Like blood and fire

A lesson in obsceneties

Glorfindel had gotten Halariel back to her rooms, but not without a fight. She wasn’t ready to back down just yet, it had been so fun bathing in that sparkly water thing and she wanted to go back. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to stay in there? Glorfindel dragged her along and cursed that fact that she was almost as long as he was, a smaller elleth would have been easy to subdue, not this thrashing squealing wriggling creature.

The worst part of it was that he was starting to react to the physical contact, after all, her chemise was torn to shreds and he had to manhandle her rather roughly, to be honest he had his hands all over her in the desperate attempts to keep her under control. The thin wet loincloth had become uncomfortable to say the least and suddenly she became aware of his predicament. She stared with wide eyes and then she reached down and touched him. Glorfindel cursed so bad it would have made Sauron himself blush rather violently, he ran the last stretch back to the rooms, hoping that nobody saw them. He had heaved her across his shoulder like a sack of flour and she was still giggling and trying to stroke him through the thin wet cloth, he could as might as well have been buck naked. The sight had to be rather obscene and he rushed through the door to her room and slammed it shut so hard the frame almost splintered. He was growling and tossed her down onto the bed and she just bounced back right off it as if she had been covered in springs, eagerly leaping towards the door.

Glorfindel rolled his eyes and grasped her, this time he threw himself down next to her, pinning her beneath his body and hoping that his weight would be enough to subdue her. He was wrong, she was as slick as an eel and jostling around like that didn’t put a dampener to his arousal, quite contrary. He got an idea, she was obviously quite awake but if he could get her tired she would hopefully relax and perhaps even fall asleep? It was worth trying and she had after all tried to grope him. He bent over and kissed her neck and she squealed and wriggled but this time with delight. She went from fight modus to playful within the blink of an eye, and he removed the sorry remains of the flimsy chemise before he started caressing and teasing her all over.

Halariel was giggling and squirming and surrendering completely to his touches and he was amazed by this change in her. It was in a way endearing, she was so innocent, so completely free in a way others weren’t. She didn’t try to hide her feelings but allowed herself to go with their flow and right now she was as wanton as ever before. She tried rubbing herself against him and he moaned and had to gather all of his self-control to prevent himself from just taking her. She was more than willing, there was no doubt about it and he quickly went down on her and used his tongue to bring her to a rather sudden release. She howled and shuddered and he continued, she was so unrestrained, so gloriously free from shame or doubt and he had realized that he liked it and liked it a lot. He had been with several other ellith, he was no monk and living in celibacy was something he never could have endured and many of those he had bedded had been too worried about how they looked or if he liked them or if their hair got messed up and so on and so forth to really allow themselves to enjoy what he was doing. And he had felt a bit disappointed every time. They hadn’t put their full attention on him nor themselves and so the whole experience became less than it ought to be.

He was rather sure that such a problem never would appear with Halariel, she just lived in the moment and didn’t give a damn about her appearance. He made sure that she came two more times, by then she was sweaty and getting drowsy and he finished himself off quickly, just by rubbing himself against her. She gasped when she felt the warm drops of liquid on her skin, he hadn’t done that before so she stared with huge eyes. “ I am sorry Halariel, I know I shouldn’t lay here dry humping you like some dog but right now, that is all I can do with a clean conscience.”

He got up and found a washcloth, his legs felt wobbly and he was tired too, he hadn’t gotten a full night’s sleep and he had in fact used a lot of strength fighting her. He cleaned them both and Halariel was already drifting off into sleep, a content grin around her mouth and she looked like some huge sleeping cat. He swallowed and lay down next to her, he was still in doubt of what to do next, where to go with this peculiar relationship but he didn’t want to see her with someone else. It was weird but true. Before long he too slept like a log and in their sleep they cuddled up together like puppies in a basket.

Timar had finally relaxed, he had found a nice soft spot in a huge pile of hay and was sitting there contemplating his further actions, he was going to seek a vengeance that nobody ever would be able to forget. Maybe he should have that darn elf flogged and dragged by horses through that accursed village, so that everybody could see the fate which awaited everybody who dared to question his might? Or perhaps he ought to let his men have some fun with the creature, after all, the elf was prettier than most women, yes, that would be a perfect way of making an example. Timar was so convinced of his own superiority and righteousness he failed to hear anything from outside of the barn, he didn’t see the shadow that moved around and he didn’t hear the soft creaking sounds of wood that was being moved. He thought he had escaped and was rather angry at himself for having fled the way he had. The elf couldn’t be that dangerous after all, he was just flesh and blood, surely his men had brought this onto themselves by running away. If they had stood their ground they would have been safe.

Maedhros had dismounted when he saw the barn and left Hammer standing underneath a huge tree, he was sneaking closer and saw that there was only two doors on the old building. One narrow one for people and a wide one at the end of the barn used for carriages and such. With nimble hands he tied the doors shut with fresh young vines he had picked in the woods, then he gathered a lot of dead branches and piled them up along the walls. He wanted this scum to suffer as the boys had and he had no sensation of doing anything wrong at all. This was justice and he knew by sheer instinct that this man would become a menace to the people of the area if he was allowed to live. The seeds of a real tyrant were already growing sprouts within his soul and Maedhros had seen that too often.

He had gotten flint and steel from one of the men he had killed and some tinder too, he made sure the doors were blocked before he lit some tinder and then let it ignite a branch. He stood there with it lifted as a torch, it was flaming rather vividly for it was dry wood and he wanted Timar to see the end that awaited him. He stood there, waiting patiently and the walls of the barn were so full of cracks it didn’t take long before Timar saw the fire.

At first he tried to hide, thinking that the elf was looking for him, then he realized that the elf wasn’t moving and to his horror he understood that he had been found already. The elf was an excellent tracker and Timar had never really learned how to move through a forest undetected. The tall redhead just stood there, staring, and Timar started to panic, he ran to the door and tried to open it but it was impossible to move it even an inch. Then he tried the other door and that too was blocked, he was trapped inside of the barn. He stared through the cracks, the tall elf stood there in the flickering light of the torch and he was more beautiful and terrible than anything the human had ever seen. The eyes were like deep wells, fountains filled with eons of time and they were so hard and cold it made Timar shiver to the bone. He tried to push down the door one more time but he only hurt his shoulder and he lost it, he screamed at the elf. “ What is it you want? Damn you, why are you here?!”

Maedhros didn’t make a single sound, he just put the torch in between the dry branches and the wood caught fire immediately. He stood back and listened to the desperate howls of the human, listened to pleas and curses and shrill screams. The barn was made from dry timbers and it was stacked with hay. It couldn’t have burned any better, Timar did at least get quite a spectacular funeral pyre, too bad for him he was still alive when he burned. Maedhros didn’t make a single grimace, his face was without any expressions as he listened to the last dying keens of the man who had murdered the two lads. He stood there until the barn had burned down and only ashes remained, then he returned to his horse. He had gathered equipment from the dead men and now he had weapons and whatever else he needed. He knew the direction towards this hidden valley and he knew he had to go there but it would take him quite some time to get there and while he was travelling he was not going to let anything stop him nor slow him down. He was going to protect himself and he started to feel like a soldier once more.

His confidence was rising and he got the stuff onto a horse he came across on the outskirts of the moorland. It was one of those he had let loose and it was limping but it was strong enough to carry some things if not a rider.

He felt a strange excitement surge through him, he was his own man now, free to do whatever he wished or was he? He felt that he had been brought back for some reason but he had no idea of what that reason may be. He wouldn’t let the Valar toy with him, his father had been right in many ways when he claimed that the Valar in some ways tried to belittle the Noldor. In Valinor they had been safe but it had been a life of stagnation, of endless boredom. Yes, they achieved many great things and created things of great beauty or usefulness but there was no challenge, no real thrill about it. Who cared if you spent two weeks or two millennia creating something when you could survive without it? He had heard scholars arguing for hours over some petty thing like how to pronounce the name of certain Valar or whether or not women should be allowed to inherit their parents the same way their brothers did. Fëanor had claimed that a society where nothing ever changes and no real threats sharpens the mind becomes a society where the spirits and opinions start to fester, like an untreated wound. People had become petty and narrow minded, being too pious and too afraid to do anything different than the others to evolve and grow and become more than before. In Ennor they could do that, they had faced terrible misery and awful situations but they had been free. Free to reclaim their lives and grow stronger and learn things the hard way, the real way.

He rode south and knew that the world had changed a lot since he last was alive, he had little knowledge of just how much but he was rather sure that he would find out in time. Now he just had to keep going and hope that the elves of this valley weren’t too hostile. He was after all someone they probably still remembered, and he knew of the hatred many had felt towards his kin. It would be a miracle if that was completely gone and he had never been much of a believer in such things. He rode until the break of day, then he made a stop by a narrow river and caught a fish and ate it raw, he was used to surviving on very little and as he sat there resting he remembered those days after his rescue.

He had not quite been able to believe it, that he was alive, that he wasn’t dead, that he was saved. He had given up hope and deep within he was proud of his brothers for not having foolishly tried to save him. It would have been in vain for they would never have been able to find him, and their own lives would have been lost in the process. He had accepted his fate and he decisions he had made after his rescue had perhaps not been popular but they had been needed. He had seen things from a new angle when he got back, had seen that the title of king would tear them apart just as the oath inevitably would and it was just idiotic to add more to their burden.

He had been so weak when Fingon brought him to the camp, barely alive. His body had shut itself down, he was barely able to eat, could not move and the pathetic remains of his right arm had been infected badly. Some claimed that Fingon had struggled to cut away his hand and free him from that magically wrought shackle that held him to the mountainside but it was a lie. He had hung there for years, the hand had been dead and more or less rotten. If it hadn’t been for the magic in the shackle he would have slipped out of it and fallen. Fingon could have cut him loose with a butter knife, there had been little resistance.

He remembered the sight of his own body, he had been completely emaciated and a terrifying sight. The healers had been lost for words when they saw him, they had no idea of what to do and Fingon had stayed, nurtured him back to life. Maedhros remembered that he had looked more or less like a skeleton, his skin almost as grey as the rock he had been chained to and although the orcs had cut his hair of it had grown back and become a tangled mess. Fingon had shaved him, it had been the only option and then he had scrubbed the entire body and the water had to be changed several times before all the filth was gone. He remembered the sensation of being dirty, of being stained and tainted. He had been so afraid of touch for years, been afraid of what would follow. It had been imprinted deeply within his soul and sometimes he would wake up and believe that he still was caught there in the darkness.

It had taken a lot of his strength to recover, and when he finally had returned to health and full sanity he still had some problems adjusting to a normal life. Fingon had been very understanding and Maglor too, their younger brothers on the other hand had been less compassionate, their hearts had hardened to a degree where they no longer owned any sense of doubt. To them the goal justified the means no matter what and he hadn’t liked it at all. He had tried to rein them in, to control them but in the end it had been to no avail and the oath had reawakened. He had often cursed his father’s ingenuity, if those darn silmarilli hadn’t been made naught of it would have happened. His brothers would have been alive, they would have been safe.

He rode on and old instincts reawakened, he felt how the vigorous life of the nature surrounding him make his skin tingle and he felt that he was at home there. He remembered the many times he had joined his brothers hunting in the forests of Eldamar, remembered how the light of the two trees had caressed a land that was in a way almost artificial. It was just too perfect, too…much. Everything was so brand new and would be forever, there was nothing there which was just left to chance, no such thing as something that just happened for no reason at all. He could sometimes have sworn that every branch or twig on the trees had been carefully designed to look just the way it did and he had come to loathe those memories. The forest they had encountered when returning to Ennor had been so different, so much more vibrant. Filled with life yes, but also with death and yet they were so much more interesting. Yes, they had made the right decision to return to the lands of the awakening, but maybe not for the right reasons.

He spent the night in a tree with the horses resting underneath it and when the sun rose he rode on, the landscape was ragged, it looked rather flat from a distance but it wasn’t. There were many small hills or narrow little valleys and in between there were plains covered with tall yellow grasses and small holts of pine or spruce. It was beautiful and he wished he could have explored this land but by now he felt some sort of pull, some sort of desperation. It was rather subtle but insisting and he knew that he would have to get to this Imladris place, it was his target and he was getting a bit worried that this strange pull could mean trouble.

He crossed a few rivers and in the evening he shot a small deer and made camp in a dense holt of some sort of trees he hadn’t seen before. He did start a fire and enjoyed some roasted meat, he felt hungry and knew he needed to eat to uphold his strength. His knee and thigh was alright again, he didn’t feel anything even resembling pain and he was deeply grateful for the help he had received in the village. He just hoped that he could repay them for the kindness he had received some day, and perhaps somehow tell them of the fate the two boys had suffered. It still pained him, he couldn’t help it. The kind of evil that had claimed their lives had been way too common back then and he had seen it too often. Maybe he was just as bad as Timar had been, maybe he was even worse but those had been times of war. Those had been the days of the desperate fight against Morgoth and everything had been different.

He allowed himself some sleep and awakened feeling well rested, he made sure that the horses were okay and then he rode on. It was well beyond midday when he saw something in the horizon that made him stop Hammer and stare. It was a huge flock of crows and ravens and they were circling. He had learned that this usually did mean that something was dead and he got a strange feeling in his guts. He urged Hammer on and after about an hour he came across a place of slaughter. He just sat on his horse, staring. It had been a small group of humans, perhaps five in all, probably a family and he felt like retching. The bodies looked as if they had been more or less hacked to pieces, there wasn’t much remaining of them and he recognized the method and technique too darn well. This had been the doing of orcs and he felt how he snarled and his hands started shaking. So the orcs were still around, what else remained of those dark days? More foul beasts perhaps? He suddenly felt an urge to watch the sky for dragons or balrogs and he shook his head to get rid of the sinking fear.

But if there were orcs around then the land was far from safe and he knew he should take great care when moving on. He decided to let the pack horse go, he rearranged his things and left a few items he didn’t really need and he did ride towards the river he saw up ahead. Orcs are not that overly fond of water and they are horrible swimmers, with the river at his back he felt a bit more safe and it appeared to be leading in the right direction too. He tried to stay low, to hide himself within the terrain and Hammer seemed to understand for the horse stayed in the shadows and he didn’t have to lead it at all. He had ridden for some hours and it was getting dark when he noticed a change in the atmosphere around him, the trees had fallen silent and he felt the hairs stand up at the back of his neck. They were warning him, he just knew it. He rode into a thicket of trees, there he grasped his bow and a quiver and his sword and jumped up into the trees. He told Hammer to stay hidden through thought speech and the horse nodded and disappeared into a very dark little canyon. He ran along the branches and before long he felt the familiar stench of orcs, he felt how a chill run along his spine, these creatures were just vile and horrible, abominations and insults to everything that was natural and pure.

The pack wasn’t very large, perhaps a dozen and he watched them with keep eyes. They were different from the orcs he had seen back in the first age, they were smaller and looked more deformed in some ways, more wicked but less strong. They had adorned themselves with everything from scars to paint and wore rather primitive looking armor and weapons. But they were no laughing matter, he knew that. They were probably a lot stronger than one could expect and they were following his tracks. He saw it, he couldn’t just let them pass him by, they knew somebody was out there. He listened, they were speaking but the language had changed over time, he didn’t understand much. It had become more elaborate and the sound of it much more guttural and nasty. He shivered and wondered what he was to do. He had to act fast, that was for sure. He saw that several of them had bows and they looked powerful. He didn’t want to risk getting shot. He kept studying them, he did identify two as leaders, the others appeared to follow their lead and he somehow suspected that these orcs were lacking when it came to brains. They didn’t appear to be very smart.

Right, if he got rid of the officers the others would probably start arguing about leadership and he took a deep breath and got his bow ready. It was getting dark and orcs could see very well in the darkness but so could he. He had one great advantage, his weapons were man made, the arrows were a bit different from the ones elves would use and if they believed that they fought a human being they would underestimate him greatly.

He aimed for the one on the right, a rather large orc with grey skin and nasty red eyes and hair braided and adorned with small skulls and bones. The arrow hit the orc straight in the heart but Maedhros had moved the moment the arrow left the bow and was already somewhere else, he shot again and the other leader got the arrow through his temple, he too dropped like a rock and the other orcs just stood there for a few seconds, rather shocked. Then they started shouting and yelling and fired arrows in almost every direction. One pulled the arrow out of the fallen leader and stared at it, yelled something that only could mean human and the orcs grunted and growled, having two of them killed by a mere man was an insult. They were a bit insecure though, they hadn’t seen the shooter yet and gathered together in a rather tight group.

Maedhros grinned, the grin was nasty and he had moved around the group by now. He fired again, rapidly and brought down yet four orcs. Half of the group was dead and the remaining creatures were getting nervous. They didn’t like not having a strong leader, most orc are like dogs, they prefer to be a part of a pack lead by someone with strength and now there were no such alpha individuals back.

They fired at the trees but Maedhros had sought shelter behind the trunk of a huge beech. Some arrows did hit the trees and he sent an apology to them through his mind. He moved again, swiftly and stealthy like a ghost and fired again, one more orc fell and the five that remained decided that they had had it with this and tried to flee. Maedhros knew that orcs are cowards at heart, there is strength in numbers and even though a trapped orc will fight furiously they try to avoid getting into that type of a situation. They would never try to help a wounded comrade, it was more likely that they would eat him and the loyalty was based upon fear and strength more than real respect. He whistled and Hammer came trotting to him, he mounted swiftly and petted the horse on the neck.

The battle rage had started to simmer within his veins, now it burst forth and he replaced the bow with Reaver, the blade was not very long but he knew how to use it and he kicked the horse into a gallop. The orcs heard the sound of hooves and turned around, surprised and not really able to see anything in the darkness underneath the trees. The horse was black and the ground soft so it was hard to determine where the sound came from. Hammer hit the group just like the tool which name he carried, the huge horse snorted in disgust and he did actually run two orcs down and stepped upon them. Maedhros did only hear some sickening crunching sounds and knew that those two were done for. The horse swirled around by just a slight pressure from his heels and he swung Reaver in elegant and yet deadly curves, took the heads of two in just seconds and then he went for the last one. It was a rather scrawny looking orc, pale and thin and rather grotesque looking with a lot of bizarre patterns carved into its skin.

The orc screamed when it saw what it was that was chasing it, it had thought it was a human but this was an overly large elf and the orc tried to run. It was a very bad idea, Maedhros had gotten some throwing knives from the humans he had killed earlier and now one of them found its way into the orcs back with a thud. The orc fell and Maedhros dismounted and retrieved the weapon and his arrows. He grimaced, the stench of orc was vile and he just hoped that he wouldn’t encounter any more of these beasts.

He spent the night in a tree again, he had found a holt and in the distance he could see a forested area, it was the Trollshaws but he didn’t know that. The map told him that his goal lay somewhere in that region towards the mountains. He could see the huge mountain range to the east, it looked very intimidating and he hoped that he didn’t have to get anywhere near them. He estimated a couple of days of travel before he could reach the forest and then it was anybody’s guess how long it would take him to find that valley.

Elrond had been lost for words when he learned who the strange elleth was, he had had no knowledge of this females existence at all and the fact that she was conceived as the result of rape did concern him a great deal. He could remember his step father well and although Maedhros had been the least compassionate and gentle of the two feanorians who raised him and Elros Elrond had never doubted that the tall redhead had owned a good heart at the bottom. To hear that he had committed such a crime was in a way very disappointing, of course he knew of the things the sons of Fëanor had done but they had been driven to it by the oath, they had sought to retrieve the Silmarilli and he could to a certain degree at least understand the way they had been thinking and the circumstances that had lead them to do what they had. This on the other hand? Nothing could justify something like that, the first elves didn’t even have a word for such deeds, to them it was inconceivable that someone could force anyone to join like that.

But she was Maedhro’s daughter, beyond any doubt. She looked so much like him it was frightening, the only difference was that her hair seemed to have a deeper red color than his, it looked almost burgundy in color. Elrond just knew that the silmarilli leftover her mother had received had something to do with her existence and it had to have shaped her and given her powers which she was unable to really understand. What Glorfindel had told him spoke volumes, she had managed to remain undetected for ages and that ought to have been impossible but she wasn’t consciously aware of what she had done, or of the fact that she had done anything at all. She had to be taught how to control this, he had to get to the bottom of this mystery. The power she possessed was something he never had encountered before and it irked him to a considerable degree that it was possessed by someone who seemed to be unable to act like a normal person. Her appearance was one thing, her behavior something altogether different.

He knew that someone like that was bound to get into trouble sooner or later, she was probably unaware of the danger of really insulting someone with her completely outrageous behavior. She didn’t need any enemies, she had to learn how to behave and that had to happen soon or else she would be the laughing stock of the entire settlement. Nobody would be able to take her seriously at all and that would be very sad indeed. Elrond had been informed of the fountain incident, he had just sighed and rested his head in his hands, feeling rather tired. He had a strange feeling that having her there would be more stressful than dealing with the pranks his sons created ever had been. Luckily Glorfindel ought to be capable of handling her, or was he? He was a warrior after all, used to fighting and strategies and so on. Baby-sitting a mad elleth was hardly normal work for him but she had obviously gotten interested in him and when he had asked Glorfindel how he knew this the warrior had just blushed and refused to give a straight answer.

Elrond thought he knew already, he had seen it in the females eyes and he also saw the protective and yet very confused glimpse in the eyes of the golden warrior and Elrond would have smirked if it hadn’t been a bit tragic. Glorfindel was in every way a gentleman and very well raised, he would never take advantage of an elleth and if Elrond didn’t misinterpret her body language when Glorfindel was near she acted a bit like a bitch in heat when around him. Resisting that had to be darn hard, Glorfindel deserved a great deal of respect. But how were they to proceed? They had to tame her somehow, make her normal. She had to be taught how to speak first of all, the few words Glorfindel and the twins had been able to teach her were not enough to even start a conversation. And she had to learn what modesty was, and proper table manners not the least. He knew that dwarves showed their appreciation of a good meal by tossing leftovers everywhere but it wasn’t considered polite among elves. He thought for a second about sending her to the dwarves of Erebor, her table manners would fit right in there but he pushed the idea out of his head right away.

No, this was serious, if she did contain the power of the silmarilli, if it was even just a tiny bit of it, she could become very dangerous. They had to cure her and make her become a normal person so that they could start to unravel this phenomenon. Elrond left his study and went to the library. Erestor was there as usual and he smiled but looked a bit worried. Elrond frowned, Erestor did usually look very happy when he was around his books, but not today. “What is the matter?”

Erestor bit his lower lip, his eyes were wide. “ My lord, do you believe in ghosts?”

Elrond frowned. “ Ghosts? Like the houseless? Or are you referring to what the mortal think of as ghosts?”

Erestor leaned towards the master of Imladris and he was a bit pale. “ I don’t know, but I locked the door when I left for dinner, when I returned the door was still locked but several books were tossed all over the place, it looked as if a hurricane had gone through the shelf.”

Elrond was stunned. “ What? What shelf was that?”

Erestor grasped Elrond by his sleeve and tugged the reluctant lord after him, Elrond had to follow or risk that his expensive robe got torn. They rounded a corner and Elrond gasped. In front of them were an absolute mayhem and a librarians worst nightmare. There were books laying everywhere, and they were just thrown about as if a child had been throwing a tantrum or something. “See?!”

Elrond walked over, very silently and picked up one of the books, it was only one shelf that had been affected by the phenomenon and judging from the book he was holding in his hand it was a shelf of dictionaries of almost every language they knew of in Arda. Elrond was puzzled, “Dictionaries? Who would try to ruin a bunch of dictionaries?”

Erestor looked as if he was in despair, seeing this almost put him into shock, he hated seeing his library reduced to such a state and Elrond patted him on the back. “Worry not mellon, I will send someone to help you tidy this up.”

Erestor just rolled his eyes and sighed, the elf could sometimes be more than a little melodramatic but he was a very skilled person and Elrond was very fond of him. But who could have done this? Erestor was very careful with the library, he would never let the doors remain unlocked if he wasn’t there and anyone who wanted to enter the place had to have his permission. Erestor still broke into heavy sweating and got pale as moonlight whenever someone mentioned that particular night when the twins had gotten into the library and had managed to cover all of his papers with inkstains and left several very valuable and also very erotic illustrated ancient books with fingermarks, food and wine stains and even a few torn pages. It had taken Elrond a week to get Erestor out of the catatonic shock into which the poor ellon had fallen. It was just pure luck that the twins hadn’t been physically mature yet, or else the nature of those stains could have been even more unappealing.

Elrond walked back to his study, he saw that the lights were out in Glorfindel’s apartment and he sighed and hoped that the warrior got some rest. He felt that the days to come could prove to be very exhausting for them all.

Glorfindel woke up rather late, the sunlight had already turned the room rather hot since it faced the sunrise and he yawned and stretched and started when he realized that he lay next to someone. He turned his head and saw that Halariel was sleeping next to him, she looked as innocent as a child and he couldn’t help but smile, a rather warm and gentle smile. Halariel mumbled something in her sleep and Glorfindel frowned, what had that been? It had sounded like khuzdul? Had she perhaps learned some of the dwarfish language when she was younger? She mumbled again and he shook her gently. Yes, it was most definitely khuzdul and it was just the names of several types of granite.

Halariel opened her eyes and grinned, she stretched and he had to admire the shape of her. She was thin but by the gods, she would become irresistible as soon as she got some weight onto her. He got dressed, combed his hair and brushed his teeth and got ready for the day, Halariel had found the green dress they had bought for her and managed to put it on, he had to help her with the laces though. She giggled and he couldn’t help it, she was so darn cute like that but he didn’t really know how to deal with her. He offered her arm. “ I bet you are hungry? Let us go to the hall and get some food. “

She cocked her head and grinned, followed him eagerly and without questioning him. Outside it was very sunny and he felt tense, she could suddenly do something rather outrageous and he didn’t want to cause another scene like yesterday. She did behave though, followed him to the hall and the staff already knew of her habits so she wasn’t given any cutlery and the plate and cup were made from heavy ceramics and naught but unbreakable. She just giggled and stared at the hard boiled eggs she had gotten and the bread and cheese. Glorfindel started removing the eggshells from his eggs but she obviously didn’t understand that they were boiled for she tried to bite them in half. It looked weird and many elves threw swift and shocked glances at them.

Glorfindel was about to show her that the egg was boiled, she acted before he had time to react. She just tossed the egg away with an impressive technique and it hit Lindir in the back of his head so egg yolk and pieces of eggshell flew around him.

He almost lost his balance but did regain it by putting his hand down rather fast, straight into a bowl of breakfast cereal someone was eating. The minstrel was apologizing with such fervor one would expect he was guilty of something far worse than just ruining someone’s breakfast, Lindir had always been a bit shy!

Glorfindel turned to Halariel, she was studying another egg and was about to toss that too when Glorfindel gently and yet with determination caught her wrist and stopped her. “ No!”

She frowned, then she looked down, sulking like a kid someone has scolded. “No?”

He nodded sternly. “ No Halariel, no tossing of eggs, or any other things for that matter.”

She sighed, then she grabbed the cup of milk and without hesitating she lifted it and poured it over Glorfindel’s head. He let go of her wrist, coughing and trying to wipe the milk out of his eyes, she looked at him with very innocent eyes, in fact she was fluttering her eyelashes at him in a most peculiar way. Did she at all know what she was doing?

Glorfindel was soaking wet, the other elves present were staring as if there was a balrog in their midst and some elflings at a nearby table was giggling and laughing so hard they almost fell off the bench.

Glorfindel tried to remain calm but he felt that anger was starting to simmer within him and he took several deep breaths to calm himself down. “…not…repeat…that!! Milk is not for wasting!”

She cocked her head, looked as if she was thinking about something very hard. Then she opened her mouth. “ Milk, letter M. Milk, muck, mucus molds, more, meleth, man, mandible, marriage, menace, monsoon malady moron matrimony moonlight moose malleable mob mop monster mope”

Glorfindel stared at her with his mouth open, she grinned like crazy. “ Eggs, letter E, Eggs, eager, estragon, elleth enemy elsewhere elfling estuary endings ent elvenkind.”

Glorfindel was a bit shocked, had she somehow been triggered to recite all the words she had ever learned or something, what was this?

She stood in the middle of the hall and she was actually shouting the words rather loud so everybody could hear them, she went by the alphabet and suddenly she obviously remembered something new. “ Letter O,. obscenities, cum, cum-sucker whore bitch oral-sex ass ass-fucker, cock-sucker, fisting, fist-fucking asshole, horses ass, hard on, wood, stiffy orc-cock, tits, boobs, breast, clitoris ass-licker motherfucker cock gweth, dick, cunt cunt-licker…”

Glorfindel had rather fast reflexes but before he managed to get to her from across the table and press a hand over her mouth a very impressive list of very obscene words had managed to be heard all through the hall and the silence was so absolute you could have heard a pin drop. More than a hundred pair of extremely shocked elven eyes was staring at them and Glorfindel felt his ears burning like never before. Some ellith by the next table stared so hard Glorfindel feared that they were close to passing out and one of the elflings asked in a sweet voice. “Naneth, what is a cock-sucker?”

Glorfindel once again had to struggle against a very willful elleth and he had never been that embarrassed in his entire life. He grasped her and tossed her across his back, running from the hall as if his pants were on fire. Halariel wasn’t done yet, she shouted. “ Letter B, boot, better, back, bother, brother, bones boner bridge banner banned burn buck bigger born busy business been barracks.”

Glorfindel ran to Elronds study and kicked the door open, he found the lord of Imladris standing by a table next to his sons, they were studying some maps and Glorfindel saw that the two twins threw a rather confused glance at the captain, it wasn’t that often that you saw the captain of the guard of Imladris rushing into a room with a trashing elleth tossed over his shoulder, dripping wet with…milk?

Elrond just stared and Halariel was kicking and struggling to get free from Glorfindel’s rock hard grip. She wasn’t going to quit though. “ Letter F; Fuck, fuck-off, fiend, fierce, finances fiancée, former, formal, foremost, future, fucked, forward, futile, fuming, fumes, fantasy, fire, fore, fandango, fabulous, fantastic, falling fallout fancy fare forever fond, fondue.”

Elrond went pale and Glorfindel panted. “Elrond, make her stop, she just taught a group of elflings every obscenity I have ever heard of plus quite a few of which I have been oblivious up to now. The mothers looked as if they were ready to have our heads.”

Elrond sat down, he just stared at Halariel and it didn’t appear that she really knew what it was that she was saying, she just went through a list and she didn’t understand the words at all. “The dictionaries, she or rather her power is behind it.”

Glorfindel struggled to keep her under control. “ What freaking dictionaries?!”

Elrond let a hand run through his long ebony hair. “Something had torn through Erestor’s dictionaries yester eve, it had to be her, well, the powers she has got. “

Glorfindel stared at the healer. “What in Eru’s name are you talking about?!”

Elrond was pale. “ It is awakening Glorfindel, it is trying to learn? Can’t you see? You went into her mind, you showed her the past she had forgotten and it reduced her to a childlike state again, she doesn’t want to remember so the thing inside of her is taking control over her, I can feel it. It is trying to become her, to live through her.”

Glorfindel swallowed hard, he felt his knees go weak. “ No, you cannot mean that?”

Elrond was trembling a bit, the twins stared at Halariel with narrow eyes, both had their hands on their swords. “ I am, I am sorry but I am. She is shielding herself from her memories by withdrawing from conscious thought, by remaining like an animal. The thing she harbors is creating a personality for itself and when it gets strong enough it may be that we will have to deal with a living piece of silmarilli and not an elleth at all. And only the Valar knows how to deal with something like that”

Glorfindel turned his head, stared at her. It couldn’t be true, he didn’t want it to happen, he was getting fond of her god damn it. How were they to cope with a creature with such powers? She turned her eyes towards him and for a moment they were shining, in a completely unnatural and otherworldly manner. He swallowed hard, felt his blood run cold. Elrond looked very nervous, almost as if he had shrunk somehow. “We have to keep her in charge of herself, to bring her back, no matter how it is done. Her true self is in jeopardy, her soul is going to fade if her power manage to overcome her body. “

Glorfindel grasped her hand, it was warm and real and he remembered the sorry state she had been in when they found her. She wouldn’t have survived for long but perhaps that would have been more kind than this. He felt scared but determined still. “ So, how do we do that?”

Elrond shrugged, his face had an expression of utter helplessness. “ I have no idea Fin, honestly.”

Glorfindel felt a cold chill run down his spine, he stared at her. “ I won’t let anything happen to you Halariel, this I swear. “

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