The Fox's Lament

A Deadly Game pt 1

(Orbit around Papetoon)

6:44am GST

Lament looked to the green sphere slowly spinning below his ship which was locked in the planet's orbit floating aimlessly on it gravitational pull. He had several cups of coffee, and a small glass of Scotch to wake him up which together did the job rather well. Lament had sent word to Syrus several hours ago but, who did he expect to be awake a 4 in the morning. He waited around for some time but no signal came. Finally after hours of waiting Lament received the call he'd hoped for...

"Ah good to know you aren't dead...too bad I cannot speak so openly about that Caruso fellow..." As the first time they talked the message was all audio.

"Cut the crap. I'm on to your little game..."

"Oh really...then enlighten me..."

Lament stood up from his seat, "You sent me and Kursed both after the sword hoping one or both of us would die, that part I still haven't figured out, but you killed off Tyrel because he found out about your little plan...he tried to warn me but I was too late, then you sent Star Wolf after Arlex and Xander because you knew Xander was eventually going to find something on Titania's surface that you didn't want him to find. So my question now is...what do you want with this sword, before I shoot it into Sol?"

"It's not what I intend to do with the weapon but rather what my employer wants with it..."

"Works for you gonna hide or show your face...Slash?"

As Lament said this his com systems imaging device came on showing the grinning face of a black and brown furred canine; his muzzle was a bit longer and more pointed than Lament or Kursed's, his eye brows were light brown like the fur that started at his throat and lead down into the neck of his shirt, his ears stood strait up despite the fact that one was missing, his right eye was a light brown where his left matched Lament's missing eye, which was fitting since they'd given each other their particular disability a short while back...

"I thought I left your sorry ass in prison." Lament growled.

"You did...but there hasn't been a cage yet that can hold me and I doubt they'll ever invent one that can."

"How much is the sword worth?"

"3 million flat...and much more than either of our lives. So unfortunately...I'm gonna have to take it from you."

Just then MEL let out a siren like blare, "WARNING!!! WARNING!!! System override, unauthorized entry of docking bay! Ship class Wolfen!"

"Looks like you've got company..." Slash chuckled, "...might wanna hurry it up."

Lament took his weapons and rushed off down the halls toward the docking bay only to find that there was indeed a Wolfen just landing, it's wing formation was a bit different and it was blue instead of read but it was definitely a Wolfen. As the pilot leaped from the cockpit and removed her helmet Lament was speechless; if it hadn't been for this vixen's white fur she could have passed for Kursed in a heartbeat, she wore a black and red uniform that reached from her collar to her thighs, knee high boots and a pari of long gloves that reached bast her elbows, her eyes were an enticingly beautiful shade of green. She pulled an unusually long sword from as sheath on her side, and rocked her head from shoulder to shoulder a few times before smiling beautifully...if not sadistically...

"'re a lot cuter than Slash made you out to be." Her voice sung as she licked her lips.

Lament wasted no time pulling out both his sword and Lovithar, "And you would be?"

"Fyra..." She proclaimed running her free hand through her long hair, " I'm supposed to get that sword from you by any means necessary. Oh please tell me we have to be violent with this." She pleaded.

"Wow...and I thought Kursed was a little off..." Lament said with a chuckle, "...but you're a downright psychotic bitch."

"No...I'm not psychotic..." Fyra said as her sword became limp and fell to the ground, "...Oh ho ho ho...but I am a bitch, you have no idea how right you were about that." She finished with a flick of her wrist.

Lament winced a something struck the tip of his nose with the loud lashing crack of a whip leaving a semi-deep cut in the sensitive flesh...

"Living sword...those are pretty rare." Lament said his eyes watering a bit from the sting of the cut.

Living swords were a maniacal combination of sword and whip, the blade though solid was segmented, and held together by light but powerful cables, making each small segment of blade like flesh stripping razors. A gyro concealed in the hilt of the sword could pull the cables taught making it no more than a large longsword. Most people weren't stupid enough to use one as they were hard to handle and keep from hitting the person using them but, this vixen seemed well aware of what she was doing...

"Yes such beauty and lethality...just like me."

Lament let out a slight laugh, "You know I take back what I said..." He said, "...psychos aren't nearly this nuts."

Fyra let out a cry of pure anger as she swung her weapon toward Lament several times successfully tearing small cuts into the fabric of his shirt and long coat. As a particularly harsh crack of the weapon made a jump at Lament's face he lashed out against it with his sword causing the lethal whip to become entwined slightly around the blade giving him the opportunity to grasp the cable between two of the segments. He smiled to Fyra before pulling all of his strength into the whip launching her into the air, then whipping her airborne body into a nearby stack of fuel cells. Fyra stood up smiling and yanked on her own end of the weapon, Lament attempted to hold onto his end where his sword was attached but, to his great surprise she was stronger than he had anticipated. He flew forward toward Fyra rolling across the ground, Fyra then lashed out at him with her whip sword. Lament quickly rolled to one side as her blade slashed a large scrape into the metal floor, she kept up her pace but attack after attack collided with the floor as Lament rolled out of the way in each direction; first rolling onto the back of his neck, then rolled forward, then back to his original position into a forward handspring stomping down on the whip as he landed. Fyra pulled the whip again which caused Lament to fall backwards stopping his decent with one hand flipping over to his feet. He dove backward as another flick from the tip of the snake like weapon bit into his thigh and hid behind a stack of storage boxes, unfortunately another crack of her whip sounded...

There was a slightly shocked look frozen on Lament's face as the middle box of the five box stack slid away from itself at an angle dropping the stack. He knew that her weapon was sharp but, this was ridiculous, he wasn't even safe under cover. He attempted several times to finally get close enough to her to attack her, but her weapon had a much better range than any of his...As their fight carried on a light crack from her weapon bounded off of his sword, and before she could recoil the whip she made another lightning fast motion. Lament let out a scream of pain as the blades dug into his calf, the whip's long tail wrapping about his leg. The long weapon tore at his muscle as she forcefully pulled the whip loose, the unbelievable pain forcing him to his knees, another flick of her wrist stripped the swords form his hands.

"Don't feel too badly dear...nobody beats me..." Fyra said retracting her sword to it's normal state, "...well then it's too bad Slash wants you to himself..." She added placing her sword's point to Lament's throat, "...otherwise I'd keep you for myself. Sweet dreams handsome."

The heel of her boot collided with the side of his head and his vision blanked out...

(Two hours later...)

Kursed entered Papetoon's orbit and waited, she knew that this was where Lament was headed but he should have been there. It didn't make any sense...he had a job to collect on...he was never late where money was involved. After a few hours of waiting Kursed began to have the oddest feeling that she was missing something...that Lament's ship should have been there, she thought long and hard on where he might have gone otherwise but she didn't really think the same way he did. She waited a bit longer until it grew to a late hour...

"CAM...have their been any odd warp jumps in the last few hours here?"

"Connecting with CHSA..." CAM said going silent as she began downloading the information, "...276 warp jumps in the last 10 hours."

"Did any seem out of place?"

There was a silent moment, "Majority number of warp jumps destined for Corneria and Katina...One jump scheduled for Titania."

Kursed thought to herself for a moment...what did she have to loose other than time? "Get us a cleared hyperspace path to Titania...I got a bad feeling about this."

CAM went silent for a moment, "Registered flight path granted...ETA 4 hours 27 minute."

(Meanwhile elsewhere in Lylat...)

Lament could feel the burning cold of a stone floor, he was freezing, and his entire body hurt. He could taste blood that seeped into his mouth from a cut on his lip, and he could feel an agonizing pain in his left leg. As his vision cleared from his recent unconscious stupor he noticed his room; it's walls were all made up of stone but the bars that formed his cell door were most definitely iron, what was meant as a bed was no more than a wooden plank held to the wall by two chains, the only other occupant seemed to have expired several years back as he was no more than a pile of bones in one corner. He tried to stand up but collapsed to the ground screaming in pain as his left ankle buckled beneath him. As he examined the injured foot it became clear that he wouldn't be doing a lot of moving, his Achilles tendon had nearly been cut in two. Leaving his coat alone he removed his tattered shirt tearing it into of the thicker leg bones of his roommate made a perfect splint for the injury before he wrapped it tightly...

The hours passed slowly, Lament was beginning to feel groggy...he hadn't eaten in more than a few hours. Finally a wolf in a red uniform walked by the cell sliding a tray the door. Lament didn't care what it looked like it was food and he was hungry; though the contents of the tray seemed to have already been digested once or twice. He wasn't given any utensils for eating, a smart choice as he'd once killed a hare with a spoon, the memory of the incident forced up a small chuckle. When he finished silencing his growling stomach he decided to check over the things he had on him...

"Lets see..." He said sitting down on his wooden bed, "...communicator...broken, one silver ring, and my personal voice transmitter...but the damn thing only works within 200 meters of another unit..."

"So you're awake." A voice said from the cell door.

Lament turned to see the white vixen that had attacked him, "Well...if it isn't Psychobitch. What the fuck do you want?"

He could tell by the look on her face that his nickname had gotten to her, "I just needed to inform you that as of today you belong to me...sort of an engagement present from Slash."

"The Nutcase, Psychobitch two must be so happy."

"We'll see how cocky you are once the arena's been fixed'd best get some sleep."

The hours slipped by, Lament busied himself constructing what weapons he could from his roommate's bones and whatever other things he could find around the place. So far he managed to make knives of several different lengths, as well as a few stabbing weapons, sharpening them by rubbing them against the rough stone for hours on end... he didn't know what they had planned but it couldn't have been good or fair by any account...after all they were going to put him in an arena with a useless ankle...and though he didn't know what he'd be fighting, he knew that it would be useless to even try in his current state. But if he was even going to try he needed some sleep...

Lament was awakened in the darkness of the night by the sound of his cell door opening, he tightened the grip on one of his homemade weapons. He could hear the sound of a limp body hitting the floor...

"Is she gonna be alright?"

"Yeah...well, as far as the anti-venom goes, but who knows what this sick bastard'll do to her..."

"Oh well...little action before he dies tomorrow." The other guard laughed as they walked away.

Kursed woke with a blinding headache, the burning in her side felt familiar in a way. She could feel a stiff surface beneath her, and she could hear a voice though it seemed far off and hazy...

"You alright?"

She could only nod as she couldn't find her voice...

"I guess we both kinda fucked up this time huh?"

She nodded weakly, wincing in pain...

After some time Kursed was able to sit up, as she did Lament sat a plate of food on the bed next to her before leaning against the far wall sliding into a sitting position cringing at the pain in his foor...

"I know it looks like crap gotta eat something." Lament said, "How the hell did you get here anyhow? And where are we anyway?"

Kursed obviously hadn't eaten in a short while as she swallowed a large portion of food, "We're on Titania...I found your ship in orbit and thought you were just trying to throw me off from chasing you...but when I got down here I was attacked, a killed quite a few of them of those little scorpion freaks got me from behind. I woke up in here..." She pointed to Lament's tattered ankle, "...what the hell happened to you?"

"The whole fucking job was a set up..." Kursed slowly climbed off of the bed and crept over to examine Lament's ruined foot, "...that was done by some crazy bitch named Fyra with a living sword. She's in cahoots with a crazy bastard that tried to kill me a few years back..."

"Yeah there seems to be a lot of that going're like a magnet for trouble." Kursed replied, "Look...if we're going to get out of're going to need this foot. I can heal it'll leave me pretty weak for a while."

"Well I can promise to keep you safe until you regain your strength."

Kursed shook her head and closed her eyes before placing his palms together rubbing them together. His eyes grew wide as he watched a blue flame erupt around her hand as she reached for his muzzle. Lament quickly pulled his muzzle from her grip...

"You're gonna have to trust me here...This hurts like hell..."

Lament was hesitant but, this time he didn't recoil when she clamped his muzzle shut. She closed her eyes and quickly slapped her flaming hand to the injured ankle; a muffled scream echoed from Lament's closed muzzle and down the empty halls. He could instantly feel every cell and muscle fiber being stitched back together slowly the whole time his limb felt like it was on fire burning on the inside. As the final length of the healing fell through his vision was blurring, and the pain finally got to him...he blacked out...and as the process was finished Kursed too lost consciousness from the exertion of her own power falling over his legs...

As the world inside the cell faded back into existence, Lament pushed Kursed off of his legs, thanks to the dead weight of her exhausted body they were completely unresponsive..but after a few minutes the circulation returned and Lament laid the downed medic on the cell's bed. Now he owed her one, he guaranteed the unconscious vixen that she'd be paid back but at the moment he was busy testing his repaired ankle. It had a full range of motion again but, moving it still hurt a bit, though not agonizingly was a tolerable pain now. About another hour passed by and a passing guard slid breakfast into the cell. This was different than before however, this meal was full of meat and pleasant smelling foods that Lament was accustomed to eating, no to mention a full bottle of Scotch, he took the two metal plates and walked over to the bed where he made sure to wake Kursed before handing her a plate...

Kursed was still a bit groggy but didn't refuse the meal, she needed to rebuild her strength, "What's the deal? Good food and liquor?"

Lament glanced over to her from his position on the floor then back to his food, "...Last meal..." He said taking a heavy drink of the Scotch shivering a bit as he pulled the bottle away from his lips, "...that means they're going to do this arena thing this afternoon." He said passing her the bottle.

Kursed didn't really drink but considering the circumstances at hand she snatched the bottle taking a healthy swig herself, then handed the bottle back to Lament, "...(cough)...not bad." Her eyes watered and she found it a bit hard to breathe for a moment, she obviously wasn't used to drinking.

A few hours later they'd emptied their plates and most of the Scotch. It wasn't long before four guards with heavy machine guns came to their cell and began to lead Lament and Kursed down a big empty hall. Kursed was forced to ignore the fact that the echidna behind her had pinched her ass...she made a note of his face as the guards left her and Lament in another cell. A much larger cell who's only stone wall was dominated by a massive double door...

"You know kid...I'm gonna miss the good old days." Lament said as they noticed the massive door opening.

"What good old days?" Kursed yelled over a roar of what sounded like screaming spectators.

The doors swung fully open revealing them to the piercing sunlight, "The days when the only crazy bitch trying to kill me was you."

Kursed couldn't help but laugh, the same as Lament as the two enemies forced into a peaceful partnership made their way out into what could very well be their end...

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