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He Wanted More // JJK Oneshot


Jeon Jungkook, who faces a severe injury over his neck and the cure was the medicine that the other, girl present in the room had.Due to peevish attitude, he doesn't let her apply the gel and she has to do it the other way. In the end, they ends up making out sexily.

Erotica / Romance
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↠ᴴᴱ ᴺᴱᴱᴰᴱᴰ ᴹᴱ ᵁᴺᵀᴵᴸ ᴵ ᴷᴺᴱᵂ↞

He was so much in pain, he had a deep cut on his neck. I had to handcuff him at the corner of the bed, because the medicine i had for him was hard, and i was sure that he’ll jump off from the bed and won’t let me apply the medicine if his wound got touched by it. His wound was burning and he was so much in pain that he wasn’t stopping screaming at all, wasn’t stopping moving like a beast.


He yelled in pain, breathing so fast, when i touched his wound with my finger.

There were two more girls with me in the room, i signaled them to grab his legs.

He frequently looked towards them and than averted his sight towards me. I calmed him down on the moment.

“Let me go!”

He greeted his teeth.

I sighed, and told him to calm down again.

He pulled the cuffs so badly. Wasn’t stopping moving at all.

I was sitting besides him on the bed. I took little amount of the medicine on my finger to apply it on his wound, and turned towards him. He started shaking his shoulder, defending himself. I stopped him from doing whatever he was doing and succeeded applying the medicine on the wound.

Just when i did that, he screamed so bad throwing his head back. I glanced him, my heart wrecked when suddenly, i saw water dripping down from the corners of his eyes. His eyes were shut but were filled with tears.

“Stoooopp! Please stop....”

He cried out in pain, tears were still dripping down from his eyes. He again started pulling so badly.

“Jungkook.... please let me do it. Or else it won’t heal.”

I requested him. But he being himself, he started moving his legs so badly, trying to free himself.

“Let me GO!!”

He got angry, glaring me with those eyes.

I tried calming him down immediately, staring him and he stared back, but his gaze more looked like as he was throwing daggers at me.

“It’s hurting me!”

He winced in pain, showing me those teared eyes.

He again started pulling and looked towards me, his eyes were showing anger, pain, and many mixed emotions. I didn’t wanted him to be like this, so i ignored him responding with cold expressions on my face, and applied the medicine again,

“I said let me g.. AAAHHGGH.!!!”

He again shouted in pain.

After some moments, i heard him sniffing, he suddenly dropped his head in defeat.

His bangs covering his eyes, but i can still see the tears that stained his cheeks after, dripping nonstop. I noticed him twisting his wrists, trying to let go again.

“Sto..opp. Ple..ase stop.”

He sobbed.

I gestured the girls to leave the room, and after they left, i locked the door. I saw him, leaving his bare weak body lying there.

Again sitting besides him on the bed, he lifted his head at me, showing such weak emotions. I broke on the moment having him so weak.

“Let me go.....”

He requested again, pleading.

“If you’ll let me apply the medicine, i’ll release you. I promise.”

I smiled, warmly.


With a sigh he nodded in agreement.

Having little amount of the medicine on my finger which was in a gel form, I rubbed it on the wound.

As there was a slight connection between his wound and the medicine, the room later filled with the scream he excluded painfully.

He whined so badly in pain again, pulling the cuffs hard this time, swirling his body.


Whining, throwing his head back in pain having his eyes shut, filled with tears like ocean. He started crying so badly after all that, the burning of the wound wasn’t helping him.

This time, when i checked his weak state, i felt his pain. He was all weak, broken and deceased. He started twisting his wrists again and was also pulling slightly.

I observed his hands, his wrists were all red because of being cuffed, because of all the struggling he was doing to release himself.

I couldn’t see him in more pain now, so i decided to.....






...help him out.

I leaned in towards his neck and examined the wound closely by myself, the burning was high. I felt him shifting and sobbing. I didn’t waited much as i really wanted to help him out, i was already leaning at his neck.

I sighed on his neck, releasing warm breaths, and he started panicking, was making sudden movements. I pulled back just a little and took a glance at him, he was already looking at me with his big wide but glossy eyes.

“Let me help you out.”

I said and he gulped, diving into deep consequences after.

He immediately turned his head away to the other side panicking even more.

His eyes were suddenly more wide, he pressed his lips and the speed of his heaving chest increased as he started panting, nervously.

I touched his neck with my fingers, my fingers roamed all over his neck. He was burning and I was cold. Having his face at the other side he had his eyes shut pursing his lips so hard not to say anything.

I suddenly felt so hungry.

He was all captured right there and that. It made me even more excited and I slightly licked my lips.

He turned his head in my direction, quickly, his eyes were showing anger, he was breathing fast not because of the touch but thinking how i dare to touch him, anger was evident.

But still he was hurt as tears forgot to leave his eyes.

I wanted to help him. I smiled warmly and he went blunt.

He was totally clueless to my actions until.....

Suddenly his gaze moved from my face to my hands. He saw my hands reaching for the medicine again, he shook panicking with wide eyes.

“No no no no no...!!! Please no! Please no! I beg you... please...”

He insisted so badly showing me the oceans in his orbs, and again started to pull even harder this time.

“I’ll be easy this time, Jungkook. Don’t worry. Just trust me.”

I assured him to be relaxed, smirking after.

I was trying so hard not to look towards his eyes. I applied the medicine but this time i didn’t forgot to make my lips contact to the area around the wound of his neck, so that he may be able to allow himself to ignore the pain.

He was about to yell again and he even did but i didn’t let him feel the pain alone this time.

“Stooopp. NO! Ahhhh.....”

He screamed a little in the start, but it turned into a moan after. I felt his chest rising up a bit, he shifted his face to the other side.

I rubbed the medicine on his wound and persuaded kissing the rest of the area around it, actually asking him to avoid the pain for a moment.

All he did after, was moaning, feeling less pain for the moment as i wanted to divert his attention from the wound to me. His body suddenly started heating up like fire from a sudden touch.

It was hard for me to pull myself back from him as i licked his neck a bit, i pulled away to apply the medicine again and it was left less.

As i turned to face the side table, i heard him screeching so badly as the medicine was healing but slowly, but the enduring was hard for him that he started crying like something was just ripping him apart.

When i looked at him again, my heart shattered into pieces at his condition, his chest raised up, he pulled even more harshly hurting his hands already, he shuts his eyes, ocean like tears started dripping down like rainfall, he was screaming so hard, he was badly in pain as if that wound will take his last breaths away so soon.

The pain of the wound was unbearable for him.

This time I was the one panicking, i was the one feeling hopeless, i was the one blaming myself for no reason. I wanted to help him and i did, but all in vain. He was still in equal pain.

I didn’t thought much and straddled upon him, he immediately looked towards me panicking even more. I leaned towards the side table taking the medicine in my hand.

“What are yo.... AAAGGH...”

He tried to question my sudden actions but i didn’t let him speak and took the opportunity to make him quite, touching his wound slightly.

I started leaning towards his face, but he was scared and was moving his head backward slowly.

“Let me go! Let me.. AHGGH...”

He panicked and was about to scream again but didn’t, as i suddenly touched his wound with the medicine.

But this time, he was unable to utter any word further when i slammed my lips onto his..... But still, due to burning pain, tears formed up so quick.

I quickly smashed my lips upon his. His chest started rising up, he was in pain, so much pain, the pain that was totally unbearable later turned into soothing sensation for him.

His eyes were shut tightly yet welled up with tears, some left his shutted eyes and landed upon his cheeks, but mine were open to study his every move, he frowned with tightly closed eyes at first to what i did, but later started kissing me back roughly, letting himself heal from my kiss.

I was just kissing him to make him feel good, it was a slight kiss, a sharp moan left by his lips between the kiss, but still he didn’t opened his eyes.

It was surprising after, when i felt the kiss suddenly turning into a hunger one, not from just him but from me too and he actually started kissing me back passionately, no more tears, no more pain can be seen in his eyes.

I had my one hand caressing his face, grinding on his chest kissing him back. On the moment it was feeling like he just wanted me, seemed like he was waiting for me to heal him, our lips started to move in perfect sync, butterflies were everywhere in my stomach.

I was constantly rubbing the medicine on the wound, he groaned feeling it and opened his eyes, we pulled apart for a while, breathing heavily, our faces were still close, as we rested our foreheads onto each other.

The kiss was too tempting for both of us. As we both felt hungry and wanted all of a sudden.

He didn’t thought much and immediately lifted his head forward to kiss me back again, ours lips locked with each other’s again. I tried pulling apart but it seemed hard as he didn’t let me and had my lower lip between his teeth.

I was so shocked to see him like this but i wanted him too. He kissed me hungrily, he tried pulling the cuffs again, showing me the want to touch.

I looked at his eyes and all i observed that, pain was all disappeared and only lust and passion can be seen. I was done applying the medicine but he wasn’t stopping kissing me.

I tried pulling back, our lips were still connected, he wasn’t even thinking to leave mine as his head was also moving forward making sure that i was still kissing him, but i was kissing him roughly.

He was kissing me with such deep sensation, just when his lips suddenly detached mine when the limit came and he pulled apart immediately from a sudden push from his back. We were both breathing heavily, we were both burning like fire.

After leaving my lips I heard him hissed as he completely forgot about all that pain, his mind got diverted to me not just fully but perfectly, what i wanted actually.

He lifted his head eyeing me, showing me such weak expressions, his mouth was slightly opened as his lips were parted a bit, i frowned at him to what he wanted, he averted his gaze from my eyes to my lips, such hunger was luring from those eyes, and than he started pulling himself forward, desperate to kiss me, again.

His eyes pleaded me to kiss him back, he even tried pushing forward with such strength but failed everytime. He was continuesly twisting his wrists and pulling his hands like a wild beast who was ready to free himself any moment, but everytime ended up wincing and sighing in pain.

I thought for a mere second upon his sudden changed behaviour, and just after some moment, a thought hit my head and made my mind shut, that what he actually wanted.

He wanted me....






He wanted more...





Of me...

He wanted more of me, he now wanted to endure me. He now wanted me to the fullest. He was waiting for me to make the move, to kiss him back, so that he can allow himself to feel all the actual desires that he now wanted to fulfill so badly.

I realized now that i actually offered him myself. My kiss had a sudden relaxing impact upon him more than anything, he completely forgot about the pain.

He suddenly changed his position and made himself sit, his lips were apart, eyes full of lust, he was pushing himself forward to reach me. It was looking like i was the only drug he wanted now to which he got addicted for sure.

He wanted to taste my lips again so badly, he wanted to touch my lips again with such passionate emotions which were bursting inside him.

He was looking like hungry lion who wanted the prey on the moment or else he would be dead for sure.

I slowly moved forward, caressing his face, he closed his eyes with such intimacy, going deep in such soothing ectasy to my touch, and tilted his head to embrace my hand, i smiled and caressed his soft and delicate cheek.

I leaned even more closer and he had his eyes open. He quickly parted his lips as he desperately wanted me to kiss him. He gulped and licked his dry lips, as if i was the oxygen he wanted now. I flashed a smirked at him, teasing, and he groaned, greeting his teeth.

I tried cupping his face but he quickly attacked my neck leaving my hands in the air like that. I suddenly started moaning nonstop as he licked my neck. I again felt him pulling, he was kissing my neck with such deep sensation, that was enough to make me wet and let me go weak on the knees, leaving my mind blunt. I already felt sudden electric waves shaking my body.

His hands were buckled up but his another teasing flesh, his tongue, working on my neck so wildly, was enough to burst my ovaries.

Grabbing his shoulders i pushed him away a bit, panting, and stopped him. He was all silent, wasn’t saying any word but, his actions were speaking louder, that he wanted me badly. He again tried reaching for my lips, but i pulled myself away a little with a smirk, teasing him. He changed his expressions very quick into a pleading one, asking me to touch him again.

I didn’t thought much as i was dead sure that he want me or he’ll surely hurt himself some more. I cut the tease crap and shifted forward to his side, his eyes lit up so quick, happily as he suddenly licked his lips, complete lusty desires flashing from his eyes.

He suddenly wrapped his legs around my abdomen pushing me forward, taking me offguard. Now i was sitting between his lap, i wasn’t surprised but a bit scared. He looked towards me and bit his lips. Lust was the only word can be used to express him completely at that time from every angle.

I was now also thinking of releasing him

I was now also thinking of releasing him. I made the first move kissing him and he immediately kissed me back with such passion without thinking much. His eyes were closed, completely allowing himself to melt in my kiss, and on the other hand i too closed my eyes slowly letting myself feel him a bit.

Our lips started moving perfectly in a sync and he was kissing me hungrily again. He made sure that i won’t leave him this time so he wrapped his legs around me pushing me from the back, as i was straddling around his waist, feeling his erect bulge near my belly.

I assured him, wrapping my hands around his neck, and played with his messy hair locks from behind.

Our lips were connected, moving my hands behind his back as I scratched, and pulled myself forward to him, our chests were attached to each other, our hearts pounding faster then ever and our bodies were burning like hell.

His soft tasty lips skimmed down from mine as he started licking and sucking my neck, the room was filled with the moaning, our mouths left.

My hands moved on its own upto the back of his neck and i slightly grabbed his hair, while he continued doing the magic on my neck, sucking licking and all and leaving myself a complete moaning mess.

Later, I felt his lips moving down to my chest kissing down my collarbone, and that alarmed me. Just then i pulled myself away, panting and breathing fast. He looked towards me with his lips apart, his chest raising and falling with anticipation, wanting for more.

I had my eyes glued to his figure as i hovered over him. He raised his head up and tried reaching for my face but i ignored him and reached for his hands. I reached for his wrists rubbing my hands upon his arms, he sighed in frustration.

I released him and just then.....

He pushed me harshly on the other side of the bed and hovered over me, breathing heavily. He looked into my eyes, a smirk plastered on his face, holding my wrists tight. I tried moving to escape from his grip but he leaned over me.

Now i was the one with panic running into my veins, my eyes were wide open, i was dead scared, but he was looking at me with such lustful desires to which he wasn’t afraid to fullfill for sure.

He was slowly leaning towards my neck. I panicked right away, knowing what will be happening next, and started making sudden movements. I lifted my elbows to block his way, moved my hands with sudden rush panicking like crazy, i didn’t wanted this.

“No! Please No! Don’t do this!”

I shouted, but he didn’t listened.

He cared less and kissed my neck, started licking it after. I gasped in defeat, and squeeled under him, that was what i could do. I had my eyes shut, tears were now in my eyes.

He was holding my wrists, pinnig them up to my head, intertwining our fingers. I don’t know what i wanted, i just helped him out but forgetting it could turn into a frenzy for him.

He was kissing my neck, licking it, pressing his body upon me. I couldn’t do anything, instead of remaining myself bewailing.

“Ahhh.... stooop! Please stop!”

I winced. But he still continued to kiss me.

I felt his lips moving up to my jaw, kissing my line and later reached for my ear, slightly biting my earlobe. I bit my lower lip hard and closed my eyes.

“Did you stopped when i said? No. Now I will do the same.”

He huskily ringed my ear, sending shivers to my bones.

My eyes were shot open to what he just said, he lifted his head up a bit. My scared eyes met his desired ones, as his face was hovering over mine just tiny centimeters away, his warm breaths fanning my face and i suddenly started breathing heavily. I shook my head furiously and looked away, twisting my wrists in his gripped hands.

“No please no....”

I pleaded, gazing him with eyes filled with tears.

He nodded with a grin and connected his cherry soft lips with my shaky ones. I wasn’t kissing him back so he nailed into my wrists, harshly, which made me whimper in pain, and he entered my mouth exploring me from the inside.

Pinning me on the bed and holding both of my wrists in his one hand, he had his another hand busy caressing my face. Our lips were connected. I counldn’t do anything else but to return the kiss so, I started kissing him back and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

He smiled between the kiss and our kiss once again turned into a hunger one, he kissed me with passion and i was doing the same. Perfect sync of our lips was something we both loved.

I was desperately yearning for his touch and when our skins made contact, I lost my mind there and that.

He grinded over me and skimmed down to my neck again. My neck was the main spot he find so intimidating, i arched my back with pleasure. He stopped caressing my face and pushed me even more closer, removing the space between us.

I twisted my hands in his bare hand, wanting to touch him. As if he knew I would be acting like that, he released me, and skimmed down his salty lips to my collarbone, kissing. He didn’t forgot to leave the love signs on my neck, sucking it hard.

My hands swirled everywhere on his body, caressing him. It was hard to stop myself to ignore such fine physique. He moved to my face and kissed me, and lifted me up making ourselves sit, our lips never leaving each other, he had his hands around my waist and mine were wrapped around his neck.

Our lips were connected, our eyes were closed feeling each other to the fullest. We kissed for a very long moment, we needed to breath but neither of us wanting to stop. I pushed him slightly having my hands on his chest and he pulled apart, a salivary fluid left our mouths.

We both panted and were burning like fire.

We opened our eyes but didn’t glanced at each other, our faces were still close, feeling the warm breaths onto each other’s faces, our lips were also parted a bit, we rested our foreheads onto each other’s.

He glanced towards me, as i felt his gaze i glanced back. We looked at each other for a long while, there was silence in the room, only our slight breathing and hearts beating like drums, could be heared.

“Tha...thank you.”

He broke the silence and looked at me, still breathing heavily.

“You wanted a bit of me too? Right?”

He again spoke looking towards me.

I didn’t said anything and moved my gaze from him to anywhere. He chuckled to my reaction. I felt him shifting and quickly lifted my eyes to look at him, he was moving forward to me again.

He grabbed both of my hands again. I shook my head. He stopped after being so close to me.

“It’s hurting again... can you heal it with the medicine YOU have?”

He stretched his neck, looking towards my lips.

My eyes were widen up suddenly. I was scared to what he wanted from me.

He was asking for ....






He immediately leaned to my face again. I gulped, he saw the sweat on my forehead and he smirked to my defeat and his victory.

He attacked my neck and kissed me out of nowhere, he knew that i won’t stop him so he went deep and kissed me with even more love this time, i had my eyes shut again and bit my lips tightly. Telling him that i don’t want more of it but he knew that i wanted him in every way, by any chance.

He sucked my neck and I felt his hands, caressing me and my whole body, sexually. His hands were everywhere on me, with this he succeeded in making me moan.

He was doing his magic on my neck now. My hands were wrapped around his neck. I moved my hands upto the back of his head and grabbed his hair pulling him apart. I pushed him on the bed and we changed our positions, and now i was sitting on his torso.

He smirked. I grabbed his hands in mine not letting him do anything further. He was lifting his head up with such desperation to kiss, and that made me think that he’s curious and can’t wait more.

I leaned forward smashing my lips on his neck, thinking he won’t stop at all.

He moaned, arching his back. I felt his chest rising up, i kissed and licked his neck.

“Ahhhh.... yeah... Ahhh..!!”

He moaned loudly, allowing myself to do what i was doing with him, assuring me with his excitement.

He streched his neck some more and moved his head to the other side, showing me the wound, he actually wanted me to kiss around that area. I looked towards the wound. And decided to suck it this time.

I don’t know what hit my head so hard at that time but i decided to make the decision out of nowhere, and leaned forward towards his neck and.....

Kissed the wound.

I held his hands tight and allowed my lips to touch his wound. He screeched so badly after, squinting his eyes, raising his chest up, twisting his wrists.


He screamed again arching his back up.

I didn’t stopped to what i was doing, it was looking like i was sucking his blood like a vampire, he was swerving and turning around.

He greeted his teeth, and with sudden movement he grabbed my arms and turned me around, connecting his lips with mine after, he hovered over me, now it was me under him.

Our positions changed, i saw him kissing me having his eyes closed tightly, tears were welled up due to the pain, on the moment it seemed like I was the cure he wanted for himself, it seemed like he wanted me to heal him like before. He felt the same pain again.

He was kissing with such desperation, deepening the kiss as he completely tried to forget about the pain he just endured moments ago.

Observing him completely melting into me with such passion as he wanted me. I allowed him to do what he was doing by kissing him back slowly closing my eyes, showing equal feeling of desires.

We both again started kissing hungrily, our lips moved in perfect sync again as if a frenzy just hit both of our minds leaving our minds frozen like that, and we both loved the perfect syncing of the lips, and also the moment, the lustful wishes were equal from both the sides.

I lifted my one hand up near his neck, checking his wound, he made a move and softly held my hand as if he knew what i was about to do and stopped me, still having his eyes closed and without leaving my lips.

We were in a lustful, hungry yet passionate kiss for a long while. I started lifting my head up, not leaving his lips, he started moving back slowly, our lips were still connected, our positions changed as we sat up now.

I opened my eyes, he squinted his eyes, pressing his lips passionately and deeply, kissing me for one last time before leaving my lips. He parted his lips from mine and sighed.

I observed his every move, his every action carefully.

We were breathing heavily, still having our faces so close.

I looked towards him panting, i was slowly lifting my one hand to check his wound one last time before letting him leave. His eyes were glued to mine but he was sure about my actions, he held my hand in the mid air and shook his head slightly.

He parted his lips again and even leaned forward, but made himself stopped after and left the place, thinking about the fact that it’ll be hard for him to stop.

As he’ll be still wanting.....




A/N: I hope that i connected well with my lovely readers. And hope you liked it.

Thank you for reading. 😊


°°~ ** Don’t forget to look forward to my other works. ** ~°°

Thank You ~ 💜


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