Like blood and fire

break inn, break out, break free

Elladan and Elrohir sat down, they stared at Glorfindel and Maedhros and they both looked very determined. They looked at each other and Elrohir started talking. “ We tried something Dan thought of, an Avari ritual. And Dan managed to get a peek into Halariel’s mind, he did see what the problem was.”

Glorfindel held his breath. “ And it was?”

Elladan took a deep breath. “ It is as we thought, the power she has carried within has somehow managed to overtake her, and our father too. It has gained its own personality and a will of its own. It wants to live as her.”

Maedhros was writing like a mad. “I do not understand much of this?”

Elrohir sighed. “ It has tried to keep her safe until now, it has protected her but it has grown stronger as she has grown weaker and it isn’t able to understand that it is killing her.”

Glorfindel scoffed. “ So what can be done?”

Elladan turned towards the balrog slayer, his eyes were distant. “ The only thing that has kept it from overtaking her completely is you Fin, the bond between the two of you prevents it from absorbing her soul and becoming her.”

Erestor sighed. “ It sounds as if this thing is very arrogant somehow, power mad even.”

Elladan nodded eagerly. “ Father has been able to prevent it from stealing his powers too, but he won’t be able to cope for all that long.”

Maedhros was looking pale. “ How is she?”

His handwriting was rather shaky and Elladan made a grimace. “ She looked as though she was very weak, not aware of anything if you catch my drift? She is fading fast.”

The tall red head made a weird sound and wrote again. “ Please, I have to save her!”

Elladan nodded. “ Father said that we need to distract it somehow in order to save her. But how do we do that? He also said that Fin had to complete the bond with her, to prevent that thing from feeding off her soul anymore.”

Maedhros suddenly remembered something, he closed his eyes and allowed the memory to fill his mind for a few seconds. It had been when the problems started, when his father’s paranoia was at its very infancy. He hadn’t forged the Silmarilli yet but he was angry at his half brothers and father, felt that his father had somehow betrayed Miriel by getting married again. Maedhros remembered the way he could keep talking about that part of the family with nothing but resentment but usually Nerdanel managed to get his mind set onto other subjects before it got stuck. She had indeed been the calm and wise one, the one who could put a dampener on Fëanor’s temper and make him focus on more peaceful things than his anger towards his father. He looked up, stared at the twins and Erestor. He wrote swiftly. “ It is like my father I think, it has a part of who he was. It is filled with belief in itself, convinced of its own right to do whatever it pleases to do?”

Elladan read the words and nodded. “ Yes, that sounds pretty accurate. Do you have any suggestions?”

Maedhros swallowed hard, wrote swiftly. “ Yes, it needs to be challenged, it has to be separated from Halariel somehow, only then can it be defeated.”

Erestor bit his lower lip and tilted his head. “ How do we do that?”

The twins stared at each other and Glorfindel just sighed. “ We cannot all do what Elladan did now can we?”

Erestor shook his head and Maedhros was obviously thinking very hard. He felt trapped, in despair and terribly nervous. He had to save her, she was his daughter damn it, he owed her to be safe and loved. “There is one thing…”

They read the words and frowned, stared at him. He looked down, cursed the fact that he couldn’t speak for the umpteenth time. “ Yes?”

Erestor looked at him with trust in his eyes and Maedhros wrote slowly, chose his words carefully. “ This is something I have only heard about, and I don’t know if it is at all possible or just a fancy tale.”

They looked at him and he hurried as much as he could. “ Some claimed that it is possible for a soul to be pulled away from its body by the soul of its bonded mate, and kept safe within the body of that mate.”

They all frowned, Erestor cocked an eyebrow. “ Why would anyone do that?”

Maedhros shrugged and wrote. “ I heard about it when we fought Morgoth, during the siege of Angband. They told me a warrior once shared his body with his mate until her body healed from a poison that otherwise would have corrupted her completely.”

Glorfindel scoffed. “ I don’t understand how that could be possible, and what does that have to do with this situation? Her body isn’t the problem.”

Elladan looked a bit eager. “ I think I do understand, yes, yes I do. You think of pulling her soul out of her body and into Glorfindel’s body while the entity is being fought right? So that it cannot harm her in any way? It could work, it would at least rock its confidence and perhaps make it do some mistake?”

Glorfindel groaned. “ I get it, thank you but how are we to do that? And who is to fight the thing?”

Maedhros took a deep breath, his hands shaking “ I am, it is my duty, I am her father after all.”

Erestor rolled his eyes. “ It will be dangerous, very dangerous in fact!”

Maedhros nodded slowly, he wrote the words slowly. “ I know, but I think I have an advantage being my father’s son. It will recognize me.”

Glorfindel looked a bit stern. “ Elrond thought that the Valar has something to do with this, that they let you be reborn to gain something. Perhaps they want that power for themselves?”

For a second Maedhros face was contorted by a sudden burst of rage and everybody realized that he indeed was very dangerous. “ If they want it they will have to fight me for it, I will not let them harm her in any way, nor will I be their pawn. I refuse to bow before them, I didn’t cower before them before I died and I will still defy them, to my very last breath”

Erestor had something akin to reluctant admiration in his eyes. “ Very well, but how do you plan to defeat that thing? I don’t think it will just let go of her and give up everything?”

Maedhros sighed and wrote with hands that were more steady now. “ I know, I will force it to join with me instead. “

All stared at him incredulously, Glorfindel hawked. “ Then it will overtake you instead?”

Maedhros shook his head, his teeth bared and eyes blazing. His hands shook again. “ No, she is weak, not used to fighting anything. Unaware of her potential, untrained. I on the other hand can fight, and endure. Whatever it throws at me, it cannot be as bad as Angband”

Erestor shuddered, just seeing that name written sent shivers down his spine, it was like a vicious ghost from the past. Glorfindel cocked an eyebrow. “ Right, let us say that it is possible for you to absorb it but how are we to make it happen? How can I pull her soul into my own body and how are you to enter her mind? Elrond is also caught in there, he cannot be harmed.”

Maedhros shrugged. “ I don’t know really?”

Elladan and Elrohir looked at each other. “ Distraction, that is what’s needed. Fin, you have to complete the bond between the two of you.”

Glorfindel went beet red. “ I cannot…take her?! That would be just…sick!”

Elladan rolled his eyes. “ You don’t have to sleep with her to complete a bond, if the two of you are meant to be then it is enough for you to pledge yourself to her, to say your vows and swear upon Eru. It ought to do it, then you can be as one with her and give her strength to break free from that thing.”

Glorfindel took a deep breath. “That is a huge step to take, I hope you understand that? I…I don’t really know how I feel about it, yet!”

Elladan rolled his eyes and Elrohir patted him on his back. “ But we have seen the truth Fin, we saw it when you first met. Heck, you are a fool if you cannot see that she is your one.”

Glorfindel sighed and hid his face behind his hands, he looked very distraught.

Maedhros was writing something and they turned towards him. “ I will do this alone if I have to, I have to repay her for what I did to her mother. I should have been there, watched over her and kept her safe, I have to save her”

Erestor nodded and looked down. “ We know you know, how she came to being. Elrond had a hard time believing it, that you had…well, done that.”

Maedhros swallowed, closed his eyes. He sighed and wrote some more, remembered that terrible day all too well. He hadn’t been himself at all, no, it was as if it was despair itself that had possessed him and turned him into something he wasn’t. He hadn’t even been that fond of females, after all he had still been grieving for his true love Fingon. “I was drunk, and in despair, everything was just darkness, I saw no light, no hope. I cannot explain it really, it wasn’t me.”

Erestor nodded slowly, his eyes narrow. “ I remember them telling me of you and Fingon, were you?”

Maedhros felt his cheeks and ears burn, he just nodded. Erestor made a grimace. “Then it makes very little sense, but then again, anyone can do stupid things with a belly filled with wine.”

Maedhros felt his throat clench, he bit his teeth together and choked a groan. He had always thought that that one day was the beginning of the end, that the deed he found himself committing was what had truly condemned him. The silmaril had burned his hand, it had found him unworthy, unclean, tainted by evil. He had done terrible things yes, even slain his own kin but it had been done to please his father, to follow the oath they had sworn. When he raped Halariel’s mother it hadn’t been anything else than his own will and mind behind it, or was he wrong? He felt tears sting his eyes and then he felt a comforting hand upon his shoulder. “Sometimes destiny treads an intricate dance indeed, we can never be sure of what it has in store for us.”

Erestor was sending him a somewhat sad smile and he tried to smile back. He found it weird that they accepted him the way they did, knowing what he had been, what he had done. But he was grateful, so very much so. Elladan and Elrohir were fidgeting with their sleeves. “ Uhm, not to be impolite but we have to act, soon. Before it is too late.”

Glorfindel took a deep breath. “ I understand, and I think I am able to do whatever it is that I need to do, but what about him?”

He pointed at Maedhros. “ How is he to get inside of her mind?”

Erestor shrugged and the twins looked a bit unsure of what to say. “ We don’t have anything left of the herb we used? “

Maedhros frowned, he was thinking very hard. He remembered something and he tried to make sense of it. “ Your father carries one of the rings Celebrimbor forged right?”

The twins read the words and nodded eagerly. “ I remember him telling us of his plans, of the magic he was going to put into the things he made. I think I may be able to command it, even for just a short moment. There was something he once told us, I just need to get the details straight, the memory is a bit blurred”

Erestor looked eager. “ Do tell, please. There is so little we know of him, and what he did when he forged those rings.”

Maedhros dipped the quill in the ink again, wrote fast. “ Yes, he kept most of his skills as a secret.”

Erestor swallowed hard. “ You do know that he was killed right? By Sauron? In the second age?”

Maedhros nodded slowly. “ Yes, somehow I do know, now! At least I know he did forge those rings, and if he used the same methods as he started using when he was young and the rest of us were around then there could be a trick to use its power in a different way.”

Erestor read his words eagerly. “There is so much we don’t know really. Sauron fooled him, betrayed him and brought doom upon him, but he never managed to corrupt the rings. Did he really talk of ring making back in the first age? We thought that the idea was brought to him by Sauron.”

Maedhros shook his head. “No, it was something he had been thinking about for a long time, since he was very young in fact. He would visit atars forge and test different methods of forging things and I remember atar being so very proud of him. After all, Celebrimbor was his only grandchild.”

The words were a bit hard to read, Maedhros hadn’t realized that his hands were shaking this bad again. Glorfindel sighed and shrugged.” Elrond is in fact a relative of yours, and so are the twins and their sister. It is ironic.”

Maedhros wrote very fast. “ Yes, atar would never have accepted it though, he saw every descendant of his half siblings as usurpers and bastards.”

Elladan cringed. “That is a very harsh attitude.”

Maedhros nodded slowly. “ If you want to summon up everything my father was harsh comes pretty close to the top of the list. He never forgot and he never forgave those he thought had wronged him.”

The twins leaned forth and read his words. “ Your father must have been…well, not to be offensive but the word that drops into my mind is twisted”

Elrohir’s voice was a bit nervous and Maedhros sighed and nodded, his eyes sad. “ They said that his very birth was marred, that he was tainted by darkness, that it was his fault that his mother died and refused to leave the halls. Perhaps they were speaking the truth, he was a genius and I do know too well that the line between that and madness can be very thin indeed.”

Erestor was reading as he wrote and he bit his lower lip, a faraway look within his eyes. “ I remember some saying that it was unnatural to have as many children as he did, that seven sons meant that the last ones were created from less pure energy, born with a weaker fëa, easier to corrupt.”

Maedhros shuddered, his eyes closed. He had heard that too, even before they left Aman. And he had started to believe that it was true, he remembered too well the strange madness within his younger brothers, their lack of remorse and the cruelty they seemed to enjoy. Had they been mad? Perhaps, he didn’t know. He only knew that they sure as hell hadn’t been normal, that was undeniable. He remembered the peculiar way Celegorm had acted, the almost feral look within his eyes when he fought and the joy he took in killing other creatures.

He remembered Curufin and his hostility even towards their own followers, his moody grumpy ways and the way he treated his son, as if he was a piece of property or a slave, something that ought to obey all the time. And Caranthir, by the valar, it wasn’t without a reason that he had been referred to as dark Caranthir, in him all the negative aspects of Fëanor had been distilled and perfected and Maedhros remembered the rumors he had heard. His brother had apparently been a rather perverted person in some ways, fond of inflicting pain upon others and unable to feel any sort of remorse.

But the twins? Had they been mad as well? He didn’t know, no, he hoped that they had been normal, had been innocent but he also knew that they had died so very young, before their true character had evolved. If they had been allowed to live longer they could perhaps have turned out to become the worst monsters of all, but he still hoped that they had been spared of that faith, that their souls had been complete. It was bitter thinking of what had happened and what had been, the memories of their childhood were tainted by the bloodshed that followed.

He wrote slowly. “ You are probably right, something was lacking in the youngest of us, or perhaps it was something of which they had too much”

Erestor looked confused. “ What do you mean?”

Maedhros wrote again. “ They had too much love for our father, it was so complete, so all consuming. He taught me and Maglor to be independent, to think on our own but by the time when naneth got pregnant again he was beginning to change and I think he brought them up to be so obedient it made them snap completely when he died. He was everything they had, they worshiped him. I loved my father and I admired him but I didn’t regard him as a deity, I saw his flaws and the mistakes he did and I didn’t allow his words to rule my own decisions and my mind. They did, and it was their undoing I fear.”

Glorfindel stared at the floor. “ I understand, that makes sense. He was the one constant in their lives, the one thing which they trusted completely. When such a person disappears from your life you are left so very vulnerable.”

Maedhros nodded and grinned but it was a sad grin. One filled with regret. “I think there was some sort of darkness brewing within our family even before Melkor started spreading his lies, perhaps atar really was tainted, I don’t know, but there are memories which makes me think that he had a side to him we never saw, a very unpleasant one.”

The twins looked curious and Maedhros looked down at the floor, he didn’t want to write about it, didn’t want to tell them of the way Fëanor had favored Caranthir and the sounds Maedhros had heard from his brothers room on some occasions, before hearing his father leaving it late at night. And he had seen the glimpse within Caranthir’s eyes, the pride of being the favorite son and also a weird sort of confusion and fear, and when considering what the ellon had turned out to be later on it wasn’t such a difficult thing to put the pieces together and see the whole picture. Caranthir had been the one most alike Fëanor in every way, or at least when it came to appearance and it wasn’t really so hard to imagine that Fëanor in some way had enjoyed spending time with this near copy of himself a little bit too much, and in a not so innocent way. If anyone had been in love with themselves it had to have been him.

Maedhros shook himself, tried to smile and Glorfindel leaned forth once more. “ So, what did you mean by the things you wrote about the ring?”

Maedhros took a deep breath, allowed himself to be immersed in memories once again. He remembered Celebrimbor standing by the forge, completely concentrated and almost oblivious to the outside world. The young ellon had really been very talented, and that talent had been different than that of his grandfather. It was hard to point a finger at the difference but Maedhros thought that Celebrimbor perhaps had preferred making things that were useful and in more ways than just one. Of course the things he made were beautiful but they were so much more and Maedhros also remembered the discussions between his brother’s son and Fëanor, they had been two of a kind in some ways and in others opposites.

He allowed himself to drift further into the past, it had been during the siege of Angband and Celebrimbor had visited him and Maglor, he had beamed with pride and showed them his last work. A very beautiful and yet simple circlet that seemed normal enough until someone put it on in a dark room. Then it provided the one wearing it with night vision. Maedhros had had a very hard time understanding Celebrimbor’s explanation, he had never been one of those geniuses who immediately understood such things but he did realize that the ellon indeed knew a lot of which others were oblivious. It hurt knowing that Celebrimbor had died and that he had made the rings which could destroy everything if the dark lord got them in his possession. He had been so eager to learn, so terribly curious about everything. Of course he had been easy to seduce by someone who offered knowledge he up to then had lacked.

Maedhros sent the others a rather pale smile and started writing again. “He often claimed that he had discovered something not even atar had known, about the very nature of the elements. It was something about the way everything vibrates in a very individual rhythm, and how that may be manipulated. “

Erestor read the words and he looked very dubious. “ That is rather far-fetched, and even if it is true, how can we use it?”

Maedhros bent forward, ink was splashing all over. “ Celebrimbor showed us how things could gain different properties and that sound was the way to manipulate everything. If we manage to discover the frequency with which Elrond’s ring can be manipulated I may be able to awaken its hidden powers and use them even with Elrond wearing it.”

Elladan scoffed. “ Do you have any idea of how mad that sounds? Using sound as a tool?”

Glorfindel was sitting there and he looked a bit gloomy, or rather somber. There was something in his eyes that told them he was thinking, and thinking very hard about something. Erestor looked at him. “ You look as if you are about to fight a balrog once more?”

The golden haired warrior pressed his lips together and he had a very dark expression within his eyes. " I remember something from Gondolin, it backs up Maedhros claims.”

Elrohir looked curious. “ What?”

Glorfindel crossed his arms across his chest, stared at the floor. “ Maeglin was a smith too, and a very good one. But not as skilled as his father Eöl, he made both blades and an armor of the strange metal known as Galvorn. And Maeglin told us that his father had used sound to form the substance among other things. Fire in itself was not enough to make it malleable.”

They all stared at him, they all knew the tale of the fall of Gondolin and Maeglin’s role in that terrible event. Glorfindel probably hated Maeglin rather intensely even now. “ So it is true then that sound can affect objects, but how do we manipulate Elrond’s ring with it?”

Maedhros was thinking hard, there was something within his mind that suddenly clicked. He remembered that Celebrimbor had carried a flute with him at all times but not one of those you use to make music. It had been one of those flutes one use to control dogs, it couldn’t be heard by any other than animals. He wrote so fast he almost broke the quill. “ A dog flute!”

They stared at him as if he had suddenly grown a green beard or something. “ A what?!”

Erestor blinked and Maedhros nodded vigorously. “ A dog flute, it makes sounds too high pitched for anyone to hear except dogs. He always brought one with him and we all thought it was weird since he never kept dogs. It was a bit unusual though, it didn’t look normal, as if he had done something to it.”

Erestor leaned forward, there was a hint of eagerness in his eyes. “ I hope you do remember what he had done to it?”

Maedhros nodded and wrote slowly. “ He had squeezed the end of it, so it was almost completely flat.”

Elladan was thinking hard. “ So he probably used sound as a tool when he made things, and also used it to manipulate things later on. Makes sense, we have all heard of the songs of power.”

Elrohir nodded. “ So, what do we do?”

Glorfindel made a strange grin. “ We find a dog flute, flatten it and see for ourselves if he did indeed add something to his work of which we have been oblivious until now.”

Erestor shrugged. “ It could be that just one frequency will work, and finding that may be tricky to say the least”

Glorfindel got up. “ Yes, but we have to try. Maedhros, you do really believe that this could enable you to use the ring?”

The red head nodded, his eyes a bit nervous and yet determined. Erestor sighed. “ There are dog flutes by the kennels. “

Glorfindel was out of the door already and the four that remained there just looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Glorfindel wasn’t one to hesitate when there was something at stake. They waited for perhaps five minutes and then he returned with no less than ten dog flutes. They were tiny and made from silver and rather pretty too. He made a wry grin. “ The kennel master got a bit upset, he didn’t like that I took all he had.”

Maedhros grasped one and studied it, Erestor leaned towards him. “ Are they similar to the one Celebrimbor used?”

Maedhros nodded, he remembered all the ancient tales of mages using flutes to manipulate objects, it had to be a piece of truth in those stories after all. He felt that the metal was rather soft and malleable and he had no problems squeezing the end of it until it looked like the one he had seen Celebrimbor carrying around. He lifted it to his mouth and tried it and all cringed as a most horrible sound could be heard, it cut their ears and Elladan almost shrieked and collapsed. “ Stop, stop, that cannot be right!”

Maedhros sighed and squeezed the flute again, made the hole in the end a little bigger again. This time there was a tone, a normal one although very faint and hollow sounding. This wasn’t right at all, there had to be something else he hadn’t managed to pick up. Elrohir studied the flutes with narrow eyes, he was trying to remember everything their father had taught them over the years, he suddenly jumped and his eyes were shining. “ I think I got it!”

They stared at him and Elrohir took two flutes and removed the top of them which could be unscrewed. He bolted out of the door and were gone for a couple of minutes and when he returned he carried with him a small fistful of dried peas. The others just stared, too confused to be able to say anything at all. He dropped a pea into each flute and put the top back onto it and Maedhros was gaping, he remembered having heard a strange sound from the flute Celebrimbor carried, as if it contained something. Elrohir was indeed very smart.

Elrohir tried the flute and it did vibrate, he grinned. “ I remember one time when ada showed us how rings spread in water, did Celebrimbor work with anyone or did he always work alone?”

Maedhros was thinking hard, and fast. “ He did have an apprentice for a while, a rather quiet and anonymous ellon, I cannot remember his name.”

Elrohir just shook his head. “ That doesn’t matter, now, watch what I am doing.”

He squeezed the ends and then he handed one of them over to Elladan who took it looking very reluctant and in doubt, as if his brother was in fact handing over a very poisonous and dangerous snake or something like that.

He nodded at Elladan. “ Now, blow, and just keep it steady.”

Elladan cringed but obeyed, there was no sound to be heard but the glasses on the table near by started to vibrate and there was a strange noise coming from the walls. Elrohir had an insane grin upon his face as he too started to blow air into his flute. The sounds disappeared, everything went silent and the room was filled with a weird sort of heavy atmosphere that made the hairs stand up on the neck of everybody. Elrohir gestured for his brother to increase the strength of the airflow and it happened, there was a peculiar glow from every object in the room and they felt cold and at the same time refreshed but it wasn’t very pleasant at all. Elrohir let go of the flute, his eyes were shining. “ Got it, I think Celebrimbor had to use a helper when he manipulated those objects he made, or some sort of mechanical devise able to create an airflow through a flute of something like that. The two frequencies adds to each other and creates a new one, the right one I am sure, it is stronger and more pure and the peas in the flutes creates a vibrato we cannot make with just the flute and air.”

Erestor nodded slowly. “ I just hope that Sauron never managed to get that secret out of him”

Glorfindel shook his head. “ If he had we would have lost a long time ago I am sure.”

Elladan swallowed and looked eager. “ So, what do we do now?”

Elrohir almost caressed the flute in his hands. “ We rest a little and have something to eat, then we go to the infirmary and free Halariel and ada. That thing that has imprisoned them is in for the surprise of its lifetime!”

Maedhros nodded and his eyes were narrow. Had Fëanor also used a trick like that when he forged the Silmarilli? He didn’t know, but he didn’t think that Celebrimbor had shared his ideas regarding sound with his grandfather at all.

Erestor nodded, and he got up. “ Right, lets go. I am starving and I do need some rest too. My mind is spinning, this is way too special for me but I guess we have to try.”

They all left the room and went to the hall of fire where some cooks were on duty at all times of the day and so they managed to get a hot meal and some wine. Elladan and Elrohir felt strangely elated, and also impatient. They wanted to start right away but they both knew that they couldn’t do that just yet. They both needed some sleep and to calm down even though it was hard. They finished a huge bowl of stew each and then they went to their rooms and agreed to meet at dawn.

Maedhros felt tired but he couldn’t find any sleep, he was so fearful and also in a way angry. He wanted to stop this power that was hurting his daughter and he just feared that he wasn’t strong enough, or smart enough. And what if he did save her and she did return to her normal self and then turned out to hate his very guts? Well, he couldn’t claim that he would blame her in that case, if she turned her back on him it was understandable. He couldn’t hope for a nice relationship with her, or could he? His thoughts were driving him mad and when he finally managed to fall asleep he was dreaming of his final moments once more, embraced by fire and despair.

They did meet at dawn, most were looking far from well rested but there was strict determination to be seen in their eyes and also hope. Erestor hawked and he looked a bit nervous. “ This has to be done right the first time, we cannot afford any mistakes, got it?”

The twins and the other two nodded and Erestor nodded, he had as usual taken the role as administrator. “ Glorfindel, you bond with Halariel, you must keep her soul out of reach from that thing. The moment you get in contact with her you give us a signal and the twins start using the flutes. Then anything may happen, be prepared!”

Maedhros was shaking all over but he was determined as never before. His life had no value if he couldn’t save his own daughter, he had to try even though his throat felt dry like a desert and his heart was beating wildly in his chest. Glorfindel went over to the bed were Halariel and Elrond lay side by side, he laid down next to Halariel and took her other hand. He swallowed and closed his eyes, allowed himself to just drift into the realm of pure emotion. He sought the bond between them and after a while he felt her, a vague flickering speck of light and he slowly whispered the words which sealed their bond and made them a couple in the eyes of the one. There was a sort of jolt, and he felt a strange sensation of being dragged in several directions at once, then he felt her soul reaching out for him, scared and confused and so very weak. He let his own soul merge with it, pulled her to him and used all of his willpower to drag her along him until her very self was resting safely within his very being. She didn’t understand, her thoughts blank and only her feelings being unrestrained and he managed to lift an arm just to signal that he had her, that she no longer could be harmed by the entity.

Erestor nodded and the twins lifted the flutes and repeated what they had done the day before and Elrond’s ring started to glow in a peculiar purple color it never had had before. Then Maedhros stepped forth, he took a deep breath, then he let his inner voice speak and the others there could have sworn that they heard him. “ Listen to me, obey me. We are of fire, we are one, bring your master safely back into his own body, do it now!”

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