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In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived a boy and girl, twins, who were half-witch, half-mortal who, on their 16th birthday, would have to choose between two worlds: the witch world of their family and the human world of their friends. My name is Sebastian Spellman and those twins are me and

Fantasy / Thriller
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In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived a boy and girl, twins, who were half-witch, half-mortal who, on their 16th birthday, would have to choose between two worlds: the witch world of their family and the human world of their friends. My name is Sebastian Spellman and those twins are me and my sister Sabrina Spellman.

“I was confused by the zombies. I mean, why were they so freaking slow?” Harvey Sabrina’s boyfriend said as they descent the stairs from the terrifying horror movie that they all had just watched.

After the movie the twins couldn’t resist the smiles that had spread on their faces while watching the misconception of the undead that had been imagined by mortals.

“Fast moving zombies is a relatively new concept in horror.” Sabrina explained, “Earlier incarnations assumed that reanimated corpses were afflicted by rigor mortis, and, as such moved slowly.

“Yeah plus with the factor of their incredibly low intellect and brain function there was a possibility of some body parts not being a full functionality which also explains why some had to literately drag themselves while others were limping.” Sebastian said.

“How do they know these things?” Harvey whispered to Roz

“No idea.” She whispered back.

Both twins stopped and looked at some of their schools football players were messing around. Both of them looked at each other and than turned around to look at their friend Susie who was a constant victim of their bullying. Susie just smiled weakly at her two friends who on more than one occasion had stuck up for her.

“I’m fine.” She said

One of the jocks saw Susie and nudged one of his friends, Billy, and nodded his head in her direction. Billy shook his head when he saw Sebastian standing in front of her. Last month a guy made the mistake of tripping Susie up while she was walking next to Sebastian, who immediately grabbed him, dragged him to the janitors closet and beat the crap out of him.

Sebastian came out with bruised knuckles while the other guy came out with a black eye, bruised rib and a dislocated jaw. The other students were too terrified by him to testify what really happened. Ever since the jocks and other students were careful not to pick on or tease Susie around him.

“I just thought they were kinda weird.” Harvey whispered to Roz not knowing both twins could hear them.

“I thought it was weird too.”

Resume finding their way out Sebastian had his eye caught by Thalia Range. The girl was someone he had been crushing on since fourth grade but never actually had the nerve to talk to. She was a loner so it wasn’t a surprise to him that she wasn’t with someone.

As they continued walking towards the exit Sabrina accidently bumped into someone and Sabastian felt a chill run down his spine.

“Sabrina. Sabastian.” The woman she bumped into said. It was Ms. Wardwell their favorite teacher in the school.

“Ms. Wardwell. Hi.” Both Sabrina and Sebastian said together before chuckling lightly.

“I didn’t know you were a fan of horror movies.” Sabastian said.

“The twins are nuts for them. The gorier the better.” Harvey said.

“Well, um, who doesn’t enjoy a good scare every now and again? Especially this time of year.

As they all made their way outside the movie theater, Sebastian could shake the feeling that something was about to happen to Ms. Wardwell.

“Hey Ms. Wardwell, we have a tradition of going to the movies and then to Dr. Cerberus’s dissect whatever we just saw. Would you like to join us?” Sebastian asked politely getting odd looks from his twin and their friends

“I have papers to grade.” Ms. Wardwell says, ”But thank you, thank you for the offer. Really. See you in class, guys.

The teens all waved her off as she walked towards her car.

“Hey ’Bast, why would you do that?” his twin asked puzzled by his behavior.

“I don’t know I just had a feeling like I had to.” Seeing the looks his sister and friends were giving him Sabastian quickly added “Plus I feel bad for her, living that house…all alone.”

As they turned around to head to Dr. Cerberus’s Sabrina pulled her twin toward her. “Did you get one of those feelings?” she asked.

Ever since they were little, Sabastian was always mysteriously good at knowing things he couldn’t possibly know. Like how they would get phone calls before the phone rang, what spell their cousin Ambrose was casting in his room and he could even sometimes feel his sisters emotions and any physical injury that she received would manifest itself on him.

After he kept constantly beating his cousin at poker and chess, his aunties had taken him to a witch doctor they found out that Sabastian had been blessed with the rare gift of Insight. Insight was a gift that was only ever given to three other people in recorded history which allowed to know and see things no one else could. Because of his gift the council was very eager to finally have him baptized and trained on using it properly at the academy of unseen arts.

“I don’t know Sabrina.” He mumbled.


That night after Harvey had told Sabrina that he loved her and had given her a necklace both twins went to sleep with joy and love in their hearts. Well the joy and love was mostly from Sabrina but since they shared a bedroom Sebastian was also feel the full effect of his sister’s happiness.

But as they sleep Sebastian heard a lingering voice whispering in his ear: “The great work begins, Dark Lord. I shall deliver Sabrina and Sebastian onto you.”

Both twins awoke drenched in sweat gasping. “Sabrina you okay?” Sebastian asked.

Sabrina nodded her head before getting up from bed and waking towards their calendar crossing off October 27th. “Just a few more days.” she said. Sebastian got out off bed and walked towards his sister as she picked up the picture of their parents smiling and holding one another.

Sebastian looked at the window next to them. He heard the chitter of a bat right before it screeched and crashed through their window. It laid on the ground squeaking and shaking in pain from its broken wing.

Silently the Spellman siblings moved towards it. Sabrina picked up one of Sabastian’s heavy spell books that he borrowed from their cousin and handed it to him. Sabastian took the book, sighed lifted it above his head, muttered the words: Absit omen and slammed the book on the winged creature.



Sabrina and Sabastian both came down the stairs with Sabastian holding a shoe box with the dead bat inside.

“Good morning, Aunties.” Sabrina greeted cheerfully.

“Good morning Ambrose.” Her twin greeted in the same cheerful tone.

“Morning darlings. How did you sleep?” their aunt Hilda enquired.

“Tempestuously, by the sound of it.” Aunt Zelda answered for them as she put down the news paper she was reading.

“Now that you mention it Aunt Zee, we did wake up once or twice. Its an exciting time…in more ways than one” Sabrina said holding the necklace Harvey got her with her fingers.

“Hmm, I remember the week before my dark baptism. It felt as if my real life were finally beginning. I barely slept” Aunt Zelda said as she took a puff of her cigarette.

Their aunt Hilda put two plates in front on the twins before saying: “Rabbit’s feet, under both your pillows tonight, you’ll both sleep like the dead.”

“Speaking of the dead,” Sabastian said, “a bat flew into our room last nigh. Smashed through one of our windows.”

“Oh, want me to bring it back?” Ambrose Spellman asked hoping his cousins would say yes.

“No, Ambrose,” Aunt Zelda interceded, “We’ll have none of your necromancy.”

“Is it okay if we bury it in the garden?” Sabrina asked.

“Yes. As you wish.” Aunt Hilda replied. “You two can bury it in the pet cemetery by the sundial. There’s room there.” She gently placed two jars filled with a greenish grey fluid inside.

“Um what is this?” Sabastian asked before sniffing at it and recoiling away. “It smells rancid and strangely sweet at the same time.”

“Before it can be baptized, the temple of both your bodies need to be purified. Cleansed of its toxins.” Aunt Zelda explained.

“This is actually milk and eggs and rosemary and agrimony, and a cupful of vanilla and a pinch of John the Conqueror root and…tannish.” Seeing the looks on her niece and nephews faces Hilda thought it best not to say what else was mixed in there. “Uh, and other herbs from my garden. Drink up, darlings”

Ambrose clears his throat. “Don’t do it cousins.”

“Ambrose.” Aunt Zelda snapped. Turning to the twins she placed a ragged looking book on the table. “Sabrina, Sabastian, the two of you need to pick a familiar before your dark baptisms. The council sent the registry.” She opened the book to specific pages. “I’ve, uh, indicated a few suitable options. There’s a very handsome hedgehog, a noble-looking owl. Vinegar Tom would happily welcome another dog.”

“Pass. I still hate dogs.” Sebastian said glaring at his Aunt’s dead stuffed ex-familiar while picking up his jar and preparing himself mentally to drink its contents.

“About that, Aunt Zee,” Sabrina sighed, “Instead of picking a familiar out of a book, which is so, I don’t know-”

“Dehumanizing.” Her twin said while taking gulp of the liquid in the jar. He started coughing it up immediately. “It burns!” he hissed as Hilda handed him a cup of cold milk which he drank as fast as he could while Ambrose chuckled at his cousins reaction.

“Familiars are goblins who have taken on the shape of animals to better serve their witch masters.” Zelda said. “There’s nothing human about them.”

“But we’ve been practicing a summoning spell Sebastian found on the Demonomicon, and…what if we put it out there that we’re looking for a familiar and see if anyone wants to volunteer?” Sabrina asked.

“I think that’s a charming idea.” Aunt Hilda said.

“What about your baptismal names?” Aunt Zelda enquired. “Have either of you settled on one yet?”

“We have as a matter of fact” Sabastian said.

“ I’ve chosen ‘Edwina Diana’.” Sabrina revealed. “’Edwina’, which is almost Edward, to honor our father, and ‘Diana’ to honor our mother.

“I was actually planning on going with ‘Edward Dane’. And not just to honor them…to be closer to them. To have them with us as we walk the path of night.” Sabastian said taking another gulp out of the jar and wincing in disgust.

“I wasn’t gonna cry.” Hilda said as her voice started breaking. “And…I just wish your mom and dad were here to see this, to see the two of you.

“Us too, Auntie.” Sabastian murmured.

“They would be so proud of the two of you.” Hilda sniffed. “They would be so proud of the young man and woman you’ve both become.”

“Correction, Hilda, they would so proud of the young witch and warlock they are becoming.”

“Okay, Sabrina,” her brother said as he got up. “You drink your blended poison shake and bury the bat, I’m gonna go brush my teeth again and possibly throw up in the bathroom.”


As Sabrina buried the shoe box, she couldn’t help but stare of into the forest and watch the remaining of last nights fog vanish in the air.

“Penny Dreadful for your thoughts, cousin?” her cousin asked while waving his hand at her.

“Just…some people might say that a bat crashing through a window is a bad omen.” Sabrina said wiping the dirt off her hands. “Sebastian also found a two-headed frog in his shoe yesterday.”

“Hold a tick,” Ambrose said getting off the gravestone he was sitting on, “you’re not having doubts, are you, about your dark baptism? Cause if you are that means your brother might start having doubts too Sabrina especially if he accidently attaches himself to your emotions. And back inside with Madams Jekyll and Hyde, you both seemed excited.”

“And I am. But I’m also a little--”

“Its alright to—to be a little nervous.” Ambrose assured her. “Going into the woods, signing your name in the Dark Lord’s book. Even I had butterflies. What have you told your mortal friends? That you’re both being transferred to some posh boarding school in Connecticut?”

Sabrina’s face fell. Both she and her brother hadn’t told anyone anything about leaving yet.

“Cousin…you have told them something I hope”

“Not yet.” she admitted. “We waiting for the right time.” Sabrina turned around and started walking back to the house.

“It’ll never be the right time. That’s why you must rip this particular Band-Aid off.” Ambrose advised as he followed her.

“You wouldn’t understand, Ambrose, you were born a full witch. You didn’t have to say goodbye to half your life, your friends, your boyfriend.”

“True, but afterwards, when you’re both become a full witch and warlock, you’ll stay young longer. You’ll cultivate your gifts at the Academy of Unseen Arts, were your father was headmaster. You and your brother will belong cousin, in every sense of the word.”

“I know.” Sabrina turned around. “And I want all those things. We both do. Its just…Its dumb. You’re only suppose to start missing things after you say goodbye to them right?”

“I’ve been under house arrest with our aunties for the last 75 years, Sabrina. Forbidden from leaving these grounds.” Ambrose said, “I am continuously missing everything.” He smiled slightly and walked past her.

“Hey you ready?” Sabrina turned to the voice of her brother. She didn’t even hear him approach her.

“Yeah lets go get our familiar.”


As the twins walked along on the path in the forest both were too immersed in their own thoughts to think about the other too much. While Sabrina was trying contemplate about her own thoughts about their dark baptism, her brother was thinking about what It meant to sign their names in the book of the beast.

He had been secretly sneaking off to Roz’s house talking to her father, the town preacher, about faith and God and asking so many questions about Christian salvation. He couldn’t understand why they were signing away their souls and if that meant that they were going to hell. Which was already taught to them by their religious aunties.

For weeks now he had been hesitant about signing the book of the beast and he didn’t want to tell Sabrina about his doubts in case he accidently dissuaded her as well.

As they walked Sebastian suddenly came to a stop. His sixth sense, his Insight, was sensing something, something not of the physical world. Sprits. He thought They were among spirits even if they couldn’t hear, see or feel them Sebastian knew they were there.

“Hey ’Brina this is the spot.” He said as he bent down to pick up a stick and began drawing a rune. Sabrina nodded at her brother. She reached into her bag and took out a small golden bell and rang it once. While her brother continued to draw the rune on the ground with the stick.

“Sprits of the forest,” they chanted together “we pronounce our intentions to thee. Come forth and seek us and equal we will be.” Sabrina rang the bell again. “Not masters and servant, but familiar to familiar, to share our knowledge, our spirit, and our traits.” The bell rang again for the final time. “and now spirits, we will wait.”

Sabrina bent down to put the bell carefully in her bag. Sabastian felt the air flow around with the lingering taste of magic in the air. Three presences appeared behind them. He could feel it. They were not the presences of spirits. And unfortunately he was familiar with them.

“Oh no.” he muttered, “Its them.”

Both the twins turned around and saw three teenage girls dressed in old outfits. It was Prudence and her infamous weird sisters.

“A summoning spell twins?” Prudence asked.

“Calling forth a familiar?” Dorcas questioned.

“Than the two of you are being baptized.” Agatha stated.

“Prudence, Dorcas, Agatha.” Sabrina said naming all three of the girls in the order of their approach as the three girls circled the Spellman siblings.

“Well, well, well…and are we to assume that means that the two of you will be transferring to the Academy of Unseen Arts as well?” Prudence asked.

“That’s the plan.” Sabrina said.

“That’s unfortunate. We don’t want half breeds at the academy.” Prudence said.

“And who exactly are you calling half breeds?” Sabastian snapped.

“Isn’t that what the two of you are? Half-witch, half-mortal? Stay with your own kind.” Prudence commanded. “You don’t want what happened to you mother and father to happen to the two of you.”

“What did you say?” Sabrina asked quietly yet her brother could feel the anger behind her calm words.

“The accident…that took their lives-“ Dorcas began.

“It would be tragic if a similar one befell the two of you.” Agatha finished.

“We not gonna be baited or bullied by you, not in the woods and not at the academy.” Sabastian said.

“Stubborn mutts.” Prudence muttered.

The weird sisters all share a look before they started chanting a spell in Latin while moving in closer to the twins.

“What are they doing?” Sabrina asked her brother.

Sabastian closed his eyes and could literately feel the dark magic swirling around them being summoned by the weird sisters.

“A curse.” He told her. “They’re cursing us.”

The girls stop their chanting and vanish into thin air before the air makes a whooshing sound leaving nothing but their laughter echoing in the wind.

Both twins reach for their noses as they feel blood trickling down to their mouths.

“Succubitches.” They both whispered at the same time.

Sabrina and Sabastian both started running towards the school in hopes of washing the curse away in the school showers.


“If truly I am cursed today, let water wash the hex away. If truly I am cursed today, let water wash the hex away.” Sabastian kept repeating the words as he roughly scrubbed his entire body in the school showers. Despite how hard he was scrubbing is body, Sabastian could still feel the weird sister’s curse on himself.

Without any warning Sebastian feel sense of balance move forward and despite the cold water falling on his skin he couldn’t help but feel a towel being wrapped around his body. His vision blurred and when it came to, he saw a crying Susie with a bleeding lip looking in her locker for something.

“Susie. What’s going on? What happened?” the voice sound like that of his sister.

Susie sobbed softly. She turned and Sabastian saw her lip was cut. “They lifted my shirt.” She choked out.

“What?” Sabrina’s voice asked, “Who did?”


Sabastian walked the halls of the school with his hair still wet from the shower he just took. While he was getting dressed his vision changed again, this time to his sister talking to Principle Hawthorne. The conversation ended with the principal telling her to suggest to Susie to switch schools. Sabastian just following the trail of anger and frustration until he saw his sisters light blonde hair marching towards him.

“There you are. You won’t believe what just happened.” She breathed out.

“Let me guess, Susie got beat up by four douche bag football players who also lifted her shirt, you went to tell our misogynistic principal who isn’t gonna do anything about and told you to tell Susie that it would be better for her to find another school. That sound about right?” Sabastian said in a rush.

“Yeah.” Sabrina said warily. “Wait. How did you know all that?”

“I think my Insight went into hyper drive or something. Cause instead of just knowing stuff, this time I literately saw everything that you saw. Starting from the locker room till Principal Hawthorne’s office. Like a vision.” Sabastian explained.

“Alright we’ll deal with your psychic problems later.” Sabrina said waving her hand. “First lets deal with Susie’s problem. We should ask around try to find the ones responsible. Susie wouldn’t tell me their names, but can you ask around? I’ll do the same.”

“Sure but ’Brina these guys, they’ll close ranks. Especially to me and anyone else not on their bullshit team. Oh! Maybe I can beat it out of one them.” Sabastian loved the idea of hurting someone right now.

“No. Absolutely not.” Sabrina said. “Violence will just lead to more violence.”

“Exactly they were violent towards Susie, now I’m being extra violent towards them.” Sebastian said gleefully. “And besides, that’s the only thing these meat heads respond to”

“So we’re gonna stop Susie’s bullying by bullying someone else? Is that what you’re telling me? That’s there’s no other way to help protect Susie?” Sabrina questioned.

“Not at all.” Both siblings turned to face a woman who had approached them and had heard part of their conversation. “Perhaps I can be of assistance, Sabrina, Sabastian.” The woman was in a dark dress that showed the curves of her mature body. The twins recognized her but she looked so different without her thick glasses and her hair wasn’t tied up in a bun like it usually was.

“Ms. Wardwell?” both twins said at the same time.

“Yes?” Ms. Wardwell responded.


“My heart weeps for your friend.” Ms. Wardwell said walking away from her desk behind the Spellman siblings. “Such a difficult thing to be going through.”

“Yeah,” Sabrina said, “it’s this uh…this town, this school there’s a culture of—“

“Puritanical masculinity?” Ms. Wardwell offered. “And Principal Hawthorne is the most intolerant, the most buffoonish, the most misogynist of all. When will the world learn? Women ,and their open-minded, forward thinking feministic male siblings of course,” Ms. Wardwell said indicating Sebastian, “should be in charge of everything. Our assistant principal, Ms. Glover, she wouldn’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening”

“Finally someone who understands.” Sabastian thought.

“I just wish that Hawthorne would just—“ his sister started.

“Just what?” Ms. Hawthorne asked eagerly.

“Hawthorne’s a bully…and I wish someone would teach him a lesson.” Sabrina finished.

’Why not the two of you?” she asked. Sabastian liked where this conversation was heading.

“But how would that help Susie?” Sabrina asked casing her brother to almost groan in frustration at his sisters naivety.

“A fish rots from the head down.” Ms. Wardwell began. “Principal Hawthorne isn’t an ally. If…if he would take a sabbatical, say, I suspect the two of you and your friends would come up with some way to help Susie.”

“Problem is Hawthorne doesn’t take sabbaticals.” Sabrina pointed out.

“Yeah. Or days off even.” Sabastian said agreeing with his sister.

“He’s scared of spiders you know?” Ms. Wardwell said out of nowhere.

“He is?”

“Hmm.” Ms. Wardwell laughs lightly. “Absolutely terrified of them.”

Both twins looked at each other and smiled mischievously. They excused themselves from Ms. Wardwell’s office and rushed to the school library in search of a picture of their principal in a copy of last years yearbook. After finding a graven image of Hawthorne, Sabrina takes a ruler and uses it to rip the page out.


“Afternoon cousin.” Ambrose greeted Sabastian when he got home. “Where’s your sister?”

“She decided to take a walk with Harvey.” Sabastian answered.

“You alright?” Ambrose asked noting his cousins gloomy mood.

On the way home Sabastian had another incident of seeing things through his sisters eyes again. This time she was waking through the woods with her boyfriend when she told him everything. Everything about her being a witch to their dark baptism to moving away and never seeing him again. Harvey didn’t take the news well and Sabrina cast a spell taking back everything she said. He could still feel her sadness.

“Yeah.” Sabastian replied. “Hey Ambrose you wanna help me and Sabrina with a spell later tonight? We’re putting a hex on our principal. So that Sabrina can set up a club later at our school. To protect Susie. And all the girls. When me and Sabrina wont be able to”

Ambrose considered this for a moment. For the last 75 years there wasn’t much to do in the house. “My grimoire is your grimoire. And what time will we be spell-casting?”

“How does midnight sound?”

“The witching hour? Spooky.” Ambrose chuckled. “Oh look your sister’s home.”

Sabastian turned around and saw Sabrina walking in sadness and gloom. He walked over to her and gave her a hug which startled her.

“Bast. What are you doing?”

“I saw what happened with Harvey. Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” She answered. “I don’t really wanna talk about it.”

“That’s okay. I get it.” Sabastian assured her. “Hey lets go grab a snack from the kitchen.”

Sabrina nodded her head, “That’s sounds like a great idea.”

“And I talked to Ambrose. He’s on board with the spell for tonight. Hexing Hawthorne outta cheer you up.”

“You know, what it just might.”


“Oh, Aunt Hilda, the weird sisters are horrible.” Sabrina complained.

“Is everyone who goes to the academy snobby and horrible and racist?” asked Sabastian.

“No. Of course not.” Hilda reassured her nephew and niece. “But why on earth would they curse the two of you for no reason?”

“Don’t worry, we washed it off of us.” Sabrina said.

“Actually I can still feel it on us sis.” Sabastian informed her.

“Well, we gonna check that out for sure.” Hilda said looking for a tray of eggs.

“They’re jealous of the two of you.” Their aunt Zelda said as she leaned on the door behind them. “You two the children of a High Priest. Who are they? Nobodies.” She scoffed. “But that’s precisely why the two of you need a familiar. To protect you both from these sorts of attacks.”

“We tried summoning one.” Sabrina mumbled.

Hilda cleared her throat, grabbing her nephews and nieces attention. She pushed a bowl in front of them. “Break an egg, please sweethearts. Better safe than sorry.” She handed them both an egg.

They both cracked the eggs and found that the egg whites and yolk were blood red.

“Oh.” Their Aunt Hilda chuckled.

“What’s the prognosis Dr. Spellman?” Sabastian asked smiling.

“I was right. That is a blood curse.” Sabastian’s smile stared to fade “Oh its lingering. So, untreated that is gonna eat slowly away at your health, your will and your sanity.”

“Recommended treatment?”

“So, a regiment of salt water baths for the two of you, reversing candles for a couple of weeks, and that will do the trick, I think.’ Hilda said. “All right, off you two go.”

The twins sighed before getting up from the table and heading toward their own respectful bath tubs. Sabastian remember what weird sisters said about their parents accidents.

“Aunties. The weird sisters said something…about Mom and Dad.”

“What did they say about your mother and father?” Zelda questioned.

’Their accident.” Sabastian said. “it was kinda like they were implying that it wasn’t an accident.”

“Well, that’s just poppycock.” Zelda replied.

“Yeah.” Hilda agreed.

“Your father and mother were flying to Italy. Edward was giving a lecture at the Vatican when their plane went down. Tragically.” Zelda added. “Now get up stairs and into a bath like your Aunt Hilda says. Both of you.”

As the twins ascended the stairs both Zelda and Hilda shared a worried look.


Sebastian let out a sigh of relief as he rested in the tub. The warm water felt almost heavenly to him after the day he just had. His sister, Sabrina, was in her bathroom relaxing as well. As the twins grew up, their aunt Zelda started to separate them. Their dressing rooms and bathrooms were once the same until they turned 10 when Zelda thought it best to wean them from one another. Little by little, the twins relax turned into a drift into sleep as they listened to the sound of clock hand tick away.

Suddenly Sabastian heard the sounds of bugs chirping and the sound of babies crying. When Sabastian opened his eyes he wasn’t in his bathroom anymore. Next to him was a tub that had his sister. Without speaking a word to each other they stood up and saw their parents, both of them holding a baby each.

“Mom? Dad?” Sabrina said.

Their parents turned around and walked away towards a stone altar in the middle of the woods.

“Wait!” Sebastian called out. The twins got out of the tubs and ran after their parents.

“Mom? Dad? Are you coming? To our baptism?” Sabrina questioned.

“We took your names, I hope that’s all right.” Sebastian told them. Edward and Diana Spellman placed the infants on the altar. When they moved behind the altar, Sabrina and Sebastian saw that instead of 2 babies there were four.

They moved towards the infants. Sabrina lifted the blanket off of the first two babies to show their cute feet. Then Sebastian lifted the blanket of the second babes, instead of legs the second set of babies had hooves.


Sebastian woke up from his sleep coughing out water from his mouth and nostrils. After panting from his near drowning, he tries to breathe deeply to slow down his heartbeat.

There was a knock on the door. “Sebastian you okay in there?” his sister asked through the door.

“I’m fine Sabrina. I’ll be out in a minute.” He said.


Once he dried himself and put on his robe, he went outside the bathroom and he and his sister headed up to Ambrose’s room. Once they got there Sabrina gave Ambrose the picture of Hawthorne.

“This isn’t like the two of you cousins,” he said as he inspected the picture, “using witchcraft to settle personal vendettas. Especially you Sebastian. Wouldn’t you’d rather just beat his brains out”

“These are desperate times, Ambrose.” Sabrina told her cousin.

“Now remember, we don’t wanna kill Principal Hawthorne, we just need to terrify him enough to miss school tomorrow” Sabastian reminded. “Ms. Wardwell told us that he’s terrified of spiders.

A smile spread across Ambrose’s face as he got up and walked past the twins. “Well the. Its lucky that Aunt Hilda keeps them as her familiars.”

Ambrose returned later with three of their aunt Hilda’s spider cages.

“Are you two such that you don’t want to kill him?” Ambrose asked, “Because we could just do that.”

“No.” the twins said together.

“Right. Well, we’ll only mildly traumatize him then.” Ambrose opened one of the spider cages and drop the picture of Hawthorne inside. He closed the cage as the spiders surrounded the picture. “Spider, O Spider, pray why do you spin your pretty white web so fine and so thin?” he chanted, “To catch fat flies and make them into pies.”

“Spider, O Spider, pray, do you not see? Here comes a big, buzzing, blundering bee.” The twins continued together. “He’ll spoil your fine net, while you fume and you fret. But no mercy you grant and no mercy you get.


Both twins descend from the stairs in glee and joy, happy to be one step closer to protecting Susie. When they got to their room they both inhaled sharply and exhaled.

“Jeez its freezing!” Sebastian exclaimed while rubbing his hands together. “Did you leave a window open?”

Both Spellman siblings looked to the widow that was opened with the wind blowing the curtains. As they approached, they saw what looked like claw marks on the window railing.

“Oh no!” Sabrina cried, “What now?” she quickly closed the window. Sebastian felt in the second the he touched the claw marks.

“Sabrina I don’t think we’re alone.” He whispered to her.

“Sabrina. Sebastian,” a raspy voice whispered. Sabrina and Sebastian both turned startled.

“Who-who are you?” Sabrina asked. “Show yourself.”

“I heard the two of you calling out in the woods.” It continued to whisper. It showed itself from its hiding spot. It looked like a huge gray non-scaly lizard. “And I came.”

When it came out it transformed it self into a jet black cat. It came to their feet and meowed at them.

“Aw!” they both admired.

“I always did like cars.” Sebastian said as he picked up their new familiar. They both stroked him and he purred at their touch.

“Such a pretty kitty.” Sabrina cooed. “What’s you name?”


“I don’t understand either of you.” Aunt Zelda wasn’t a fan of their feline familiar when they brought down. He hardly ever was put down by Sebastian simply who adored him and was sitting cross-legged on the floor watching him drink the milk he just poured him. “The two of you’d rather feral familiar than one bred for service?”

“Salem doesn’t serve us, Aunt Zee.” Sabrina said. “We’re in a partnership. He’ll protects us, we’ll protect him”

“Drink up darling.” Aunt Hilda said placing another decolored jar on the table and walking over to Sebastian to give him his. “I put a bit of cinnamon in it this time. Should help with the taste.”

Sebastian shrugged before tasting the new flavor. It was still disgusting but more bearable.

“And why did you two agree to name him Salem of all things?” Aunt Zelda questioned.

“We didn’t.” Sebastian answered. “He named himself Salem.”

“At least the two of you have your familiar now.” Aunt Hilda said. “And you’re both purifying yourselves. Yeah, you’re almost ready for your baptisms.

Both twins shared a worried look. Sabrina nudged her head towards their aunts signaling her brother to begin.

Sebastian clear his throat, “About that.” He began, “So, we’re in the middle of getting this club started at school.”

“Club? What kind of club?” Aunt Zelda questioned as she peeled her boiled egg.

“Women protecting women.” Sabrina informed. “You know, sort of like a coven. We’re doing it as a way to keep the bullies off Susie when we’re gone.”

“Anyway,” Sebastian continued as he made his way to the table and sat down, “we were wondering if we could maybe, possibly postpone our baptism just a little bit.”

“Postpone it?” Aunt Zelda repeated.

“Oh, dear.” Aunt Hilda mumbled.

“Sabrina, Sebastian, the two of you cannot postpone your 16th birthdays, especially not when it falls on the eclipsing of a blood moon which only occurs once every 66 years.” Aunt Zelda said harshly.

Aunt Hilda put a reassuring hand on her sisters shoulder. “If it’s just about a club dears--”

“It’s not, Aunt Hilda.” Sabrina said while twirling the necklace he gave her. “There’s also the Harvey of it all.”

“Oh no.” Sebastian moaned.

“We very recently took things to the next level.” She said proudly.

“He hasn’t defiled you has he?” Aunt Zelda asked as both she and Aunt Hilda had looks of horror on their faces. “Witch law forbids novitiates from being anything less than virginal.”

“Oh wow.” Ambrose said as he got off the counter.

“Aunt Zelda. Not that its anyone’s business but no.” Sabrina said.

Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda both turned their attention to Sebastian.

“Hey I couldn’t have sex even if I wanted to” he defended. “Not with this stupid thing on me.” He said waving his wrist band at his aunties.

When they were 11 years old, the twins were invited to Betty Marshal’s birthday party who decide to play 7 minutes in heaven. Unfortunately, Betty’s mom came to check up on them and found Sebastian and Betty in the closet making out. She immediately called Aunt Zelda and exaggerated that Sebastian practically had his pants off. Ever since, Zelda gave Sebastian an irremovable wrist band that rebels any girl with lustful intent away from him. Which was why he never spoke to Thalia Range fearing he could accidently repel her away forever. Luckily the spell will be broken their 16th birthday.

“Praise Satan.” Their aunts said together relived.

“However, now that you bring it up, I admit I have reservations about saving myself for the Dark Lord.” Sabrina said.

“Yeah.” Sabastian agreed with his sister. “Why does he get to decide what we do or don’t do with our bodies?”

“Because it is witch law. Covenant.” Aunt Zelda said.

“Okay, but why?” Sabrina pressed. No one was able to answer Sabrina’s question

“And if none of you know, maybe we can talk to someone before our baptism, someone who can help us understand these things so we can make an choice.” The idea sounded logical to Sebastian after months of asking Roz’s dad about his faith, maybe he should ask questions to someone in the church of night.

“Choice?” Zelda repeated. “It is our sacred duty and honor to serve the Dark Lord. The extraordinary, delicious gifts he bestows on us in return for signing his book. And you, both of you, would deny him that?”

“Its our names, Aunt Zelda.” Sabrina pointed out.

“We all signed the book, and proudly, I might add.” Zelda said as she got up from her seat. “This is your mothers influence.”

“Zelda, calm down. Your blood pressure.” Hilda cautioned her sister.

Zelda turned around. “This is your fault too.” She accused making Hilda gasped. “We should have home-schooled them, as is our custom.”

Hilda looked at the twins. “Children, do you not want to join the church of night as full members? She asked gently.

“I don’t know about Sabrina but I certainly think so. I just see why we have to give up everything in our lives that’s human to do it.” Sebastian said.

At that moment, Ambrose realized that Sebastian probably had doubts about his own baptism, free from his sisters influence.

“Witch law. The Path of Night or the Path of Light.” Zelda recited.

“But not both.” The twins and Zelda said together as they also got up from their seats.

“And yet, our father, a warlock, married our mother, and she was human.” Sabrina pointed out.

“Yes, and it very nearly got Edward excommunicated.” Zelda said.

“Which begs the question,” Sebastian says lifting his chair and slamming it on the floor, “why would we want to join an organization that would do that to anyone we cared about?”

“Because its what they wanted for you.” Zelda reminded them. “Isn’t that right Hilda? Didn’t Edward and Diana both say so?”

“Yeah, they-they did, lamb.” Hilda said gently. “Many times.”

“Lies” Sebastian heard someone whisper in his ear. He turned around and saw that no one was there.

“Your two are a Son and Daughter of the Church of Night.” Zelda reminded them. “Your father was a High Priest. You will be both baptized under the blood moon, as we were, as all the Spellman’s before you were, as your children will be. And that niece and nephew, is final.” Zelda walks away slamming the door behind her.


After the argument, both Sabrina and Sebastian sat down outside on their pouch swing. Neither one spoke. They simply looked at the forest while Sebastian gently stroked a purring Salem who was enjoying the attention his male master was giving him.

Ambrose approached the twins and gently knocked on the side of the house that he was leaning on to grab their attention.

“Let me ask you, that spell we cast on Hawthorne last night, you enjoyed that? You both did?” Ambrose enquired. “From the glint in your eyes, you loved it.”

“Yes. Of course.” Sabrina answered while her brother nodded.

“The two of you do realize that your gifts, that euphoria fade to nothing if you two aren’t baptized.”

“We know, Ambrose. We just…need to be sure. I wish my Insight could just tell me what to do. Or something that can tell us we’re making the right decision” Sebastian sighed.

“In that case the two of you need to get your hands on a malum malus.” Ambrose stated.

“What’s a malum malus?” Sabrina asked.

“I think I’ve read about that in one of your books.” Sebastian said. “It’s the apple of evil right?”

“Ah you never fail to prove how much of a book worm you are, cousin.”

“Those are all your books.” Sebastian reminded him.

“Yes. But I’ve been under house arrest for 75 years. I’m bored. What’s your excuse?” Ambrose countered. “Anyway, what a malum malus is, to answer your question Sabrina, depends on who’s translating. If it’s a man, it’s the apple of evil. If it’s a woman, it’s the fruit of knowledge.”

“What do you do with it?” Sabrina asked.

“Its an apple, Sabrina, you bite it.” Ambrose smiled “And it whispers secrets to you. Grants you knowledge. Sometimes it might show you a glimpse of the future. “Should you walk the Path of Night or the Path of Light?” The malum malus might illuminate one path over another. Is that interesting to the two of you?”

“Yes, we’re interested.” Sabrina said.

“Go to an orchard, find the oldest tree.” Ambrose instructed “It’ll have one. The older the tree, the more its seen, the more it knows, the more accurate its reading of the future will be.”

“Groovy.” The twins said at the same time. They picked up their bags and headed to school.

“And make sure there’re no worms in it.” Ambrose warned humorously.

Salem followed his masters, walking right beside them. When Sebastian saw him he picked him up. Planning to take him to school with them Sebastian carried him all the way.


“Hey Ms. Meeks.” Sebastian greeted their Principal’s and Assistant Principal’s secretary “Rosalind, Sabrina and I were wondering, is Principal Hawthorne in yet?”

“Um…Principal Hawthorne won’t be coming in today.” Ms. Meeks stated. “He’s had a shock.”

“Shoot.” Sabrina said sounding disappointed. “Rosalind and I have a club proposal we were hoping to get approved we were hoping to get approved today.”

“Yeah. And I came as moral support for these two who worked so hard to help elevate the strength of female population in the school.” Sebastian added. “Too bad we cant do anything about it.”

’Well in Hawthorne’s absence, Assistant Principal Glover would, I suppose…be empowered to review such applications.” Ms. Meeks smiled turning around to use the black phone behind her.

Roz leaned towards Sabrina and Sabastian. “Hawthorne has never been sick a day in his life.” She whispered. “What did you two do, stick pins in a voodoo doll?”

The twins simply smiled at her.


The three of them ran out of Assistance Principal Glover’s office in glee and delight. The club had be approved and was now official. On the way Sabrina spotted Susie.

“Susie! Come on! We need help!” Sabrina squealed as she grabbed her arm.

“Okay.” Susie said. Had it not been for the grins on their faces, Susie would have thought some thing serious was going on.

As they ran, Sebastian accidently bumped into Thalia Range. “Sorry Thalia!” he yelled out to her.

Thalia tucked some of her hair behind her ear as she recovered from the shock of almost being knocked over and blushed furiously when she saw who it was. She couldn’t believe that Sebastian Spellman, the hottest guy in school who wasn’t a jerk to anyone, actually knew her name and had actually somewhat spoken to her.


Half an hour later, the four of them were in the library. Sebastian was helping Roz with making a poster while Sabrina was telling Susie about the new club they had just formed.

“You guys, you aren’t doing all this just for me are you?” Susie asked.

“For all of us. Fifty-three percent of Baxter High is female, Susie.” Sabrina explained. “The school needs a club like this.”

“Its long overdo, girl. But, yes, if anyone messes with you again, you’ll have a recognized, legitimate sisterhood, and Sebastian, backing you up.”

Susie was touched by her friends ambition to help her. “And the name, WICCA?

Sebastian glued the last letter to the poster. “Rosalind came up with it.” he told her.

“The Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association: WICCA.” Roz explained. The telephone in the library started ringing and was quickly answered by Ms. Curtis the school librarian and drama teacher. Both she and Sabrina high fived, Sebastian wiped the glue off of his fingers. “And the more girls who join the harder we’ll be to silence.”

“Quick question, If this is a girls only club, why am I the one stuck making all these posters while you three do nothing?” Sebastian asked.

“Sabrina, Sebastian. That call was for the two of you.” Ms. Curtis said. “Ms. Wardwell has asked to see the two of you in her office.”


“Assistant Principal Glover tells me that she’s ratified your organization,” Ms. Wardwell began, “and that on the application, I was listed as faculty advisor.”

“I hope that’s okay, Ms. Wardwell.” Sabrina said quietly.

“Happy to do it” Ms. Wardwell reassured Sabrina. “Especially if this club gives the two of you the peace of mind you’re both so clearly craving.”

“It’ll help. At least on this one front.” Sebastian told her.

“Oh, is there… is there something else bothering the two of you?” Ms. Wardwell enquired “Weighing on the two of you?”

The twins look at each other briefly.

“If we can be honest with you…” Sabrina began;

“Oh, absolutely.”

“…there is a possibility of us going to a different school, private school.”

“But we’re not sure 100 percent sure its something we want.” Sebastian added.

Ms. Wardwell looked uncertain at how she was meant to answer. “Well, is, um—Is it a good school?”’

“One of the best.” Sabrina answered. “And complicating matters, our dad went to this school.”

Ms. Wardwell laughs lightly “Then why wouldn’t you go? Mind you, I wouldn’t want to see my prize pupils vanishing on me. This wouldn’t be about a boy, would it Sabrina? I’ve noticed how enamored you are with Mr. Kinkle. Just as I’ve noticed how smitten who are with Ms. Range, Sebastian.”

Sabrina looked at her brother, who blushed and looked away, not knowing what the teacher was talking about. She never heard him even talk about having a crush on a girl.

“Harvey’s a part of sure, but its everything.” Sabrina said. “All our life is in Greendale.”

“And its proving difficult to untangle ourselves from that.” Sebastian says as the school bell rings.

“Well, um…this merits further discussion.” Ms. Wardwell says. “Why don’t the two of you and I get together after school and see if we can’t untangle this Gordian knot together?”

“We’d love that, Ms. Wardwell, but we have plans after school.” Sebastian informs her. “We’re going apple picking.”

“Ha! How fun.” Ms. Wardwell say smiling forcefully. “Where would that be?”


After school Sabrina and her brother rode together with her boyfriend in his truck to an old Greendale orchid.

“Hey I should probably get a pumpkin for my stoop, in case we get any trick-or-treaters.” Harvey told Sabrina. “Your aunts don’t need any more do they?

“No Harvey.” Sabrina answered. “I think they’re covered.”

“Okay.” Harvey said before kissing Sabrina and heading over to find a stoop.

“Hey what was Ms. Wardwell taking about earlier?” Sabrina asked after her boyfriend had left them alone.

“Nothing.” Sebastian said walking slightly faster.

Sabrina quickened her walking. “It’s not nothing if your not gonna talk to me about it.”

“Sabrina it’s really none of your business.” Sebastian snapped.

“Hey.” Sabrina grabbed her twins arm stopping him from walking off. “Talk to me Sebastian. What’s this about Thalia Range?”

“Its nothing Sabrina.” Sebastian said. But seeing the determined look on his sisters face he gave up on trying to shut her out. “Fine. I have a crush on her okay? There, I said it.”

’Wait a crush? Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Why? It’s not like I can do anything about it.”

“Sure you can. You could go and tell her how you feel. Maybe even ask her out.” Sabrina said forgetting about his impotence hex.”

’That’s the point I can’t ask her out.” Sebastian snapped. “I can’t ask any girl out. Not with this stupid wristband compelling every girl that even wants to talks to me to run the other way.”

“Sabastian. I’m sorry.” Sabrina said. “I had no idea.”

“Never mind. Forget I said anything okay.” Sebastian said as he resumed walking.

Sebastian felt an invisible force pull him toward past all the small apple trees and forward. Sabrina followed her twin silently until he pointed to the largest apple tree at the other side of the hay maze. “That one.”

“Nothing’s ever easy, is it?” Sabrina sighed.

Hearing the giggles of kids in a distance echoing around them, the Spellman twins entered the maze.

“Hickery Pickery, Hickery Pickery, where shall these kids go?” they chanted together. “They’ll go east, they’ll go west, they’ll go to the crow’s nest.” They stopped at the scarecrow pointing at picking which direction to go. “Hickery Pickery, Hickery Pickery.” Both twins pointed to the left.

They headed in the pointed direction hearing the caw of a crow behind them as they left the scarecrow behind. After walking and going through a few twists, Sebastian stopped his sister and pointed to the wooden cross.

“Sabrina, where’s the scarecrow?” He asked in a shaky voice. Both twins slowly backed away and were shocked when they heard a roar and something grab them.

The scarecrow was snarling and growling while holding them down as they struggled. No matter how much force or how many punches Sebastian threw, the scarecrow didn’t looked affect at all. Suddenly, Sebastian felt a surge of energy rush through him. Holding his hand at the scarecrow a wave pulsed out of him and threw the scarecrow away from them.

“How did you do that?” Sabrina said gasping.

“I don’t know. Run!” He grunted pulling his sister to her feet.

Both twins just panted and ran in no obvious direction, simply just trying to put some distance between them and their hay-attacker. Hearing the scarecrow roar didn’t help calm down their quick beating hearts. And seeing it as it came shrieking towards them didn’t help either.

As they ran further and further in the maze, Sebastian could feel Salem’s presence get closer and closer. Grabbing his sisters arm, he began leading them towards Salem while trying to lose the scarecrow at the same time. Right before the scarecrow could reach them, Sebastian threw himself and his sister to the ground just as he felt Salem get close to them. After staying on the ground for a few moments and listening to what sounded like the roar and snarling of a tiger, the twins got up and checked the scarecrow only to find their familiar sitting on its ripped clothing.

“Well done boy.” Sabrina praised. Turning to her brother she asked: “Who—who sent that? Was it the weird sisters?”

Sebastian focused on the lingering taste of magic slowly fading away along with the scent of perfume. “No. But whoever it was is definitely female I can tell you that much.” Sebastian looked at their feline familiar, “Okay, well, can you help us get through this maze? To the tree”

Salem meowed and led the way to the old apple tree. After a twists and turns, they finally arrived. The tree was far more bigger up close. As the twins eyes raked the branches they only seemed to find that the tree only bared green apples. Salem meowed to the twins.

“How will we know, Salem which apple is the…” Sabrina said walking closer to the tree until her brother tapped her shoulder and pointed to a red apple on one of the lower branches. “…malum malus.”

Walking up to the tree Sebastian reached out to the apple and picked it. The branch creaked slowly when he did. Sebastian moved away from the branch and stood next to his sister. “Malum…”he said, “should we be baptized?” taking a bite of the apple he handed it to his sister who took a bite as well.

For a moment nothing happened. Then the twins looked at each other and slowly at the apple in Sabrina’s hand. Shocked that the apple that mere moments ago was ripe had rotted and filled with worms, Sabrina dropped the apple. When the fruit hit the ground every turned dark and seemed to be illuminated by a red light.

Sebastian looked up and saw a sight a scared him. In front of him was an apple tree that did not hold apples but the corpses of 13 witches. He could literately hear the their distant distorted screams. Almost screaming Sebastian remember that the apple he bit was still in his mouth.

Both the twins attention was drawn to the trees trunk. They could hear the tree crackle and the trunk thumping like footsteps that slowly go louder and louder. The trunk broke and a truly horrifying sight emerged. It looked like a skinny bull that stood on 2 legs. The beast snarling walked towards the siblings growling that as it got closer they moved further and further away from the monster.

Just as it was about to grab them both twins spat out the apple pieces in their mouths.

“I don’t know about you Sabrina but I think I just got my answer.” Sebastian said trying to slow down his quickening heart.


After arriving home both twins were worried about how their aunt Zelda would react to them deciding against having their dark baptisms.

Entering the house both twins placed their house keys on the small shelf next to the door.

“Aunties? Ambrose?” Sabrina called out. “Can we please have a family meeting? We’ve made a decision about our dark baptisms.”

“Yeah. And I think that my Insight might be broken?” Sebastian announced.

“Sabrina. Sebastian. We in here.” They heard their aunt Hilda call out to them from the family parlor.

Sebastian felt a wave go past him. A presence in the house that reminded him of someone but he couldn’t remember who.

“Sabrina, there’s someone else here.” He told his sister.

Walking into the room, the twins saw their aunties and cousin sitting down with someone unfamiliar to them. He was dressed in a suit and was holding a walking stick with his hands that had very long claw like finger nails

“Are these the children?” he asked .

“They are, Your Excellency.” Aunt Zelda replied formally.

“This is our niece, Sabrina and our nephew Sebastian.” Hilda introduced as the twins walked to the other side of the room to see the mans face more clearly.

The man looked utterly interested and fascinated by the twins. Watching them as they slowly entered the room.

“Oh, my children.” He began. “Neither one of you has any idea how special you are, do you? How you’ve been chosen.”

Sabrina and Sebastian some how found their voice. “Sorry. Who are you?” they said in unison.

“Honestly. Forgive them, Father, they know not what they say.” Zelda scoffed at her nephew and niece’s ignorance despite knowing full well it wasn’t their fault.

“Sabrina, Sebastian, we are being honored tonight.” Hilda said. “This is Faustus Blackwood.”

There was a moment of silence that followed since neither twin knew who he was.

“Are we supposed to know who that is?” Sebastian asked boldly.

Seeing that twins didn’t recognized his name she went on.

“He’s High Priest of the Church of Night.” She stammered “Dark Lord Satan’s representative on earth.”

“Never heard of him.” Sebastian to his aunt Hilda.

“Your aunts tell me that the both of you are having doubts about your baptisms.” The High Priest said addressing the twins. “That you both, may, in fact, not be signing your names in the Book of the Beast.

“Uh…” Sabrina says hesitantly.

“Well you see…” Sebastian says equally as hesitant as his sister.

“No, no, no. that cannot be.” Faustus said shaking his head. “That must not be. So…let us see what I can do to convince the two of you.


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