Mayhem: The Reloaded Cut


What if SSA agent Kate Joyner actually was as good as Hotch made her out to be? Would anyone die then? A recut of the Criminal Minds Season 4 episode Mayhem.

Thriller / Drama
Age Rating:

Act 1

A explosion.

Car alarms going off like mad.

Hotch, in his shocked haze, is mostly just thinking back to Kate. wasn’t just what they said seconds ago to each other.

Earlier that same night, in the FBI office space...

Everyone on the BAU team and Kate Joyner were gathered around the desks.

Morgan asked, “now, how does this work?”

Reid explained, “the murders simulate a bombing. They station someone to watch and gauge police response time.”

Derek realized, “at which point they know when to bring in a second bomb.”

Kate added, “The goal is always to take out the first round of civilians, followed by a second wave of emergency responders. But, we need to do more than know what we know.”

Most everyone turned to slightly stare. Only Derek and Reid weren’t.

Emily faintly laughed.

Most everyone started to glare.

But... Emily put her hands up.

She explained herself, “hey. I’m sorry. I’m on your side. But...”

Kate pointed out, “you just don’t believe it can be done?”

Emily kind of shakily nodded.

Emily added, “yeah. That would surely cover it.”

All the glares faded in the room.

Very faint smiles of mixed relief came.

Kate smiled more.

She voiced, “you told me and the NYPD they had ripped off the m.o. of the case of the d. c. Snipers. Well...”

Reid voiced, “that’s right. Wait. I...I get what you’re trying to say. It’s brilliant.”

He pointed to Kate some on the middle part.

Kate laughed some.

She figured, “well, thank you. But, I’d still like to be the one to explain it.”

Reid looked real awkward all of a sudden.

Reid was going, “oh. Right. Sure. Pretend I’m not here for a minute.”

He kind of impatiently paced around a little.

Everyone else faintly laughed and chuckled at that.

Derek smirked.

Derek asked, “all right Kate. What’s your plan?”

Kate kept smiling.

Kate voiced, “we already know they can make it easy to hack into our surveillance grid. They’re highly trained. And, in the worst case...they know our playbook. If they already know we’re going to hit the ground running...”

Derek concluded, “...then we use part of the military playbook. Switch it up on them fast, and these guys won’t know what hit them.”

Kate confirmed, “yes. Exactly. But, we have to not have it easy to tell either. We all get bulletproof vests. We will go in pairs. We’ll check if the cars will explode as soon as we unlock them.”

Derek commented, “damn. That’s good. I’m starting to see why you like her, Hotch.”

Hotch and Kate said, “thanks.”

Everyone smiled.

They faintly laughed and chuckled.

Then... They got straight faced.

They just remembered they’re dealing with terrorists out there.

They started to quickly head for the FBI locker rooms for any spare bulletproof vests.


Hotch doesn’t even think to ask the bystander to clear the area.

He just says, “call 911. Tell them a FBI agent is...?”

The bystander named Sam looks nervous.

He calls out, “is what?! What am I supposed to tell...?”

He’s waving his cell phone out as he does.

But... Hotch is looking worriedly around the burning car wreck.

He keeps calling out, “Kate?! Kate!”

Sam gets on the cell phone anyway.

Sam reports, “hello? 911? There’s a car explosion on...”

Hotch wraps his business overshirt around his arm.

He puts it outward for the car wreck...nearly catching the flames in the process.

Hotch keeps calling out, “Kate?!”

Kate calls back, “Hotch?!”

She’s coughing violently.

But... She’s lying on the road.

There’s a trail of blood and shredded small ribbons of a vest along the road...leading to Kate’s body.

Hotch forgets the business overcoat.

He drops it behind him.

He runs over to Kate.

Hotch is saying, “Kate? Okay! You’re...awake.”

There’s a lot of mixed feelings running through him that even he can’t hold back much.

Kate murmured, “I...I think I lost my purse.”

Hotch couldn’t help but murmur, “that’s not all you...”

Kate coughs violently.

Kate concludes, “well...says you.”

Hotch faintly laughs at that.

Kate adds, “at least the bulletproof vest broke my...”

She tries to get herself up.

But... She ends up slumping back down again.

She is groaning and coughing violently.

She’s starting to get dizzy from the exertion.

Some more blood is around her back.

Hotch tells her, “Kate, stop trying to move!”

Kate looks fearful now.

She realizes, “oh god. We’ve...we’ve been bombed? Haven’t we?”

She’s having some violent coughing fits.

Hotch just grimly looks at her.

Kate asks in concern, “what happened to you?”

Hotch has part of his ear bloody and quite a bunch of drops of blood over his undershirt.

Hotch insists, “it’s just some cuts. It’ll...go away.”

His vision is getting a little dizzier.

Kate mutters under her breath, “I...I can’t move my legs. But, I know...I know they’re...!”

She’s on the verge of tears.

She tries hard to fight the urge to sob.

Hotch glances over toward her legs.

Probably both fractured from how they’re oddly turned. There’s some blood around both of them.

Hotch concludes, “I know. I know. I’m going to have to turn you over now. See where the blood is...”

Kate insists, “just do it!”

She glares warningly at Hotch.

This was in spite of having another violent coughing fit.

Hotch quickly nods.

Hotch adds, “sorry.”

He carefully turns Kate over.

Hotch winces at the gruesome sight.

Fortunately? The night sky and road obscured it from anyone else.

Hotch tries to assure, “okay. I’m going to have to see...”

Kate concludes, “you’re okay? I would hate for you to die.”

Hotch insists, “yeah. I’m just going to have to see if I...can pinch it off before they get here. Sorry if it hurts.”

He pinches down somewhere in the center of Kate’s back.

Kate groans violently and very loudly.

She closes her eyes in reaction. She clenches her fists.

Hotch puts a kind of comforting hand over her shoulder with his free hand.

After a bit though... Kate sighs in a somewhat more relaxed way.

Kate says, “thank you.”

Hotch very faintly smiles.

He adds, “we’re friends. We’ll get you out of here. Just stay with me.”

Kate very faintly nods.

She faintly smiles.

Hotch then hears the ambulances and police cars up ahead on the road.

Hotch adds, “they’re coming.”

Hotch calls out, “Officer down! Officer down!”

He keeps waving his arm out and pointing over.

Kate reminds him, “Aaron... They’re not coming. We...we told them not to. Remem...?”

She goes into several violent coughing fits.

Some tears fall from her face.

A tear falls from Hotch’s face.

Kate tries to insist, “Aaron... You don’t have to stay.”

Hotch practically cried out, “I can’t just let you die!”

They both try hard not to sob.

Kate murmurs, “I know. But...we know who will come. He...always...”

Her bloody wrists shake.

She starts losing consciousness.

She’s coughing violently.

Hotch calls out, “Officer down! We need help! We cannot move!”

He keeps waving his arm out and pointing over.

Kate murmurs, “but...proper procedure...”

Hotch concludes, “it’’s not them I’m calling out for now. Come on, Kate. Kate! Kate! Stay with me.”

Kate struggles to keep her eyes open.

Kate adds, “nowhere...else to go.”

She sarcastically smirks.

Hotch faintly smiles back for a bit.

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