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Taekook MC 2


Jungkook did win Taehyung's heart, and they're living together now. But Jungkook still have that desire in him. The power he had in Taehyung's body before, he wants it again. He changed, yes, but not completely. On-going ᜁᜈ᜔ᜑᜓᜌ᜔!

Romance / Erotica
Park Sara
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"Kookie, you're zoning out again." Taehyung sighed.

Jungkook kept zoning out for weeks now. Taehyung wants to know if his boyfriend has a problem. He confronted Jungkook, but he won't say a thing.

"I'm sorry, baby. I've been so stressed from work." and that is the first time in those weeks Jungkook answered his question.

"Kookie, you know you can always come to me. If you're stressed, then you can take a day off then I'll take you to different places! Like in the sauna, we can relax in there! Or in the Namsan Tower! In the cabs!" Taehyung giggled at his idea. The activities in those places will surely make Jungkook stress free from work.

Jungkook also giggled at Taehyung's cuteness, "Oh darling, I'll make sure to do that. Not only we can relax, but I could also spend more time with my baby."

"Yes yes! I'm excited Kookie!" Taehyung said excitedly.

Jungkook stared at Taehyung's smiling face. His heart won't stop beating fast. Even after 5 years, his feelings for Taehyung does not change. Even if there are a lot of girls and boys seducing him, he just can't because he's Taehyung's.

But he's feeling another feeling that he didn't felt for the last 5 years. The lust, the desire, he... he wants to take Taehyung again. To have control over his little body, to be able to play with him like a doll. He want to have that power again.

Ever since Taehyung came back, he didn't let Jungkook touch him sexually. At first, Jungkook was okay with it, but now? No. He... he just want Taehyung back in his control.

"Kookie!" Taehyung pinched Jungkook's arms. Jungkook snapped out of his thoughts and looked over Taehyung again. He rubbed his forehead and sheepishly smiled at the other.

"Are you cheating on me?" Taehyung asked seriously.

Jungkook's smile immediately fell. His face became dark, "Don't you dare accuse me of cheating on you, Taehyung. You know I can't and I will never do that to you." Jungkook said sternly.

Taehyung sighed and looked down, "You've been spacing out a lot for the last weeks, and you've been actually neglecting me. Your excuse seems to be—"

Taehyung was cut off when Jungkook lifted his chin up and passionately kissed him. Taehyung was surprised but kissed back anyway.

"I'm sorry if you felt that way, baby. I promise to never do it again."

Should I do this?

That question never left Jungkook's mind, and right now seemed to be the perfect time to take Taehyung under his control again.

Jungkook made sure to hold an eye contact with Taehyung, never moving his eyes anywhere else, but looking deeper in Taehyung's eyes.

"Y-you—" Taehyung didn't finished what he's about to say because he... he was lost... lost in Jungkook's eyes?

It feels like Jungkook is trying to enter his mind... what was that again?

Why- Why is it so hard to- to think now?

Taehyung suddenly felt heavy, like he was so tired. His back met the softness of the couch they were sitting on. Jungkook smirked at this.

He lifted his hand to softly massage Taehyung's shoulder. "Now, you're being a good boy for daddy, hmm?"

Taehyung didn't replied, his jaw slack as drool escaped his mouth. His eyes never leaving Jungkook's dark orbs.

"I see my baby is so relaxed." Jungkook said as he started to unbotton Taehyung's polo. Oh how he missed to touch his baby's soft skin.

Once he was able to remove Taehyung's polo, he caressed Taehyung's cheeks. "I know I promised to never do this again, but I need you baby. And what you don't know won't hurt you anyway." Jungkook whispered.

"Listen to me carefully, Tae. From now on, you will always be under this hypnosis. You'll still get to act normally, yeah, but every command I give you, you shall obey. Even if it's weird, or sexual... whatever it is. You'll think of it as a normal thing, like we do it on our everyday lives. Everything I tell you is the truth. You will immediately believe me, and what I want you to always think is that I own you, and I love you." Jungkook finished.

"Do you understand?" Jungkook asked slowly, and smiled when Taehyung nodded his head.

[Short chapter for the first part]
[y'all i actually love it when the one hypnotized doesn't realize or think everything the controller does to her/him is normal]
[like always NO PROOFREAD]

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