Resident Evil: A Change In Pace

14: The First Mission, Part Two

Chapter Fourteen: The First Mission, Part Two

The drive to HUNK's Manchester hideout took thirty minutes. Jackson had commandeered an unmarked van, with the three former S.T.A.R.S. members in the back.

Jackson pulled the van to a stop at the corner. Down the street, was a black sedan parked in front of the flat. Standing at the front door, was a guard. Aside from a homeless bum who was sleeping in an alley, the streets were deserted.

“Looks like the hit squad's already arrived,” Chris noted. “There's a sentry outside. My guess is that there are more inside.”

“Any ideas as to how we get in without being detected?” Jill asked.

After a moment, Chris smiled. “I got an idea.” He began to remove his vest, revealing the white T-shirt underneath. Retrieving his leather jacket, he slipped it on, ordering Jackson to hand over her denim jacket to Jill.


Outside HUNK's hideout, the guard watched with a wary eye as a couple approached the building's doors. From the look of things, they appeared to be very drunk, given the slurred speech and the fact that the woman at his side was giggling.

When the couple made their way to the front door, the guard stepped in front of the door. “I'm sorry, sir, but you got to move on,” he ordered.

“Move on?” the man repeated in English, his heavy Dutch accent evident. “The fuck you mean I got to move on? I live here. So move out the way. I plan on mounting this fine Irish beauty. Show her how we do things from where I'm from, yes?”

The woman giggled. “Oh, you say such nasty things,” she replied in a light Irish accent.

The man said something in Dutch, before going back into English. “Oh, don't worry, sweet cheeks,” he said. “I will show you nasty, just as soon as we get inside.”

“I'm sorry, sir,” the guard said. “You are not getting in.”

“Listen here...I told you before, I live here in this building. Now get the fuck out the way,” the man replied.

“And I told you, you Russian piece of shit,” the guard spat out, as he shoved the guy back several steps. “You are not getting inside.”

“I'm not Russian, jerkoff,” the man slurred.

He then dropped the guard with a blow to the temple.

“I'm Dutch,” Chris finished, dropping the accent, as he dragged the guy inside the building. Jill quickly checked the car. It was empty. Jill waved to Barry, who quickly made his way to them carrying Jill's harness and Chris' flak vest. Mel pulled around and handed them their weapons, before returning to her stakeout point.

Chris frisked the guy he dropped. He was armed, a HP-5 submachine gun and a Glock sidearm. Once those were taken from him, Chris disabled the car by having Jill pop open the hood and yanked out the distributor cap, before placing the guy back in the car, handcuffed to the wheel.

Once they were ready, the three ex-S.T.A.R.S. Members entered the building, Jill taking point, Barry following behind and Chris in the rear. Armed with the G36C assault rifles, which has been outfitted with silencers in order not to rouse any suspecting neighbors, Jill, Barry and Chris ascended the stairs. Upon reaching the fourth floor, the trio inched their way towards room No. 4.

The door was unlocked, meaning that someone was inside. Jill flashed three fingers, which meant that there were three more men inside tearing the place apart.

“Find anything?” the first voice asked.

“Nothing,” the second man replied. “You think we were given the wrong address?”

“No. We had HUNK tailed. This is the right place. Surveillance said that he was still here. We need to be out of here before any rescue attempt could be made.”

Rounding the corner, they saw two men talking with one another as they rifled through HUNK's things. A third stood closeby. Chris and Jill silently moved in. When they turned around, they saw Chris and Jill, but it was already too late. As one, the couple calmly raised their guns and fired a three-round burst. The first two men fell to the ground in a heap, but the third man had forced Barry to take cover as he returned fire.

Dropping her assault rifle, Jill closed in on the third man. The third hitman saw her coming and turned his attention from Barry to her. Jill quickly disarmed the man, kicking the gun out of his hands before planting both feet in his chest, knocking him backwards.

But before the inevitable fight could take place, a newcomer entered the fray. The third goon was so focused on Jill that he failed to notice the newcomer looming behind him. Chris, Jill and Barry sure as hell did and backed off.

The man's hands reached out and gripped the remaining hitman's head with his hands, before twisting it violently to the side. The loud SNAP made it clear that the final goon was dead before the body hit the floor as a result of a broken neck.

The man stepped into the light. It was the hobo from the street. But he was anything but as he removed the hood which covered his face. Chris, Barry and Jill found themselves facing a man in his early-to-mid thirties, ice-blue eyes, with salt-and-pepper hair and day-old stubble. Removing the disguise, it was revealed that he was wearing the all-black uniform of the Umbrella Security Service.

"I had a feeling that Umbrella would reach me before you would," the man said. "Which is why I decided to hide out in the streets. After all, the best place to hide is out in plain sight."

"You're HUNK?" Jill asked as she, Chris and Barry lowered their guns.

"I am," he replied. "And you must be the infamous R.P.D. Special Tactics and Rescue Service. What's left of them, anyway."

Chris nodded. "Captain Chris Redfield, U.S. Air Force."

"Lieutenant Jill Valentine, of the same," Jill introduced herself.

"Barry Burton," Barry said.

HUNK nodded. "Anyway, your exploits are pretty well known within Umbrella. Even to the point that Old Man Spencer has quite a price on your heads." He turned to Jill. "I thought you'd be taller."

Jill's eye twitched at that remark.

"Introductions aside, we must get going," HUNK said. "Umbrella will send more to check up on these three idiots. And Director Henri has a lot of explaining to do as to why she tried to have me killed."

Following their escape from HUNK's hideout, the group retreated back to the safehouse, where they prepared for their next move.


A train, underneath the English Channel.

Jill found herself wide awake as she train sped through the underwater tunnel. Chris and Barry were fast asleep. HUNK, however, was awake. The ex-Umbrella operative was looking out the window, lost in his thoughts. The group was on their way to Paris, where they would head for Loire Village to confront Director Henri.

“Couldn't sleep?” HUNK asked.

“No. You?” Jill replied.

“Got too much on my mind.” He turned to face Jill. He glanced at the sleeping Chris and his wedding band before leveling his gaze on Jill. “You two are good for each other, you know. You shore up the others' weaknesses while reinforcing the strengths of the other.”

“I have to admit that were if not for the extra training that Chris put me through, I would not have made it out of Raccoon City,” Jill admitted. She then paused for a moment. “Can I ask you something?”

“The million dollar question. You want to know why I decided to betray Umbrella, right?”

Jill nodded.

HUNK retrieved a photo from his pocket and handed it to the young lieutenant. Upon inspection, Jill saw that it was a picture of HUNK and a woman, a pretty brunette. She was smiling, while HUNK had a small grin in the picture, which was taken in Paris.

“Her name was Sarah,” HUNK began, emotion showing on his usually-neutral face. “She worked with the company as a secretary. She had no involvement with Umbrella's shady dealings. She knew that I worked security, but she did not know about me being 'Mr. Death.' It was shortly after I returned from an escort mission to Rockfort Island that I found her inside her home...”

Jill saw his face darken.

“Sarah was an innocent,” HUNK continued. “I found her inside her room. She was beaten and raped.”

Jill blanched, remembering her own near rape at the hands of her strung-out ex-boyfriend.

“It was an ambush. Umbrella Security Service – people I've worked with – they had orders from Henri to execute me and make it look like a murder-suicide, and the top man himself signed off on those orders.”

“The top man?”

“Lord Ozwell Spencer, one of the three founders of Umbrella. Sarah told me right before she died that she had stumbled onto some of Umbrella's dark secrets. Lord Spencer ordered her termination. He probably knew that I would go digging and since I know most of Umbrella's dark secrets, he ordered my termination as well.”

“So you're doing this out of vengeance?”

“Vengeance for Sarah. Spite for betraying me. I survived the ambush and fled the country. Her Majesty's Government had already joined the Americans in their inquiries regarding Umbrella's dark secrets following Raccoon City, and when I surrendered to them, the Americans, England and Interpol offered me a deal: Immunity from prosecution in exchange for what I know. I already had a treasure trove of evidence stashed away just in case Umbrella betrayed me, which I turned over to the British. Interpol and the Americans will soon receive copies of the evidence of Umbrella's dealings.”

“There's something else,” Jill said.

“Hmm...your dedication for the truth is admirable,” HUNK noted. “There is something else. By now, word will reach Lord Spencer that I had defected from Umbrella, which means he will spare no expense in trying to kill me. Which means he will more than likely dispatch the elite of the USS for the task.”

“I thought you was the elite,” Jill pointed out. “You are, after all, Mr. Death.”

“Oh, I am. But it takes an elite to kill an elite. And these are the best that Umbrella has to offer. I'll explain everything once your husband and Barry is awake. You should try to get some sleep.”

Jill nodded.


The next morning, over breakfast, HUNK laid out the plan, as well as what they were up against.

“The Wolfpack – the elite of the elite,” HUNK explained. “A six-soldier team. They are the best at what they do, and have no qualms about killing, which is why the company has chosen them. If I know Spencer, he would dispatch them once he found out that I am still alive, and that you three were sent to retrieve me. They were in Raccoon City during the outbreak, as was I, with orders to kill any survivors.”

“You know them?”

HUNK grunted. “I do. I even trained one of them. The Wolfpack know of my reputation as Mr. Death, and I know of their reputation as Spencer's go-to team for impossible jobs. We respect each other enough to keep out of the other's way.”

HUNK then gave the three ex-S.T.A.R.S. the strengths and weaknesses of the Wolfpack, as well as their specialties in combat.

“So we got the squad leader, a demolitions expert, a virologist, a sniper, a sadistic medical expert, and a specialist in stealth and knife combat,” Chris surmised. “That's one hell of a crew.”

“Indeed,” HUNK said. “They have no morals, no qualms about killing anyone who gets in their way, especially civilians. Which is why we need to get to Director Henri before they do. Once we get the information needed, we head for the Umbrella offices in the town. But be warned, because of Director Henri's actions, Umbrella will be targeting her along with myself. Once they find out that you three are here, they will try to kill you in order to tie up some loose ends, while Lieutenant Valentine will be taken to White Umbrella, given her 'personal connections' to Umbrella.”

“How do you know that the Wolfpack would target all of us?” Barry asked.

“That's what I would have done,” HUNK replied. “Umbrella does not like loose ends. And left's face it, all of us are just that. We need to be careful if we want to survive. The Wolfpack does not fuck around. Each member is a cold-blooded killer. If we do run into them, we may have a fight on our hands. That is something I wish to avoid for the moment. The mission parameters are clear. You already made contact with me. Now...we question Director Henri.”


Christine Henri's home – outside of Loire Village, France, hours later...

Christine Henri was not having a good day.

First, she had found out that the assassination attempt on the three remaining S.T.A.R.S. Members had failed. Second was the fact that HUNK had escaped from the trap that Lord Spencer had set up for him with the aid of said three members. Third, was that she had gotten out of a meeting with Spencer himself. She had set up a senior-level scientist named Morpheus Duvall to take the fall for Raccoon City, but Spencer knew better.

A pretty, intelligent woman in her late thirties, she had worked her way up the ranks. She ran the Research and Development division in Loire Village with an iron fist. But her power and influence was starting to wane in the eyes of Ozwell Spencer himself, and it showed during a video conference with the old man himself earlier that day.

Director Henri, you disappoint me,” Spencer's elderly voice showed no remorse, but it was laced with plenty of disappointment. “Explain to me why your actions not only caused the outbreak and subsequent destruction of Raccoon City, not to mention that without authorization from myself, you sent the T-Type into Raccoon City. And on top of that, we have the world's law enforcement entities at our doorstep.”

Lord Spencer,” Henri had replied. “We had evidence that Dr. Birkin was planning on defecting from the company, and I had to act accordingly. The T-virus research he had taken from Dr. Marcus had produced excellent results, but...”

Spencer then cut her off. “But nothing! You overstepped your authority! I had my own plans for Birkin which did not involve getting himself killed! We had invested billions in Raccoon City, both in the chemical plant and in the laboratories stationed there! $30 billion, Director Henri! The Global Pharmaceutical Consortium is also demanding an inquiry into our affairs and we are in no position to refuse them!”

Lord Spencer, let me handle the inquiry...”

No. You have done enough damage with your actions. Your time will come when you will answer for your slights towards Umbrella and to me.”

She had retreated back to her villa outside of Loire Village following the disastrous meeting with the Umbrella head...after executing the laboratory's staff in a fit of rage. She knew that Spencer would either terminate her employment. Worst case scenario is that she could be killed by HUNK, captured by the Americans...or used as a test subject.

Her armed bodyguard escorted her inside the house, and followed her to her private study. Unlike Henri, who had her own personal sedan, the bodyguard came with his own vehicle provided by Umbrella. The bodyguard – a member of the Umbrella Security Service and a military man – took a seat on the couch while Henri sat behind her desk.

It was only when Henri turned on the desk's lamp that both her and the bodyguard heard the unmistakable sound of a submachine gun being cocked.

The bodyguard immediately took his place beside the Umbrella executive, his handgun drawn. A single bead from a targeting laser rested on Henri's chest. Henri watched as HUNK emerged from the far corner of the room, dressed in his trademark body armor and helmet, the gas mask with the red lenses secured over his face, the TMP submachine gun in his hands.

“HUNK,” Henri noted. “Vous devez être très courageux ou très stupide de revenir ici tout seul.” (You must be either very brave or very stupid to come back here alone.)

“Je suis difficile à tuer. Vous de tous les gens savent que,” (I'm hard to kill. You of all people know that) HUNK replied.

The bodyguard had the gun raised at HUNK's chest. Then he noticed Barry emerging from behind a door, Raging Bull in one hand. “Two!” the bodyguard shouted.

Chris emerged from behind the window curtain, assault rifle aimed at the bodyguard. “I can count better than that,” he snorted.

The bodyguard snapped his head and weapon to Chris. “Three!” he shouted.

Henri's eyes narrowed as she recognized both Chris and Barry.

The bodyguard was distracted, as he did not notice Jill emerge from behind him. He did, however, felt her handgun drill into the back of his skull. “Three's company. Four is a crowd. Toss the weapon over.”

The bodyguard complied. He tossed his handgun over, where it landed at Barry's feet. Henri soon found herself facing Chris and Jill. The three ex-police officers faced down the Director of Loire Village.

“Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine et Barry Burton,” (Chris Redifield, Jill Valentine and Barry Burton) Henri began. “Autrefois de l'R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. unité. Il est évident que vous trois sont très difficiles à tuer. Et ici, j'ai entendu que vous étiez au repos dans une tombe d'eau dans l'Atlantique Nord.” (Formerly of the R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. unit. It is apparent that you three are very hard to kill. And here, I heard that you were resting in a watery grave in the North Atlantic.)

“Comme vous pouvez le voir, les rumeurs de nos morts ont été grandement exagérées,” (As you can see, the rumors of our deaths were greatly exaggerated,) Chris replied in French. He then switched over to English. “HUNK said that you are fluent in English. Would you mind speaking that, since my partners cannot understand French?”

“Fair enough,” Henri replied. She leaned back in her seat. “Your French is excellent, Capitaine Redfield. For a moment, I thought you had spent time in France.” She paused for a moment. “I can see that trying to kill the three of you on the plane was a bad idea.”

Jill's eyes narrowed. "So what was you who leaked the T-virus on the plane."

"And we know that it was because of your actions, Raccoon City was nuked into oblivion," Chris finished.

“How perspective of you,” Henri replied. “Yes, I did order HUNK and his unit to retrieve the G-virus from Dr. Birkin. However, the blame falls on Birkin, as it was his actions which led to the outbreak."

"That we already know," Chris said.

Henri paused for a moment. She leaned back in her chair, contemplating how she could turn this to her advantage. "How can we make this disappear without any further bloodshed? In my private accounts, there is $70 million, American. I can take you to it. You can take the money and go."

"You can keep your blood money," Barry replied. "People died in Raccoon City because of your actions! Innocent people because of your greed."

Henri snorted. "As I've said before...the blame falls on Birkin's shoulders. As to the people of Raccoon City, that was nothing more than a minor setback for the greater good of the company."

At that, a vein pulsed in Jill's head. “A 'minor setback?' Over 100,000 people are dead and you call that a 'minor setback?'”

'Whoa. Scary,' HUNK thought.

“Exactly what I said,” Henri replied, her tone smug. “It is something the likes of you does not understand, Lieutenant Valentine. In this business, people get hurt, and in some cases, die. Men, women, even children. For Umbrella to succeed in their viral and biological research, sacrifices must be made in order to produce the desired results. I thought that you of all people would understand, given your...'personal connections' to Umbrella.”

Jill blinked. “How do you know about that?”

“Oh, there is not much that I do not know about Project Valentine,” Henri continued. “Even Lord Spencer knows about you being Wesker and Birkin's pet project. I admit that sending the T-Type to kill you and any surviving S.T.A.R.S. members was a rushed move. But imagine what Umbrella could unlock if we can run tests on your body, to unlock the secrets which it contain.”

“I've heard this before from Wesker,” Jill snorted.


Half a mile away from the villa, two unmarked vans slowed to a stop. In the first van was Lupo, Beltway and Vector, while Bertha, Four-Eyes and Specter were in the second van.

“Game time, people,” Lupo spoke through her headset. “I want this quick and clean. Specter, give me some fire discipline. I want Henri and whoever is inside quick and dead.”

The Russian sniper nodded and retrieved a sniper rifle from the van.


Back inside...

“Wesker is nothing but a talentless hack riding on the coattails of Birkin and Lord Spencer,” Henri continued. “Without them, he is nothing. People die. In this business, when it is imperative to make sacrifices for the greater good.” She turned to HUNK. “You of all people know this, HUNK.”

“True, but you didn't have to kill Sarah,” HUNK shot back. “She was an innocent.”

“She stuck her nose where it didn't belong!” Henri shot back, rising to her feet. “Spencer himself signed off on her termination! In this business, there are no innocents. If Umbrella wants to kill your girlfriend to protect its secrets, or use an entire town for its bio-weapons research, they can and will do just that! That way heroes don't get confused and go on 60 Minutes. They instead crawl back into the holes they came from.”

HUNK leveled his submachine gun at Henri's head. “I think it's time for you to make that call.”

The window pane behind Henri then broke and Henri jerked slightly. Looking down at her chest, she saw that a crimson liquid was staining her blouse. She fell back to her seat, dead.

The bodyguard was not as lucky, as his right eye exploded from a high-velocity bullet to the head. The bodyguard was dead before he hit the ground, while Henri slumped forward.

“Sniper!” Chris shouted as he and the others took cover, thus missing the bullets that were aimed at them.



“Henri has been terminated,” Specter had reported from his headset.

“Good work,” came Lupo's reply.

“There's more. Mr. Death is here, and he has brought guests. The three American S.T.A.R.S. Operatives – Redfield, Burton and Valentine.”

Lupo's decision was instant. “Terminate all the men, but restrain Valentine if possible.”

“They are taking cover as we speak. Requesting backup.”

“Request granted,” Lupo replied. Turning to Beltway and Specter she ordered them to head inside the villa. “Bring Valentine to me. Everyone else is expendable. Meet up with Beltway and Specter in front of the main villa and find them.”

“Understood. And if Valentine refuses to come willingly?”

"Then terminate her and retrieve her body for study," Lupo replied calmly.



“That didn't take them long,” HUNK muttered as he pilfered Henri's ID card from her corpse, while Chris did the same for the bodyguard. The keys to the Humvee outside were on Henri's desk, out in the open, and Chris wasn't going to risk getting shot.

“Wolfpack?” Chris asked.

HUNK nodded. “Yeah. I recognize Specter's handiwork anywhere. We need to get out of here before they come in. Otherwise, all of this would have been for nothing.”

“I second that,” Jill replied. “Any ideas?”

“There is no other way,” HUNK replied. “We got to go through them."

Chris turned to Jill. "Know how to hotwire that Humvee outside?"

Jill grinned. "Are you kidding? Hotwiring cars is a Valentine specialty. So a Humvee is no problem."


Moments later Vector and Beltway stood outside Henri's villa. Seconds later, Specter came and joined them, sniper rifle slung over one shoulder.

"Lupo said you might need some help," Beltway said.

The Russian sniper nodded. "Yup," Beltway replied. "Eliminate HUNK and the two men, and capture Valentine. What about Henri?"

"Unless she can survive her heart exploding in her chest, it's a safe bet that she is dead," Specter replied casually. "Let's move."

"Redfield is mine," Vector growled as the three men walked past the bodyguard's vehicle, which was parked by Henri's Umbrella-issued SUV, not giving it a second thought. The bodyguard's vehicle was a black Humvee - a M1113S1. The S250 'shelter carrier' was absent, leaving the truck's bed exposed. Emblazoned on the doors was the insignia of the Umbrella Corporation.

Jill Valentine and Barry Burton were hiding in the driver and passenger seats, while HUNK and Chris Redfield emerged from under the vehicle. Jill was working on hotwiring the car, while Barry kept a lookout.

"Looks like Vector has it in for you, Redfield," HUNK said.

"How so?"

"He's a lot like me - he looks down on those he sees as inferior," HUNK explained. "But my guess is that he must have found out about your past exploits and wants to face you himself. In other words, you are a marked man."

"Gee. I'm so honored," Chris replied with sarcasm in his voice.

"Don't be honored. He's a specialist in stealth tactics and knife fighting. I should know because I was the one who trained him."

"Looks like I'm gonna have to disappoint him," Chris said. "I'll kill him later on."


Inside the villa, Beltway, Specter and Vector found the bodies of Christine Henri and her bodyguard. Specter reported in. "Lupo...Director Henri and her bodyguard KIA."

"And the others?" Lupo demanded through the headset.

"They're not here," Vector replied. "Beltway and I swept through the place. No sign of them."

"They can't be far. Fan out and find them," the Wolfpack commander ordered.

The words were not out of her mouth when they heard the Hummer's engines roar to life. Specter's eyes went wide, as did Beltway's. Vector was slightly amused.

"The Humvee!" Beltway shouted as the three men charged out of the house, just in time to see the Humvee scream out of the driveway. Specter leveled the sniper rifle and had it aimed at the driver's window...

...and was forced to take cover from HUNK's submachine gun as he fired off a burst. Vector had a knife in one hand and after identifying Chris, he let it fly...

...only to watch as it was blasted in two from Chris' handgun. The three men took off on foot, while Specter notified Lupo of the Hummer heading down the road. "Lupo. Contact made with the targets. They are en route in your direction. E.T.A., less than two minutes."

"Copy that," Lupo's voice replied.

Vector, on the other hand, walked over to the now-destroyed knife and picked up the handle. “Impressive,” he whispered. “I will enjoy killing him when the time comes.”


Inside the Humvee, Jill was behind the wheel. Barry was riding shotgun. HUNK and Chris were in the flatbed area of the Humvee.

"So that was the Wolfpack?" Chris asked.

"Half of them," HUNK replied. "Lupo and the others must be nearby. We're not out of the woods just yet. Head for the R and D offices in Loire Village."

"Got it," Jill replied as she sped the vehicle up.

Sure enough, the impromptu roadblock consisting of Lupo, Bertha and Four-Eyes came into view.

“Floor it!” Barry shouted.

Jill's booted foot slammed down on the gas pedal.

Lupo, Four-Eyes and Bertha raised their assault rifles and opened fire on the Humvee. The bullets did nothing against the armored vehicles and bulletproof glass. Not even Lupo's enhanced ammo had no effect. Chris, Barry and HUNK returned fire, forcing the three women to dive to the side as the Humvee sped past. HUNK putting several rounds in the first car's tires while Chris did the same to the second car's engine block, rendering the vehicles inoperable.

Lupo, Four-Eyes and Bertha scrambled to their feet and prepared to pursue HUNK and the three S.T.A.R.S. members. Only to find that their vans were now inoperable, literally dead weight.

Bertha let loose a string of curse words in German while kicking the side of the first van. Lupo and Four-Eyes exchanged glances. "Looks like you will get to use your toys," the Wolfpack commander said.

Four-Eyes nodded as she walked to the first van, while Bertha and Lupo moved to the second. Throwing the doors open to the first van, Four-Eyes was greeted with the sight of four of Umbrella's most fearsome bio-weapons.

Five Hunter Alphas, seated in the cargo area of the van.

Bertha and Lupo had opened the second van's rear doors revealing an impromptu kennel.

A kennel which contained four Cerberus dogs.

Unlike the Dobermans used both by Umbrella and their R.P.D. counterparts, Four-Eyes used Belgian Malinois, a dog that is becoming very popular in law enforcement for its detection, police work, as well as search-and-rescue operations. But now, they were being used for a more sinister purpose.

Four-Eyes had infected four of the Belgian Malinois with the T-virus and transformed them into the next-gen Cerberi. As with their predecessors, they shared the same characteristics which identified them as Cerberi: the fact that they still had much of their former agility, as well as an increase in aggression and durability. They were also missing patches of their once-beautiful skin, exposing sinew and muscle, their eyes now solid white, and one of them even had part of its ribcage exposed.

Four-Eyes used her wrist-mounted mini-laptop to activate the bioweapons. Then she gave them their marching orders.

Eliminate the S.T.A.R.S. members and HUNK.


Inside the Humvee...

The Humvee had an open back, allowing Chris and HUNK to converse with Jill and Barry. Jill continued to speed down thr road, until she turned onto the main back road.

"Jill, head down this road for about seven kilometers, then turn left at the fork in the road," HUNK ordered. "That will take us to the Umbrella facility at Loire Village."

Jill nodded. "Okay."

"You think Lupo and the others know where we are headed?" Chris asked.

"It's a possibility," HUNK replied. "Which is why we need to make this trip to the R and D offices quick and fast. Henri never took her work home with her. She always kept it at the office. We need to get her hard drive files from the main computer room. Security is lax at the facility, so we should have no problem in gaining access. But I'm not one to take and chances."

"Anything we need to know about the Loire Facility?" Barry asked.

"It's where the Nemesis T-Type was developed at," HUNK replied. He took notice of Jill stiffening slightly at that revelation. "Henri was also the one responsible for sending it to Raccoon City during the outbreak. But the T-type was unstable and killed just about anything in its path. Spencer was pretty pissed when he found out that Henri overstepped her authority. Aside from that, Henri told me that she kept detailed files on Umbrella's viruses, and the movers and shakers within the GPC."

"Leverage, just in case Spencer tried to screw Henri over," Jill replied. "And your ticket for immunity from prosecution."

HUNK grinned, despite the others not being able to see through his mask. "Oh, the immunity was already in my deal. I kind of see this as giving Umbrella a big middle finger. One thing about using soldiers to do one's dirty work is to make sure that they don't come back to slit your throat should one try and betray you."

"That's pretty much true," Chris replied.

Then the bio-weapons came. Jill and Barry saw them through the rear-view mirrors.

A pack of Cerberi and five Hunters.

"Holy fuck," Jill cursed.

HUNK pulled out his TMP. "Keep driving! Chris and I will handle this!"

Jill nodded and made the truck go faster. HUNK pulled out his G36C and flipped the safety off.

"Hunters. I really hate Hunters," Chris muttered.

"On that, I agree with you," HUNK replied. "Bunch of mutated bastards anyway. Then again, the Lickers back in Raccoon City were a lot worse."

Chris shuddered at the memory of those monsters. While searching the laboratory at Caliban Cove, both he and Jill had ran into those monsters who looked like they had been on the receiving end of a rocket. If he hated Hunters, then Lickers were a close second.

Barry unholstered his Raging Bull and handed it to Chris, along with two spare speed loaders. "Here! Use this!" he shouted.

"Thanks!" Chris shouted back. To HUNK, he said, "Deal with the dogs! I got the Hunters!"

"Got it," HUNK replied as he took aim.

As the first Hunter got closer, Chris took aim with the powerful Magnum and fired. The first shot caught the first Hunter in the shoulder, but it did slow it down slightly. Chris adjusted his aim and fired again, this time aiming for the head of the injured Hunter.

Part of the Hunter's head literally exploded, showering bits of brain, blood and gore onto the Hunter that was behind it. As it collapsed onto the asphalt, the second Hunter hopped over the body and continued to give chase, as did the several zombified dogs...

...or, at least one of them tried to do, as HUNK shot the first Cerberus out of the air, the mutated mutt letting out a death yelp as it crashed to the ground.

One of the zombie dog sgot close enough to make a leap to the back to the truck...

...only to be kicked off by Chris, and like its counterpart, had its head shot off by HUNK.

'Two down,' HUNK thought.

Chris, in the meantime, had fired three shots into a second Hunter, striking its center mass, demolishing its heart. It fell to the ground in a heap.

At the same time, HUNK had brutally put down the remaining Cerberi and turned to assist Chris in destroying the remaining Hunters. Reloading his TMP, HUNK let loose a burst from his submachine gun, catching the Hunter in its chest.

“Go for the head!” Chris shouted, before taking aim at the third Hunter with the Raging Bull and fired. The heavy magnum slug tore a massive hole in the Hunter's head before it crashed to the ground. The other two Hunters leapt over the body of its dead counterpart and continued the chase.

HUNK rested the TMP's laser target on the first Hunter's head and fired. The first rounds caused the Hunter's eye to explode, while the other caved in its brain case. With a death screech, it fell to the ground.

Four Hunters down, one Hunter remaining.

And the last one was gaining. It was close enough for Chris and HUNK to see the bloodlust in its eyes and the foam from its mouth. But before HUNK and Chris could draw a bead on it,the Hunter leapt into the air...

...and Jill, who had been watching the last Hunter from her side mirror, hit the brakes, sending both Chris and HUNK to the far end of the Humvee in a heap. But more importantly, the Hunter had missed its mark, sailing over the Humvee.

Jill then released the brakes and stomped on the gas pedal once the Hunter was in her sights, the reptilian-esque bio-weapon bathed in the lights of the Humvee.


The Humvee struck the Hunter, turning the bio-weapon into an impromptu speed hump. The end result was a broken and bloodied Hunter left on the ground.

“Suicide by Valentine,” Jill snickered as she made the turn, heading for Loire Village.

Once the stars were out of Chris and HUNK's head, the latter removed his gas mask and helmet. “You know your wife's crazy, right?” HUNK asked.

Chris shrugged his shoulders. “It's one of her more endearing qualities,” he replied. “Besides, she's like that only behind the wheel.”


Minutes later...

The Wolfpack stood around the mortally wounded Hunter that Jill had ran over. After searching around Henri's home, they found Henri's car keys and gave chase. What they found was the bodies of the four Cerberi, as well as the bodies of the four Hunters and the dying fifth. Its arms were broken, as were both legs. Its eyes dated around its skull as it tried to move, but failed.

“Now why couldn't we have someone like those three on our payroll?” Beltway mused. “We should have scouted Valentine long before the fuck-up back at the Spencer Estate.”

Four-Eyes said nothing as she calmly pulled out her pistol and fired several times at the Hunter's head, putting it out of its misery.

“I can honestly say that I am very impressed with the Americans,” Specter said. “It will be a shame to have to put them down.”

“Never underestimate your enemy,” Vector warned. “Those three survived the Spencer Mansion. Valentine herself survived Raccoon City and destroyed the T-Type. And Redfield went toe-to-toe with Wesker and lived to tell the tale.”

“Indeed,” Lupo seconded. She turned to Beltway, Bertha, Specter and Vector. “Police these bodies up, and get rid of these bio-weapons. I don't want no evidence that could be traced back to Umbrella.”

As the others began to pile the bodies of the dogs and the Hunters, Lupo turned to Four-Eyes. “Any ideas as to where they are headed?”

“More than likely, the Loire Village's offices,” Four-Eyes replied. “Director Henri kept several key files in regards to the company's viral research on her hard drives, as well as two T-003 units hidden within the facility.”

“Very well,” Lupo said. “We need to get a move on and retrieve those hard drives before the Americans do. What about the Tyrants hidden there?”

“I think that those three do not know, but HUNK certainly does,” the Japanese-American operative replied.

In the meantime, the others had taken the bodies of the fallen bio-weapons and placed them in a pile. One thermite grenade followed by three special incendiary grenade had reduced the bodies to nothing but ash. Not even the bones remained, as Beltway's explosives had done their work.

Once that was done with, the Wolfpack gave chase to their quarry.

Trivia: See the significance in HUNK's flat number. The Japanese believe that the number four (Shi) is an unlucky number, given its connections to death.

Next Chapter: Confrontation inside the Loire Village Facility. Someone dies, but who?

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