was tease people.

Reborn decide to put her down and now, she’s sulking how embarrass she is on the corner. Reborn gave more teasing to his wife, knowing she will cheer up for it. Tsuna was now covering her ears when she saw someone from the door.

Nana welcomed the visitor and of course let the person come in. The others who noticed somehow don’t know the person, even Caelum. Reborn and Tsuna seems knew as they both went to that person. Tsuna hugged the guess.

“It’s been a while Michel, how have you been in the orphanage?” Tsuna asked the guess.

The guess was Kirishima Michel, an Italian, Japanese and French. She has a lavender hair color until waist and golden color of eyes. She was Tsuna’s best friend back in the orphanage. She came to visit her friend and of course give her give to her first time meeting to Tsuna’s son.

“It’s been good, although those kids who knew you really missed you. They told me to tell you to visit them sometimes with your son and husband.” Michel said with a smile. She turn to Reborn and bowed in respect, “It’s been a while senior Reborn. I can see you truly take good care of her. Thank you.”

Reborn pulled down his fedora as his response. Tsuna can’t help but pout and looked away, “Although he always teased me, both him and my son.”

Michel and Nana giggle while Reborn chuckle.

Giotto who’s watching from afar was blushing as he stares at Michel who’s giggling. G who can see his strangeness went to him.

“Giotto something wrong?” G asked, bit worried. Giotto didn’t respond for a while before he pointed her and asked, “G… is this what you call love at first sight?”

“Eh?” G was stun. First love, could it be that… Giotto finally found someone he likes!!?

G turned around and gave an endless flow of tears, ‘FINALLY! MY BEST FRIEND FALL LOVE!’

Caelum saw how Uncle G tears up and observe his Uncle Giotto, somehow getting why his Uncle G crying. He thought for a moment before smirking mentally.

‘If ever those two met, I’ll bet Uncle Giotto will have more than 5 years before he could ask her out.’

So, things change.

Everything turned out well after a day and of course, as time goes by, there were challenges, changes, happiness, sadness and so forth. Still, life goes on.

Natsu and Chrome finally married after three months, Daemon and Elena were next after a month from Natsu and Chrome. Mukuro still has no plan looking for partner, all his mind was his rivalry against the certain Skylark, Kyoya.

Haru and Hayato were always arguing in every single date but always made up after a day. Everyone were still waiting when the heck will Hayato propose to her. Ryohei and Hana were married and finally have their first baby son. Takeshi at this moment just met someone whom he able to come along with, still, there still in friend zone and both has no feelings for one another but Asari who’s watching the sideline wish they would be together with Takeshi’s friend big sister. Lambo still laze around, not minding anything, even love life.

G already found a girlfriend who was a pianist. G swore he’ll protect her no matter what. Knuckle never found one as he already dedicated himself serving God. Alaude was too quiet for his life, same for Kyoya. Lampo like Lambo laze around. Giotto on the other hand still trying to be friend with Michel that somehow, Tsuna knew what her brother was thinking and secretly cheers him.

Speaking on the Arcobaleno side, Fon and Viper will soon be married and so were both Yuni and Gamma. Reborn who never show what he was thinking to other people was somehow tired from their long progress and finally came. Verde as always stuck to his research. Skull sometimes helps Verde for unknown reason. Colonnello and Lal with their son were having a great life, even they were still involved in mafia stuff.

Tsunayuuki, who was abandon since birth and was brought to the orphanage, had now a family. Her lovely, teasing, man in action, dangerous, killer still handsome husband, Reborn with their son, Caelum. It was a life not once she ever thought she would ever receive to her entire life.

Reborn, who was a hitman or killer ever since he was a teen and always live within the darkness, not letting himself be opened by many people, had now felt light for the first time of his life. Meeting Tsunayuuki change everything to his life, much more when he married her and gained a son, Caelum.

To both Reborn and Tsuna, Caelum was the Sky who will shine in both light and darkness.

Reborn is the Sun while both Tsuna and Caelum were his Sky. ‘Sun’s Skies’

The rest is history
The End

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