Like blood and fire

A bond unbreakable

Glorfindel sighed and stared at Erestor who was a bit pale and looked almost beaten. His usually almost regal posture reduced to a sorry state with his shoulders slumped forward and his back bent. “Can we hope that Galadriel will get here in time?”

Erestor just shook his head. “I do not think so, even if they ride hard it will take three weeks or more. We cannot rely on her help alone.”

Glorfindel stared at Maedhros, he still sat on the floor, looking a bit like some frightened child. “I am sorry, we have no idea of what we can do, if anybody can do anything actually”

Maedhros closed his eyes, his head moving from one side to the other as if in agony or denial. Glorfindel reached out, touched his shoulder and the red head winced and his eyes got wider for a second. “Don’t worry, we will do whatever we can, we just need to find a method, that is all”

Maedhros got up, stiffly and with his head held low, he looked a bit like a mess. The emotional shock of it all was getting too much for him, he sat down in a chair and hid his face behind his hands, shaking all over.

The door opened and the twins entered, they too looked very worried and they threw a few glances as Maedhros, their faces still revealing a great deal of disbelief. It was so hard for them to fathom the fact that he was real and there, he had been like something out of a fairytale for so long. “Is there any change?”

Elladan’s voice was shivering a bit and Erestor shook his head. “No, but I am sure that your father is trying to return to his own body, very hard. He is resourceful and skilled, he will make it”

Elladan just let out a whimper and Elrohir swallowed.”But we do not really know what he is fighting now do we?”

Erestor just sent them a somewhat sheepish grin and Glorfindel stared at the two motionless elves with sad eyes. Indeed, they had no idea of what they were up against. He turned to Maedhros, took a deep breath. “Maedhros, tell me, how much do you really know of the material your father used to create those gems? Is it true that they were sentient?”

Maedhros lifted his head, his eyes glazed over and distant and the expression on his face likewise. He appeared to be in deep thought for a few minutes, then he grasped the pen and started writing. “He never told any of us the details, but we all saw that the process drained him somehow, it took a great deal of his strength. The sillima material did have some sort of soul I guess.”

Erestor’s eyes got narrow. “Was that something that was inherent for the material or the finished jewels?”

Maedhros wrote swiftly. “Both, but more so for the finished jewels.”

Erestor sat down, he looked like he was trying to make sense of something. “Now, this is hypothetical, let’s say that the material itself contains a sort of consciousness, not really formed but in hibernation sort of. It is fully developed within the finished jewels, but every piece of the Sillima does contain a small piece of a possible consciousness, a possible soul.”

Maedhros nodded slowly. “Yes, that is possible?”

His handwriting was a bit shaky but they did understand. ”Then please follow my thoughts here, Fëanor did add some of his own spirit to the material right? A piece of his soul, of who he was. What if that piece is still in there somewhere?”

Glorfindel frowned. “I am not so sure that I understand where you are heading with this?”

Erestor waved his hands impatiently and almost hit Elrohir across his face, the warrior stared at the counsellor with a rather stern gaze. “I’ll explain, the piece that Halariel’s mother received disappeared, it must have somehow merged with the elfling it made her conceive. That means that the power within Halariel contains some piece of Fëanor’s soul or personality or whatever. It could be that that piece could recognize Maedhros, he is also a creation of Fëanor.”

Glorfindel raised an elegant eyebrow in a rather peculiar grimace. It expressed equal amounts of disbelief and budging hope. “That is a bit far-fetched I must say?”

Erestor nodded his head eagerly, almost jumping up and down. “I know, I know but listen. If Halariel and Elrond are indeed the prisoners of that power then it could be at least a theoretical possibility that Maedhros could get in contact with it, even persuade it to let them go.”

Glorfindel sighed. “Erestor? We have no clue about what’s going on, all we do know is that Elrond hasn’t returned to his own body, and that Halariel too is unconscious. This is like diving into a lake without checking how deep it is first.”

Erestor sighed and his eyes were distant. “Oh, I guess you are right mellon, we know too little. Way too little, it is bothering me.”

Maedhros had covered his face again, he was remembering those days way too well. Fëanor had been almost obsessed in a way, not that this was in any way unusual but he had been so intense, so almost desperate in a way the rest of the family couldn’t quite understand. He had spent all his time in the forge, he hadn’t even come out to eat and their mother had brought him food and almost forced him to eat. And Maedhros had heard their voices, heard how their father had become more and more grumpy and paranoid even as he was forging those stones. He had always somehow suspected that the very best part of his father had somehow gone into those jewels, that this was the reason why Morgoth had managed to poison his mind to such a degree that he actually attacked his half brother and accused him of trying to replace him as their father’s heir. He had felt that Fëanor had become less than the ellon he had been, that something had gone missing within him. Now he had that suspicion somehow confirmed, but did that mean that the silmarilli power within Halariel could be reasoned with?

If it held both Halariel and Elrond captive it could mean that it was hostile, or perhaps it was confused? He knew so little and that was almost painful. And he was no healer, no wise man. He had been a warrior, and for a brief time a king. He was a leader, and a strategist but this was no ordinary battlefield and the enemy none he could confront.

He had to think back, to his captivity. He had learned one horrible truth and that was that sometimes your own mind can become the source of the worst torment possible. And the enemy had known this. They had left him alone in the darkness, only accompanied by his own doubts and fear, they had poisoned his mind with words he never knew if he could believe or not. Was his brothers really all dead? Was it all lost already? He had no idea and the mental torture was worse than the physical one, way worse. They could whip burn and cut him, watch him squirm in agony and listen to his cries but the doubt and guilt was what broke him in the end. He felt a chill run down his spine, if Elrond’s soul was a captive then he would do whatever he could to free him.

He remembered the twins, Elrond and Elros, as they had been. Two terrified little elflings abandoned by those who should have cared for them, who should have protected them. Maedhros hadn’t really agreed with Maglor’s decision but he knew his brother well. Maglor would never let harm come to those two, and so they had raised the two elflings together and they had never regretted it. Maedhros remembered those last moments of his life, taking care of Elrond and Elros was that one thing of which he wasn’t sorry, the thing he didn’t regret. If there ever were mercy to be found it would be because of that.

And he had a daughter? A child of his own blood? Then he would do anything, everything for her, he had to. He could never forgive himself if he failed her, if he abandoned her as the two boys had been abandoned. He wanted to get to know her, to help her, support her, give her a good life. She had suffered a lot, and it was beyond terrible thinking of it. He felt a hunger, a yearning unlike any he had ever felt, he had family! He had someone who already was becoming so terribly important to him. There was no sacrifice too great if it meant that she would be safe.

Erestor had a faraway look in his dark eyes and Glorfindel looked like a statue, both were caught in their own thoughts and the twins stared at their father’s body with desperation. Elrohir let a hand slide through his father’s long hair. “Please ada, return to us.”

Elrond had created a cocoon for himself, a place where the strange power couldn’t reach him but he couldn’t leave and it was draining his strength in spite of the ring he wore. He felt the strange power pulsing against his protective shield, trying to find a way in. Halariel was unresponsive, as if she was some dead limb, an attachment without a power of its own. The silmarilli power had perhaps tried to protect her to begin with but it had started feeding upon her instead like a leech. Elrond feared for her and he feared for himself but he was left with a strange sensation of having overseen something. There was something there which he had forgotten or failed to see before. He stared at the shimmering figure ahead of him, tried to gather his wits and come up with an answer. What was it? What?! He had to know. His very life depended upon it, and that of Halariel. They couldn’t stay like this forever, their bodies would eventually fade from lack of sustenance and use and he wondered if the creature knew this?

The twins had retired for the evening, they had eaten and returned to their room and both sat there staring at the fireplace with distant eyes. It had always been they who had been in danger, never their father. They had returned wounded and by deaths door more times than it was pleasant thinking about and always Elrond had managed to pull them back. They had to try to save their father, they owed him that but how?

Elrohir sat with his legs stretched out, his eyes very distant. He had pulled his boots and socks off and put his feet up on a small bench, he looked like a great cat at rest. Elladan swallowed hard, bit his lower lip. “Ro, do you remember that time you brought me home and I was poisoned and almost dead from blood loss?”

Elrohir just made a grimace. “Yes, I remember. It was a very close call”

Elladan took a deep breath. “I had already heard the call of Namo but father pulled me back, I think we may be able to do the same.”

Elrohir frowned. “What? But we are not healers?”

Elladan nodded. “I know, but we are his sons right? We are able to reach him through our bond, just as he is able to reach us, to feel our emotions.”

Elrohir turned around, put his legs down. “Do you even think that is possible? It could be the most insane thing we have ever done, we do not know anything about the situation? It could be that we get trapped as well and then what?”

Elladan swallowed. “If ada dies I don’t think I will be able to go on Ro, the grief would kill me.”

Elrohir smiled, a very faint smile ”Me too Dan, I feel the same way. But we cannot just rush into this, we have to plan, to prepare. There has to be something we can do to protect ourselves?”

Elladan bit his teeth together, for a moment the fair face looked almost sinister. “Well, I have an idea, but it is probably just silly.”

Elrohir shrugged. “Spit it out, let me hear.”

Elladan leaned forward, his face showed some hesitant eagerness. “Remember that time Legolas visited us for the midsummer festival?”

Elrohir looked confused. “Yes? That was one hundred years ago I think?”

Elladan nodded. “Yes, and remember we got so drunk we almost thought we were going to drop dead the next morning, the hangovers were unbelievable”

Elrohir looked at his brother incredulously. “Where are you heading with this?”

Elladan made a grimace. “Legolas gave us some herbal mix remember? It tasted so vile I thought the taste would last for eternity but it did fix the hangovers right away. “

Elrohir nodded slowly. “Yes?”

Elladan gestured eagerly. “I asked Legolas for the recipe for that concoction, for future situations like that. He didn’t give it to me, it was as secret but he did tell me of some other herbs with rather interesting qualities.”

Elrohir squinted, he didn’t quite like this, sometimes his brother’s ideas were brilliant and sometimes they were down right dangerous. He awaited the answer with a bit of dread. “He told me of one herb in special, the shamans of the Avari use it to heal others with mental problems.”

Elrohir scoffed. “None here are in sane if that is what you are thinking”

Elladan rolled his eyes. “It wasn’t the patient that ingested the herb, it is the shaman! It enabled them to sort of leave their bodies behind and enter someone else’s mind but not through contact and it is not really the soul that leaves, just the consciousness. Thus you cannot get caught within someone else’s mind for it isn’t really you that goes in there.”

Elrohir frowned, stared at his brother. “I don’t understand that?”

Elladan nodded. “Well, neither do I to be honest but they use it and it works.”

Elrohir sighed deeply. “You are suggesting that we use that method to see if we can reach ada?”

Elladan nodded. “Yes, imagine this, we may contact him through our normal soul bond but that could enable us to become trapped as well. With this method the likelihood of that is very small and we could probably manage to access the situation and find out what the problem really is.”

Elrohir leaned back, he stared at Elladan with narrow eyes. “And you know what this herb looks like and how to use it?”

Elladan had a bit of a nervous look upon his face. “Ah, well, I remember…a lot.”

Elrohir scoffed. “That means you don’t remember it all right?”

Elladan nodded and his eyes were apologetic. “Uh, no. I do remember the name of the herb and how to use it, but well, I don’t remember the dosage or if there are any side effects.”

Elrohir shook his head. “No, no way. We are not doing this, absolutely not and I am dead sure it would end with disaster if we try. You don’t just medicate yourself like that without knowing what you are doing. Father would never allow it”

Elladan squirmed. “But what if it works? Please, it could be the only chance we have. Grand-mother will never get here in time!”

Elrohir rolled his eyes. “Elladan, no! It could be very dangerous and it isn’t even sure it works, a shaman has years upon years of training behind him, it could be that it is needed if there is to be any effect of it at all.”

Elladan leaned forth, grasped Elrohirs hand. “Please listen to me Ro, it is like dreaming he said, just that you enter someone else’s dreampath. It will work, I know it will.”

Elrohir sighed so deep his belt creaked. “Very well then, what herb is it and how is it ingested?”

Elladan grinned. “It is called Red dragontail and it is a vine of some sort. And you have to dry the leaves and well, ah, smoke them”

Elrohir almost bolted out of his chair. “Smoke them?! That is vile! No, we are not doing it!”

Elladan sighed. “I am not talking about us this time Ro, I am talking about me. If there is any risk involved I should be the one to take it, since I made the suggestion”

Elrohir grasped his brother’s shoulders. “No, you are not doing this Dan, I forbid you. We do not even know for sure if we have that herb in the collections and what if there is something important you have forgotten? I cannot lose you as well, that will be the end of me”

Elladan squirmed. “But please, just listen? It is the only way Ro”

Elrohir threw an angry glance at Elladan, his eyes were shooting lightning. “Oh, are you sure about that? I am not you see, I will not let you risk your life or health in a wild goose chase.”

Elladan looked down. “I know, but I need to do something, anything! Don’t you feel the same way?”

Elrohir sighed and nodded, his eyes a bit more soft. ”Yes, but the risk is too great, it isn’t worth it Dan. What if the plant is poisonous?”

Elladan stared at his brother. “Then I will probably die and if father fades I will die, anyway there will be only one outcome if nothing is done.”

Elrohir was pale. “Don’t say that, there has to be some other way, Erestor is going through the library looking for anything that can be helpful.”

Elladan shook his head. “It won’t work, there is nothing in the library telling of such a situation for there has never been a situation like this one before. Damn it Ro, can’t you see the truth? We have to act and we have to act now!”

Elrohir stared at his brother again, there was deep love within his gaze but also doubt. “It cannot be that simple Dan, just smoke that plant and go visit someone else’s mind?”

Elladan shrugged. “Uh, well, there is a ceremony of sorts, you need a lot of incense and a very hot room and the shaman is to be completely naked and there are some things he need to do before he does start the procedure.”

Elrohir cocked his head. “And why do I have a sense of this being something less than pleasant?”

Elladan blushed a bit. “The Avari are a bit primitive yes, uh, he has to do three things, kill something, do something he otherwise would fear and uh…come”

Elrohir nodded. “Things that all alter your state of mind yes, face death, fear and life. I understand that, more?”

Elladan shook his head. “Nothing that I can remember no.”

Elrohir sighed and stared at his hands for a while, thinking. “Dan, if we do this and I mean if, you must swear to me that you won’t take any chances”

Elladan nodded solemnly. “Of course”

Elrohir closed his eyes. “First things first, you have to kill something, any idea of what?”

Elladan nodded. “From what I understood it could be anything so a rat? There are plenty of foul rats in the stable.”

Elrohir cringed. “Right, the fear thing?”

Elladan bit his lower lip. “You know how I am with spiders, find a few nasty ones and I will be afraid alright.”

Elrohir grinned swiftly. “The last part I suggest is best left to your own imagination, and good hand”

Elladan went beet red. “Right, so… do we?”

Elrohir took a deep breath, he was terrified to tell the truth, trying some ancient Avari ritual didn’t exactly seem like a very good idea but what other options were there? They had no idea of what their father was up against, what the problem really was. If this was safe then… He made a decision and felt his stomach drop right away, this could be one incredibly stupid idea. “We try, we try tonight. No point in delaying this now is there? Go get a rat, I find a room where we can be undisturbed, and some spiders too.”

Elladan swallowed hard. “Ah Ro, not the big hairy ones”

Elrohir smiled sweetly. “Of course not”

Glorfindel had returned to his own rooms, he was tired and his head felt like a block of lead. He slumped into a chair and a sense of deep loneliness started to creep into him. He missed Halariel, it was insane but he did. He missed that unpredictability and freshness of spirit that was her, the strange behavior and her curiosity. He had become stuck on his own ways but she had sort of reawakened him and he felt new with her near him. He felt as though there was hope yet again, and life and light. He groaned and feared that he had lost her, that she would fade. He had fallen for her, he had to admit that to himself, and he feared that losing her would be like losing the very spark of life itself.

There had to be something he could do, he felt so useless, so terribly so. So what if he had once killed a balrog if he couldn’t save the one his soul reached out to? He was so completely out of his field of experience he couldn’t even begin to fathom it. He sighed and got up, pulled his clothes off and took a swift bath, it didn’t make him feel any better at all. He needed to keep his mind occupied with something, anything. He growled and found a pair of pants and a tunic, left the room and went to the room Maedhros had gotten, knocked on the door. There was some noises coming from the inside and the door opened. The tall redhead looked a bit as if he had been asleep and Glorfindel felt as though he was an intruder. He swallowed swiftly and nodded his head. “Ah, I am sorry but… I cannot find any rest and…uh, I guess there are a lot of things you would want to know? I can tell you”

Maedhros gestured for him to follow him into the room and Glorfindel shut the door. He couldn’t help but staring at Maedhros, he was only wearing a pair of loose sleeping pants and his hair was unbraided. He did look disheveled and yet he was breathtakingly beautiful. Glorfindel remembered the ones who claimed that even near the end the oldest son of Fëanor had been able to outshine anyone, that he had been even more handsome than his father, at least in the eyes of some. It was no lie, Glorfindel was used to being admired but he felt like an anonymous little grey mouse in a corner compared with the splendor that was this Feanorion.

Maedhros gestured for him to sit and grasped a pen and paper. “Why is it that you are reborn?”

Glorfindel sighed and started to tell his tale over again, for the valar alone knew what time. But at least his mind was being kept occupied.

Elladan had visited the apothecary and lo and behold, there were some of that specific plant there and although it was just a little and the leaves rather old too he hoped it would be enough. He had found a pipe one of the rangers had left behind and brought it with him to the room Elrohir had found. It was a backroom in the building where they used to take care of the laundry during the spring cleaning. It was not in use right now and Elrohir had lit the hearth and the room was very hot now. And he had really outdone himself with the incense, the place was filled with smoke and Elladan coughed and felt a bit nauseous. He put the box with the rat down and Elrohir looked nervous. “Are you really sure you want to do this?”

Elladan nodded. “Yes, I do. “

Elrohir hugged him swiftly, he could feel that his brother in fact trembled ever so slightly. “Okay then, but remember, be careful. “

Elladan smiled. “As always”

Elrohir rolled his eyes. “Yeah right, you are never careful Dan.”

Elladan started stripping off his clothes and placed them in a neat pile while Elrohir stuffed the pipe with a grimace. He hesitated and Elrohir grasped his arm. “You don’t have to do this Dan, it is not too late to turn back.”

Elladan took a deep breath. “But it is Ro, I have to do it. “

He grasped a dagger and opened the box with the rat in it. It had been extremely nasty when he caught it, he hated rats but now trapped in the box it looked almost cute! He swallowed again and again and Elrohir cocked an eyebrow. “Now?”

Elladan whispered a swift. “I am sorry!”

Then he thrust the dagger through the rodent and the animal squealed and jerked and kicked until it finally just lay there, dead. Elladan felt the taste of bile in his mouth, it was one thing to kill an orc, this was just an innocent animal, a pest yes but a living sentient being and he regretted it already.

Elrohir grinned viciously. “Ready to be scared?”

Elladan nodded. “I guess!”

His voice was thin and Elrohir gestured for him to lay down, he did, shaking.

Elrohir removed a blanket from a jar and lifted it, pulled the lid off and just tipped it over Elladan who squealed as at least twenty of the huge hairy spiders that lived in the thick forests along the river fell onto him and started running around. He was terrified of them and had been ever since one of the beasts managed to get into his shirt when he was bathing with the other elflings when he was just fourteen. Elladan squirmed in absolute panic and his breath came in rasping gasps as the arachnids scurried over him, he started to sweat and panted. “Get them off of me, now!”

Elrohir just grinned and used a broom to swipe the spiders away from his brother, they ran to the corners and disappeared into cracks in the floorboards. Elrohir smiled with a bit of a blush. “And then the last part?”

Elladan felt his cheeks burning and his ears had turned pink too, this was going to be difficult for he wasn’t at all thinking about that kind of activities now. “Ah, Ro, could you?”

He gestured for his brother to turn around and Elrohir nodded and obeyed. He sat down with his back against his brother and Elladan bit his lip and tried to think of something that would arouse him but it was not easy at all after the other things he had done. He touched himself hesitantly, nope, no reaction. Elrohir hawked. “You know, I can’t forget the time I caught you and that serving wench at that inn, damn you were really fucking like rabbits. I have never seen tits like that on a female before, Valar how I envied you!”

Elladan blushed like crazy but Elrohir had understood the problem and as usual he did come up with a solution to it. Elladan remembered, oh how he remembered. Her name had been Sabine or something like that and she had had such a good mouth and an even better… He looked down at himself, he was ready for anything all of a sudden and started stroking himself with determination. It didn’t take him long to reach the point of no return, it had to be his current state of mind that caused it and he moaned and gasped for air as he got closer to completion. Elrohir was blushing where he sat, he had heard his brother quite often, they had shared one room for many years even after they came of age and later they had rooms that were adjacent to each other so he often heard it when his brother weren’t alone in bed. And he was dead sure that Elladan had heard him too, but it didn’t make it a bit less awkward. Elladan tensed up, then Elrohir heard him make some weird guttural sound and he also heard the sound of liquid spattering over the floorboards. Elladan gasped for air a few times before he managed to get a hold of himself and Elrohir turned around slowly. “You alright?”

Elladan nodded, eyes closed and body still trembling with the after-shocks. “Yes, give me a minute”

Elrohir made a grimace and got the pipe, he lit it and Elladan sat up cross legged and swallowed, staring at the smoke coming from the pipe. He had tried smoking once, and he had sworn to himself to never do it again. One of the rangers that often visited the valley had left his pipe in the infirmary and Elladan and Elrohir had been two very curious elflings of just ten. They had managed to find an ember and lit the pipe and they had been trying to do exactly the same as the ranger had done. Needless to say it ended with two very sick elflings who were puking and half delirious and a very angry and worried father and a mother who was close to being hysterical.

He grasped the pipe and nodded firmly. “Alright, here goes”

He took a deep breath and inhaled and immediately he was caught by a coughing fit so bad he thought he would cough his lungs out. Tears were running down his face, he felt nauseous again and he had a peculiar light headed feeling. He took one more careful breath, the need to cough wasn’t so violent this time and the next was almost bearable. Elrohir looked very nervous and Elladan managed to give him a smile, by now the world was spinning in front of his eyes and he felt so strange, as if his body wasn’t really there anymore. He groaned and suddenly there was light flashing everywhere and he was so dizzy, so terribly dizzy. “Ah, it is…kicking in…I think I am…”

Everything became a blur, he blinked and looked down and there he saw himself laying on the floor, Elrohir held the pipe and looked so scared. It was so peculiar and he felt afraid, what if he couldn’t return to himself? He turned around, floating through the air like just a cloud of energy. He went straight through the wall and then he headed towards the healing ward. He was able to see through walls, to see everything. He felt as though he was dreaming and perhaps that was right, he fell through the roof and was within the room where Elrond and Halariel lay. Erestor was sitting by them and he was asleep and Elladan could almost see what the counsellor was dreaming. He had to shake his head, Erestor wasn’t really as bone dry and boring as some claimed that he was. He would have been blushing intensely if he had been there in the flesh. He turned towards the two, staring at them and then he touched Halariel’s forehead and was immediately sucked in. He was seeing her mind like a weave, strands going in every direction and he followed it to wherever her soul was at the moment. He saw glimpses of memories, of dreams and thoughts and he smiled, she did really have the hot’s for Glorfindel.

Then he reached his destination, and he saw through her mind’s eye. If he had been there as a soul the creature holding her captive would have noticed his presence but he was able to hide within her now and he saw a sphere of light and within it a crouching figure he realized was his father. He heard a voice, it was soft and alluring and mumbling something incoherent, he sensed power, and hunger, a fierce will. Halariel was passive, as if her soul was subdued somehow. But the thing responsible for that was so powerful, so strong. No wonder why she hadn’t been able to wake up and Elrond was indeed being held captive. The creature had somehow created a sort of pocket within Halariel’s soul where they now all resided and he realized what the thing was trying to do. He also saw it all as if from the outside, saw how the silmarilli power had become an entity of its own, saw its attempts at stealing his father’s powers.

He pulled back, hid and then he let himself slide through the insubstantial fabric of this place until he reached the sphere in which Elrond sought refuge. He felt how his soul did reach that of his father and got a response. Elrond’s soul did for a swift second glow brighter, stronger. (Ada, I am here, what can I do?)

Elrond didn’t reveal anything, he kept staring, kept fighting. ( Dan? I have figured out one thing now, I wondered what it was but I think I have got it. It could have overtaken Halariel’s body and kept her and me imprisoned within her but it hasn’t done that and I think it is unable to do that.)

Elladan didn’t reveal himself, he was invisible, just a consciousness and not even a soul. (Yes, explain)

Elrond pretended to be tired, let his head hang down.( Listen carefully, Halariel is connected to the real world somehow and the connection cannot be broken, it is a bond of love Dan. She is probably Glorfindel’s soulmate. The bond between them must be completed, tell him that. It will make it impossible for the entity to overtake her completely. It is seeking to break free, to become her, but it is way too powerful to be allowed to run free. It must be restrained somehow)

Elladan felt that he was being pulled away, the drug was losing its effect. (I will tell Ada, how about you)

Elrond groaned. (Weakening, so tired. Its hold of her must be broken, it must be distracted if I am to escape, and the power contained)

Elladan managed to transfer one last thought( We’ll find a way)

He gasped for air and shook violently and opened his eyes, staring straight up at his brothers very worried face. “Dan, are you alright?”

Elladan coughed, he felt awful but he had to tell them, he just had to. He grasped a bottle of wine that Elrohir had brought along, always the practical one, and took an eager sip of it. “I am fine, just…just… I feel like shit. But it isn’t dangerous.”

Elrohir stared at him. “Did you see anything?”

Elladan nodded. “Yes, the power within her is indeed trying to possess her completely, it wants to live through her. But it hasn’t been able to because she is so connected to Glorfindel. He is anchoring her to the real world but the bond has to be completed. And father is trapped in her mind by that thing, it is trying to drain him of power I think.”

Elrohir gasped. “Are you sure?”

He nodded and coughed, took another sip. “Yes, absolutely. The thing inside of her needs to be distracted for ada to be able to escape. “

Elrohir nodded slowly and helped Elladan get to his feet. “Then by the valar will we find a distraction, we will ruin its day like it’s never been ruined before!”

Elladan threw his clothes on, still feeling dizzy and sore headed and more than anything else, nauseous. His stomach felt as if it was doing somersaults and his mouth felt as if it was filled with some extremely disgusting substance. “We need to find Erestor and Glorfindel, now!”

Elrohir grasped his hand and then they both ran. Elladan quickly developed a throbbing headache unlike any he had ever had before but he still ran and they burst into Erestor’s study like an avalanche. Erestor was half asleep over some books and jerked violently, lost his balance and fell hard onto his ass. He had just returned from the infirmary to read some more and he was dead sure that his heart didn’t appreciate the shock at all.

“Erestor, we must find Glorfindel, and Maedhros too, we have discovered the truth.”

Erestor stared at the twins, his butt hurt and he gritted his teeth. “What truth damn you, you almost scared me to death!”

Elladan gasped. “Elves cannot be frightened to death, you are safe. The power within her, it is really holding her and ada captive.”

Erestor sighed. “Okay, well then so. Let’s find the others.”

It took them some time to find Glorfindel but he was still in Maedhros room, explaining about the forming of Imladris and the history of the second age. Both stared at the twins and Erestor who looked as if he had been running, but that was impossible. Erestor never ran, ever. He glided with the effortless elegance of a cat. “The twins have been able to see what the problem is and we have come up with a plan, but I am afraid it is a rather risky one.”

Glorfindel leaned forward, there was an eager glimpse in his eyes. “Tell us, tell us right now!”

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