The Fox's Lament

Three steps back

April 14th 10:44am)

As Kursed opened her eyes the only thing she saw was a bright light, she could hear the light whispers of a thousand voices all at once. As she looked around she noticed that she was no longer in the hotel room, and was surrounded by a dome of light...

"So...this is the other side." She said to herself, "It's a lot less welcoming than I had hoped for."

A vague shape appeared on the outside of the dome, but it was too blurred to make out, "Hello Krystal..." It said in a familiar voice.


"It's good to see you my dear."

Kursed tried to move but couldn't, "Why can't I move? Where am I?"

"This is the other side...the spirit realm..."

"So am I dead..."

"No...just a near death experience..." Pepper's voice said, "...Krystal this path of vengeance you're on can only lead to more heartache. You must let it go...or you may find yourself in a situation that you cannot reverse no matter how much you may want to. You know that what you are doing is not what Fox would want..."

She tried to reply but her voice was no longer with her...the world of light began to slowly fade. It faded out leaving behind the room that she remembered being in. She had a pounding headache, and her arms and legs were tied to the posts of the bed, she at first thought that she'd been raped but, as she thought about it there was no feeling at the time that would have implied the also wasn't Lament's style, she was also fully dressed. As she looked around the room she noticed that Lament was nowhere in sight, and the shower was running again, soon enough the fox emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist while he dried his fur with another. He yawned a bit ignoring the vixen tied to his bed and went to the closet where he changed. She was surprised as he walked over and untied her arms and legs. She instantly tried to lunge at him but couldn't even manage to move her fingers. Lament sat down on the side of the bed removing a small dart from her chest, he leaned in close to her face and held the dart up so she could see it...

"Hydroterathinbenzydrene...powerful anesthetic, so powerful that any more than 10ccs can kill you. Fortunately I only hit you with five...the only side effects are pretty minimal, paralysis mainly...something I'm sure you're feeling right now,blurred vision, and can drop your heart rate to a point where most would have thought you dead for at least six'll recover in a few hours..." He said tossing the dart onto the bed and going to the window.

He was now wearing a pair of black gloves, as a few hours went by Kursed slowly regained control of her voice...

"Why don't you just kill me?" She asked.

Lament, who was staring out the window turned to face her, " tried to kill me. I never wanted to kill you, and even though I could I don't want to kill you now. I'm gonna finish my job, walk out that door, and eventually have to avoid you all over again."

Kursed eventually found the strength to move her arms again, "And then what? We do this all over again?"

"Until I tire of our little cat and mouse game...yes." Lament noticed she could move her arms and brought a plate of food and set it on the nightstand

Another hour went by and the only part of Kursed's body that wouldn't move was her legs, the meeting outside had started and Lament was a bit occupied with his rifle to notice that she was trying to reach one of his other weapons...

"You know..." Lament said pulling the bolt back on the rifle locking a bullet in place, "...a very wise man once told me something; The right answer without the right question is as useless as a gun without a bullet..." He finished.

She tried to get to him before he could pull the trigger but, the booming gunshot informed her that she was too late. Lament watched as the senator's body was knocked off of his feet by the podium; there was an uproar of panic and screams as a mass of the crowd pointed to where Lament's room was located. Kursed was still having trouble as Lament shuffled about the room gathering his things; he soon was fully dressed in his usual uniform and was standing next to the door. As Kursed looked on from her paralized position on the bed Lament looked to her and tossed the rifle at her...

"Catch!" He said playfully before walking quite casually out of the room and down the hall.

Her instant reflex was to catch the weapon before it could strike her in the face. She kept trying to stand up and finally after several attempts while using the rifle as a crutch she managed to get to her feet. She soon was able to walk again and headed out the door. She ran down one hall but found the police coming up the stairs, she turned and headed down the other hall but found that they had come up through the elevators as well, her only option was to go back into the room. As she backed away from the door she heard the police coming to the door, they knocked several times stating that they were there but, then a much louder sound came from the door as they started to ram it down...

The door finally burst open and four guns were instantly fixed on her, she dropped the rifle...

Unfortunately one officer recognized her face, "It's Kursed..."

As soon as he said this she dropped the gun and ran for the balcony, she dropped into a baseball slide in time to hear the bullets whizz by. She slid between two of the bars making up the railing and as she dangled over the edge she swung herself onto the balcony below. It was a good ten foot drop and hurt her feet and knees quite a bit but, it gave her the time she needed. She walked into the bathroom and changed into a bath robe which did a good job of hiding most of her body from sight...noticing how little this helped she got her face wet and wrapped her hair in a dry towel. She looked into the mirror, now she wasn't recognizable. She walked out of the room and noticed the police hadn't been there yet...just as she began to walk down the hall they rushed the make everything look more convincing she acted like she was coming out of a different room. As soon as the cops were in the room she rushed down the hall and into an elevator. A raccoon from one floor or another was already in the lift; he was pretty well built a bit more muscular than Lament, just not as tall...her telepathy was picking up an odd vibe through...And as the elevator moved from floor to floor she felt his fingers pinch the left side of her ass. The raccoon caught a short glimpse of the white lace panties she wore as her spinning motion caused her robe to fly open, unfortunately that was just as her foot slammed into the side of his head, her kick drove his skull into the wall...he wasn't dead but, he wouldn't wake up for a while...

As the elevator doors opened she pulled her robe shut, "Prick..." She huffed as she walked out of the elevator.

As she walked into the lobby Kursed noticed that there were guards in front of the door, and her anger escalated as she saw Lament on the other side of the doors, who gave her a small salute before walking away from the building. She looked around the area there was nothing she could do to get through the door, instead she headed back up to the first floor and to the east side of the building and knocked on a random door...

"Room service..." She said in as calm a voice as possible.

She heard someone walking toward the door, "I didn't order any..." The wolf that opened the door cut himself off as he couldn't believe what he was seeing, "...Holy this room service I like."

Kursed quickly pushed the wolf aside and rushed through his room diving through an open window and catching a street light post, riding it to the ground. Not a soul even saw her vanish into a nearby alley, but she was too late though, she'd never be able to come back to Corneria, she was wanted for murder of a senator...and it was all thanks to Lament. The bastard had killed the senator, gotten away with it, and set her up all in the same move, it was almost as if he had planned the entire thing. When she reached the hanger she found that all the hangers were being really pissed her off when she caught a glimpse of Lament drinking some sort of drink while he took some extra time to fix up his Arwing. Now she had another problem, she needed to get to her ship without letting the guards know where she was, she was sure that by now the entire city was searching for her, and the first and foremost place they would search for her would be the Space Ports. As she studied the different hangers all lined up in rows like so many warehouses. The roofs seemed relatively unguarded though...To her changing luck one of the hangers was near a slightly large tree. She waited a bit before climbing the tree and taking a few short steps toward the space separating the hanger from the one next to it.

'About three meters...that's a pretty good jump.'

Had it not been for the small two foot barrier that separated her form the launching areas on the roof she'd have easily been spotted getting a running start. She panicked a bit as she made the jump, for a moment it felt like she wasn't going to make it, but she as she rolled onto her back she took in a relaxed breath...


As she finally stood back up, there was the sound of a ship taking off. As it leveled out with her she could see Lament's cocky smile...he gave her a small sarcastic salute before his ship shot into the sky. The sight of him made her blood boil, why was it he always seemed to be a step ahead of her? It was as if he knew her every move. The thought filled her to the brim with anger, an anger which fueled her next building to building jump causing her to land in a running start...she didn't want to waste any time getting to her ship. After a short while of searching she found a small vent system that made for a useful catwalk along the building's interior. Kursed was successful in making it down and to her ship without being noticed. She rushed to the bridge of her small ship and after a brief word with CAM they were in orbit again...scanning the entire region of space for any signs of Lament's ships, for an instant she had him on her scanners, but like last time he obviously had hyperspace clearance ahead of time...

"GOD DAMN IT TO HELL!!!" Kursed screamed in furry slamming her fist into the holo projector who's glass face shattered under the impact. "CAM!!! Where is that ship headed?!"

CAM's reply gave Kursed little hope, "Destination of vessel unknown...registered flight path with CHSA set for restricted access..."

If Kursed knew anything it was when she'd lost, and she'd lost him...but she did know someone that could help, someone who had several times in the past. She could reach him at anytime like he'd once told her. Xander at times seemed to be the only person she could rely on in this modern day, the light brown furred half fox half wolf had helped her track down a few bounties before Fox's the half breed was a friend of Fox's she knew he'd jump at the opportunity to help track down his killer. She sent him a message hoping for a speedy reply but, it often took him a day or two to reply...

She finished with her message, "CAM. What's our status?"

"Current fuel level at 38, recommended refueling at 32. Food stores at three meal daily will last approximately 96hours, Communications imaging device severely damaged replacement necessary...I am also experiencing slight mechanical errors in my mathematical logic circuits...Slight possibility that my accounts are less than accurate..."

Kursed rolled her eyes, and checked the system status for herself...the fuel cells were actually at 27.786 of full capacity...she definitely needed to refuel. As she checked she also noticed that her hyper drive engine was off-line, the only thing mentioned on her screens was that it was an electrical failure of some sort. She didn't like the idea but she had no choice now...

"CAM set a course for Katina...we need to get some work done here."

CAM worked at a console for a moment, "Course set estimated time of arrival..."

"36 hours...we've made the trip before with and without our hyper drive systems..." Kursed pointed out sighing heavily, "...I'm taking a shower. Transfer any transmissions to my bathroom."

After her shower Kursed could think of nothing else to do, she didn't even bother putting any clothes on after drying off, she was too tired to care, and simply lay in her bed. Her thoughts kept going back to that moment in the hotel room, Lament said he had no desire of killing her, was he even aware of why she was after him...what he'd done to her? She didn't care if he was or wasn't aware in the afterlife he'd be forced to deal with Fox himself...Lament would face his demons even if she had to drag him to the afterlife every step of the way. As if often happened her last thoughts of the night shifted from Lament and killing him, to Fox...changing what would have been a pleasant night of sleep for her into a riddled mess of nightmares...

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