It was all rags until Kim Seok Jin entered Namjoon's life and took him along without telling anything. Suspicious and strange characters in the house made Namjoon lose his mind first. Later when everything gets fine, a tragedy happens in the house leading to long dwelled secret.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Namjoon pov:

It is really becoming hard day by day. Living in the subway and stealing food is really a very tough job. I know stealing isn’t right, but if I don’t steal a bread , I can’t survive at all. I hope there will be a way to survive.

My parents got divorced and I am like this in a miserable state. Well, they owned a very big company, and I was small to be taking the inheritance. Oh I forgot to mention, my parents died in a car accident later while coming from the court along with me, I somehow escaped as far as I remember, I don’t remember the incident properly though. And I was out of reach to any of their acquaintances.

I pity myself no wonder how pathetic my state is right now. And in these hardships, I know I can never do anything except for begging for everything, food, job or whatever.

And there is this girl, so soft and calm. But I never saw her face, she covered herself with a scarf. She comes everyday and covers a blanket upon whoever is not having one. I really like her, like her in the sense, I admire her for her kindness but I don’t really have the situation to date. She once gave me food too. But I am sure she could never ever recognise me, with my face covered with black ash, to be frank, I bath three times a week, I don’t really have a place to bath and I am helpless.

It is really becoming hard these days, I wish to see her. Suddenly someone pat me on the back, I wished it was her, but not all we wish turns true and that’s life. It was a man,he kinda looked rich with his black suit and I think I remember him. “Kim Seok Jin”, he is my classmate and my dad’s business partner’s only son.

“jin”, he was about to hug me but I refused.

“You know I didn’t bath since two days”, I know his dear love for cleanliness

“Eww man”, he spoke frowning his face.

“I am so eager to hug you but… it’s okay, come with me now”, he spoke making me shocked

“What? But why?”, I don’t know what he is talking about.

“See I don’t have time, come fast, and do bath and later we will talk”, he just dragged me to his suv.

I have never rode in this since my parents drifted apart. But I wonder what is all this, why is he here all of a sudden? And why does he have to take me along with him? So many questions popping in my mind right now but I don’t have answer to any of it.

We were soon at the doorstep of his house, or I must it’s a huge fucking mansion, does he owns it all, I know he was rich , I was too, and it’s been long that I have seen a mansion like this. We went inside, I find myself filthy while looking at the workers and servicemen in their neat and pressed uniforms.

“Just go to the first room near the steps , the first floor, you have clothes inside, wear anything you wish”, he told.

I am hungry, all I wanted to say is this.
“We will have dinner as soon as you fresh up”, he continued as if he is reading my mind.

And that’s it, I felt myself like a cheetah, while going to my room. Surprisingly, the lights are on and everything is not quite like a man’s room. Why did he ask me to get into this room?

And suddenly someone came out of the bathroom, a woman in her towel, on seeing me, she screamed and immediately went inside taking some clothes with her

“Mam, I didn’t mean to…..”, I was trying to explain.

Jin came upstairs because of the sounds.

“What’s happening over here?”, he asked trying to understand the situation.

“This guy barged into my room, this bastard”, she spoke with anger in her eyes as she came out

“Riya…. He is not that king of guy, maybe there is some mistake”, jin spoke calmly. I must appreciate his patience and tolerance in convincing that girl who is looking at me as if she would eat me raw if jin had not come.

“Whatever”, she shrugged and went downstairs……

Ugh, what’s with that attitude.

“Why did you get into her room?”

“Do you think I entered her room as if I wanted to, you asked me to get into the first room, but didn’t tell me which direction, right or left?”, I spat back, I have no intention to get into that wild tigress’s room.

“I am sorry, nevermind, it is that she is a bit rude…, I will show you your room”, he continued.

“By the way, who is she? And why is she living in your house?”, I asked him.

“She is my best friend, her parents died in an accident recently, and we let her stay here and dad likes her too, he wants me to ask her out but I don’t think she has the same feeling . But still he wants me to try”, he spoke.

“I don’t know what made your dad like that angry woman, nevermind, it’s your dad’s choice. Losing parents is really bad after all.I know it and it is hard indeed”, I drowned myself in those scary thoughts again when I felt a warm hug. It was jin, he patted my shoulders.

“That’s okay, everything was hard then, it became really hard for me to find about you,now that you are finally here, I am happy”, he spoke. I still have questions in my mind but this moment is not exactly the right thing.

“Will you marry her?” I ask



“If she agrees, I am okay”

He helped me in settling, though I have nothing much to settle, he made sure I was comfortable in the mansion.

“Where’s your dad? I haven’t seen him for ages”

“He went overseas for some important work, he rarely keeps in contact during work, but he knows that I brought you home and is very happy about it”, he spoke making me feel happy.

Somehow I felt myself free from the poverty disease and that pathetic lifestyle. But why, why did he bring me now, and how can I stay here , with what right?

We are at the dinner table, there were so many dishes, it has been a lifetime that I had seen this much food. I am really so hungry.

“It’s all yours Namjoon ah, don’t hesitate”, he spoke looking at me

“What’s with these many dishes today, we never had such huge dinner usually, did we?”, that hawk eyed at me.

“Riya ah, I want to introduce him to you. He is Kim Namjoon, the son of late Kim Seo Hoon, the 30% shareholder of our company. I have already told you about uncle right and that we didn’t tell anyody that we are searching for his son.”, I spoke

“But jin, how can I stay here? I mean…”, I was interrupted by him

“What do you mean, your father and my father are business partners, we were classmates and moreover you still hold the company’s 30% shares, you will have to stay here. You have the right to. Do you get that?”, he clarified all my insecurities in one statement. I wish he had found me sooner…

So now , do I own that 30% shares too. Well I don’t feel it right since I have never bothered to run the company and it was Jin’s father who did everything, I don’t deserve it. Just a residence and a small job is more than enough

“We don’t want to disappoint uncle who is in heaven, see namjoon ah, it was our company, don’t think too much. Your father also worked a lot to build it. You have absolute right to those share”, he continued.

Well does he read my mind, I didn’t even ask him anything. I don’t know why, he is answering everything. That’s okay, for now, I am so hungry so I will just eat my tummy full.

“So, you are having dinner without me, assholes”, came a drunken figure.

She was not at all stable. “Oh my God, she is drunk again, jin, take her inside”, the hawk told jin.

I could see concern in her eyes. Jin immediately went to her

“You love her right, don’t you?”, she spoke to him

“Was I so easy? Was I so easy to let go? “, she was shouting

“Unnie, please calm yourself, you are drunk, please compose yourself unnie”,she went to her

“Jin, take her inside”, she spoke looking at him.

I could see guilt in his eyes while he was looking at her. Wait does he love her? Then why did he say that he will marry Riya? I am not getting this straight. Still how many characters should I see in this house?

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