The Fox's Lament

The Journey pt2

(The Raven Hyperspace)

June 22nd 9:35am

ETA 17 days

Kursed and Lament spent the greater portions of their days in the training room...brushing up skills they knew of, as well as picking up some new ones along the way. Lament and Kursed had as well developed a stronger bond of friendship that neither of them ever really intended on. Their trusts in one another were growing by the day, this was mainly due to their constant training together. It was helpful two both of them in fact, they no longer thought of their lost loves so much. Now and again they'd have their arguments and spats but, someone would eventually apologize and that would be the end of it...they no longer kept any problem or issue to themselves until it burst, they did whatever they could to help the partner. The two of them had become the kind of friends that Kursed had missed having around, the kind that would miss her when she was gone...

The two were in the kitchen after a hard day of training, they'd started early as they both had trouble sleeping last night, the air conditioning in the rooms had malfunctioned turning their rooms into steam rooms making it impossible to get any sleep maybe that was why Kursed slipped up during weapons training and got caught in the side of the head with Lament's wooden practice sword...the impact had nearly knocked her out, though she swore it felt like it had nearly knocked her head off...

"I am so sorry..." Lament said studying the swelling welt on the side of the vixen's head.

She laughed as much as she could, "It's alright...I shouldn't have let my guard down."

Lament rushed to the refrigerator and brought back an ice pack which he lay on the swelling point, "I still shouldn't have hit you so hard...had I done it any harder I could have really hurt you."

Kursed reached over and rubbed his head before pecking him on the forehead, "Thanks...and yes you did hit me pretty hard...but really I'm okay...How about you? You're still bleeding." She asked trying to get a good look at the cut she'd accidentally opened over his eye when she hit him with her spear's shaft.

"Just a small cut...I've had a lot worse."

Kursed chuckled, "I've given you a lot worse."

" do me a favor and keep off your feet for a while...I'm gonna go see if there are any repairs needed."

Kursed couldn't help but smile as he rushed out the door, he seemed to have a fit any time she got hurt in even the slightest way. As she thought back on the time they'd spent together on the ship she felt a slight warmth that she'd all but forgotten, a feeling she didn't want to feel but seemed to have no choice. She tried to fight it off but in the end she realized what was happening...she had at some point given up on the theory that Lament was Fox's killer...she didn't see that kind of person in his eyes...she saw the same kind of person Fox was. After a small wait with the pack of ice on her wound, she headed to her room, she needed time to think...

Of all the days the were forced to repair the ship this would seem to be the one it was in proper working order, that was one of the things about space flight that he'd always loved, it's unpredictably. There was no way of telling when or what was going to go out on a ship, but there wasn't a ship in creation that didn't have it's problems here and there. If they didn't have one they'd develop one over time with constant use. Lament had used the excuse to get away from Kursed he couldn't concentrate around her anymore. When he found that there was nothing to repair he found himself in the docking bay where he sat on the wing of his arwing and listened to his music, it was his relaxed place where he could forget about everything and have no worries at all. Bella had taught Lament everything he knew about the way Cerinians fought, their martial arts was handed down primarily to the females of their tribes as they males were more prone to using strong magic that the females seemed incapable of. The one thing that he'd believed to be a crock was this meditation thing that apparently all Cerinians did something he'd never tried until now. According to Bella if you do this enough or properly, you will find only the most important things are left on your mind...

He did as Bella had always showed him, breath slowly, calm your nerves...clear your mind. As he did this for a few minutes he began to give up but, he began to see something behind his closed eye lids. It was a face one he'd nearly forgotten. It was Fox McCloud, the specter that haunted him every day of his life...

Why are you so god damn important?

There was no answer if there was one he'd have to find it himself, didn't make him feel any better, if anything now he felt worse...McCloud's ghost seemed to follow him wherever he was. He thought he'd put that part of his life behind him but, apparently even being dead McCloud had a way of forcing himself back. It was times like this that Lament regretted giving up on drinking...a glass of Scotch at the moment seemed like a spot of paradise...but he swore to himself that he'd never go back to that person again. After a few hours he realized that he was just stalling...sooner or later he'd have to tell Kursed that he was developing feelings for her...he just wasn't so sure how she was going to react. After all she had tried to kill him for over four years, and he had killed the mas she loved. How would he react were the shoe on the other foot?

Kursed had tried to stay in her room but given the fact that there was almost nothing to do, she found she was nearly board to sleep and headed to the bridge hoping for something to occupy her time. Eventually she found nothing and began searching the different rooms of the place for something to do. Eventually she gave up and went to the kitchen for a drink and something to eat as it was almost 5 o'clock...what she saw when she entered the kitchen didn't help her thought process any. Lament had already beaten her to the kitchen and had made dinner for both of them, her plate was sitting on a table while he was obviously cleaning dishes from the cooking. She walked to the refrigerator to get one of the fruit drinks...As she did she noticed that Lament had finished the dishes long ago but, was just staring into the sink at the stream of water he was so deep in thought that he didn't even notice she was standing there watching him...

"Hey...are you alright?" She finally asked.

Lament snapped out of his trance like state, "Oh y...y-yeah I-I'm know just a little lost in thought that's all. Food's on the table might be a little cold."

She returned to the table and brought the plate to the microwave that was build into the kitchen counter, "So...what were you thinking about so hard?"

"Just a lot of little repairs to do, seems like thinking is all I have left."

Kursed laughed, "Well if you really need something to do you could always try giving me another concussion later."

"I don't think I'll be up for training any time soon."

They were cut off by the sound of the microwave timer, "You really need to let that go...It's not like you did it on purpose." Kursed said taking her plate back to the table.

After a few minutes she'd finished the hamburger that Lament had made, and her drink when Lament sat at the table with a large bottle and two small glasses, he sat the bottle in the center of the table with a glass on either side.

"What the hell is that?" Kursed asked pointing to the bottle.

"A drink from Kranix..."

Kranix was the smallest of Kew's moon, it was a home for thieves and the like where Lament had spent some time when he'd crashed quite a while back...

"It's part of an old custom there..." Lament said pulling the cork off of the bottle, " know the nature on Kranix, thieves and a criminal homeworld. You see things are so bad there that you never let anyone even pour a drink for you on the fear that it's most likely poisoned, so to be allowed to do so there is the ultimate display of trust."

He poured some of the drink into the glass nearest to her, and passed her the bottle then poured filled the glass closest to him. They both drank at the same time... "It's just water..." Kursed said setting her glass down.

"That's just the point you can't even trust someone to pour you a glass of water."

"That's a bit of an odd custom but, I can see it's purpose..." Kursed said standing up, "...we had a custom for trust on Cerinia as well."

Lament stood up, "Really? How did that one work?"

Kursed walked over and hugged him which actually caught him by surprise, "I trust you Lament." She said as she moved back away from him.

"I like yours better..." He replied, " don't have to worry about dying." He said walking to the window, "Say what are you going to do after this is all already know my plans."

"Hmm...I don't know...I never was impulsive enough to just make a decision like that..."

Lament nodded, "'s always good to think things through...but it's so much more fun to be impulsive, that way you never know what's around the corner."

He sounds so much like Fox it's unreal... "I only ever became a bounty hunter to kill"

"Well if that's the case...think it over and if this is all over and you haven't thought of something..." Lament said turning to face her, " could always come with me. It really would be nice having someone other than MEL to talk to...and you could really be a help exploring the different planets out there...I'm sure we'd get into a lot of trouble."

"Thanks for worrying about me Lament...I'll definitely consider it."

"Well...I'm heading for bed...good night." Lament said heading out of the kitchen.

(July 8th )

ETA 23 hours

Lament and Kursed stepped up their training on a daily basis but, today was a day for relaxation, it was the last day on the ship, and because of that they wanted no stress at all. They mainly sat around until MEL reported a problem with the ship then they would hurry to fix whatever was wrong so they could get back to their relaxation. The two had played chess for over three hours, Lament had never seen a single game carry on so long, but then again neither of them were really trying very hard. Minutes seemed like hours with nothing to felt like noon but it was only 9 o'clock. Soon enough they both tired of the game and slowly headed out of the room...

"So bored..." Lament said stretching his back, "...I wish we'd just get there already."

"Oh...stop complaining." Kursed said.

As they stood there Kursed looked at Lament through the corner of her eye then down the hall. She pushed all her weight to one side knocking Lament down, by the time he stood back up he noticed that Kursed was running down the hall laughing. "Afraid not kid." Lament said as he leaped to his feet and rushed off down the hall after her. He followed her into the docking bay but, she wasn't there, he looked around for a moment only to see her run back through the docking bay doors. He laughed and headed after her, down the halls and into the elevators. He followed her down to the to a lower deck into the engine room but, she wasn't there either. As he looked to the two elevators one was already on it's way back up to the second deck, this time however he had his own plan... "MEL lock access to elevator shaft B."

Kursed tried to make the elevator move again but all she got in reply was a buzzer that indicated the lift wasn't responding... "Humph...fine. MEL call elevator A to this floor." She waited until the elevator stopped before her, she half expected Lament to jump out at her but, he wasn't there. She kept expecting him to come from somewhere but, the elevator made it slowly to the main deck. Lament was nowhere to be found, she searched all of the main rooms; the docking bay, the kitchen, the bridge, it was as if he disappeared, his room was locked still, the last place to search was her room. She was a little hesitant to enter as the lights were off but made her way inside and looked around...he wasn't in here either. She headed back to the door...Kursed shrieked in surprise as the door opened she hadn't expected Lament to be standing there who who grabbed her. Kursed was laughing again but she tried to fight him off and the two tumbled to the floor. Lament was now laughing uncontrollably, he stopped as he found Kursed wasn't moving from where she'd landed on top of him. He panicked a bit and froze up when he felt her lips brush up against his...

Kursed pulled away and noticed the look on his face, "What's wrong?"

"What was that for?" He replied nervously.

Kursed smiled, "Just because I guess. Look we've spent a lot of time together and well...I'm really starting to like you." She said as they both stood up.

"And you don't find it odd that a bit more than a month ago you were trying to kill me?"

"Look if it bothered you that much I'm sorry..." Kursed said trying to look into the heavily blushing vulpine's eyes.

"It's not you..." He replied holding up a hand, "...I mean look at you, you're beautiful. I just sort of swore to myself she'd be the only one."

"Weren't you the one that told me that I shouldn't dwell on the past?" She sounded a bit hurt, "Maybe you should take a bit of your own advice for a change..."

"Look I need some time to think about this okay? I'm not sure how I feel right now...I'm not sure how to feel..."

Lament walked out of the room and to his own, where he started going over everything that had just happened. He had grown very attached to Kursed over the passing weeks, which was something his heart told him was a bad idea. He didn't want her to get hurt...he didn't want something to happen on Uth'maria that would leave either of them alone again. He didn't come back out of his room, neither did Kursed they both went to bed early. Kursed couldn't help but tell herself that she'd made a terrible mistake, Lament obviously wasn't ready for what she'd done. Their day of relaxation had taken a bad turn...but Kursed had learned from her experience with Fox that she needed to let her feelings be known instead of holding them inside. She only hoped that she could get her point across to him after tomorrow, if either of them lived through the next day...

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