Same People Different Story 2


Baby and Johnny's 16 year old daughter wants a dancing career. Baby and Johnny are broken up, will they get back together? Find it out in this sequel.

Romance / Drama
Martine Boulanger
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Prologue


It was about 17 years ago that Baby and Johnny left Kellerman’s with Baby’s truck, Baby was pregnant from their first child. Baby didn’t gave up her job just yet, but Johnny was unemployed after they left. Luckily it didn’t take too long for him to find another job. Though it wasn’t a dancing job at first, he never gave up on dancing. They searched for an apartment to live, and they found one not too far away from Baby’s parents. Johnny did get his dream come true, with the price money and Baby's savings he puts up a dance school in New York, so they needed to move but Baby didn’t want to move at first.

When their second child was born, Johnny got restless and tired of the traveling to the dance school. After several arguments, Baby collapsed and agreed she would move with him to New York. They lived in the apartment above the dance school, Baby gave up on her job as truck driver and helped Johnny in the dance school with teaching lessons and doing the administration. Their lives were blooming, and they were happier than before. Or so Baby thought, Johnny means the world to her but after 7 years of being together, he still hadn’t popped the question, she wondered if he ever wanted to marry her.

Johnny got many opportunities; his school got a big name and he got many customers. But then he got an offer to play in a musical, Baby told him to go, it was an opportunity not to refuse. The musical was a success and Johnny got famous, he got more offers and he took them. He loved the dancing combined with the acting and singing. So, after some years, he got an offer to play in a movie. It was already less between Baby and Johnny, but that was because she didn’t saw him that much anymore, but she kept the school going and she hired someone as an instructor to fill in for the lessons that were normally given by Johnny.

Her 2 children asked a lot about their father, but every time they did Baby had a harder time to explain that their father works so hard for them. Johnny was in California for the movies, at first, he phoned every day, but after months it got less. It didn’t take another year that Baby broke up with him, he wasn’t coming back home anymore, he didn’t call so much anymore either and it made Baby, not only upset and sad, but also angry because they have 2 kids together and he just disappeared out of the their lives.

It’s been 8 years ago now, and her oldest daughter, who is 16 now, she’s like her father. She loves to dance and she misses her father every day. “Emma!” Baby shouted from the kitchen. “What!?” Emma shouted as she opened her bedroom door. “Can you please help me out with the lesson this evening? I only have one lesson planned for today.” Baby said, she was in the kitchen making dinner for them. Her youngest, Paul, who is 12 now, sat at the table doing his homework. He's an eager and very smart boy, he wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor. He wanted to be specialized in paralyzes, his uncle Lewis is his biggest idol and example that he wants to do this.

“But mom, I need to do homework.” Emma said as she came to the kitchen and sat down. “You haven’t done your homework yet?” Baby asked and looked at her daughter with a stern face. “No, I just wanted to start.” Emma said. “But you had like the whole afternoon for doing your homework. What have you been doing?” Baby asked as she turned and laid the pan with spaghetti on the table.

“Paul, put your homework aside, dinner is ready.” Baby said, Paul listened to her and laid his homework on the sofa. “If you want, I can help you with your homework after you gave the lesson.” Baby said and looked at Emma. “Sure mom. I have been practicing my dance this afternoon in my room. You know I have that talent show at school.” Emma said as she laid some spaghetti on her plate. Baby watched her daughter, she had Johnny’s eyes and hair color. If she would have been a boy, she would have been an exact copy of him.

Baby looked at her own plate, her heart sank a little deeper, she felt lonely and she was still really missing Johnny. She never had anyone else after she broke up with him, she couldn’t. She gave a little sigh and started to eat, Emma only watched her mom and knew she was sad and lonely. “Maybe we will see dad one day again.” Emma said after a long silence, Paul looked at his sister and then at his mother. Baby didn’t look up and he saw a tear on her cheek.

“Don’t be sad mom.” Paul said, Baby rubbed her tear away and smiled at her son. Paul has curly brown hair and brown eyes, just like her, she stroked his hair and he ate further. Emma grabbed Baby’s other hand and smiled at her mother. “Are we going on holiday this year?” Emma asked. “I haven’t planned anything, is there anything you would like to do this summer?” Baby asked and looked at her daughter again. “I would like to go somewhere nice, where they also dance a lot.” Emma said with a smile.

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