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A Dream of Layla

By Ælfstangard

Poetry / Fantasy

A Dream of Layla

Last night I had a strange dream about Layla.

I dreamt that Layla is sitting at the edge on one of the baths in her house that is enclosed but the roof is open to the sky. She is singing this beautiful song in Arabic and I am almost in tears because it is so beautiful and I am closing my eyes and thinking of boys and romantic nights. She is holding up her arms and looking into the sky as she sings. And the light is pouring down from the open roof and making her look more beautiful and radiant than I have ever seen her before.

She finishes and smiles and I ask her, "What song is that, Layla, it is so beautiful?"

Layla replies, "It is a woman's song of praise to Allah," and I am suddenly glad I didn't mention boys and romantic nights.

"What does it mean," I ask her.

She says, "Come, sit beside me and I will tell you."

I come around to where she is and sit down.

"Lift up your arms like I am," she tells me.

So I do and with the light pouring down on both of us Layla begins to sing again in Arabic but the words become clear to me in English,

"All praise to Allah for He is Almighty.
All praise to Allah for He is all merciful.

I raise my voice in song to Allah
For He has made me a woman and His handmaiden
He has showered me with His blessings and calls me 'beloved'.

All praise to Allah for He is Almighty.
All praise to Allah for He is all merciful.

For His sake, I keep my eyes clear and look only straight ahead
For to the left and to the right are only the roads to Evil
But straight ahead is to the Eyes of Allah.

All praise to Allah for He is Almighty.
All praise to Allah for He is all merciful.

For His sake, I guard the thoughts of my heart
For a clean heart speaks only Truth
And its beating sings praises to Allah.

All praise to Allah for He is Almighty.
All praise to Allah for He is all merciful.

For His sake, I guard my tongue
For He cuts down the one who blasphemes
But He lifts up the one who gives praise.

All praise to Allah for He is Almighty.
All praise to Allah for He is all merciful.

For His sake, I keep my soul spotless
For this is His delight
And a shining beacon to all.

All praise to Allah for He is Almighty.
All praise to Allah for He is all merciful.

For His sake, I keep my mind on His Word
For His Word is Light and Truth
A guide to my feet on the path to Allah

All praise to Allah for He is Almighty.
All praise to Allah for He is all merciful.

I raise my voice in song to Allah
I am thankful to be a woman and His handmaiden
I obey Him and will follow His Ways all my days.

Praise to Allah! Praise to Allah!"

"That's beautiful!", I tell her again.

"Yes," she agrees, "I love to sing it after I bathe."

I look at her still glowing in sunlight and say, "You should give thanks for that knock-out body of yours."

"To actually say that out loud would be immodest," she replies blushing, "but He knows in my heart that I do."

"But, Layla", I ask her, "I think I have heard words similar to your song from a different source."

"Of course you have, silly", Layla replies looking at me strangely, "Praise to G-d is always praise and truth is always truth."

"Enough", she says. "You look famished, My Red-Headed Lioness." And she hands me an orange and some raw dates from a golden bowl.

"Eat", she invites me, "and then we can bathe together."

And that is where it ends. I hope you enjoy it as much as it was my pleasure to dream it and present it to you all.

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