Resident Evil: A Change In Pace

Jill's Bio - R.P.D.


[Jill's dossier. As with Chris, there are three photos. Photo number one is her mug shot from the Stone Ville Sheriff's Department. The second is her in Army fatigues, having completed basic training. The third photo is that in her summer R.P.D. uniform.]


Nationality: American

Full Name: Jillianne Catherine Valentin (legally changed her last name to Valentine)

Aliases: Cate Valentin, J.C. Valentine

Nickname: The Mistress of Unlocking

Date of Birth: May 19, 1974

Place of Birth: Stone Ville, Colorado

Height: 5 feet, 8 inches

Weight: 111 pounds

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Light Blue

Blood Type: B

Family: Richard 'Dick' Valentin, father; Miyako Watanabe, mother (deceased)

Specialty: Lockpicking, pickpocketing breaking and entering - cars especially, playing the piano

Hobby: Playing piano

Favorite Food: Anything with chocolate in it

Favorite Sport: Gymnastics - Jill is a peak athlete, Olympic level

Most Valuable: Pendant - memento from her late mother, her car - a classic Chevy Camaro

Likes: Shopping

Dislikes: Stone Ville County Sheriff Tom Carter, anyone who addresses her by her real name - her father is the exception, men who abuse women


- Age 17: Graduates from Stone Ville High School. Later is caught and arrested for numerous counts of breaking and entering. Accepts a plea deal, and enlists into the Army.

- Age 18: Attends college on the GI Bill.

- Age 19: Selected to undergo a four-week long training course with Delta Force. Receives high marks in bomb disposal and weapons training. Joins the Military Police Corps.

- Age 21: Discharged from the Army with the rank of Specialist. Accepts a job with the Raccoon Police Department in Raccoon City as a uniformed officer.

- Age 22: Graduates from Raccoon University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Later is recruited into the R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. unit

Occupation: Formerly a thief, ex-Army Military Police, currently employed with the Raccoon Police Department - Special Tactics and Rescue Service

Jill's Background

Hotheaded, independent and temperamental, Jillianne Valentine is the only daughter of professional cat burglar Richard Valentin and his Japanese wife, Miyako Watanabe. Having lost her mother as a teenager, Jill was raised by her father. Trained by her father in the art of stealing, burglary and pickpocketing, Jill was on her way to a life of crime, when at the age of seventeen, she was arrested on numerous charges on breaking an entering, as well as car theft. Faced with being tried as an adult for her crimes, Jill, at the urging of her father, took a plea deal: four years in the military in exchange for her juvenile records being sealed, an act which earns her the ire of Stone Ville County Sheriff Thomas J. Carter, who wanted to see Jill placed in county jail.

During her four-year stint in the Army, Jill had shown extraordinary marks when it comes to combat and physical training. In her second year, her skills had drawn the attention of her superiors in the Army, who had sent her on an four-week advanced training course with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment (Delta Force), receiving high marks in weapons combat and bomb disposal (sadly, she was not allowed to join, as Delta Force does not allow women to join their unit - seriously). Shortly afterward, she was recruited into the Army's Military Police, thus breaking the mandatory age requirements, making herself the youngest MP in the Army's history at the age of nineteen.

During her stint in the military, Jill was dating a college athlete, who tried to sexually assault her. Fortunately, Jill had fought him off before he could rape her. Since that incident, she had trouble trusting other people, her father being the only exception. Following her discharge from the Army, Jill returned to the Midwest. Seeing as how returning to Stone Ville was out of the question given her past as a thief, Jill moved to Raccoon City to finish up her college degree at Raccoon University.

Shortly afterward, Jill was hired by the R.P.D. Her skills with computers - as well as her experience as a former thief dealing with cases involving theft - soon draws the attention of the S.T.A.R.S. commander, Captain Albert Wesker, who requested Jill's help on a difficult case. Shortly after closing the case, Jill was recruited into the S.T.A.R.S. unit. Aside from her talents as a former thief, Jill is also talented in playing the piano. She is also a peak athlete, who specialises in hand-to-hand combat. With the arrival of Chris Redfield, however, Jill now has a rival, as he was the only person who managed to best her in combat. Despite this, Jill has grown to admire and respect her partner for his strict work ethic and his responsibility in raising his sister on his own.

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