Resident Evil: A Change In Pace

15: The First Mission, Conclusion

Chapter Fifteen: The First Mission, Conclusion

Snafu's Notes: So you know that Sherry Birkin plays a major role in Resident Evil 6, and that Jake Mueller is Wesker's estranged son and also plays a big role in the game. I've been getting requests that No.6 should be added into the fanfic's storyline. I'm still heavily considering it. As for Revelations, no, I am not adding that to the story. Maybe as a reference, but officially, no.

Umbrella Loire Facility - Loire Village, France

Sneaking inside the Loire was easy enough, as the stolen ID from Henri and her bodyguard had allowed them access. The four had gained access through a side door, and through a hidden freight elevator, made their way to the hidden Umbrella storage laboratory.

For Chris, Jill and Barry, it was a strange case of deja vu, as the hidden storage laboratory was a near mirror image of the destroyed Spencer Laboratory back in what used to be Raccoon City. The only difference was that there was no holding cell, no poison gas trap inside the autopsy room, there was an escape train which led to a hidden location outside of Loire Village in place of the heliport, and the main computer room - which also doubled as the security office - was where the morgue was originally located inside the Spencer Mansion.

There was a skeleton crew managing the labs consisting of five guards and three scientists. However, the eight-man crew were found dead, and from the look of things, they had been dead for over 24 hours. Each one were killed with a bullet to the head. Aside from the dead crew and a squad of lightly-armed guards, the place was deserted.

The culprit was Christine Henri herself. From what HUNK and the three ex-S.T.A.R.S. found out from the security tapes inside her office and in the surrounding labs, Henri was reprimanded by Spencer for her actions in regards to how she was responsible for the Raccoon Outbreak.

Which led to Director Henri killing off the skeleton crew and the remaining scientists. Apparently, she had the same idea as HUNK did, which was why she had a treasure trove of data detailing Umbrella's bio-weapons program and its viral research saved on the computer's hard drives inside the computer room. Had she defected 72 hours earlier, Christine Henri would have been safe from Umbrella.

But in a twist of fate, it would be HUNK who would defect from Umbrella before she could get the chance, thus saving himself from her own fate.

'At least Henri did not unleash the T-virus,' Jill thought. 'Otherwise we would have one hell of a time trying to get in.'

The trio of heroes and one rogue Umbrella soldier were currently inside the computer room; Jill seated in front of a PC, while Chris was looking over her shoulder. Barry and HUNK were monitoring the security cameras, watching out for the Wolfpack's arrival. Access to the main laboratory was forbidden, as Henri had destroyed the card key reader shortly after killing off the staff.

Two of the monitors had a view of the main laboratory's storage room. Half the size of the one from the Spencer Mansion, but it still contained the storage units which housed the Tyrants. And inside two of the capsules, were two T-103 Tyrants.

"Chris, Jill," Barry said, "look at that."

The couple turned to the monitor, where it showed the two Tyrants in stasis. Jill recognized the bio-weapon, as she had seen several of them - including one with dual claws - shortly before her final encounter with what was the T-type.

"I've seen them before...back in Raccoon," Jill said. "Before I fought the Nemesis the final time. Looks like Umbrella has stepped up their game when it comes to Tyrants."

"Indeed," HUNK seconded. "I too have run into the Tyrants when I made my own escape from Raccoon City. What you, your husband and Barry encountered inside the Spencer Mansion was designated T-002. These are mass-produced, codenamed T-103. The higher-ups nicknamed this class of Tyrants as 'Mr. X.' Umbrella mass-produced these Tyrants. Stronger, smarter than the Prototyrant and the T-002." He pointed to the face. The genetic code used for its face was taken after Sergei Vladimir, Lord Spencer's right-hand man and Commander of the Monitor Unit. The T-Type that killed Vickers and came close to killing Lieutenant Valentine was originally a T-103 before it was injected with a NE-α organism. Both the NE-α and the NE-β organisms were created here in this laboratory."

Jill, in the meantime, had accessed the computer and using the password she had pilfered from Henri's office, breathed as sigh of relief as the password was not yet revoked following Henri's death. Following a quick scan of its contents, Jill, Chris, Barry and HUNK saw that the files saved on the hard drive were in fact the real deal, as it detailed Umbrella viral research, as well as a list of those who were on Umbrella's payroll.

"Look, Chris!" Jill shouted, pointing to the screen.

Chris turned to the screen. Barry and HUNK did the same.

Chris grinned. “Jackpot.”

Henri had copies of the files that they had found inside the Spencer Mansion. Files she had scanned, copied and saved onto the hard drive. Giddy with delight that the missing files had been found, Jill reached into her pouch and retrieved two specialized flash drives. Both were prototypes designed by the U.S. Air Force, state-of-the-art, shock and impact-resistant, and was capable of holding over 10 gigabytes each.

Inserting them into the two USB ports, Jill began to download the files onto the flash drives, as well as the footage of Director Henri executing the workers. It would take at least five minutes for the downloading to complete.

In the meantime, Jill was looking over some Umbrella documents. More importantly, the files regarding the creation of the Tyrants.

"Chris, what is this?" Jill asked, pointing to the screen, while HUNK and Barry kept a close eye on the security cameras. "Beta Hetero..."

"Beta Hetero Nonserotonin," Chris finished for her.

"What is it?"

Chris racked his brains for a moment. "It's a a special hormone secreted by the human brain during puberty."

"It's also the prime ingredient for use in creating the Mass-Produced Tyrants," HUNK said from his place at the security cameras.

"Remember the Sheena Island Incident which took place nearly a month after Raccoon was destroyed?"

"You told me bits and pieces about it," Jill replied. "That was the Umbrella-owned island off the European coast, right?"

Chris nodded. "Sheena Island was where the T-103s were mass-produced."

"It was also run by Commander Vincent Goldman," HUNK continued. "Real cold bastard who was more than willing to kill his own colleagues in order to advance through the ranks. That was how he was able to ascend to the post of Commander of Sheena Island."

"So what does this have to do with with Beta Hetero Nonserotonin?" Jill asked.

"I got to know Leon a bit better while you were away at OCS. After Raccoon got nuked off the map, Leon told me that he had a friend who was a private detective. His name was Ark Thompson. He asked Ark to investigate Commander Goldman and the Tyrant facility," Chris replied. "He tried to infiltrate the island by posing as Commander Goldman, but Goldman found out and released the T-virus on the island in retaliation. Ark found documents which details the creation of the Tyrants, and how the hormone plays into the creation."

"Goldman took me in his confidence and told me what he did," HUNK continued. "It was shortly before I had to accompany a shipment to Rockfort Island that he bragged to me that he killed 30 prisoners - all teenagers who tried to escape from the island's prison. The only way that Beta Hetero Nonserotonin is extracted is by instilling deep-seated fear and alarm in the teenager. Goldman had kidnapped teenagers from third-world countries and places where they would not be missed and brought them to the island. His method of getting the hormones was simple, but brutal: by operating on the children without any type of anesthesia in order to produce more of the hormones."

Jill started to turn green. "That's horrible."

"Umbrella knew about this, but his research was to valuable to contradict him," HUNK continued. "I may not be a nice guy, but even I have morals. Goldman, on the other hand, was so evil, that not even the Devil himself could trust him."

Meanwhile, Barry noticed the arrival of The Wolfpack via the office's back entrance. The guards had given then no trouble, not after Specter left one dead with a knife in the throat.

"Um, guys...we got company," Barry said.

By that time, the downloads were complete and Jill retrieved the flash drives and secured them inside her back pouch. But before she could shut down the computer, HUNK stopped her.

"Wait." He scooted Jill out of the way and punched in several keys. Seconds later, a new window popped up, showing the conditions of both Tyrants.

"What are you doing?" Jill asked.

"Insurance policy," HUNK replied as he typed in several commands. "The Wolfpack has more firepower than the four of us combined..."

Chris immediately knew what HUNK had planned. "You're going to unleash the Tyrants on the Wolfpack to cover our escape."

"One of them," Mr. Death replied. "The second I will send to the power room to wreck the generators to the point that the failsafe will kick in."

"Does this 'failsafe' goes boom?" Barry asked.

"Very much so," HUNK replied. "A specialized thermobaric bomb designed not only to destroy the labs here, but also cause the Loire offices to collapse onto itself, thus wiping away any and all traces of Umbrella's illegal activities here."

"How long is the delay?" Chris asked.

"Fifteen minutes. More than enough time for us to escape." HUNK cocked his head to the side. “You got something planned, do you?”

“Divide and conquer,” Chris replied. “If the Tyrant makes contact with the Wolfpack, more than likely, Lupo would probably go on ahead while the others distract the Tyrant in an attempt to buy her some time to track us down. If she's smart as you got her pegged, then she would have someone backing her up.”

“You sure about that?” HUNK asked.

“I would,” Chris replied. “You and Barry get to the Humvee and get it started. Jill and I will deal with Lupo.”


Inside the main stasis chambers, the powerful sedatives that kept the two Mr. X units under control ceased as its orders came through. The first Tyrant was to head topside to combat the Wolfpack, while the second would head for the laboratory's power room and cause the lab's self-destruct mechanisms to kick in.

Before the tubes could open and release the T-103s, they simply tore through the stasis tubes and stepped out. Dripping stasis fluid, the bald, white-eyed, eight-foot humanoid bioweapons looked around for a moment, taking notice of the bodies that littered the floor, before their orders finally kicked in.

The two T-103s then smashed their way through the steel doors and stomped down the corridor. One smashed its way through a door leading to a set of stairs, while the second made its way deeper down the lab's corridors, heading for the power room.


Inside the Loire Facility,

Aside from the run-in with a squad of guards who saw that discretion was the better part of valor, the Wolfpack found the place empty. Something was definitely not right. Lupo could feel it in her bones.

'Could I be wrong?' she wondered. 'Could HUNK and the Americans already be on their way out of the country and that coming here was a feint?'


Heavy footfalls echoed throughout the corridor as a sense of dread crept on Lupo's spine. Slowly, she raised her assault rifle, praying that whatever was storming down the corridor in their direction was not what she thought it was. Her teammates followed suit, raising their own weapons.

Lupo's hopes were dashed as the trenchcoat-wearing monstrosity that was Mr. X emerged from around the corner and strode forward, his human-sized hands balled into fists, soulless white eyes looking down at the six targets. Lupo and the others had seen the T-103 in action back in Raccoon City. It had crushed the walking dead, Special Forces, and even fought the Nemesis to a standoff before the two B.O.W.'s separated and went about on their respective assignments.

It was also through a T-103 that delayed them long enough for Leon Kennedy to escape from being killed at their hands, as it was coming after them instead, allowing him to duck inside the police station.

Lupo opened fire. The others followed suit. Rounds from various assault rifles and handguns tore into the massive Tyrant, but the bioweapon continued its advance undaunted.

“Fall back!” Lupo shouted, as the corridor had given them a serious disadvantage. Her rifle clicked empty. Reacting automatically, she ejected the spent clip and had a fresh one loaded within seconds, taking note that she was down to her last clip.

“Boss! Go! We'll cover you!” Beltway shouted. “Find HUNK and the S.T.A.R.S.! Make sure they don't escape!”

Lupo nodded. “Four-Eyes! On me!” she shouted as she rolled under the Tyrant's overhead punch, which smashed through a wall with bone-pulverizing force. Lupo and the Wolfpack know first hand just how deadly a physical attack from a Tyrant can be.



Gunfire echoed throughout the hall as the three S.T.A.R.S. and Mr. Death exited Henri's office. Pinpointing the location of the gunfire, HUNK deduced that the way leading to their escape vehicle was clear. Both he and Barry had split off from Chris and Jill, who headed off in a seperate direction to intercept Lupo and whoever she was with.

As Jill found out, Chris turned out to be right as to how the Wolfpack had conducted its battle strategy, since they both saw Lupo and Four-Eyes at the far end of the hall when they peeked around the corner, backs turned.

"You never cease to amaze me, Redfield," Jill whispered. "Divide and conquer indeed."

"Ready?" Chris asked.

Jill nodded as she cracked her knuckles. "Hell, Umbrella and the Wolfpack want me so bad, might as well leave an impression on them," she said as she stepped into the corridor.

Then she broke into a full sprint.

Four-Eyes and Lupo heard someone approaching from behind and turned around...

...and Four-Eyes ducked as Jill sailed past her, having jumped into the air.

Jill's booted foot caught Lupo square in the chest, causing her to drop her assault rifle. The blow had launched Lupo into the air, allowing Jill to kick her to the ground, the force of the blow stunning Lupo as she struck the ground. Jill, having kicked herself off of Lupo, somersaulted, as Four-Eyes fired on her with her sidearm, missing as she landed on the ground.

The former thief spun on one heel, kicking the gun out of the Japanese-American scientist's hand, which was followed by a vicious leg scissors takedown which sent her crashing into a wall and out cold.

By that time, Lupo had recovered and had drew her sidearm. Jill's head snapped up, and Lupo saw that her eyes showed nothing but primal instinct, combined with the ruthless effectiveness of a soldier. Had they been on the same side, Lupo would have approved. She would have been right at home with the Wolfpack.

Jill closed the distance just as Lupo raised the pistol, ejecting the spent clip and slapping in a fresh one.

Before Lupo could get a shot off, Jill sidestepped out of the line of fire. Her mind went back to her first training session with Chris back in Raccoon as she performed the move he had taught her on Lupo.

"First thing you do is sidestep out of the way. Right hand on my gun hand, push it downward and hold. That will neutralize my line of fire. Then take your left hand and twist my left arm around my right elbow, that'll break the hold on my gun hand. Left hand on my throat."

Lupo found her arms immobilized, and her air being cut off with Jill's hand on her throat.


Jill felt the barrel of a gun pressed up against her temple. Vector – having shadowed Lupo and Four-Eyes – has arrived.

But so did Chris, as Vector had found out when Jill's husband had tackled him, sending the both of them crashing through a set of double doors labeled CONFERENCE ROOM, leaving the Raccoon survivor to fight the Wolfpack commander. Following through what she had done to Chris back in Raccoon City, she kicked Lupo in the back of her head and delivered an even harder palm strike to her sternum, forcing her back.

Lupo in the meantime, had mentally swore in French. She was taught never to underestimate her enemy, and that was her first mistake. Apparently, Jill Valentine was more resourceful than she had originally thought. The French commando shook off the attack and faced down her opponent.

The fight was on.


Meanwhile, Chris and Vector had landed in a heap following Chris tackling the Japanese soldier through the double doors. Specter went for his gun, but Chris kicked it out of his hands, which was followed by a Rolling Sobat which connected to Vector's masked head, knocking the man back.

Chris hopped onto the conference room's long table and reached behind his back. His hand gripping the handle of the machete which was strapped to his vest from the back, Chris drew his weapon and held it in a reverse grip.

Vector saw the challenge and accepted it. Pulling out his own knife, he hopped onto the table, and a vicious knife fight ensued.


Outside, the Wolfpack Commander and the ex-thief were still fighting.

Lupo had gotten over her shock and was fighting back, matching Jill blow for blow. Her face mask was knocked off, and Lupo was sporting some fresh bruises, as did Jill.

In the back of her mind, Jill was very thankful for the extra training that Chris had put her through while back in Raccoon City. Aside from his training, she also had her Army training to fall back on, as well as her agility honed from being a thief and as a cop.

Gunfire echoed throughout the hall, as Bertha, Beltway and Vector continued to fire on the Mr. X unit. Four-Eyes was still out cold.

Ducking under Lupo's punch, Jill punched Lupo twice in the torso, which was followed by an uppercut to the chin and an overhead elbow. Lupo responded with a right cross followed by a roundhouse kick to the face.

This was turning into a drag-down, bare knuckle brawl.

Lupo grabbed Jill from behind, only to get a vertical axe kick to the face, forcing Lupo to let her go.

As Lupo was stunned from the blow, Four-Eyes, now recovered, tried to sneak attack Jill from behind...

...but was most surprised when without turning around, Jill's hand lashed out and caught the U.S.S. Operative by the throat with brute strength.

Jill turned to Four-Eyes and slammed her head into hers, knocking her back down before turning back to Lupo.

Before the fight could resume, HUNK's voice crackled on her earpiece.

“Valentine. Redfield. Time to go.”

Jill mentally breathed out a sigh of relief. HUNK and Barry had made it to the Humvee.


Inside the conference room, Chris and Specter had locked blades. Both men had to grudgingly agree that their opponent was indeed worth the challenge, as they had been fighting for over five minutes without neither person gaining an advantage over the other.

Like Lupo, Chris had knocked off Vector's gas mask, which was now discarded on the floor. Vector could have used his stealth and made a silent kill, but had long since decided against it, as he saw Chris as a worthy opponent and wanted to savor the satisfaction of killing Chris without being so sneaky about it.

Not to say that Chris had gotten out unscathed. He sported several cuts on his arms, as did Vector. In the brawl, Chris' earpiece had gotten knocked out of his ear, which explained why he heard Jill shout out, “Redfield! Last call!”

Chris knew that HUNK and Barry had made it to the Humvee and shouted back, “Buy me a round!”

One knee to the groin sent Vector sinking to his knees, followed by a second knee to the chin, knocking him on his ass. Before Specter could resume his attack, Chris had picked up his handgun and fired the clip at Vector, forcing the knife-wielding assassin to take cover.

By the time the firing stopped, Specter looked up and saw that Chris was gone.

“Damn it all!” Vector shouted slamming one fist onto the table. Retrieving his mask, he placed it back on his face and rushed out of the conference room. Outside, Bertha and Specter had rejoined the group, having depleted nearly all of their ammo while fighting the Tyrant, while Beltway pursued Chris and Jill. Four-Eyes had regained consciousness and Bertha was checking out Four-Eyes and Lupo.

Suddenly, the building began to shake violently as an explosion from within its hidden laboratory rocked the building to its foundations.

Then the announcement came.

Attention. Autodestruction séquence a été activé. Cette séquence ne peut pas être interrompu. Tous les employés d'évacuer à distance de sécurité minimale. Répétition: Self-Destruct séquence activée. Cette séquence ne peut pas être interrompu. Dix minutes avant la fin jusqu'à ce que la détonation.” (Attention. Self-destruct sequence has been activated. This sequence cannot be aborted. All employees evacuate to minimal safe distance. Repeat: Self-destruct sequence activated. This sequence cannot be aborted. Ten minutes remain until detonation.)

Realization came across Lupo's face as she saw what HUNK had done. Soon, Four-Eyes' expression matched that of her superior officer.

“HUNK must have came for the data stored here,” Four-Eyes said. “Then he must have unleashed the T-103 and triggered the place to blow.”

“There is nothing we can do here,” Lupo said. “Where's Beltway?”

“In pursuit,” Vector replied. “He's heading for the cargo entrance!”

“Okay, Wolfpack! Move out!”


HUNK and Barry had gotten the Humvee ready and were waiting for Chris and Jill to arrive. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait very long, as the couple came running through the cargo doors.

Chris got in first, and helped Jill into the back, just as Beltway came charging through. Brandishing his gun, he raised it and fired.

Jill saw Chris fall, clutching his shoulder. All of a sudden, the rage returned. She hadn't felt it since foiling the failed robbery back at Raccoon National. She drew out her USP and opened fire.

The nine-millimeter parabellum rounds did little to stop Beltway as he turned his gun on her. Then he watched as Jill adjusted his aim and his eyes widened as to what she was aiming.

The last grenade on his bandolier.


The bullet met its mark.


Beltway almost felt nothing as the grenade detonated, sending shards of Beltway's body armor through his body, not to mention the force of the blast threw him back.


At the same time...


Lupo and the rest of the Wolfpack heard the explosion and as they rounded the corner, they came across Beltway's smoking, bleeding body. Lupo turned to the door, and saw the Humvee drive off, with Jill holstering her weapon. It didn't take long for Lupo to put two and two together.

Jill had done this to Beltway.

Almost immediately, Vector, Specter, Four-Eyes and Bertha picked up their wounded comrade and carried him outside.

Once they were clear of the building's blast radius, they set the demolitions expert down.

“It's only a scratch,” Beltway grunted as he tried to keep his insides from coming outside. “I can wing it, Boss. I”

Bertha looked at Beltway's wounds. Then she turned to Lupo and shook her head. There was too much damage done when the grenade detonated. Either he would die from blood loss or from the trauma from the grenade blast. Either way, Beltway's fate was sealed.

Lupo crouched down and removed Beltway's helmet and mask from his face. Gently taking his hand into hers, Lupo spoke to him softly in French.

“Shh ... reste maintenant. Il sera bientôt terminé. Vous avez fait votre devoir. Reste maintenant.” ( now. It will be over soon. You have done your duty. Rest now.)

Lupo was still whispering to Beltway when his body seized up, then relaxed as he breathed in his last breath, his grip went slack in her hand.

Lupo released Beltway's hand and closed his eyes. Then she retrieved his dogtags. The other four members watched this scene with mixed emotions on their faces...if their masks were not in the way. Behind them, the Loire Village office of Umbrella Incorporated collapsed onto itself, the ground vibrating slightly from the explosions, following the countdown of the self-destruct sequence.

But the Wolfpack did not notice. One of their own was dead. And more importantly, the mission was a failure. Another Umbrella facility was destroyed and HUNK managed to escape with the help of Redfield, Valentine and Burton.



“Is he okay?” Barry asked, frantic as Jill checked her husband. HUNK was behind the wheel.

“I'm good,” Chris grunted as he sat up and removed the vest. He looked at where the round had made impact, and saw that the combat vest – which he had lined with kevlar – had done its job in keeping him alive. “Stings like shit.”

Jill breathed out a sigh of relief. Despite the close calls, the mission was accomplished and both her and her husband was still alive. The Anti-Umbrella forces have struck a major blow, and The Wolfpack had lost one of their own, but the war was just beginning.

All that mattered now was to return home.

Snafu's Notes: Recognized the action sequence with Jill, Lupo and Four-Eyes? It's the same as in Resident Evil 5 when Evil Jill and Wesker manhandles Chris and Sheva.

Next Chapter: The Consortium's inquiry on Raccoon City begins. Chris and Jill get a new house guest. Claire decides what she wants to do with her life. A new ally joins the fray.

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