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Hwayugi (The Hidden Secret)


The Secret about the birth of Sam-Jang Before Elder Soo-Bori had told everyone one that Jin-Seon-Mi was turned into Sam-Jang cause she freed Son-Oh-Gong from the 5 Elements of Mountains, but later it was revealed that Jin-Seon-Mi was born as Sam-Jang. Why was it So? What more secrets are hidden by Elder Soo-Bori? And what is her connection with Ma-Wang and Princess Iron-Fan? Peep in to know. All rights belong to Hong sisters

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Hwayungi (The Hidden Secret)

Soo-Bori was sitting in heaven completing his work.

The work in heaven was a headache and the points he received were few.

Remembering the now changed demon his head ache grew even more. He couldn't even imagine what will happen if Ma -Wang comes to know about the heavens deceit.

They had even made him lead his own child on the dangerous path several times.

That year Princess Iron-Fan had given birth to twins, a boy Woo-Hae-Ah and a beautiful girl Woo-Seon-Mi the boy was born healthy but the girl was at the deaths door.

In order to save her child, Princess Iron-Fan had stolen the souls of human children and feed them to her daughter,as the children were half demons the little princess readily consumed the human souls.

The souls saved the life of the young princess but as the crime was found out, Princess Iron-Fan and her child were punished by the heavens. For Ten Thousand years of pain.

Before saving her daughter Princess Iron-Fan was aware that her actions will demand retribution, so she had handed her son to the grandma Hong. In order to safe-guard him.

Grandma Hong had hidden the child afraid that the child will also be punished for his mother's crimes as the heavens were very angry at the time.

The child that Ma -Wang had taken care-of that day, was the infant form of Sam-Jang Soo-Bori had requested the White Heron the guardian of previous Sam-Jang for this favour.

He did so, to placate him a little by showing him his daughters childhood. No wonder he was not able to part with it, but will he be able to control himself once he knows that he had send his own child to die.

But that was not his problem. The reason he had even helped Ma -Wang was, So that he would be able to cash-in the favour when he needed.

He was not the the teacher of The Great Sage Equal Of Heaven Son-Oh-Gong for nothing.

The child is destined to suffer a 108 reincarnations full of grief, As the retribution to each and every soul it had devoured.

This was the childs 11 Reincarnation in last Thousand years and still 10 Thousand years of pain was remaining. In some lives the child was born as Princess Iron-Fan's daughter and died a cruel death at young age. This time she was born as Sam-Jang and due to her exceptional performance the heavens had deciced to reduce her punishment but the way the punishment will be reduced was not yet decided by the heavens will it be in years or grief or something else, at times the heavens ways were a bit unusual and at time cruel.

He wondered what will happen when Ma-Wang comes to know that his daughter met him many times, in this life but He abandoned her once and next time manipulated her to sign an unjust contract putting her in danger time and again for his need.

The day after Ma-Wang was hit by the Ten Thousands years of pain in place of his wife his heart was content and not knowing weather he will survive pain or not his last word before blacking out were

"Now your ten thousand years of pain is mine. I love you"

He thought He died but had just blacked out and suffered temperory blindness due to his chill.

This time he was unaware why he was not felling satisfied, his woman was relieved of her suffering, he was told by Elder Soo-Bori that his child was alive, Even though He was unaware,about his child till now, he was sure that he will find him or her He just had to be a bit lowkey.

He was originally unaware that his child has survived, the heavens had concealed the truth from him, such that he didn't even know about the gender of his child.

That year he had gone to find the most rare pearl from the depths of hell in order to subdue the wrath of his lovely wife. But as he returned his whole world was turned upside down.

That year He was in so much pain due to the fate of his wife, that he had almost forgotten about the existence of his child, and when he enquired about his child He was told that the child had not survived, even if He had just a slightest inkling about the fate his child was gonna suffer with no fault of hers as the child was fed the souls by Princess Iron-Fan and had not hunted for them herself, what had happened was not her mistake.

Given to his powers at that time, He the one who caused havoc and fright in heavens,who didn’t even step back from fighting a dragon and was only tamed by the love of his wife, would have surely burned the whole heaves and hell in order to have his child back.

Elder Soo-Bori wondered how will Ma-Wang reacts after drowning in guilt and love that he had unknowingly abandoned his own daughter,

Even if he wants to He won't be able to suffer retribution in place of his daughter as the last attack had severly weakned his core this time forget about 10 thousand hits he won't even be able to survive a thousand hits

He was most curious that after Geumganggo is removed, what will be Son-Oh-Gongs reaction,

will he follow the same path as Ma-Wang or will he continue his causing havoc unaffected by the fate of Woo-Seon-Mi.

The love of Son-Oh-Gong was a variable that could change fates.

Only time will tell.

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