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My Prince (pt 2)


Loki laufyson fan fiction 💚

Erotica / Romance
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My Prince (pt2)

“Loki? Where are you?”

“Uhm.. I’m on Asgard dear.”

“Oh really. Heimdall says your on Jontenhiem.”

“He’s a liar.”

“He would have no reason to lie on you Loki. Come back to Midgard. Stop trying to make amends with Laufyson. It’s over.”

“Very well then darling. I’m on my way home.”

Loki hung up the phone with Olivia as he returned to Midgard where he so rightfully belonged. Driving by the coffe shop on Johnson ferry road he decided to stop for some. While waiting, he received another call from Olivia.

“Yes my dear?”

“It’s terrible Loki.”

“What’s wrong.”

“I started thinking about you, and now I long for you.”

“Ah, seems as someone is in need of my attention. Don’t worry, I’ll be home soon, and when I get there I’ll be sure to pleasure you for as long as you please.”

Loki hung up the phone and left the shop with his coffee. When walking into his penthouse he didn’t see Olivia.

“Darling?” He called out.

“In here!” She responded.

Loki turned the corner into his master bedroom and saw Olivia waiting for him in the bed.

“Jotenheim? Seriously?”

Loki tolled his eyes and got on top of Olivia.

“Would you like me to please you, or would you like to pout.” Placing his lips onto hers he kissed her turning her on. She softly grabbed the back of his hair and pulled it. Moving on from her lips Loki traveled to her chest and thighs.

Unexpectedly she turned him over and got onto him, stripped his pants and looked at him seductively.

“Cute.” Loki pushes her off and switched back to the original position.

“But allow me to remind you who’s in control.” He began to bite and suck all over her showing her who’s boss.

“You crave this don’t you darling?” My dominance, sexual aggressiveness and control. It turns you on so much dosent it?”

When Loki began to pleasure her she cried out, “Loki!”

“Moan as load as you please. Because we’re not stopping until I have your legs trembling. And by the time I’m done with you, you won’t even be able to speak because your throat will be too soar.”

Pulling back Loki gave her another command.

“Kneel before your prince.” Olivia did as she was told and began to lap her tongue around it making him cry out. When trying again for another round Loki’s hair grew wet and sweat ran down his face.

“This is even better than how we were on Asgard. Funny how things change.” He chuckled, breathing heavily, overwhelmed with the good feeling of the sexual pleasure.

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