Resident Evil: A Change In Pace

6. Entries

Chapter Five: Comforts

Redfield Home - October, 1997.

From the journal of Chris Redfield...

October 10, 1997

Two months. It's been two months since Jill and I had started sleeping together. Two months since our relationship began. If you call it a relationship at first. More like 'friends with benefits.'

I guess it was because I was lonely. Jill too. Some folks sometimes skip the friendship and go straight to the sex. Fortunately Jill and I were friends as well as partners. Wesker, Barry and the others were still kept in the dark, and for good reason. Relationships between R.P.D. officers were against the rules, leading to Jill and I sneaking around the R.P.D. late nights for a quickie.

Most of the rooms in the R.P.D. don't have security cameras, which made looking for a makeout spot even easier. Of course, there's always her place, and my house. We even spent one weekend together at the Apple Inn. If I had told anyone that Chris Redfield was breaking the rules so he could get a piece of tail from his partner, they would have looked at me like I was insane.

But I wanted it. I wanted Jill. And I knew that she wanted me as well.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. It started two months ago. I was at home, enjoying my day off when Jill came to my doorstep.


Redfield Home - August, 1997.

Things had calmed down in Raccoon City. Claire had settled into life as a college student down in Stone Ville, and thankfully, was having no problems with Sheriff Carter or his deputies. Jill had moved out of Chris' house and into a new apartment building that was closer to the R.P.D., yet Chris still picked her up every morning on his way into work.

At the moment, Chris Redfield was in the den. Seated on the couch, Chris had just finished cleaning his Samurai Edge. He loaded a fresh clip into the weapon and placed the gun on safety before placing it back on the table. It was his day off and he had nothing planned.

Of course, fate can be a real bitch sometimes.

Chris turned to the photo that sat on the coffee table. The photo was of himself and Jill, taken several days earlier. Both were dressed in their respective S.T.A.R.S. uniforms; Chris wearing a green flak vest over his T-shirt, gray combat fatigues and boots, while Jill was wearing a blue shirt with a pair of shoulder harnesses strapped on, blue cargo pants and boots. Her beret was on Chris' head as a playful gesture.

The photo was taken earlier that week, following a training exercise between Alpha and Bravo Teams inside a condemned part of Raccoon's Warehouse District used by the R.P.D. for training purposes. Led by Wesker with Chris as tactician, Bravo Team was routed and Marini was beaten. It was Kenneth that had taken the photo of the two partners, and had a friend who worked in the R.P.D. forensics department develop the film. He gave Chris and Jill each a copy.

That was another thing that was a recent development. That was his growing attraction to his partner.

Sure Jill was a temperamental person and was at some times, a hothead, but at the same time, Chris did enjoy hanging out with her. And she turned out to be an excellent student in close-quarters-combat, having taken his lessons to heart. So far, during their sparring sessions, they both were tied with three wins each.

It started with the dream of her half-naked playing 'Greensleaves' on the piano. Now, the attraction was growing.

'Shit. At least she's not Stacey,' Chris thought, remembering the confrontation at Grill 13. 'She's not a social-climbing wannabe debutante. She's a hard worker, and she watched my back during the bank robbery. She's smart, funny...Claire likes her, which is a huge bonus...she wants to prove herself, like me...'

The knocking on his door had interrupted his reverie. Wondering as to who could be calling on him on his day off, Chris exited the den, and made his way to the door.

"Who is it?" he demanded.

"Open the door, Chris."

It was Jill, and she sounded pissed. Praying that it wasn't nothing that he had done, Chris placed his weapon on safety and holstered it before unlocking and opening the door.

As soon as the door opened, Jill stormed in. She was definitely pissed, as Chris had noticed. The second thing he noticed was what she was wearing.

His partner was dressed in a strapless blue bustier which showed off the curves in chest and torso. Chris also noticed that said bustier buttoned from the back. A black miniskirt which ended several inches above her knees was the next item she had on, which was partially concealed by the white shirt she had tied to her waist. A pair of knee-high boots completed the outfit. Chris saw that she wore no makeup, as usual. But to him, that only enhanced her appearance.

'God, she's hot,' Chris thought.

Before Chris could say anything, Jill began to rant.

"I don't believe this. He stood me up. I've been waiting at that damn restaurant for over an hour and a half and Jason didn't even have the decency to let me know that he wasn't going to make it. First impressions my ass."

Chris decided to let his partner vent. Even he knew that Jill Valentine could be scary when pissed. In some cases, she could be even more scarier than Wesker. And given the fact that she was his partner, Chris would sometimes bear the brunt of her verbal rants. Thankfully, they were not directed at him.

"I knew that he didn't want to be seen with a cop. What's wrong with having a career in law enforcement?" Jill asked as she slumped into a chair. She let out a groan. "God, I hate my life."

"What happened?" Chris asked, concerned.

Jill took the moment to explain. She had met a guy while visiting The Boutique and made plans for a date. After waiting for an hour, Jason did not show. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that she had just been stood up.

After a moment, Chris walked over to his closet and retrieved his leather jacket. Slipping it on, he walked over to his steaming partner. "Get up," he said. "You're coming with me."

Jill looked up. "What? Where are we going?"

Chris grinned. "You'll see."


Twenty minutes later, the pair had reached their destination.

Jill looked at Chris. "The Raccoon Zoo? Seriously?"

Chris shrugged his shoulders. "Would you rather spend the evening feeling ranting about your date?"

Jill had no reply. At least Chris was trying to cheer her up...sort of. Sighing to herself, she resigned herself to her fate. But deep down, it had been a long time since she had visited the zoo. Besides, Chris was paying for her admission.


After a while, Jill was enjoying herself. The zoo's main attraction, the bull elephant named Oscar, was out sick. But that didn't stop Chris and Jill from having a good time. Being the prodigy that he was, Chris was explaining to Jill about the various types of animals and where they were from.

At the moment, the pair were standing in front of the lions' exhibit. Jill was looking at the zoo's pamphlet, reading over the info regarding the lions. The four lions in questions - the one male lion and the three lionesses - were simply lounging in their artificial habitat.

"Says here that the lionesses' names are Silfy, Angela and Jennifer," Jill read, "and that the male lion's name is Max."

"The lion's binomial nomenclature, or binomial name, is Panthera leo," Chris explained. "With some males exceeding 550 pounds in weight, it is the second-largest living cat after the tiger. Lions are unusually social compared to other cats. A pride of lions consists of related females and offspring and a small number of adult males. Groups of female lions typically hunt together, preying mostly on large ungulates. Lions are apex and keystone predators, although they will scavenge if the opportunity arises. While lions do not typically hunt humans selectively, some have been known to become man-eaters and seek human prey."

Jill looked at Chris, obviously impressed. "Is there anything you don't know?" she asked playfully.

Chris smiled that rougish smile as he shrugged his shoulders. "Many things," he replied as they walked from the exhibit. Inside, Max let out a roar, but the two S.T.A.R.S. members didn't seem to notice.

Chris had his hands in his pocket as he walked along the pathway with Jill. As they passed the hyena exhibit, Jill linked her arm with Chris's own.

"Chris," the ex-thief began, smiling at her partner. "Thanks...for caring. You really didn't have to do this, but thanks anyway. I feel a lot better now."

Chris could have just left her to rant and rave about her botched date, Jill realized, but here he was, cheering her up. She knew about his problems with his social-climbing ex-fiancée, about how she had ditched him a month before their wedding day following his discharge from the Air Force. Even she remembered Chris's run-in with Stacey following Claire's graduation and she had to fight the urge not to punch that smug bitch in the mouth.

"Whoever this guy is," Chris replied, "he's a complete asshole to leave you hanging like he did."

For some odd reason, Jill's heart fluttered at the comment.

That is, until Chris's cellphone ruined the moment. Chris retrieved the item and looked at the caller ID. "It's Wesker," he said.

Chris activated the phone. "Redfield here."

"Chris, I need both you and Jill to work the graveyard shift tonight," Wesker voice replied. "I know Marini and Speyer were supposed to be working tonight, but they're covering for two of the patrolmen. Do this for me and the both of you have the weekend off."

"We'll be there," Chris replied, ending the call.

"What is it?" Jill asked as Chris pocketed his phone.

"That was Wesker. Looks like we're gonna be working late tonight," Chris said.

Jill groaned. "Great. Eight hours of torture."

Since it was a Friday, graveyard shift for the S.T.A.R.S. consisted of eight hours inside the S.T.A.R.S. Office, catching up on paperwork. Either way, it wasn't going to be very fun.

"Think it's payback for kicking Bravo's ass in that training exercise?" Chris asked.

"Could be," Jill replied. "Either way, Saturday night is going to suck."

[End Flashback]

The S.T.A.R.S. Office was located in the east wing on the second floor. Most of the cops working the graveyard shift are situated on the west side of the building.


Raccoon Police Department, S.T.A.R.S. Office - several hours later.

The paperwork wasn't as bad as it was expected. Chris and Jill had gotten through with it and had it filed in less than four hours. Of course, they could not just go home early, which would earn them Wesker's ire. So Chris ordered some Chinese takeout from a 24-hour restaurant in uptown Raccoon City, and the two had a late-night dinner.

Jill was poking through her fried rice with a fork, while Chris was eating his with a pair of chopsticks. Jill watched as Chris ate his dinner with the chopsticks. "How can you do that?" she asked.

Chris grinned. "Spent one summer in South Korea. They got excellent kimchee there. A friend of mine taught me how to use chopsticks. Not that hard really."

"What's next? You can tell me that you can kill a person with a pair of chopsticks?"

Jill nearly dropped her carton of rice at Chris' reply. "Sure. Just jab the chopsticks into the offending bastard's throat as hard as you can."

"You're joking, right?"

Chris shook his head. "Nope."

The partners continued their dinner in silence. As Jill ate her rice, she too was having the same thoughts Chris was having earlier. And her growing attraction towards Chris scared her, but at the same time, she wanted to be close to him.

'It's funny. I thought that I would never get close to another man, after I was nearly raped,' the brunette thought. 'But Chris...he's a different story altogether. He didn't judge me because of my past. He has a kind heart and a strict work ethic. He's helped me to become a better fighter. And responsible, from what I've seen with Claire. Oh, shit. Can I be attracted to my partner?'

Jill pondered this for a moment as she watched Chris search his desk drawer for some random item. 'Well...he does have his moments. Dad likes him, and he's a hard person to impress. Rita was right about him having a cute butt, and he's in good shape, despite the battle scars.'

Realizing that her carton was empty, she tossed it in the trash, where it landed on Chris' own carton and chopsticks.

Chris looked at his watch. "Ten minutes till two."

Jill nodded. "Yeah." She looked at her bustier and skirt. "Can't believe I ended up coming to work dressed like I just left happy hour at Bar Jack."

Chris shrugged his shoulders. "Looks good on you," he said. "I meant what I said back at the zoo, Jill. About your date ditching you the way he did."

"I know."

After a moment, Chris said, “You know, you're a lot cuter when you let your guard down.”

Jill immediately frowned. “I never let my guard down, Redfield,” she snapped as she rose from her desk. “Not even for you.”

She turned to the door. As she reached for the door, she felt Chris' hand on her wrist. Acting on reflex, Jill spun around and swung her free hand, which was balled into a fist...

...only to see Chris, who was standing behind her, his hand holding her wrist in a firm grip.

Jill felt her back up against the door as Chris pinned her in, but allowed her some movement should she wanted to escape. Her heart was pounding inside her chest.

Her mind was screaming, screaming for her to do something. 'What are you standing around for?! Bite him! Knee him in the nuts! DAMMIT! DO SOMETHING!'

Then her mind, for lack of a better term, had shut down.

The reason being was that Chris Redfield was kissing her.

Her eyes widened. Then they slowly sank shut as Jill began to respond to the kiss, Chris releasing her arms as she wrapped around Chris's neck as she returned the kiss. Never did she imagine Chris as the aggressor, but here he was, kissing her.

During this time, Jill's mind had rebooted.

'Okay, this is very unexpected,' Jill thought. 'Not that I'm complaining, anyway. Can't say that Chris is not unlike the other jerks I've dated. Am actually in love with this guy?'

Seeing as how she was returning his kiss rather than trying to take his head off, or kneeing him in the junk, she just might be.

After a moment, they broke off the kiss. Jill kept her eyes closed as she exhaled sharply as she tried to get her heart under control. That kiss sure as hell set off some serious fireworks.

"You were saying?" Chris began, arms still around her waist, having slipped them around her torso.

Jill slowly opened her eyes. "Christopher Redfield...if you don't kiss me right now...I'm gonna kick your ass all over this office." It was a half-hearted threat at best.

Chris kissed her again. Jill's lips were soft, warm, and tasted like honey...that and the fried rice and braised wings she had for dinner. Her tongue was spicy as it made its way into Chris' open mouth as it wrestled with his organ for superiority. Jill let out a gasp as she felt Chris' hands on her rear, lifting her up, her back firmly up against the door. Chris felt her legs wrap around his waist as the kiss intensified.

Once again, the pair broke off the kiss, due to a lack of oxygen. Jill was still pinned up against the door.

"So...if I wanted to stop right now," Chris whispered, "do you really think you can stop me?"

The smell of soap and spice was intoxicating to Jill. "I think the question you should be asking me is do I want to," she breathed. "I need you, Chris. Oh, God I need you..."

They resumed their liplock once again, Jill running her fingers through Chris' hair as she moaned softly as Chris attacked her bare neck and shoulder with his lips. One of Jill's hands reached down and fumbled for the door's lock. After several tries, Jill locked the door, just as the kiss slowly intensified.

Chris shifted his hands downward, until he reached the ends of Jill's skirt. He slid the black material upwards, exposing her panty-covered rear. Jill shivered, the idea of doing something that could possibly get them fired was turning her immensely on. She felt Chris move away slightly from the door, which allowed Jill to unwrap her legs around his waist and placed her feet back onto the floor.

"Here?" was all that Chris had said once they had broken the kiss for some serious air.

"Yes. Here," Jill replied breathlessly as her hands scrambled to remove Chris' shirt, the former military officer allowing Jill to remove his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the side, where it landed on her chair. "There's hardly no one here in this side of the building."

Chris had originally thought about simply taking Jill back to his place and making the most of their weekend off by simply screwing Jill silly. But rational thought was literally kicked out the window. He had never thought that by kissing Jill that things would go this far. One thing was for certain. He wanted Jill.

While Jill's hands explored the contours of Chris's muscular back, she felt Chris's own hands behind her own, working the buttons of her bustier loose, until finally, that blue article of clothing had finally been freed, the bustier fluttering down to the floor.

Of course, for Chris Redfield, it wasn't the first time he had seen a naked woman. But now, every part of Jill's body was being burned into his memory. She had an athletic build with little to no fat, but she was not a health nut, unlike some girls he knew. Her breasts were at least a C-cup, given how Stacey almost had the same bust size before his bitch of an ex had gotten the tit-job. Fortunately, from the look of things, Jill's chest was natural and firm, the nipples a dark pink.

Jill's breath came out a hiss as she felt one of Chris's hands grasp the sensitive flesh, his thumb playing with the hardening nipple while attacking her neckline with his lips and tongue. "You don't have to worry," she whispered. "They're real. You thought I had a boob job, didn't you?" Jill asked, her hands working on loosening Chris's belt buckle, taking great interest in the pitched tent in his pants, her lust-filled azure eyes looking into Chris's chestnut orbs. She gave him a reassuring (albeit lust-filled) smile. "Don't worry. This is all natural."

'Thank God,' Chris thought as his other hand came into play, caressing Jill's breasts. 'I fucking hate tit jobs.'

"We can explore later," Jill breathed, finally getting Chris's pants free. "Right now, I want you...all of you..."

Upon yanking his pants and boxers down to his ankles, Chris' little soldier stood proudly at attention. Jill saw that while he was not as grotesquely hung like a porno star, he did have quite the interesting tool, Jill guessing that he was between seven and seven and a half inches at full length.

Chris caught the look on Jill's face and grinned. "Don't worry," he said, repeating what she had said earlier. "This is all natural."

"Jerk," Jill said. Pausing for a moment to remove her panties, not realizing that in her haste, she had managed to get one leg out of the undergarment, the pair of panties hanging from one leg.

She soon found herself pinned up against the door once again, her breasts pressed up against Chris's chest as they met in another frenzied kiss. Jill felt Chris lift one of her legs, his erect member pressing up against her folds. Chris reached down, the back of his hand brushing up against Jill's intimate area, revealing that Jill had shaved herself bare as he positioned his member at her wet sex.

Chris was looking at Jill as he pushed his erect cock inside her, grunting as his teeth clenched at how tight Jill was. Her inner muscles were like a vise - a wet and warm vise. Only Mel came close, while Stacey was a weak lay. Upon feeling Chris push his way inside of her, Jill couldn't help herself. Her eyes were closed at first, then opened, a wordless moan escaping her lips, feeling her partner deep inside of her, and effectively pinning her to the door.

Soon, Chris was balls-deep inside Jill. For a long moment, neither person moved for a full minute as they tried to get used to the sensations. Fortunately, Jill didn't have a hymen; that she had broken during her martial arts training years earlier. This also wasn't her first time with a man either, having lost her virginity to her first boyfriend back in Stone Ville.

Chris held her up against the door, a double handful of her ass, and Jill's legs - complete with the pair of panties dangling from one leg. Jill was holding onto him for dear life, eyes closed, her tongue wetting her lips.

"Are you okay?" Chris whispered.

Jill nodded, unable to speak eyes still closed.

"Do you want me to stop?"

Jill shook her head in the negative. "'s been a gentle..."

"Okay. I'm gonna have to pull out of you when I..."

Again, Jill shook her head in the negative. "I'm on the pill. Please don't move," she whispered as she felt him rub firmly against her G-spot. "You'll make me come if you do."

'Is that so?' Chris thought as a rather evil smirk spread across her face as he moved slightly.

Jill's eyes snapped open and her mouth opened, releasing a strangled cry of pleasure as she came. Had not the S.T.A.R.S. Office been soundproofed, then the police officer which had passed by the office would have heard Jill's cries as she rode out her orgasm.

"Oh...GOD!" Jill screamed as her body shook with the force of her own orgasm, Chris holding her tight, feeling her juices coating his member in her orgasmic frenzy.

'She wasn't kidding,' Chris thought as Jill slowly wound down from her orgasm.

" so kick your ass for this...Chris Redfield," Jill moaned.

"You can try," Chris replied.

Before Jill could respond to Chris's taunt, she felt Chris pull back ever so slightly, which was followed by him pushing back in to Jill, all the way to the hilt, which caused Jill to tremble and moan in pleasure. One thing Jill had to admit to herself (albeit, grudgingly) that Chris was neither sloppy (like her first boyfriend) or violent (like her last boyfriend), but rather deep and thorough, stimulating every part of her body.

Not much that she could do anyway, since Chris had her pinned to the door. All she could do was simply enjoy herself, which she was doing with little effort, since Chris was doing most of the work. It was torture for her. A pleasurable torture which had Jill yearning for more.

Jill's legs were hanging on for dear life, the pair of panties still dangling from her leg, her fingernails raking Chris' back. Jill looked at Chris with a seductive look in her eyes before pulling him down for a kiss, as he pulled back, causing her to moan, before thrusting back in, making her gasp as the euphoric sensations that were starting to override her senses and thoughts.

She still had enough strength to say, " deep...more...more!"

Chris increased the tempo and power behind his thrusts, as Jill thrust her hips upwards to meet his thrusts, driving him deeper into her tight hole, grunting and groaning at how tight she was.

Jill pulled him down for yet, another kiss, her fingernails raking his back. Instead, they were a man and a woman locked in the throes of passion and lust.

Jill felt her peak rising. The pleasure was starting to build to an unbearable level. She thought that she was going to die from being pleasured thoroughly by Chris, since she was now screaming in total pleasure from being screwed silly. Then she howled in release as her inner muscles clamped down on Chris's cock, Chris nearly losing control himself, but he held on, as Jill's juices gushed out. He stopped thrusting and allowed Jill to wind down from her orgasm.

She was drenched in sweat, her hair was splayed all over the desk, her chest rising and falling with every gulp of air she took. The effect was enchanting to Chris, whose bone was still buried deep inside of her.

Jill pulled him down and gave him a long, deep kiss. "That...was...incredible," she whispered.

"I'm not done yet," Chris whispered in her ear.

Jill looked at him with a mix of anticipation and surprise. "What?"

"I'm still hard," he replied, a smug look on his face.

"Fucking...stamina freak," Jill moaned. "But not here."

After looking around, Chris and Jill settled on the one place that was perfect for the both of them.

Wesker's desk.

Jill let out a shudder as she felt Chris pull out of her. Chris, in the meantime, had kicked off his shoes, as well as his pants and underwear, and had proceeded to carry Jill over to the desk bridal-style, the pair of panties finally falling to the floor, the skirt still hiked over her ass.

"On your stomach," he replied, tapping her on her rear.

Using her remaining strength Jill turned over, her ass sticking in the air, hands firmly placed on Wesker's desk. She looked at Chris and licked her lips in anticipation. Chris moved behind her and ran his hands lovingly down Jill's back. His hands lightly trailed across her phoenix tattoo, making Jill shiver slightly. Then he took hold of her hips with his hands, and guided his staff, slick with her essence, back into her hot tightness from behind.

She was even tighter in this position. Jill wasn't in the mood to complain. She clenched the desk and held on as Chris pounded her from behind. She thrust her hips back to meet his thrusts, her voice rising in volume as she and Chris resumed their lovemaking with renewed vigor. Jill was moaning very loudly now, drool coming out of the corner of her mouth as she was rocked by his thrusts again and again and again. She wished that she would stay with Chris like this.

Jill felt Chris's hands travel up from her hips, until reaching her shapely breasts, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Her breasts were always sensitive, and with Chris playing with them, kneading the flesh and pinching her nipples, had eroded her restraint even further.

Jill felt Chris pull her upright, to where her bare back was resting up against his chest. She felt his lips on her neck. Then she turned her head, allowing him to kiss her, Jill moaning into his open mouth as he was still fucking her before being pushed back onto the desk.

Had anyone walked in on them, they would have made one hell of a sight: Jill Valentine bent over Captain Wesker's desk, holding on for dear life, her eyes rolled halfway back in her head, incoherent grunts and moans coming from her open mouth, tongue flopped out, copious amounts of drool dribbling down the sides as she instinctively thrust backwards to meet Chris's powerful thrusts. Had she been thinking clearly, she would have realized that she had underestimated Chris Redfield once again, and was now paying the price.

At least the price she was paying was in fact a pleasurable one.

Later, she would at least admit to herself that Chris had an unfair advantage from the beginning, with pinning her up against the wall. After that, it was all downhill for her. She didn't see herself as a dominant person when it came to sex, but believed in fair play.

After holding off for so long, Chris felt his balls begin to tighten. He shifted his hands further upward until he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her upwards again. Jill felt Chris pulling her backwards until she felt her back up against his chest, and his arms around her torso. Chris attacked both her neck and hairlines with his lips as he neared the point of no return.

Then, for Jill the word had literally went blank. Her body felt like as if she was having a seizure as she came, her screams echoing throughout the office. Jill's inner muscles had clamped down on Chris's cock, causing him to groan and thrust inside of her as deep and as hard as she could before she felt what felt like a torrent of his seed, the liquid fire exploding inside of her, Chris letting out an animalistic grunt as he came.

It was finally over.

The couple remained like that for several minutes, half-naked, basking in the afterglow. Chris then pulled out of her and they both fell back into Wesker's chair, Jill seated on Chris's lap, arms around his neck, eyes closed, her body pleasurably numb.

"...never play fair..."

Chris looked at Jill. "Huh?"

" fair," Jill whispered.

"Not like you were complaining," Chris shot back as he ran his hands along Jill's back.

The two lovers remained silent for several more minutes. “I...I think we should get dressed,” Jill whispered.

“In a minute,” Chris replied. After kissing Jill on the lips, he said, “This is definitely going to complicate things.”

“I know,” Jill replied, smiling. “And I really don't care. We'll just keep it a secret from Wesker and the others.” She kissed Chris on his nose. “And we need to get dressed. The last thing we both want is to get fired for sexual misconduct on the job.”

“Good point,” Chris said.

After they gotten dressed and cleaned up the office of any evidence of their coupling (even going as far as to open the vents and turn the air conditioner on to ventilate the room), Chris pulled Jill in for another embrace. She didn't resist as he kissed her deeply once again. Jill responded to the kiss hungrily. Soon, Chris had her pinned up against the wall again as they went into another round of tonsil hockey.

They would have gone at it again, but the danger of being discovered was present. They stopped their kiss, but did not release their hold on each other. The sexual tension was still in the air as Jill molded her body to Chris's own.

Jill chuckled softly. “You know, the last place I wanted to have sex in was inside the police station, on top of Wesker's desk, of all places. I think I may be a closet exhibitionist.”

Chris laughed at that. “But you maybe right. Having sex while on the clock is a good way to get the axe. We should do things like this in private.”

“In that case,” Jill replied, smiling impishly, “I think a rematch is in order.”

Chris saw that as a challenge. Good thing Wesker promised them that they could have the weekend off. And spending the weekend with Jill in bed was an enticing offer. “You're on.”

[End Flashback]

We spent the weekend together in bed. That was just the beginning. It's been like that for the past three months, or close to it. We tried to talk about our relationship, but...for some reason, we just can't find the words. First relationship I've had since my breakup and it's based solely on lust. And I thought that my relationship with Stacey was bad. Hell, even my first relationship with Melani wasn't that bad.

We managed to keep our relationship a secret so far, but sooner or later, someone will find out about Jill and I. I just hope that the fallout isn't that bad.


Raccoon Police Department, several days later...

For the past four days, the entire Arklay region of Raccoon City has been caught in a thunderstorm. Called 'the storm of the decade,' Raccoon City had been caught right smack in the middle of it. The Marble River had overflowed and there had been some reports of flooding in the outskirts of the city, along with reports on power outtages in the area.

Chris Redfield looked at his watch. Less than an hour before it was time to get off of work. Jill was out on patrol with Rita, since Marvin was out sick. Both he and Jill - along with the rest of S.T.A.R.S. - had been at the police station for two days straight, helping the denziens of the mountain town cope with the massive storm. Both Chris and Jill assisted the other cops in evacuating the areas surrounding the river the previous day, and now after nearly a week, the rain was starting to wane.

At the moment, Chris was inside the R.P.D. Library's second floor balcony, returning several books on Colorado common law. Chris despised coming to the library, or more importantly, its second floor. The wooden floor was rotting in several places, especially in the far corner. Any more stress on the boards, and they would most certainly give way, which is why several pieces of plywood was placed over the bad spots, until Chief Irons could get the cash together for repairs.

As Chris rounded the corner and reached the stairs, Barry Burton had entered through the double doors, and spied Chris descending from the stairs. "Redfield. A word."

Confused as to what Barry want, Chris allowed the older man to lead him into a corner of the library. Since it was already late at night, the area was thankfully deserted, leaving the two men alone.

"I know about you and Jill." It was not an accusation, but a statement. "I know that the both of you are sleeping together."

'Crap. Busted,' Chris thought.

Barry folded his arms across his chest, looking down at Chris like he just caught the younger man in the cookie jar. "Care to explain?"

"How did you find out?"

"Your last visit to the Apple Inn," Barry replied. "I must admit that it is a nice place for a romantic rendezvous, but next time, choose a spot where my wife does not work at. She called me after she spotted both you and Jill leaving the inn...after she checked the check-in sheet and saw that the both of you stayed there overnight. You used your real name, but how many women in this city who use the alias J.C. Valentine?"

Chris mentally slapped himself. 'Dammit. Forgot that Kathy worked as a receptionist at the inn.'

"How long has this been going on?" Barry asked. "You and Jill?"

"Over two months. So what now? You're gonna report me to Wesker?"

Barry thought about it for a moment. "For the fraternization and the sexual Although I would recommend that you would choose your little makeout spots even more carefully. Some of the cops here are looking for you to fail. Especially after that stunt at the bank."

"Story of my life," Chris mused. "Been like that since high school."

"You really think that you're the only cop here that's doing the Naked Pretzel Twist with a fellow officer inside the R.P.D.?" Barry continued. "Word on the grapevine is that about 20 officers have relationships with their fellow officers, while I'm pretty certain that a couple of high-ranking officers are taking cash on the side. You just chose the lesser evil."


Inside Chief Irons' office, Brian Irons sneezed as he accepted another Umbrella bribe from Captain Wesker.

"You're not coming down with something, are you?" Wesker inquired, eyebrow raised. "I have to report in to the Arklay Labs for the week, and I'd hate to catch whatever you got."

"I'm fine," Irons insisted. "I think someone's talking about me."


Back inside the library...

"So what's the rumor mill saying about Jill and I?"

"You managed to deflect them with that picture of your ex on your desk," Barry reported, "while most of the cops think that Jill's a lesbian."

"I always did have a soft spot for Mel," Chris admitted. "She's one of the few that I can actually stand. Thanks for not telling anyone about Jill and I."

Barry shrugged his shoulders. "No problem. I think it's safe to say that it's pretty obvious that you took after your old man when it comes to breaking the rules. Prodigy or not, you are definitely Lawrence's kid."

"Don't remind me," Chris said. "He was a maverick all his life. I think that rubbed off on Claire and me."

"I trust that you will not hurt Jill. She's been hurt before."

Chris nodded. "I know about her near rape. Dick told me. Swore me to secrecy as well. Jill doesn't know that I know. I respect Jill too much for that..."

Barry cocked an eyebrow. "But..."

"But...these past two months...this whole relationship has been based off of lust. Plain and simple. At least Mel and I talked." Chris sat down in a chair, shoulders slumped.

Barry pulled up a second chair and sat down opposite from Chris. "Kathy and I were just the same as you and Jill, going at it like rabbits in heat. Coming from experience, a relationship based off of lust will not last. Sooner or later, you and Jill will have to sit down and talk. Sooner is better than later. Better yet, talk to her tonight."

Giving the younger man a reassuring pat on the shoulder, Barry rose from his seat and exited the library, heading in the direction of the S.T.A.R.S. Office, leaving Chris with a lot to think about.


Meanwhile, down at Emmy's Diner...

"Stupid freaky weather," Jill muttered as she took a sip of her tea. "Why couldn't it rain like this down in Exeter? Or Harvardville?"

The S.T.A.R.S. member was seated in her favorite booth inside Emmy's Diner, with Rita seated on the opposite end, the Louisiana-born cop also nursing a cup of warm tea. Outside, the people rushed about to get out of the rain.

Like Barry, Rita was also privy to the fact that despite the rumor mill, Jill was sleeping with Chris. And also like Barry, Rita had promised to keep Jill's secret.

" are things going with you and You-Know-Who?" Rita asked.

"Great," Jill replied, albeit a tad quickly. "Things are just great."

Rita frowned. "Don't try and bullshit me, Valentine," she drawled. "Somethin's eating you. So what is it?"

Jill looked at her tea for a moment before turning back to the short-haired blonde. "Is having a relationship based solely on lust a bad thing?" she asked.

"In most cases, yeah," Rita confirmed. She then put two and two together. "You mean to tell me that all the both of you did nothing but fuck each others' brains out for the past two months?"

Jill sheepishly nodded.

"Hell, it's a wonder that no one hasn't caught on," Rita said. She then leaned forward. " is he in bed?"

"RITA! That's personal!" Jill squealed.

"HA! I knew it!" Rita whooped. "He is a pistol!" After calming down, Rita continued. "Look, I can see that you care for him a lot, but you're scared that you might lose him, right?"

Jill nodded.

Rita leaned back in her seat. "Well, you at least can worry that he won't cheat on you," she said. "But coming from someone who's been there, a relationship based solely on lust cannot and will not last." After taking a sip of her tea, Rita explained. "It happened to me, you see. I was dating a guy who was also a co-worker down at the police department down in Baton Rouge." She smiled sadly. "Funny how you're young, dumb and full of cum. We used each other for our own mutual benefits, and never cleared the air as to how we felt. By that time, it was already too late. In the end, we broke up, and he left for New Orleans, while I transferred up north."

"Rita...I didn't know..."

"Most people don't," Rita admitted. "But you and Chris have the chance to make something beautiful out of what you two have, regulations be damned. Talk to him, Valentine. Don't make the same mistakes I made."

Jill nodded. She then frowned. "Shit. I rode in with Chris and my car's at his house. He gets off an hour after I do."

"No problem. I can drop you off at Chris' place."


Redfield Home, later on...

Stretched out on the couch in his den, Chris Redfield was stretched out on the couch, fast asleep. The T.V. was currently playing the 10 o'clock news, its top story was the thunderstorm that was still going on strong.

As Chris dozed off in the den, the front door unlocked, then opened, revealing a very soaked Jill Valentine. Since her car was hidden inside Chris' garage and Chris' pickup was in the driveway, Jill had to run up the pathway to Chris's front door. Despite her best efforts, she was still drenched in the torrential downpour. In the months following their relationship, Chris had supplied Jill with a spare housekey, allowing her access whenever needed.

Teeth slightly chattering, Jill tracked Chris down in the den. Looking down at her sleeping partner/lover, she whispered, "Chris....Chris, wake up."

Chris mumbled incoherently before shifting on the couch, getting more comfortable.

Sighing, Jill kicked the couch, which had the desired effect of rousing Chris from his sleep.

Despite being soaked to the bone, Jill had a serious expression on her face. "Chris, we need to...AH-CHOO!"

"Shower first," Chris interjected. "Then we'll talk. I'll make you some tea to warm you up."


Ten minutes later, Chris and Jill were seated on the couch in the den. Rather than dress in a clean pair of clothes she had left here earlier, Jill was wearing one of Chris' old shirts. The dress shirt itself was a light blue color - Jill's favorite. The shirt did a pretty good job of covering her body up, the shirt ending at her thighs. She had buttoned it halfway, revealing an enticing amount of cleavage. The sleeves were rolled up partially, showing off her forearms. Her hair was damp from the shower, neatly combed back. The only item of clothing she wore underneath was a pair of black panties.

"Feel better?" Chris asked with concern.

Jill nodded. "A little." She set the cup of tea on the table. "Chris...we need to talk about us."

Chris nodded. "I know," he replied.

Jill was silent for a moment. "Rita knows about us," she said.

Chris nodded. "So does Barry," he said. Off Jill's surprised expression, Chris explained. "Actually, it was Kathy who found out about us. From what Barry told me, she saw us leaving the Apple Inn and checked out the check-in sheet and saw my name and your alias. She told Barry, who in turn, told me."

"Damn. I forgot that she worked at the Apple Inn," Jill said.

"So did I," Chris replied. "Fortunately, Barry's on our side."

"So is Rita. She approached me the day after we got together. She was working late that night when we first got together," Jill said. "She promised me that she'll keep our secret. Chris...I can't keep doing this. I mean..."

Chris cut her off. "You want to know that this is more than just a roll in the hay, right?"

Jill blinked. Chris had pretty much guessed what was on her mind. "Yeah. Rita took me to the side and gave me some advice. And she was right. We can't last if this relationship is based solely on lust. There has to be more than that. If this relationship is nothing but that..." She let that hang.

"...then it can't last," Chris finished.

Jill nodded. "Yeah.

"I can honestly say that that I was attracted to you, but after what had happened with me and Stacey..."

Jill nodded in understanding. Seeing as how she had met his ex, that was very understandable. "Guess I can't fault you for that. You didn't want to be hurt again." She bit her bottom lip, wondering whether or not she should tell him about 'that incident.' Seeing as she had nothing to lose she decided to come clean.

"You're not the only person that has their personal demons," she began.

Chris could only guess what Jill was hinting. After all, Dick had already told him about her being nearly raped.

" was a couple of years ago, back when I was in the Army," she confessed. "I was dating this guy. He was a college athlete - lacrosse player. One night, he invited me to a party on campus. He tried to rape me...but I fought him off."

Even though he had heard it from her father, it still hurt for Chris to hear this.

"After that incident...I just closed myself off," Jill continued. "I was...just scared to be hurt again. I always hid my emotions under a mask." A sardonic smile crept across her lips. "Then you showed up. Truth be told, I thought you were just some arrogant flyboy. But then, I got to know you better off the clock. You showed a high degree of responsibility in raising Claire on your own. You stood up for me when we were back in Stone Ville, and you defended me during the bank robbery at Raccoon National. You did the one thing most guys - not even Wesker nor Barry could saw through my mask. But most of took me seriously enough for you to train me."

Chris scooted over on the couch, and hugged her close, giving her the support she craved. No, needed.

"You tell anyone about this, I'll kill you," Jill finished, her face buried in Chris' shirt.

Chris looked down at Jill...or rather, the brown mop of hair, as she was still not looking at him. "Thanks for wrecking the moment," he said dryly.

"Sorry," she apologized. "I'm still not used to this...letting my guard down."

"You can do it around me," Chris replied, still holding her. "You think we can start over? I don't want you as just a 'friend with benefits.' I...just want you."

Jill looked at him. "You really mean that? You want just me and only me?"

Chris nodded, giving her that rougish smile that Jill had come to love. "Yeah. I want you...of course, we still can't tell anyone at the office about us," he added, kissing her on the forehead.

"I know," Jill replied, still not letting him go. "Guess this means that we can't sneak around the police station anymore."

Chris chuckled. "We still got my place."

The couple met halfway in a passion-filled kiss. Jill had moved to a more comfortable position on Chris' lap, wrapping her legs around his waist. After a moment, they backed off for some much-needed air.

"Promise me," Jill whispered. "Promise me that you will never love anyone else...just me."

Without hesitating, Chris replied, "I promise," before kissing Jill once again.

Jill returned the kiss with increasing passion, letting out a soft moan as she felt Chris' hands massage and caress her lower back. During the kiss, he pair had fallen back onto the couch, with Chris on the bottom and Jill on top.

"Remember your promise to me," Jill whispered as they broke off the kiss once again. "You are mine. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet..." She paused to kiss him again. "Not one hair on your head belongs to another woman."

Jill kissed him again. "You break your promise to me...I'll break every bone in your body," she whispered. "No...on second even talk to another woman, then I'll kick your ass up and down this town."

Chris smiled. "Can't make a promise that I can't keep, Jill," he replied. "There is my sister and Rita, aside from you."

Jill then let out a squeal as Chris reversed their positions, Jill now found herself pinned under Chris' weight.

"I promised that I will stay loyal to you and only you," Chris said. Before Jill could say anything, Chris dropped the hammer. "Jill...don't you trust your partner?"

Jill blinked. That one simple question had caught Jill off guard.

And she realized that she did trust him. Not only as her partner, but as a lover and a friend. Chris hadn't broken his least, not yet.

"Yes...I trust you," she whispered.

Then, as Chris had done to Jill, she had reversed their positions, Chris finding himself on the bottom.

"You promised to stay loyal to me," Jill whispered, "then I will do the same to you." She paused to kiss him softly on his lips.

"From the top of my head..."


" the bottom of my feet..."

Another kiss.

"...every single part of me, with nothing left out..."

Another kiss.

"...I will stay loyal and love only you, Chris," Jill finished.

The brunette exhaled sharply as she felt Chris' hands slide up her rear, stopping at the small of her back. "You're right about one thing," Jill whispered. "I really am gonna miss sneaking around the police station."

"Never knew you were the adventurous type," Chris replied before kissing Jill once again. "Get up."

Jill did as she was asked. She knew where this would lead up. Once Chris was on his feet, Jill let out another squeal as Chris swept her off her feet bridal-style and carried her upstairs.


The rain had intensified once Chris and Jill had entered the master bedroom. Upon closing the door, the lights flickered, then finally shut down, the end result of a tree branch falling onto a power line down the street. Only the battery-powered alarm clock was unaffected.

"Shit," Chris cursed.

That caused Jill to giggle. Walking over to the closet, Chris opened it and after feeling around for several minutes, retrieved an oil lantern, still half-full of oil, and after rummaging around in his nightstand drawer, pulled out his old cigarette lighter. After lighting the lantern and adjusting the light, Chris placed it on the dresser and turned back to Jill, who was sitting on the bed, watching his every move. Even though this was not her first time with Chris, her heart was still racing.

For the past two months, they had simply used each other to satisfy their carnal desires, sucking and screwing the other silly to the point that Chris was considering buying stock in condoms, and that Jill had to make a second visit to the medical clinic for the 'three-month-shot,' as well as getting a fresh prescription for the pill.

Jill stood up reached downward for Chris's shirt. Chris complied, allowing Jill to pull the item of clothing over his head and tossing it to the floor. His pants and underwear soon followed. Slowly, Jill ran her hands along his chest and torso, marveling at the scars - old battlefield injuries from his days in the Air Force.

Chris had explained to her one day, "Scars are like tattoos. They just tell a better story."

Jill paused for a moment to allow Chris to undress her. The shirt she was wearing soon joined the other, her tits bouncing in their bra-less freedom. Jill took the lead as she pushed Chris backwards, causing him to fall onto the bed. Within moments, she was on top of him, straddling him.

In most cases, Chris was the dominant partner when it came to sex. Up until 20 minutes ago, they were nothing more than 'friends with benefits,' and content with fucking each other in such a way that they could have had a career in the adult film industry. But now, things were different. The air between them was now clear. Their relationship was still a secret, but now, they were more than just 'friends with benefits.'

They were officially lovers. Secret lovers, but lovers nonetheless.

'Lovers,' Jill thought as she lowered herself onto Chris' erect member, a wordless moan escaping from her lips as she felt her inner muscles expand as she settled onto Chris. 'That's what we are now.'

Chris, in the meantime, groaned as Jill's warm folds engulfed his cock. He tried to pull himself up, but found himself pinned to the bed, Jill's hands resting firmly on his shoulders. She was pretty strong for a woman, this Chris knew.

He understood what Jill wanted. She wanted to take the lead. She wanted to be in control.

Chris had no problem with that. Why ride when you yourself can be ridden?

Jill began to rock her hips, rising, then falling. Delicate, yet powerful in her movements, a low moan escaping from her lips as she felt her vaginal muscles work around Chris' member. She felt a sensual chill running down her spine as she felt Chris's hands on her hips, steadying her. Then they were moving upward, a throaty moan escaping her lips as she felt his calloused hands on her breasts.

Jill had to admit that Chris knew how to work her body, making her feel pleasure while she responded in kind. She felt one of his hands detach from her chest and was now on her face, caressing it, the thumb brushing up against her bottom lip. Almost by reflex, Jill's lips closed around the digit, sucking on it.

Her un-natural blue eyes locked onto Chris' chestnut orbs, an unspoken challenge between them. Jill continued her pace as Chris removed his thumb from her mouth and interlaced his hands with Jill's own, grunting as he accepted Jill's wordless challenge.

The challenge was to see which person was going to blink first.

It was one of the reasons why their relationship as partners had worked out so well between them. The rivalry, the desire to outdo the other. Of course that also extended into the bedroom as well. Jill hated to lose to Chris, but it drove her to become even better. That was one of the main reasons as to why he had taught her how to fight even better. Even Wesker encouraged the rivalry, as it made them more effective.

The challenge did not last long, as Chris decided to cheat by thrusting his hips upward, meeting Jill halfway. Jill mentally cursed Chris, as she was already close to her orgasm. Chris' movements were rapidly eroding her control.

'Damn him!' was the thought Jill made before squeezing her eyes shut, her pussy muscles clamping down on Chris's cock, her juices coating it in an orgasmic frenzy, a strangled cry erupting from her lips as she came, her body shaking from the intensity of the orgasm.

Chris was there, Jill could feel his arms around her, holding her until her orgasmic high subsided, peppering kisses along her neckline. He grunted as he felt Jill's fingernails rake across his back for the umpteenth time. He trailed a line of kisses until he reached her lips, to which he kissed with great intensity.

“You...cheated,” breathed Jill.

Chris grinned. “All's fair in love and war, Valentine.”

“I am so...going to kick your ass for this,” Jill gasped.

Chris said nothing. He instead reversed their positions, Jill letting out a small cry of surprise as she now found herself on her back, and Chris on top of her. Jill let out a gasp, eyes wide, as she felt Chris push his way back into her well-lubricated pussy, Jill throwing her head back, her moan becoming louder. Her arms and legs were now wrapped around his neck and waist, holding on for dear life as Chris settled into a steady pace.

Chris loved the look Jill made when they were in bed together. He loved hearing the moans and whimpers of pleasure which were coming from her mouth, the look on her face as she called out his name like a chant as her body is drenched in sweat. She was intoxicating, a drug that he wanted more of.

Jill's first orgasm had nearly pushed him into his own. But he held on. He wanted to finish this on his own terms, which is why he was working Jill into another frenzy, maintaining his steady, yet powerful and intense pace.

He looked at Jill. Her short hair was splayed all over the pillow, eyes were nearly glazed over. Her pink tongue ran across her lips as she chanted Chris's name.

“Chris...Chris...Chris...Chris...Chris...” Jill chanted.

The ex-Air Force pilot felt one of Jill's hands behind his head, pulling him downward. The kiss was increasing in intensity, Jill moaning into Chris's open mouth, tongues fighting for superiority.

Jill's peak was building. Chris was working her up to her second orgasm of the night. And from the look of things, it was going to be a big one. And a good thing too, since he was at his own peak. So he increased the tempo and force of his thrusts, pounding into Jill with no mercy.

“Oh God,” Jill gasped. “Oh God...oh God...oh God...”

Then, Jill came.

Her pussy muscles clamped down on Chris's cock as she let out a ear-splitting scream, her back arching as she came. Her orgasm then pushed Chris into his own, grunting as liquid fire spraying into Jill;s body, which increased the intensity of her own orgasm.

Chris was certain that Jill had busted out his eardrums from her screaming. Usually whenever she came, he would muffle the scream with whatever was available, as inter-office relationships were frowned upon in the R.P.D.; a glove, his hand, whatever.

After thirty intense seconds, it was finally over. Both were breathing hard, Chris still on top of Jill. For the final time, they reversed their positions, Chris pulling out of Jill as he did so. Now on his back, Jill managed to move closer to Chris, planting small kisses on his jawline, before gently kissing him on the lips.

“You know,” Jill breathed, “I think this was even better than the first time we did this.”

“I think so too,” replied Chris.

Jill brushed Chris's lips with her fingers. “Got to thank Rita when I see her again,” she said. “She was right about having a valid relationship based on trust rather than lust.”

“Of course, we still have to keep this as a secret.”

“I know.” Jill kissed him again, both her and Chris basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. “Right now, I don't mind.”

“Me neither,” replied Chris as his hands caressed his back.

Jill moaned softly as she kissed him again. She could definitely get used to this. “Love me?” she breathed.

“Always,” Chris replied. “You're my Valentine.”


Inside the master bedroom of the Redfield home, two newfound lovers were fast asleep, the bedsheet covering their naked bodies in a show of decency. A trail of clothes led to the bed. Chris was on his back, while Jill was on top, her head resting in the crook of Chris's shoulder and neck. One toned leg was wrapped around his torso, while Chris's own arm was slung over her stomach. Outside, the rain had slowed down considerably, but neither person noticed, as they were both asleep.

It was Chris that had woken up first. He looked at the alarm clock. It was a little past eight in the morning. It took him a moment to shake the cobwebs out of his eyes before the memories of last night came back to him. He smiled a small smile as he remembered both Jill and himself clearing the air between themselves, deciding that they wanted a more deeper relationship based on trust...although lust wasn't that bad of a thing.

It was as if their relationship was given a second light. That, and the lovemaking seemed even much better than before.

Ever since that first night, Jill's naked body was forever burned into his mind. From the curves in her hips to her shapely breasts (Chris deduced that they had to be at least a C cup), to even the tattoo of the tribal phoenix on the small of her back. It was as if Jill was a natural beauty, a living Galatea.

'Best...night...ever...,' Chris thought to himself as he shifted, trying to get himself more comfortable, which was slightly impossible, due to Jill being on him.

"Mmmm...don't move," came the soft whisper.

"You're awake?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," Jill replied softly as she looked at Chris. "You make a nice pillow."

Chris smiled at his lover as he reached up and tucked back several strands of her hair behind one ear, before Jill kissed him, long and slow.

'Stacey is a damn fool for giving Chris up,' Jill thought as she continued to kiss her boyfriend.

Jill, on the other hand, was still basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Her body was pleasantly sore. A lazy smile spread scross her face as she remembered the previous night. She was literally putty in his hands. Chris was a combinaton of gentle and fierce. He had literally took her to heaven and hell, making her body feel more alive.

Like Chris, Jill's eclectic memory had memorized every inch and part of Chris' body. She had seen him naked from the waist up the day after the robbery. Since then, she had seen the entire package.

"So how are we going to do this? Keeping this a secret from Wesker and the others?" Jill asked.

"That's already taken care of. You noticed the picture of the redhead on my desk?"

"Kinda hard to miss. So who is she?"

"Her name's Melani," Chris explained. "When I was a freshly-minted officer back in the Air Force, I was stationed over in London. She was a lieutenant in the R.A.F., a couple of years older than me. We dated for a while, but it didn't really work out. She had her career, and I had mine at the time. It was a mutual decision to split, but we remained friends. Then I met Stacey and you know how that worked out for me. The picture of Mel serves as a nice little deflector from the rumor mill inside the R.P.D."

"What does the rumors say about me?" Jill asked.

"Barry says that half of the police force thinks you play for the other team, Wesker included," Chris chuckled.

That caused Jill to erupt in laughter. Chris soon joined her.

After they calmed down, Jill asked, "So...we can't sneak around the police station and Kathy works at the Apple Inn...what now?"

"There's still here and your place," Chris pointed out. "At least your apartment manager was nice enough to give you a year's free rent following the robbery attempt. If anyone from the police station drives by and sees your car, we can tell them that you brought it over to my place for a quick fix-up."

Jill smiled. She was still smiling when she dozed off.


It was close to eleven when Jill woke up again. This time, she was alone. Deciding that she had spent more than enough time in bed, she got out of the bed. Naked as the day she was born, she stretched, performing her morning calisthenics. Once she had worked the kinks out of her muscles, Jill had noticed that there was a towel in a chair, along with one of Chris' old shirts.

Jill smiled at the gesture. The shirt was a simple dress shirt. On top of that, the shirt was blue - her favorite color. And a shower didn't sound like a bad idea. She just hoped that Chris saved her some hot water.

Five minutes later, Jill exited the bathroom, fresh from the shower, dressed in the shirt that Chris had left out for her. The shirt did a pretty good job of covering her body up, the shirt ending at her thighs. She had buttoned it halfway, revealing an enticing amount of cleavage. The sleeves were rolled up partially, showing off her forearms. Her hair dry, having ran it through the hairdryer minutes earlier.

'Now...where is Chris?'

Fortunately, Chris Redfield was easy to find. He was in the kitchen, naked from the waist up, having only his pair of pants on from the night before. on the phone, chatting with a friend of his, while he made himself some tea. The phone was on speaker, allowing Jill to hear the conversation from both sides. Deciding not to make her presence known just yet, Jill listened in on the conversation.

"It's best that no one from the police department knows about Jill and I," Chris was saying. "The R.P.D. tends to look down on their employees who are romantically involved, since fraternizing with fellow employees is not allowed."

"Smart move," his friend replied, his Liverpool accent tipping Jill off as to who Chris was talking to.

Jill remembered Chris mentioning a R.A.F. officer by the name of Ed MacPherson. The same person Chris had rescued against orders.

"Then again, that Kelso bitch really hurt you," Ed noted. "I'm surprised that you decided to jump back into the dating game so soon."

"Soon? It's been close to almost a year. And I really don't want to talk about Stacey at the moment. She's somewhere in Raccoon City with her husband."

"Damn, mate. Sucks to be you. So tell me about the woman you hooked up with."

"Her name's Jill. She's pretty cool. Ex-Army. Trained with Delta Force in bomb disposal and marksmanship. Five-foot-eight, short brown hair, blue eyes. Pretty cute. Hot-headed and temperamental at times, but she's a good woman."

Jill's eyebrow cocked upward at that description. Can't blame Chris for that, since she was as Chris described her, so she decided to let that slide.

"Sounds to me like you got a winner. Try not to cock this one up, Redfield."

"I thought you had more faith in me, Ed," Chris shot back. "I did save your ass from bleeding to death."

"Don't remind me. You still got one favor from me for that and one favor only." After a moment, Ed asked, " she wild in the sack?"

Chris nearly choked on his tea, while Jill blushed. "Dammnit, Ed!" Chris cursed at his best friend.

"Ha-ha! She is!" Ed crowed. "I want details, man!"

"That's it, this call is over," Chris declared as he pressed the speaker button, cutting off Ed. "I swear I'm gonna kill that guy one of these days," he muttered.

That was when Jill decided to make her presence known. Sneaking behind the shirtless man, she wrapped her arms around his torso, pressing her body against his bare back. The smell of soap and spice was strong on Chris' bare back.

Jill's presence had brought the evil thoughts of Chris torturing Evil Ed to a screeching halt.

"Thanks for the shirt," Jill said, kissing his back.

"Thought you might like it," Chris replied as he turned around in the embrace, the cup of tea now forgotten. "Looks better on you than it does on me," he added as he wrapped his own arms around Jill's torso, while trying to keep his eyes on her, rather than her chest. Chris could see that she was naked, since the shirt was halfway done.

"You're letting me keep this?" Jill asked.

Chris nodded. "Like I said it looks good on you..."

Jill squealed as she felt Chris grab her rear, spun her around, and sat her down on the counter.

"...but I like the woman who is wearing it even more," Chris finished, moving his hands from her ass to her back.

Jill smiled sexily as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Maybe I should take this off then," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck inching her head closer.

"Or you can let me do it for you," Chris replied, meeting Jill halfway.

After a small, sweet kiss, Chris grinned. "Does this mean I can call you Jillianne?"


"OW!" Chris yelped as Jill punched him in the arm. It wasn't painful, but it sure as hell stung. "You could have said no. I'm not for 'pain into pleasure,' Valentine."

"Only my dad calls me that, and that's pushing it even for him," Jill replied. "I told you I hate that name."

"Okay, you don't have to try and kill me over it."

"Chris, shut up and kiss me."

"You're real cute when you're aggressive, y'know?"

The kiss was a gentle one, just like the last time. Then it became more urgent as their tongues fought for dominance. When they finally broke free, it wasn't because of lack of oxygen.

It was because Claire Redfield had walked in on the both of them. Having gotten the weekend off from both her life as a university student and her part-time job as a mechanic in Stone Ville, Claire decided to return to Raccoon City for some much-needed rest and relaxation once the rain had finally decided to let up, allowing her to ride into town.

The last thing Claire was expecting to see was her brother and his half-naked lover making out in the kitchen.

"Hey, big brother, I...HOLY SHIT!" Claire exclaimed, dropping her bags onto the floor.

"You got the worst timing ever, Claire," Jill replied, turning her neck to look at the flabbergasted female Redfield, Chris still having his arms around her waist.

Claire's jaw dropped to the ground upon the. "Bwa...Jill? You brother...?"

Jill turned back to Chris. "I think we broke her," she mused.

Chris laughed at that before resuming kissing his girlfriend, ignoring his sister's outbursts.


Ten minutes later, Chris, Jill and Claire were in the den. Chris had finally put a shirt on, while Jill had on a pair of pants. The couple was seated on the love seat while Claire was in the armchair.

"So how long have you two been together?" Claire asked.

"Two months," Jill replied.

"Only three people know about us: Barry, Rita and now, you," Chris explained.

"Why all the secrecy?" Claire asked.

"Because inter-office relationships are against the rules in the R.P.D.," Jill explained. "Were anyone to find out about us being more than friends, then we will be in a lot of trouble. Could also lose our jobs."

"Oh, this is so rich," Claire guffawed. "The high and mighty Chris Redfield sneaking around Raccoon City with his partner for a late-night quickie."

Claire's jaw dropped once again at Jill's reply. "Chris and I did just that, sneaking around the R.P.D. for the occasional late-night tryst."

Chris then cut in. "That was how we did for the past two months. We finally sat down and talked about what we wanted out of this relationship last night, which is a relationship based on trust." His hand interlocked with Jill's own, as he looked at Jill and smiled. "I can honestly say that Jill makes me happy...despite all of the sneakng around we have to do."

Claire took a moment to think about what has been revealed to her. She wasn't a prodigy like her brother, but her mind was still incredibly sharp. The younger Redfield saw that her brother was indeed happy with Jill, and those feelings were returned by the former thief. On top of that, Claire also liked the older woman. And given the sacrifices that her brother had done (most of it regarding her), he deserved a bit of happiness.

"Can't believe that I'm saying this," Claire began, "but I got to admit that the both of you look good together." She turned to Jill. "He's been through a lot, Jill. Treat him well, or else I'll show you more than just my marksmanship skills."

Jill nodded. God only knows what else Chris has been teaching Claire. She could just imagine being chased through the streets of Raccoon City with Claire dressed in combat BDUs, her face done up in camo, wielding an assault rifle, laughing maniacally while taking potshots at the one who had hurt her brother.

It was a miracle in itself that Claire hadn't done that to Stacey.

"You won't have to worry about that, Claire," Jill replied. "I love your brother and he loves me. He promised to stay loyal to me and I did the same."

Claire nodded. "That's one thing you can count on. Nine times out of ten, Chris keeps his word. You don't have to worry about me. I'll keep your secret."

"Thanks, Claire," Jill said, Chris also nodding in gratitude. "Some of the folks down at the R.P.D. already hate the fact that Chris and I stopped that bank robbery, thinking that they should be the ones that should have stopped it. That was sheer dumb luck on our end."

"So far, everyone on the force thinks that Jill's a lesbian, and that I'm dating my ex," Chris reported.

"Which ex?" Claire asked. "Melani or the bitch?"


Claire relaxed. "Okay. So long as it's not Stacey. I can't stand that stuck-up bitch."

"You and me both," Jill agreed. "Just how many exes does your brother have?"

"Only Melani and Stacey," Claire replied. "Given my brother's previous occupation, he really didn't have as much time for dating. Melani was pretty cool, and Stacey..."

"I know," Jill said. "I wanted to punch her in the mouth that day inside the restaurant."

Claire grinned. "Oh, I think we're gonna get along just fine, Valentine. Just fine."

Jill returned the smile.

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