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Legend Of Delta

By Delta_Hooves

Adventure / Action

Chapter 1: Awakening

Some ponies have an easy life… some have memories of when they were foals just entering the world, in a safe hospital ward, in the comfort of his / her mother's arms. In my world all I can remember is waking up, on a cold floor, unknown location, previous memories except essentials erased, alone, with others out to kill me. This is my story as I lived it, my war for my life, and my legacy of how I became whom I am today. My name is Delta…

LEGEND OF DELTA: A Hero's Ascent

P.O.V: DELTA (Note that this story starts with him at the age of 14)

*Thump, thump* *thump, thump*

My head was aching like someone had bucked me dead on in the face, my eyes opened to a hazy picture of what was the world around me. All I could see was a hallway of white marble and stone walls tinted red by the lights on the roof. I looked around and could only see a hallway to my left and right, I was alone. With a grunt, I pushed myself off the ground and onto all four hooves; I took one last look left and right.

"Which way?" Was the first thing I asked myself. I choose out of a pure guess; to go right. As I started to come up to a corner along the hallway I started to hear a lot of hoof steps behind me, I instinctively turned around and then saw 3 ponies turn the corner of the opposite end of the hallway, all fully uniformed in military gear, all armed with AK 47s. They hadn't noticed me yet so I started to back away in my fear that they were not here to help me, but my back hoof hit a piece of rubble, causing a distinct clacking sound, all 3 turned to face me.

"THERE HE IS, GET HIM!" One of the three of ponies yelled out as the raised his weapon and opened fire on me, soon followed by his comrades. In shock I fell back as the barrage of bullets landed all around me. I scrambled round the corner of the hallway and immediately got to my hooves with my side on the wall. I dared myself to peek round the corner again, as my eye loomed past the corner, they fired at me again, causing some loose material to get in my eyes as I jerked back to avoid the bullets. I rubbed my closed irritated eyes and got the debris out of my eyes.

"Don't just stand there! Move up! Get him!" I heard one say as I got my bearings and began to run down the hallway, I saw a wooden door to the left of the hall and I burst through it as I heard my pursuers turn the corner and fire another volley of 7.62mm pain at me. I locked the door and shoved a couple tables in front of the door. In my panic, I turned to only see 3 walls, but no doors.

"Oh come on, there has to be a way out!" I thought desperately as I scanned the office room I was trapped in for means of escape. Then in the flurry of panic, I saw a metal grate on the wall, an air shaft, big enough for me to fit with ease, but I remembered I was a Pegasus, so I flew up and pulled back on the grate. It gave way with ease, so I climbed in and placed the grate back before I continued through the shaft.

I soon heard the door break down and stopped to be quiet. My heart was beating like drums in my head, but I remained calm and quiet. I listened in on their conversation.

"Where the hell did he go!?"

" Yeah, he burst in here and now he's gone!"

"I don't know, let's search the other halls, the Boss wants Delta dead."

As I heard them leave the room, the last words from them echoed in my mind. They definitely knew what my name was, but how was a big question, but not as much as why they were out to kill me. But I knew I didn't have time to figure out either, so I continued my slow quiet crawl through the airshaft. After about 3 minutes of crawling I came to another grate below me, but before I went down, I heard trouble; more soldiers.

"Ok Corporal, I'm going to check on those 3 I sent after Delta, here take this radio. And just so you know, I'll see about your promotion if I can be able to see my face in my .45 . So get polishing it, understood?" I heard one voice which was confirmed to be an officer by a "Yes sir!" by the Corporal. I heard the officer leave the room and the Corporal walk to another part of the room below me, I gently pulled the grate up as quietly as I could. Then I looked out slowly from above: the Corporal was looking directly in the other direction from my "peek hole" in this what appeared to be a supply room with a lot of crates. I had to make a decision: Drop down and grab some defensive equipment, or continue vulnerable but not risk getting caught.

I decided to risk it, they probably knew I was somewhere in this place around anyway. I hung onto the ledge of the airshaft by my two front hooves, then dropped down with a flutter of my wings. But I still caused a light thud as I landed.

"Huh?" The Corporal said as if he heard something, "Shit!" I thought as I immediately took visual cover behind one of many crates in this room. By now I was hidden and the Corporal was unknowingly looking in my general direction, no more than a few feet from me.

"… It must be that new medication I got, damn you grandma." I let out a mental sigh of relief as I heard him sit back on a crate a few feet from me. As I looked of the cover of my hiding spot, I saw my reflection in a knife that was right in front of my face and standing up right on the wooden cover marked "MANE .CO" I looked at the reflection of my green face on the knife's long blade. I then stood up taking the knife and sneaking very quietly up behind the Corporal who was humming to himself the music of Skillet's single: "Hero".

By now I was centimeters behind him, I then stood on my two hind legs with the knife in one front hoof and my other ready to cover his screams and I quickly grabbed him by the muzzle, shutting it, while thrusting my knife in his chest. In the rush, I pulled him back a little but he still had made a struggle with painful screams muffled by my hoof. His eyes looked at me as I looked at his, he was terrified but soon his face went blank as he stopped struggling. He was dead, I killed somepony! I stepped back in realization of what I just done, but I soon came to the conclusion that it was either him or me.

"Get used to it Delta, you may need to kill more to get out of here alive." I said to myself as I then regained my focus and seen the radio on the crate he once rested on, an empty equipment belt next to it. I put the belt over my head and left wing, attached the radio and took the knife out of the Corporal's chest, putting it in the sheath on the belt. I dragged the body behind a more covered area of the room and put a plastic sheeting over his body, luckily he didn't bleed on the floor so there were no blood trails to expose the body. I was about to leave the room when my eye caught a glint of something in-between the crates I pushed a crate back and what was revealed reminded me of the dead Corporal's last conversation.

"…just so you know, I'll see about your promotion if I can be able to see my face in my .45…" The officer's voice echoed in my head as I looked upon a Colt M1911 .45. The Corporal must have dropped it when I grabbed him. I picked up and inspected the side-arm. It was loaded with 7 rounds in the magazine, and one in the breach. When I took note of the mag's size then re inserted into the weapon and searched around for more ammo. I found the officer's bandolier with 4 more magazines so I inserted then into the pouches on my belt and then got up to the door.

I slowly pushed the door open and peeked inside the next room. I saw an open atrium with the odd crate around, but no sign of any soldiers. Then as I walked in, the radio repeated my pursuer's notification. "All teams please advise, Delta is still in the facility, we will use the broadcast system to get him to stand down, but despite what I say on the load speaker, if you see Delta… shoot to kill." A few "yes sir"s and "understood sir"s were heard after that, I then walked into the center of the room as loudspeakers around the facility and in this case in this room, crackled into life…

"Attention Delta! We know you are still somewhere in this facility, put your weapons down, surrender now and turn yourself in, in return you will not be harmed. Hiding and attempts to escape will be seen as acts of aggression! Give yourself in Delta… we know you're listening."

"Pfft, no bloody way 'mate'." I remarked to the speech over the loudspeaker. As I was almost across the room, the door to my right burst open and more armed soldiers came rushing in, they didn't even wait to give me a chance to surrender, not that I would anyway.

"There he is! Open fire!" One ordered as they all poured lead in my direction. I took cover behind a concrete barricade and when I heard one of them reload, I popped up briefly and fired 2 rounds. Both hit their mark, one down, a whole lot more to go. This cycle continued for the next five minutes, I spent to mags on the enemy and had 2 mags left. I took a peek round the side of the increasingly carved out barricade. I saw 2 Unicorns moving up with large metal shields, obviously thick enough to have my bullets bounce off. I had to take these 2 out before they got too close.

Then as I went fully behind cover again, I had spotted a yellow barrel marked 'WARNING: COMPRESSED PROPANE GAS' Propane under the right condition could explode easily, a barrel full of it with the gas itself was being compressed being shot was more than defiantly enough to cause such an explosion. I waited a tense 6 seconds of continuous gunfire chipping away my cover more and more with each round they fired. I then popped up out of cover again and fired 3 rounds at the barrel that was by now right beside the 2 Unicorns in quick succession which had ignited the gas and blown up the barrel, causing the barrel's casing to become lethal shrapnel and bury most of itself inside the 2 Unicorns, killing both of them. I managed to get down again as the shrapnel hit just where my head was half a second earlier. The explosion left a constant ringing in my ears but I was still able to fight, and fight I did.

By now the stand-off had been going on for 6 minutes, I was down to my last 3 rounds. But the enemy had plenty of ammo and much more firepower, which was about to be demonstrated with the target of choice being me. I peeked round the corner and to my horror, saw a pony with a long wooden covered metal tube on his shoulder with what looked like a scarred green rugby ball on the end. But that was no ball, it was an RPG! I saw him poke out of cover quickly and fire his deadly rocket. I took cover again as the deadly rocket streaked past my cover and into a wall behind me, destroying it completely leaving a gaping hole, that through my blurred vision from the shockwave's concussion; revealed a waterfall and a shear mountain slope.

"Mountain cave base, impressive." I remarked as the ringing of the explosion stopped and I steadied myself. The first rocket may have been a miss, but I guessed the pony would not want to miss twice. I waited for a few seconds looking round the corner, waiting for him to pop up. After a few more seconds he did so, which was a movement I matched and I fired my last 3 rounds into him, but I was still too late, as he dropped dead, the RPG fired and I saw the rocket speed towards my cover. Things went slow motion at that time. I saw the rocket impact my cover as I was only able to get 3 steps back. The explosions had destroyed my cover completely and the shockwave blew me out the gaping hole and down a shear drop that was the side of the mountain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" I screamed in terror as I fell down and due to my disorientation I was not able to get flying. As my spinning fall stopped it's rotations, I saw that I was heading for a large pool of water, but I didn't have time for a deep breath.

I impacted the water and sunk very deep before I had stopped sinking and was able to get my bearings. By now I was very low on air, my lungs were burning for air but as I swum back up my instincts took over and I made a very bad mistake, I tried to breath. This caused the water to choke me a bit. I was starting to have blurred vision with dots appearing all over my vision. I began to fell lightheaded as the lack of air starved my lungs and brain. I was so close to the surface when my strength had just suddenly given out and I began to sink again, more water starting to fill my lungs.

"Come on Delta! You can make it! You've just got out of hell, don't die here!" I screamed mentally to myself, but I felt a sudden burst of strength and I began to swim back up. I broke the surface gasping for air, tired and barely able to keep afloat. Luckily there was a piece of wooden debris floating just o my left, I swum over to it and with a grunt pulled myself onboard and out the water. I coughed for a bit with some pants for air, but my tiredness soon took over. My head fell down on the debris and I closed my eyes. Immediately falling asleep as the current took me along it's path.

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