The Fox's Lament

The Journey pt1


May 16th


When they landed Lament gave Kursed a small list and took another himself of things that they'd need. Kursed found it odd that she was off gathering food and stuff...she felt more like a house wife than a captain. By the time she was finished and checking out of the store it was already nearly noon. She put in an order to have all the stuff delivered to the Raven, she was a bit relieved to be back to the ship when she got there. Lament was looking over several large stacks of supplies, lifting the tarp that covered each and then checking them off on a small list on a clipboard he carried. He didn't acknowledge Kursed's presence at all, rather he just kept to his business until he was finally done...

"Well...that's everything we need for the ships; fuel cells, hydraulic fluids, coolant, wiring for this thing's shity com system, plasma cells for the weapon systems, ammo for our blasters, and some other things I thought we could use."

"Well the food and stuff should be here soon." Kursed assured him.

"Good...MEL already got us clearance for the jump to Uth'maria. So all we need to do now is get all of this crap onto the ship."

The two worked for about an hour moving the supplies to the ship before the rest of the supplies arrived, the entire process of loading the Raven down with the supplies took about three hours. After they were done loading the Raven they boarded the ship and set about their routine. The Raven was on it's way within the hour, speeding toward their destination...but even hyperspace was far too slow for Lament.

The days all seemed to last forever, by the time a week had passed by Lament was stressed out of his mind. He woke one morning and rolled over to examine his clock; 2o'clock...he gave up on trying to sleep. There was nothing to do, he couldn't sleep, he'd taken two naps yesterday just to blow off time, it was probably why he couldn't sleep. He made his way to the docking bay where he decided to work on his arwing...but that didn't last long as there was only so much he could do to the ship; he replaced all the fuel cells, adjusted the output calibration to the G-diffuser, adjusted the feed to the weapons system, and gave it a full diagnostic check up. When he was finished he left the cockpit open and turned on his music, a sort of light rock music, and sat on the wing of the small fighter leaning against the hull of the was the most relaxed he'd been in years, but he still couldn't sleep. He just closed his eyes and listened to the music, soon the silence was interrupted by the sound of the docking bay's heavy automatic door as it hissed open, he didn't need to look to know it was Kursed...she was the only other person on the ship...

He was forced to open his eyes when the sound of her footsteps stop, when he did he found that she was standing over him wearing a devious smile. She quickly lowered herself sitting on his outstretched legs, she ran her paws across the fur on his face then pulled him toward her forcing him into a passionate kiss, it felt like she was trying to pull his face off, he didn't understand at first but who cared, he gave up and kissed her back wrapping his arms around her. He expected her to rip a hole in him when his paws clutched her ass, but to his surprise she simply strengthened her hold on him, using her tongue to probe every inch of his mouth, as her hand began to familiarize themselves with the details of his body. She broke their embrace releasing a loud moan of passion as Lament's paws worked their way to her breasts beneath her shirt. He was curious as to what brought this out in her but he didn't really care...his claws ripped the shirt from her body, she threw her head back letting out a louder moan of pleasure as Lament's tongue began to work over her firm ample breasts. He stopped for a moment when he felt her warm hand creep past the waistline of his pants where they began to rub his growing arousal. She finally pushed Lament back pulling away her jeans after releasing him from his own pants. He could hardly believe what was happening here, he hadn't been with a woman in years he never expected her to be the one to break the cycle. He held his hands on her hip as she positioned herself over him...she screamed with pleasure as she guided him into her, their tails coiled together as she began raise and lower herself onto him, her cries of extacy growing by the moment. Lament tried to hold himself off but he couldn't help it. Soon Kursed let out a shriek as her orgasm clenched Lament's manhood tight causing him to release everything he was holding back, the brutal sensation causing him to throw his head back closing his eyes...

The shock of his own orgasm pulled him out of his sleep; his heart was pounding, his breathing was rapid, and he was sweating like crazy. He didn't even realize he'd fallen asleep, it all felt so real...too real as he realized there was a wet feeling in his pants. He jumped from the wing he'd fallen asleep on...

"Cold shower..." He shuddered to himself as he began to walk back through the halls to his room.

(Meanwhile in Kursed's room)

Kursed woke in a shocked state, her dreams had never been like that before. She was in a sweat, her head and heart were both pounding, and she was breathing heavily. It all felt so real; she hadn't dreamt of anyone before. Lament had entered her room in her dreams, and made love to her, she didn't care what it meant...she felt dirty, she knew it was only a dream but she didn't even try to fight it. She could only crawl out of bed and head to the shower...

After about a thirty minute shower Lament was freezing, the images however weren't so easy to get rid of. He got dressed quickly; just a black muscle shirt and a pair of long black jean shorts, and headed out of his room. As he walked toward the main hall that led toward the docking bay and the he did Kursed walked out of her room and headed toward the same hall wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt...though they were headed right at each other their eyes never left the floor. As they met at the intersection of halls one turned toward the bridge the other toward the docking bay...

"Hey..." They managed to say in unison as they passed each other.

Lament went to the one place he'd be able to get his mind back on track, the kitchen...he was hungry after all he had gotten little sleep last night, and though his dream was far from unpleasant, it still made him feel a bit shameful. He hadn't had a wet dream since he was in high school, but even then he though it all just felt wrong. He didn't want Kursed to know about the dream but he felt like he had to apologize for some reason. As for the moment he sat down at one of the tables slowly eating the small breakfast he'd made himself, it took forever sitting there picking at his food while having cup after cup of hot coffee, but at some point he managed to block out the images of himself and her locked in the throws of passion. It was noon before he finally came out of the kitchen, unfortunately Kursed had been feeling hungry and as he exited the kitchen the two ran into each other ramming the sides of their heads together as they were both looking in other directions when they came to the door. Lament stumbled back a bit but, thanks to his greater mass only Kursed fell down...

"Sorry about that..." Lament said helping her to her feet, " alright?"

"Yeah..." Kursed replied rubbing her sore temple, "...should've been watching where I was going."

Neither one of them looked up long enough to realize that they couldn't look at each other, not in the eyes at least...

"Hey there's something...I sort of need to talk to you about..." Lament said still looking at the floor.

"Can it wait? I'm kind of hungry and there's a lot of maintenance to work with on this ship. The engines developed some sort of problem last night."

"Right I guess we can talk about it tonight then...I'll go see what I can do about the engines."

The day progressed at it's normal pace, but when Lament finally tried to sit down and talk with Kursed she avoided him. He was forced to go to his room as she had already gone to sleep before him, he thought they had gotten past all of this, thought she'd finally forgiven him for what he'd done to her mate. He decided that he'd just wait until morning and approach her then...but it didn't work out. Day after day went by and she still avoided him. After a week of this he couldn't take it anymore...he'd gotten used to having someone to talk to again, and all the stress was getting to him now...if she wouldn't talk to him then he'd force her hand. He walked to the bridge where she was and approached her but as soon as he started talking she got up and left but that wasn't going to fly. He followed her to her room but she locked the door...

"Kursed...I really need to talk to you."

"Please go away." She half shouted.

"Look if we're working together like this we can't go back to not trusting each other again..."

There was no reply...

"Look something's really bothering you and I'm not leaving until I know what it is..."

Still no reply...

"Kursed you are really working on my last nerve I'll tell you what." Lament said getting a bit annoyed, "I'm going to count to five...then if the door isn't open so we can sort out this issue I'll override the access code and come in on my own. I'd rather not do that."

He waited for a reply but one never came, " may think I'm fuck'n with you but I'm not...four..."

"Okay...MEL unlock the door...I swear my ship but you're still the captain."

Lament entered the room to find that Kursed was standing by her window watching the rainbow colored spectrum of light that was hyperspace...

Lament walked over and joined her, "Okay now what's wrong?" He asked laying a paw on her shoulder.

She jerked away at his touch, "Don't touch me." She withdrew crossing her arms over her chest and looking away from him, "Just say what you wanted to say and get out."

"What the hell is wrong with you...I thought we put all this crap aside." Lament said, "I'm not used to having partners or friends but still...I do enjoy having someone to talk to."

"It's a personal problem okay?" Kursed answered sitting on her bed.

"Oh...look I don't mean to intrude or anything but..."

"It's okay..."

"You know talking to Bella always helped when I had a problem...I'd like to try helping with yours."

Kursed managed to look at his face, he was being serious, "You are the problem...look I'd really rather not talk about this okay, can we just forget about it?"

"As long as you can stop trying to avoid me at every turn."

"Alright...I'll stop, it was getting pretty hard to do some of those repairs yesterday by myself."

Lament walked to the door, "Wait didn't you want to tell me something?"

"Oh right I was so caught up in your problem I'd forgotten about mine..." Lament's head sank against his chest, "...I...had a dream about you last night."

Is that all? Kursed asked herself, "And?"

"It was a dream that I'm not too proud of..."

"W-w-w-what?" She asked half laughing, she didn't really believe him.

"I'm sorry..."

This time she really did laugh, "Lament you's a dream, you don't have to apologize to me because of a was a dream, I've had plenty of them myself." It was easier to forget about her own dream knowing that he'd had the same kind of dream, it still disturbed her a bit though, "Look just forget about it okay? We have bigger problems then what's happening in dreamland."

"Thanks...I'll sleep a little easier knowing you aren't holding that against me..."

"But I didn't know until you told me..." Kursed replied.

The door slid open, "Yeah well I did...and that was enough...and again I'm sorry."

(Ten days later)

June 8th 3:12am

ETA 31days

The dream incident became nothing more than a laughing matter to either of them after they had discussed it, Kursed got the most fun out of it as she constantly proclaimed that his dreams were the only place it would ever happen. Lament himself had developed a comeback to the comment though claiming that the whole thing was more of a nightmare than a dream, she didn't like that too much. At the time however they were not in a laughing mood. They were awakened by a red alert, several electrical relays had all shorted out all at once...they were forced to make an emergency exit of hyperspace until they could get all of their systems repaired. Lament and Kursed had been working nearly an hour before the lights came back on...that was a good sign...but neither of them really liked it in the small space they were forced to work in, the power grid was in one of the smallest rooms in the entire ship...not only that it was incredibly hot especially with the two of them working fanatically to get all of the burnt out wiring and relays replaced...after another hour they were finally done...

"MEL life support status..." Lament called out pulling off his shirt and using it to dry the sweat from his body.

"Life support systems at 98.21percent of maximum capacity...Hyperdrive systems fully operational."

"Now...I don't know 'bout you...but I need something to drink." Lament said turning toward Kursed and tossing her his shirt which she used to dry the sweat from her own face.

"I'm...right behind you." Kursed replied yawning.

Lament couldn't blame her for being tired, they'd been training for any action they'd have against Slash and Fyra. A few days ago they'd both roughed each other up pretty badly sparring, they both had bruises and cuts that hadn't fully they were both trying to get plenty of sleep so that they could continue their training. The two made it to the kitchen where Lament passed Kursed something he'd picked up on Papetoon; it was bottled in glass with a small imprint of a lizard of some kind on the neck of the bottle. It was a good drink something she could get used to, a type of fruit juice. As the two rested up a bit they walked to the window in the kitchen only to notice they were some distance from a nearby red planet surrounded by several rings...

"Wow...beautiful..." Lament said taking a sip of his drink, "...MEL what planet is that?"

"Planet Eefria...status uncharted...moons 28...10 charted. Average temperature 79degreed Fahrenheit."

Lament couldn't help but wonder, "You know...I know what I'll do with my life once we get Bella back and stop those freaks..."

"Really? What?"

"Explore uncharted know find out what's out there." Lament said finishing off his drink, "See a nice piece of the universe before I die."

Lament waited for a reply only to find that she'd fallen asleep in a nearby chair...he smiled and pulled the half empty drink from her paw, then lifted her off the chair and carried her to her room she needed a good rest. He tried to set her on her bed but, he found that she had a tight grip around his neck. Lament slid his neck out of her grip and pulled her blankets halfway up her body so she wouldn't get too hot. He stopped as her door opened...

"Good night Lament."

He turned to see that she'd woken up, "Good night kid...go back to sleep."

Her only reply was a weak nod as she rolled over and wrapped her arms around her pillow...the whole sight caused him to yawn himself he'd been denied some sleep as well. He walked to his room stopping at the door, "MEL get us back into hyperspace and keep us on track to Uth'maria." MEL gave his confirmation and Lament made his way to his bed, where he finally drifted off to sleep himself. Another month of this kind of travel, then he'd finally be able to put all of this to rest, and hopefully start a new life somewhere else, where nobody cared who he was or what he'd done in the past...gaining Kursed's forgiveness was hard enough, he had to change himself completely, but when he thought about it he really didn't miss the old him at all; the drunken slobbering idiot was now just like McCloud...a part of the past that he didn't want to relive. He slept well for the first time their entire pleasant dreams or nightmares for him tonight. Just listless calming sleep...

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