Resident Evil: A Change In Pace

10: Reflections

Chapter Ten: Reflections

RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands.

From the diary of Jill Valentine...

December 26, 1998

Spent Christmas in the Falklands. Wish it was under better circumstances. Right now, a day where I don't have to worry about Umbrella is a good day.

How I ended up in the Falkands, you ask? Thanks to Chris. After Carlos and I reunited with him, things had gotten too hot in the States. Chris, Carlos and I kept hopping around from state to state, trying to stay one step ahead of Umbrella's assassins and blowing up several of their hidden labs. Chris called in a favor to both Evil Ed and his former C.O., Lt. Colonel Graham. Evil Ed provided us with safe transport and shelter upon arrival.

Since our escape from Caliban Cove, we've been hiding out first at Naval Station Norfolk for most of November, where we boarded a U.S. Navy carrier and left the States. We then transferred onto a R.A.F. Cruiser, the captain being a friend of Chris' British ex-girlfriend, and headed south.

Since then, we've been taking a much-needed rest. At the moment, the three of us are guests at the RAF Mount Pleasant, 30 miles out from Stanley. Safe harbor from Umbrella for the time being. As it turns out, Chris' former C.O. is friends with the base commander, and fortunately, owed Graham a favor. Looks like the locals aren't too thrilled about Umbrella as well. from what I've heard, Umbrella tried in the past to purchase the Falklands from the British Government, even going as far as to provoke the Argentine military junta to invade, thus triggering the Falklands War of '82, with the guarantee from the Argentine government use of the islands.

Right now, Chris, Carlos and myself are inside the officers' quarters. Chris is next to me in bed, sleep, while Carlos is in the next room, also knocked out. I guess with escaping Raccoon City and trying to stay one step ahead of Umbrella, I haven't the time to reflect. I guess now it's a good time.

Where to begin...I guess Raccoon City is as a good of a start.

It all came down on an ordinary September day in Raccoon. The city itself, from its mayor to the police chief was controlled by the Umbrella Corporation. No one dared to oppose them. And because of that lack of strength, it would all but ultimately lead to the city's destruction. I guess that the city had to suffer the consequences, only this time there would be no forgiveness.

If only they found the courage to stand against and Umbrella and fight...

It's true what they say. Nothing can stop the wheels of justice once they began to turn. Absolutely nothing.

We tried to warn the about Umbrella's motives, but were silenced by Chief Irons, who as we discovered, was in Umbrella's pocket. Chris had left for Europe to investigate Umbrella, Rebecca decided to lay low out of state, Barry had moved his family to Toronto, out of Umbrella's reach. Brad tried to leave for his hometown of Delucia, but was too late. I stayed behind because I heard about a hidden Umbrella laboratory within the city.

I didn't find the laboratory, so I decided to pack my things and head for Europe. That's when the madness had started. Reports coming in about the dead coming back to life and attacking the living. Zombies everywhere. I was hiding out at Chris's house at the time, having tendered my resignation from the R.P.D. weeks before the outbreak had swept through the city. I tried to make my escape from the city, but the military had it

Even though I was no longer a officer of the law, I still saw it as my duty to help the survivors. With the help of several police officers, we managed to make West Raccoon High into a haven of safety. By that tie, things had gotten bad in the city, so I had to wait until things died down before I could go and check on the survivors.

When I managed to get to the high school two days later... was a total bloodbath. The high school was supposed to be safe. All those officers assigned to protect them...slaughtered like cattle, then rose from where they were eaten alive, joining the ever growing ranks of the walking dead.

I silently made my retreat back to Chris' house. On the way back, I ran into Elran.



Raccoon City, Colorado - September 24, 1998

Sneaking away from West Raccoon High School was easy enough for a former thief of Jill's caliber. But even she was appalled by the slaughter that she had stumbled across.

The school had been turned into a slaughterhouse. The survivors were holed up inside the school's gymnasium, which was not only locked up tight, but was defended by Elran and several other officers of the Raccoon Police Department. The R.P.D. officers, led by Elran, told Jill that they had everything under control, and that they didn't need her help.

And now, Jill stood before Elran, who was slumped up against the wall, empty Browning in his left hand. His right forearm had a bite on it, all the way down to the bone, the hand covered with blood. From the look of things, Elran didn't have too long before the T-virus would take hold and he would succumb to the virus, his body joining the ranks of the undead.

Elran looked up at the former R.P.D. officer. "Valentine."

Jill responded in a emotionless tone. "What happened at the school, Elran?"

"You saw it yourself," Elran coughed. "Someone on the inside...saw a loved one outside... we tried to stop them from opening the doors. They swarmed in, killing everyone. They didn't know...shit." He looked down at the bite on his arm. "Fucking zombie bitch caught me. I saw...what happens when you die after being bitten...I don't want to end up like them..."

Jill remained silent. Sure Elran was one of the crooked cops, but she did not want to wish Elran's impending fate on nobody. Jill calmly retrieved her Samurai Edge from her hip holster and pulled the slide back, ejecting a single bullet. The former thief caught it with one hand, the Beretta's slide snapping closed. Holstering her handgun, Jill crouched down and retrieved Elran's Browning and slid the bullet into the open chamber, which snapped closed.

Jill then placed the loaded Browning Hi-Power back into Elran's hand.

Elran accepted the weapon and cocked the Browning's hammer. "Never knew that it would end like this for me," he said. "Tell Chris that...I deserved what he did to me." He raised the gun, resting the barrel against his temple.

"We should have listened to you and the others, Valentine," he said. "We should have listened."

Jill turned away just as Elran pulled the trigger.

[End Flashback]

The U.S. Government had blockaded the city from the limits, effectively placing Raccoon City under quarantine. Anyone trying to escape was shot on sight. I stayed in Chris' house for as long as I can, but things got real bad in his neighborhood. Aside from the zombies, there were looters. It was after I had shot three of them when they broke into Chris' home that I decided to leave, the only thing I took with me was the suicide letter from Crackhorn and Chris' M1911 pistol. The R.P.D. was already dangerous enough, so I decided to hide inside my apartment building until things died down.

The police were forming a counterattack on the walking dead, led by Branagh, Rita and the newly-formed Select Police Force. But it was no use. The zombies had overran their positions, killing many, forcing them to retreat. I came across the failed police barricade and scavenged some weapons and ammo.

By the 28th of September, the zombies had completely overrun the city. So I decided that it was time to get the hell out of town. But it wouldn't be easy. For starters, I was literally blown out of the back doors of my building, and surrounded by zombies. Surrounded by zombies and looking like I just left happy hour at Bar Jack.

Note to self: next time I end up escaping a zombie-infested town, a bustier, skirt, jacket and boots is not the best choice of attire. Moving on...

I ended up inside a warehouse, along with another survivor. Dario Russo. The date: September 28th.



Raccoon City - September 28, 1998

Jill paced along the metal walkway, her footsteps echoing throughout the small warehouse, contemplating her next move. After narrowly escaping her apartment building hours earlier, she found refuge inside a small warehouse in downtown Raccoon City.

'The monsters have overtaken the city,' she thought. Looking at her watch, she saw that it was almost noon. 'I wouldn't put it past the U.S. government to try and contain the biohazard. I gotta get the hell out of town before that happens.'

She turned to the other occupant of the warehouse. Jill had seen him around at the shoe store down at the Raccoon Mall. A forty-ish blond-haired man, slightly overweight, and scared out of his mind.

"We got to get out of here," Jill said as she walked down the stairs. "We're on our own here, so we got to find a way out of the city."

The man, one Dario Russo, looked at her as if she had lost her mind. "What the hell are you talking about?!" he asked, nearly hysterical. "I just lost my baby girl out there!"

"Look," Jill replied "I'm sorry for your loss. The government is not going to rescue us. Not for this. We got to get out of the city. Now."

"NO!" Russo exploded, his outburst surprising even Jill. "I'm not leaving here!"


Russo cut Jill off as he backed towards the open end of a large storage container. "I...would rather starve to death in here...than to be eaten alive by those Goddamned undead monsters!"

"Wait a sec..."

"SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" Russo screamed as he climbed into the container and slammed the doors behind him.

"Hey!" Jill shouted as she chased him. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. Banging on the door, she shouted. "Open the door!"

"Go away! I told you already! I'm not leaving here!" Russo bellowed through the door. "Get away from me!"

Jill sighed. There was nothing she could do. The only thing she could do was to check up on him later, once she had an escape route secured. Maybe then he would calm down.

[End Flashback]


The walking dead patrolled the streets, as were those damned zombie dogs and a new type of monster that I have never seen before. But there was one monster that stuck out in particular. One that was specifically sent to eliminate any surviving S.T.A.R.S. members.

The Nemesis.

Brad warned me about it after I rescued him from being attacked by a zombified cop. I recognized the cop as Bassett. One of the few honest cops. I liked him. Brad's exact words were, "He's coming after us! We're both gonna die!" When I asked what he was talking about, he replied, "You'll see. He's after S.T.A.R.S. members! There's no escape!"

I always thought that Brad was full of shit. Then as I found out as I reached the police station, he was telling the truth. killed Brad right in front of the courtyard of the R.P.D. Then it came after me, chanting 'S.T.A.R.S.' Tall as a Tyrant, faster than a Hunter, and just as ugly. Half of his head held together by surgical staples...the face in a lipless grimace, its one eye staring at me. Purple tentacles snaking out of his arm and his neck...dressed in what looked liked a black trenchcoat, the right arm covered in a black sleeve.

I barely escaped with my life as I ducked inside the police station. I thought the police station would be a haven of safety. I was wrong. I was forced to execute most of my former co-workers who had transformed into the walking dead, as well as those who turned seeking shelter. The only thing I took from the S.T.A.R.S. office was my lockpick set, a spare knapsack, and Barry's Colt Python. Bless you, Barry for leaving that gun of yours. There was a Remmington shotgun in the locker as well, but since I had already pilfered a shotgun from a dead cop, I left that inside the locker, just in case someone else could use it, as well as the Vietnam-style grenade launcher...although one question remained in the back of my mind: who in the hell can use a bowgun in a zombie outbreak?


En route to Rockfort Island...

Her face covered in a burlap sack, a shackled Claire Redfield sneezed.

'Great,' Claire thought darkly. 'I'm Umbrella's prisoner and I caught something. Either that or someone is talking about me. I am so going to kick my brother's ass for this.'


As I left the R.P.D., the Nemesis struck. Only this time, it was armed with an oversized cannon. I may not be a devoutly religious person, but you can say that it's the grace of the big man upstairs that I survived. As I ran out of the R.P.D., Brad's body was gone. I soon found out why.

He turned into a zombie. I saw him as I made a beeline to the front gates.

No time to grieve. No time to put him out of his misery. One second wasted means that the monster that killed him would soon come bearing down on me. I escaped deeper into Raccoon City, using my knowledge of the city's back alleys and back roads to avoid the bulk of the zombies. While running along a back road, I found the body of a soldier. If that seemed out of place, then this guy had the insignia of the Umbrella Corporation on his flak jacket. His journal revealed further information.

Umbrella had sent in a mercenary unit called the U.B.C.S., the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, to Raccoon under the guise of rescuing civilians. In truth, the mercenary force was in fact, a group of 'nightmen who specialize in handling problems caused by illegal products.' His assault rifle – an M16A1 with a M203 Grenade Attachment – was still usable, and he had two extra clips to go along with it as well as well as three grenades.

The weight of the assault rifle felt reassuring in my hands. Reminded me of the days spent on the firing range back in the Army.

The Nemesis was also close by. As I hid inside an empty building, I watched as it decimated three of the surviving police officers, killing two the same way he did Brad before leaving. Then I saw them come back to life as the undead. I quietly made my retreat and snuck into the Grill 13 restaurant to catch my breath. Aside from Emmy's Diner, this place had some good memories for me, since Chris would take me there. That's where I met Carlos.



Grill 13, Uptown Raccoon City.


The sound of a boot crushing an overturned wine glass had Jill assuming the worse. Almost immediately, she brought the assault rifle to bear, and spun around.

Instead of a zombie, she found herself aiming her rifle at a living human being. A South American man, in his early twenties, with shoulder-length dark hair, and dressed in the same uniform she had seen on several dead bodies: black flack vest, olive green shirt, khaki pants, black fingerless gloves, kneepads and combat boots. One hand was gripping his own assault rifle, also a M16A1. Unlike Jill, his assault rifle had no grenade attachment.

"Whoa, whoa!" the man said, holding up one hand as if to stave off a hail of hot lead should Jill decided to pull the trigger. "Easy with the hardware, lady. I'm not a zombie."

After a second, Jill lowered the rifle. "Sorry about that," she apologized.

"First sign of life and she aims a gun at me," the man replied. "And from the look of things, you know how to use it. You ex-military?"

"That, and I used to be a cop. Who are you?"

"Corporal Carlos Oliveira," the man introduced himself. "Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasue Service, Delta Platoon, Alpha Squad. You are?"

"Jill Valentine, former officer of the Raccoon Police Department."

Before Jill could ask what was Carlos doing in the city, the back door opened, then slammed, which was followed by the inhuman roar that heralded the arrival of the monster which had killed her friend.

[End Flashback]

I swear, Chris has been rubbing off on me. Despite being better equipped, I was still no match for the Nemesis. So I improvised. One leaking gas tank and a lit candle does work wonders, if only temporary. With the walking murder machine out of the picture for the moment, I took Carlos outside to ask him some questions.


Once they were outside, Jill decided to question Carlos about his unit's intentions. "Wait a sec."

"Let me guess, you want to ask me out on a date, right?" Carlos guessed.

Jill blinked. "Excuse me?"

Carlos shrugged his shoulders. "No need to be coy, Valentine. It's the accent, right? I know it drives the ladies wild."

"You're not my type," Jill replied. "Besides, I'm a married woman."

"Shame. What is it you want to know?"

"It's not like Umbrella to send in a squad of mercenaries. What's your mission here?"

"Civilian rescue mission," Carlos replied, as if he had been told this plenty of times. "Find any surviving civilians, giving any Umbrella high-ups high-priority, then head on over to the clock tower for extraction." He then caught the look on Jill's face. It was one of anger. He took one step back. "Umm...did I say something wrong?"

"You're full of shit," Jill snapped. "Look around you! This fucking outbreak is Umbrella's fault!"

"Calm down, Jill," Carlos said, taking another step back. "I'm just a mercenary. A hired hand, that's all. I go where the money is. Look, come with me to the cable car. We got a plan to get to the Clock Tower. You want to help, then you can tag along."

[End Flashback]

He may have been a merc, but he was trustworthy. Being an ex-thief, you learn how to read the body language of others. So I threw in my lot with Carlos. I told him about the chain of events which led to this point as he took me to two other people who were at the moment, hiding inside one of the city's trolleys. Lieutenant Mikhail Victor and Sergeant Nicholai Ginovaef.

Mikhail was injured pretty badly, while Nicholai looked quite surprised when I told him that I was a former member of S.T.A.R.S. My own curiosity was piqued when he knew that we were a special forces team.

Carlos laid out the plan - we reach the clock tower and use the bell to call for the extraction chopper. Not a bad plan actually. So we split up. Nicholai went on by himself, while Carlos and myself teamed up to look for the supplies to repair the trolley. Aside from the gas station blowing up and the Umbrella sales office and the power substation being swarmed by more zombies, as well as the Nemesis making an appearance, we got the parts needed.

Before I headed back to the trolley, I decided to try one last time to convince Russo to come with us. When I returned to the warehouse, I found the man dead, killed by zombies. I should have been more forceful, should have made him come with me...then again, he probably wouldn't have survived for long. As cold as that sounded, that was the truth.

As Carlos and I cut through Ennerdale, the Nemesis showed up again. Fortunately, he did not see us, as Carlos and I were hiding behind a car. Turns out that Umbrella had sent in another Tyrant to wipe out any survivors. Just as tall, but more human-like in appearance, clad in a green longcoat and steel-toed boots. This time, the Nemesis and the other Tyrant began to fight it out in the streets, even laying waste to a mob of Crimson Heads – former civilians that had undergone the V-ACT – before fighting each other once again. Carlos and I made our escape back to the trolley.

Nicholai was thought to have been killed when we repaired the trolley and got it to work. But we had more problems. An unwanted stowaway.

The Nemesis.

Mikhail held him off as he told me to escape. Brave fool. The Nemesis tossed him around like a redheaded stepchild. Then I noticed that Mikhail had something in his hand.

A pin.

A grenade pin.

I pulled Carlos to the ground just as the grenade detonated, the blast knocking the monster off the trolley. Mikhail sacrificed his life to make sure that we survived. We managed to reach the clock tower...well, actually, the car ended up crashing through the walls of the place. Carlos was starting to lose it, so I had to slap the guy to get him to calm down. Instead, he ran off, nerves fried. Wuss.

Not going into details, I got the tower bell to work and summoned the extraction chopper. I thought that the nightmare was finally over.

Then the Nemesis appeared and destroyed the chopper with his rocket launcher. Then he came after me. I still haven't told Chris about what had happened, that he infected me with the T-virus. Carlos showed up and was able to do some damage by destroying the Nemesis' rocket launcher. I fought the monster with what I had, using up the ammo in the assault rifle and the grenade launcher, until the monster collapsed in the flames.

I passed out soon afterward.

I woke up to the sound of falling rain on the night of October the first. Carlos had carried me to the chapel following the battle two days earlier. From what I read about the T-virus, I knew its symptoms. High fever, swelling itchy skin...fortunately, I was still fighting the fever. Carlos knew about the hidden lab inside the hospital and promised to find a cure for the virus. But not before I made him promise that should he find me as a zombie, that he should do the honors of putting me out of my misery.

The virus had weakened me pretty bad. I think I may had passed out again. I was out for maybe an hour when I felt something jab into my arm. When I came to, I saw Carlos holding an empty syringe. He had managed to synthesize the cure. I would live. But more importantly, I would see Chris again.

After ditching the Nemesis inside the city park, I ran into Nicholai at the city cemetery. He was surprised to see that I was still alive. Come to think of it, so was I. After all, I thought he had bought it back inside the gas station. After exchanging words, I found a hidden room inside the caretaker's shed after he had left the shed. Inside, I found a communique which had verified my greatest fears: the federal government had planned to destroy the city by dawn in order to contain the outbreak.

I always thought that Yawn was bad, but the giant-ass, man-eating worm that tore up the graveyard was just as bad. Too bad that it suffered a fatal case of electrocution. I left its smoking corpse behind in the graveyard as I backtracked to the park. I've hears rumors about an abandoned factory located behind the park, and decided to check it out.

Had to go in through the sewers because I ran into the Nemesis on the bridge. I ran into Carlos once again This time around, we split up, not before he gave me a map of the facility telling me to meet up with him at the control tower. There, a short run to the helicopter and we could get the hell out of the city. However, Nicholai reached the control tower first and activated the shutter behind him.

It took a bit of backtracking, but I found a dead scientist with the card needed to open the shutter. Only problem was that it was inside a disposal room, situated above the disposal area. Even bigger problem was that the Nemesis had caught up with me. But this time around, I got lucky. He had broke one of the pipes in the room, and was doused with acidic liquids, which had destroyed the majority of his tentacles. So I capitalized on that, luring him close to the pipes and blasting them open. His right arm dropped off, followed by his head. I left his smoking corpse behind, just as the disposal room activated.

I rushed back to the locked room, and met Carlos along the way. However, Nicholai, had managed to reach the chopper before the both of us...



Carlos and Jill ducked as Nicholai fired upon the tower from inside his chopper, Carlos letting loose a string of profanity in Spanish and Portuguese. After a moment, the chopper had stopped firing.

"I don't see the need to waste my ammo on the both of you," Nicholai's voice had said. "I got what I came for."

Jill stood up and flipped on the mike. "So you plan on leaving here alone? Was that it?" she asked, looking at Nicholai.

"Correct," the gray-haired Russian replied. "Of course, there was the surviving Supervisors which had also came along with the U.B.C.S. I had personally made sure that they would come back from this mission."

"You bastard!" Carlos shouted. "You killed all those people! For what?!"

Nicholai chuckled. "Bargaining power for discussing my bonus. After all, I alone will know what has happened here."

"Let me guess," Jill cut in. "Even though I'm not on their payroll, Umbrella has a price on my head?"

"Yes," Nicholai replied. "White Umbrella has failed to capture you, so they decided to cut their losses and ordered your termination. Pity. You were good, Miss Valentine. Real good. The amount for your life is more than modest, but the reward is to be claimed upon confirmation of your death. You may have survived the Spencer Mansion, but you are doomed, Miss Valentine. Soon, this city and the T-virus will be purged with nuclear fire, and you along with it. Accept your death with dignity...or die with regret. The choice is up to you." He waved at the two fuming survivors. "Dasvidaniya, Miss Valentine."

The chopper then turned around and flew off.

[End Flashback]

I almost gave up. I almost resigned myself to my fate, until I heard a broken radio message. The voice sounded familiar, saying that it was coming for me. Because of that voice, I got a second wind.

I climbed down the ladder and followed the path. Behind the dead factory, was an auto junkyard. Something stood out in particular. The same Tyrant that Carlos and I had seen fighting the Nemesis – bald, longcoat and steel-toed boots. There were several, along with a document regarding a super-weapon. A rail cannon, to be more precise. Had to push in three batteries to make the damn thing work.

Then the Nemesis made its final appearance. It had survived its dip into the pools below. Whatever was in that pool had mutated the Nemesis into a new form. Thankfully, it was more concerned with the Tyrant rather than me. I shoved the remaining batteries into their slots and activated the rail cannon. The first shot blew a chunk out of the scrap metal, while the second shot nailed it. I thought that it was dead, but it stll came after me. I found a loaded Magnum and unloaded all six shots into its body before leaving.

There, I found Carlos, along with the chopper.

As we made our final escape from Raccoon, I found out that the pilot was Barry. He had came back at Chris' request to airlift me out of the city, and not a moment too soon. As soon as we reached the Arklay Mountains, the city was destroyed. The U.S. government had launched a nuclear missile at the city, effectively destroying Raccoon City and containing the outbreak.

As I passed out from the exhaustion, I promised myself that one way or another...Umbrella will pay.


Morning in the Falklands.

The morning air drifted into the open window inside the safehouse's master bedroom. Chris was already awake, while his wife was on her side, still asleep. Carlos was in a separate bedroom, snoring gently.

Chris was on his laptop, checking his email when he noticed one from someone named Leon Kennedy, claiming to be a friend of his sister's. Feeling a sense of dread, Chris opened the email.


Claire's in trouble. Went to Raccoon City to look for you, but got caught up in the zombie outbreak. She's been captured by Umbrella while in Europe looking for you, and sent to Rockfort Island, near the Falklands.

Chris didn't even bother to read the rest of the email. Claire had been captured by Umbrella while she was looking for him. Only one word came into Chris's mind.



By the time Jill had woken up, she saw that Chris was already awake...and he did not look very happy.

She soon found out why.

Inside the study, Jill and Carlos looked over a map of the Atlantic Ocean. The brunette scanned the map for a moment before he stopped, one index finger pointing at the small island near the Falklands.

"There it is," Jill said. "Rockfort Island. Just where Leon said it would be. Thirty miles out from the Falklands."

"Yeah," Carlos said. "I've heard about it. Some of the guys back in the U.B.C.S. talk about the place. Not only it's Umbrella's private prison, but it's also home to a laboratory. That's the last place you want to end up...especially if you're on their shitlist."

"If Claire's there, then I'm going in," Chris said as he entered the room, dressed and ready to rescue his sister.

Jill recognized it as his pilots' uniform whenever he was assigned to chopper duty back in the R.P.D.; a short-sleeved, military-style olive green shirt and matching pants, and combat boots. Attached to one leg was a leg holster. Jill recognized the gun inside as a Glock. In one hand, was a small satchel full of ammo and more guns, while in the other, was a black tactical vest with the words R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. stitched above the upper right pocket, while the S.T.A.R.S. insignia was on the back.

"I'm coming with you," Jill said as she stood up, but was stopped by Chris.

"No. You and Carlos will wait for this Leon guy to arrive and then head for Sydney. I'll rendezvous with you there. Evil Ed will set us up in a safehouse until my former CO arrives."

"But Chris - " Jill interjected.

"Jill, I gotta do this alone," Chris replied firmly as he slipped on the black vest and slung the satchel over one shoulder. "You just survived Raccoon City. I'm not going to stick you in any more danger for the time being. Now it's my turn to jump out the frying pan and into the fire." He silenced Jill by placing one hand on her shoulder. "Jill...don't argue with me."

Jill sighed. "Okay. You win. But you better come back alive, Redfield. You die on me, I'll bring you back and kick your ass for making me a widow."

"I'll be back, Jill," Chris reassured her. "Count on it." He sighed. "Not a real good way to spend the holidays, rescuing my sister," he mumbled. "Even when I'm away, she has a habit of getting herself into trouble. Leon should arrive within the hour. Once he arrives, you and Carlos head for Sydney."

“Can we trust this guy?” Carlos asked.

“Counter-question: can I trust you, seeing as how you worked for Umbrella?” Chris rebuked, arms folded.

“I did save Jill's life,” Carlos said in his defense. “Besides, like I told her, I'm freelance. I'm not on their payroll.”

"Fair enough," Chris said.

Next Chapter: Chris and Claire reunite with Jill, Carlos and Claire in Sydney following Claire's rescue. An old enemy resurfaces. Chris and Jill get an interesting offer from his former boss.

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