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Vanilla Smoothie


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Shared | Mingi

A/N: I have no idea who to pair up with him. I think I’m going to use a Blackpink member. For now I choose Jisoo.


Jisoo woke up with the other side of the bed empty. Yunho has already left for work. Asshole. He left just like that without a good morning or a note, after fucking her so hard last night.

She can still feel her legs shake from Yunho’s rough thrusts last night.

Being the good girlfriend that she is, she cleaned up Yunho’s room and the kitchen, cooking breakfast for Mingi, Yunho’s friend who resides on the other room.

Jisoo blushed thinking about cooking Mingi breakfast. She moaned so loud last night and might’ve screamed Yunho’s name too loud last night.

Yunho was just so good at touching her. He knows just where to hold her to make her squirm, moan and cum. None of his other relationships ever made her feel like how Yunho made her feel.

She used to fake orgasms and fake her arousal even though all her past boyfriends are so boring. They just simply don’t get her taste in sex.

After preparing the food, she made her way to Mingi’s room. She wanted to knock at first but decided to take a look at Mingi asleep. She always find him cute even though he looks intimidating. The reason why she wanted to see how he looks while asleep.

She slowly cracked the door open surprised at what she heard. It was Mingi panting and moaning. He took a peak and saw him stroking himself with two hands. He’s so big. Just as big as Yunho.

Maybe he feels just as good as Yunho in bed.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Jisoo! Fuck!" He moaned her name in his attractive deep voice. It got Jisoo’s knees weaken and shake. He was so sexy moaning his name while stroking himself.

"So tight! Ahh! Shit! You feel so good baby!" He started quickening his pace in stroking himself abusively. Jisoo suddenly grew a hunger on him too, knowing that he’s fantasizing on her.

She closed the door, to avoid making any mistakes but she ended up closing it loudly.

Mingi stopped without releasing which was painful. He wore his boxers to cover himself but it keeps twitching. He opened the door discovering Jisoo behind it. She’s wearing a white almost see through tank top, her hardened pink nipples visible and her white underwear that’s obviously wet, showing her hot pink pussy, hiving Mingi an idea how beaten her pussy was last night.

They were so loud last night. They didn’t let him sleep. He jerked off all night and humped his comforter until he got fully drained and fell asleep. But he still woke up hard this morning, hungry for Jisoo’s needy moans.

Jisoo’s eyes widened when she noticed Mingi’s cock bounce inside his boxer. It keeps twitching until the tip escaped, peaking on top.

"Jisoo, can you help me? I won’t tell Yunho. We’ll keep it a secret." He asked. He didn’t ha6be to say no more because Jisoo grabbed on his neck, kissing him hungrily like she’s going to have him for breakfast.

She entangled her legs on his hips, grinding on him on a quick, desperate pace, pleasuring her sensitive but by herself. It was like hitting two birds in one feather because Mingi was loving it as well. He’s kissing his bestfriend’s slutty girlfriend.

That girl Yunho was fucking last night is now humping her like an animal having a mating call.

"Shit Jisoo! Please help me more. It’s painful." He said as he sat them down on his bed that already smells like his cum. Jisoo lowered her head to lick Mingi’s precum but instead, he shoot a load on her tongue. Jisoo had to seal her mouth on his tip, not wasting any drop of his cum.

She swallowed with a smile, showing Mingi that nothing’s left, making his cock harden again. "How much have you been wanting to fuck me , bad boy?" She asked, stroking Mingi’s cock slowly.

Mingi smirked at her licking her tank top where her nipples are to make it see through. Her nipples are so hard that it’s poking the tank top. Jisoo moaned at what he did.

"Ever since I heard you guys have sex, I always wanted my turn. I always wanted to hear you moan my name. I shared everything with Yunho since kids. I always thought it’s unfair that he doesn’t share you with me." He said pinching Jisoo’s nipples making her involuntary bounce her hips.

Jisoo thought about Yunho and how she’s just with her boyfriend last night. She felt like a traitor and a cheater. A slut who fucks her boyfriend’s friend.

"This is wrong." She said letting go of Mingi, crawling away from him but Mingi reached for her hips, pulling it back to his lap.

"No Jisoo! You can’t just walk into my room, eat my cum and say this is wrong. This is supposed to be the day I feel how tight you really are. Today I get to cum where inside Yunho’s girlfriend. Today is the day you become mine as well." He said as he led his cock on Jisoo’s wet hole, pushing it inside her. She was much better that he expected.

She was tighter and warmer. She’s so skinny that his dick bulged on her belly when he pushed inside. He lifted Jisoo, fucking her in front of his full body mirror.

Jisoo looked away, feeling so dirty, seeing herself being fucked by another man.

"Jisoo, no! You need to see us connected. You need to see me disappear fully inside you." He said as he slammed her on him, their skin slapping echoing the room. "Look at how pretty your are every time I hit your womb. I bed Yunho loved this feeling. I bet he loved hitting your womb." He whispered in her ear.

"Stop! I love Yunho! I love Yunho! I feel awful." She cried.

Mingi only smiled, enjoying their reflection. The way he see Jisoo’s stomach bulge because he’s big, and the way Jisoo gasps for air. Moans escaped her lips no matter how hard she tries to control herself. Mingi’s hot. He’s really good as well.

"Yes baby! Sure! You love Yunho. I’m happy for you two. Without Yunho, I never would’ve had the chance to fuck you. I’m so glad that you guys have sex comfortably here! I love your voice baby. It helps me release a hard on. Keep loving him. Don’t break up with him so I can fuck you while he’s at work." He said and panted. "While he’s working you’re here fucking with his bestfriend. You can always ask for my help if he’s away. Just come in after he leaves. I won’t lock the door. I’ll be here ready for my turn baby." He whispered.

She glanced at the mirror seeing herself connected with another man made her whimper. Why does she like this feeling? Why does she like hearing voice that doesn’t belong to her boyfriend whisper dirty thing in her ear?

"Yes baby. Look at you!" He released a leg, but Jisoo had to tiptoe to reach the floor. Mingi was so tall that with her other leg lifted, she couldn’t reach the floor completely with her released leg. She still couldn’t gain balance. "Look baby." His other hand on her chin, fixing her gaze at the mirror. "Look at your beautiful body. Yunho can’t have this for himself. God made you beautiful to be shared. Thank God I finally got a piece of you." He said desperately pounding her.

"So tight! So beautiful. So good. So good to me! So good for my cock." He placed it on his bed, lifting her legs to her shoulders with her folded knees. "So beautiful. Yunho must love this view of you. Your pussy looks good at this view." He said slapping his tip on her clit.

"Ahhh! Ahh! Mingi!" She moaned her name in delight.

It was like music to Mingi’s ears, hearing her moan his name. "Yes baby! Moan my name." He said as he slammed inside her. "Such a beautiful voice." He said kissing her.

Jisoo weakened with every whisper from Mingi’s deep voice. "I’ll go rough now baby. Please take it all, take all of me. I’m about to go rougher than Yunho." He said as he slammed deeper. With Jisoo’s legs up and him in front of her, he was besting her womb.

"Ahh! Mingi! Ahhh shit this is so good! Why didn’t Yunho fuck me like this before?" She complained as she felt extreme pain and pleasure that she’s never felt before.

"Because Yunho wanted to be gentle not to break you, so he can fuck you again the next day." He said in needy growls with the intense pleasure he’s having. "I didn’t intend to be gentle! I want to break you because I don’t know when is the next time I get to have my turn. Forget about walking Jisoo. After this you’ll have to take a break with Yunho as well. This will be your last sex after a while." He said as he hammered inside her just thinking about his own pleasure.

"Mingi! I’m going to break! Ahh! Mingi! Mingi! Ahhh! You’re going to break me." Jisoo whimpered, squirming to get away from him, but Mingi’s so strong.

He weakened as he took last sloppy thrusts to cum inside her. "Ahhh! Jisoo! This is for you! Take it all. It’s all yours. Ahh! Shit. I came on my bestfriend’s girlfriend, shit baby! Ahh!" He collapsed on top of her, cuddling her with his cock still inside her.

He lifted her tank top to massage her breast. "So cute! I bet Yunho never look at your breast when you fuck huh? These things don’t jiggle. He loves breasts that jiggle. Let me guess, he fucks you with a shirt on as well." He said making Jisoo whimper now that she knew why Yunho never fucks her complete naked.

"He loved being tit fucked by his ex. It’s his favorite. But don’t worry, I can fuck you naked if you ask me to." He whispered making Jisoo moan.

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