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TAWoG-Family Ties: Volume I


For the new Watterson family, life can be difficult. But they will soon find out the hard way, how cold and cruel the world can be without strong ties with one another in this action packed adventure.

Adventure / Action
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Before we begin this story, another must be told first; the story of the Watterson family. Gumball Tristopher Watterson, eldest son of Richard and Nicole; The fun loving, trouble making, blue ball of fur. His adopted brother Darwin Watterson; the kind, loveable and comically ignorant evolved pet fish of the family. And their younger sister Anais, the small, incredibly intelligent and enlightened pink rabbit of reason. As a family, they have easily the most eventful lives in their various adventures in the town of Elmore. Meeting many friends and making almost as many enemies, these children spent their childhoods without a care of the thoughts of others watching them, wanting to live out their youth in bliss.

As they grew older however, they slowly grew apart. As Gumball finished high school, he had to face many ordeals before finding a comfortable life as a stand up comic. Darwin took a similar path, however currently unemployed yet as happy as he could ever be. Soon after high school he was able to establish a long lasting relationship with his girlfriend Rachel WIlson, a rainbow haired lass five years his senior. Despite this controversial age difference, they still loved each other dearly, enough to marry each other soon after. Anais’ life went a different direction. Due to her stunning intelligence, she was able to attend university in her early teens and has traveled the world for studies and research of the world ever since, barely having time to visit her family.

After numerous attempts at winning the antlered peanut Penny's heart, only for her to be taken by his now close friend, Damien Goldbrooke, he began to converse with the sulking, suffering ghost girl Carrie Kruger. The two became fast friends and enjoyed each other's company enough to ignore their differences, both personality and bodily wise. However, certain events plagued Carrie's high-school years, placing her at a horrifying position and threatening her dignity, modesty and ultimately her freedom to live. Thanks to help and support from Gumball, she was able to become free once again and from there on the two realized their love for each other.

Despite the hardship, she was able to adjust back into normal living quite easily, and excelled higher than she ever thought possible before. Since she didn't have a body when she was younger she has always been fascinated with the body, going into deep study of anatomy, biology and medicine. Upon reaching a phenomena known only as “ghost puberty”, she discovered that her spectral body could be made solid and physical, with all the inner workings of a real body. With this, she made it her goal to do her best in school and to become a fully certified doctor.

Before Gumball and Carrie could reach a comfortable adulthood, they struggled for many years as young parents. At seventeen, Carrie and Gumball had their first set of children. Carrie feared that because of this, she would be unable to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. But Gumball took it upon himself to look after the children in Carrie’s place so that she could finish school and obtain her degree. Being a parent, especially a young parent is not easy. The difficulty in providing for the children, finding liable a source of income, dealing with judgements casted on a young father and mother, has tested and tried their patience and their will. But by a miracle they were able to make it through. After Carrie finished school, she returned to be more of a mother to her children, and a wife to her husband. They enjoyed being parents, so much so that they decided to have another child, and another, and a few more. Ultimately, they ended up with eleven. Eleven.

Disbelief on the faces of their families, surprise in the tone of their peers, the rarity of being not only one of the youngest married couple in their neighborhood, but with the biggest family as well. How could a couple so young still be so responsible for such a large family? This family was unique, unlike anything else in Elmore and perhaps anywhere else.

They are the Wattersons. This is their family. And this is their story.

It’s a perfect summer day. A now middle aged Gumball, resting in his bed after a night of love with his beautiful ghost wife, Carrie. His Career as a stand-up comedian has been going uphill with him telling stories of his adventurous childhood life. This job fitted Gumball perfectly. His love for fun and making others laugh was already a trait instilled in him, which he could now make some money from. Carrie cuddled closer to her husband. She is not as she was when she was younger; colder, sarcastic, more of a cynic than an optimist. She’s grown warmer, more compassionate and motherly for her children and family, but keeps to the cold reality of the world. These opposites have been married for many years after the birth of the first of their myriad of children, promising to raise the family with love and care.

Gumball yawned like the feline he was, waking up to meeting his wife’s smiling face next to him.

“Good morning, Gummy-Puss.” Carrie said to Gumball whilst kissing him on the lips, calling him by his detested pet name.

Gumball groaned at hearing that name. “I hate it when you call me that.”

“That's why I love it.” said Carrie as she smiled.

Gumball laughed under his breath. His mother called him that nickname, and the tradition has passed onto his wife to do the same. He felt it was more so embarrassing than detestable, so he allowed it to pass.

“So.” Said Carrie as she leaned to his ear and asked seductively “Ready for round two?”

If the number of conceptions was not already an indicator, Gumball and Carrie both had a strong desire for each other, still strong to this day. He loved everything about his wife; her stark white and fully shaped body, her dark eyes and long snow white hair captivated him everytime he looked at her. Carrie felt the same for her husband, with the feline’s blue fur, unusually large head and fit body.

Before Gumball could even accept her request, "DING! DING! DING!” one of their children came out of nowhere.

"WHAT THE-?" shouted Gumball and Carrie in unison.

Their most spirited daughter by far, a young ghost. Her hair a deep blue in natural color, a body similar to her mother's in her youth, a orange and black shirt to cover her formless body, a single sharp tooth sticking from her mouth and a habit to call interesting things "kinky" even though she probably doesn't know the full meaning of that word. Her name was Marmalade.

"Where did you come from?!" He asked loudly as they covered themselves in their sheets.

"I came in here to check on you guys. You haven't left your bedroom for hours" said Marmalade. "And what's round two? Are you guys playing a game?" She asked, being ignorant of what was about to happen between her parents.

"Uh..." Gumball turned to Carrie, hoping she would come up with an answer.

"Yes dear, a game. But for adults only!" Exclaimed Carrie.

"An adults only game? That's so kinky!"

"Oh yeah. It is." Said gumball with a smirk on his face

"Well come down stairs! The others are already eating breakfast." Said Marmalade as she teleported downstairs.

Another intrusion by Marmalade, ruining the mood. They got up from the bed and began to put their clothes back on. "I think they're really starting to abuse their powers." Said Carrie as she put her pajamas on.

As the children are half ghost, they inherited some ghostly abilities; Levitation, intangibility, teleportation to only name a few.

"Yeah but Marmalade and Skye have been usually responsible with their powers and Gumdrop doesn't have anything yet. Does he?" said Gumball putting on a shirt.

"I don't think so."

"But hey. They're kids with super powers, so of course they are going to have a little fun with them. Hell I'd do the exact same thing."

Little did Carrie know that her husband had some special abilities of his own. Gumball rarely showed it but he has extraordinary athletic abilities‚ passed down from his mother Nicole. He also has the spirit of an old mage in his head named Varric who helped him survive and become an expert swordsman. After that event he hasn't talked to him much and almost completely forgot about the spirit within him.

Gumball and Carrie made their way downstairs to see their children all seated‚ eating and talking.

Skye and Carbon were fraternal twins and the oldest of their siblings. Skye is a mellow‚ calm and loving teenage ghost girl bearing resemblance to her mother and her brother Carbon is a blue, impulsive and somewhat destructive cat like his father; both seventeen years of age. Each with a unique personality and interesting love lives of their own. Since they were kids they have had a love/hate relationship caused by all the pranks they pulled on each other which later proved to be too much as it nearly destroyed their relationship. However they have still managed to maintain a strong bond as siblings and twins.

Skye’s long term boyfriend, John Munoz, a rooster whom she has known ever since her days of early elementary school and Carbon’s girlfriend, Sally Danton. Sally’s reason for Carbon’s love involves a great debt she owes him. During the early years of highschool, Carbon met Sally whom was mainly quiet around others with many ill rumors of her personality. Upon meeting her for herself, Carbon discovered the true side of Sally and the two became friends. It was soon that Carbon learned the reasons for her reclusiveness; her father. Her abusive father, blaming her for the death of his wife who died during childbirth, forcing her to turn to drugs to keep her numb to the pain. After being charged and sentenced for child abuse, Sally was placed under the housing and guardianship of Gumball and Carrie and they stayed together since.

Marissa and Carnie were asking each other what they would do to kill someone quickly and easily. However Carnie would just say the most flamboyant‚ extravagant and grotesque ways of assassination. Marissa was a ghost/blue cat with spiked blue hair and a feline body, with white fur. When she was younger she was more like her brother Carbon times three in terms of bad behavior but when this drove her entire family almost hating her and willing to let her attempt suicide‚ she made the resolution to change but is still the same Marissa they knew and loved.

Carnie was a white ghost/feline with a malevolent nature but not without good reason. As a child‚ Carnie was was tormented by boy bullies which made her very aggressive and resent all males. She has held a strong resentment towards one of her brothers, leading to much abuse and conflict.

Lastly, Gumdrop and Marmalade discussing the many adventures they had with their friend Deejay and first cousin Charcoal. The friend in question is the son of Penny and Damien Goldbrooke, taking after his mother, her peanut shell. As he and Marmalade have been good friends for many years, she eventually grew secret feelings for him, which she was ignorant to the fact the feelings were mutual. The cousin mentioned is the only child of Darwin and Rachel Watterson. Taking no physical traits from his father, he resembles him in character and attitude although, being one to follow his friends into trouble and not get into it himself. Her older brother Gumdrop is a blue cat like his father and brother but he more closely resembles Gumball. During the investigation of a haunted house‚ he has become the host of a spirit who calls herself Amy. Sometimes in fits of rage his hidden powers come to surface. He has yet to have control and he fears that one day things may be done that cannot be undone. But being the optimistic kid he is‚ he tries not to think about it.

Gumball and Carrie make it to the kitchen with Gumball making cereal and Carrie brewing coffee.

“Morning Mr and Mrs. Watterson.” Sally greeted them at the table.

“Morning.” They responded.

"So.....how was the game?" Said Marissa trying to hold back laughter

"MARMALADE!!" Shouted Carrie in rage

"What? Aren't games fun?"

"Oh yes. VERY fun. So did you win a prize?" Laughed Carbon.

"It Must've been an awesome prize! I could hear shouts from my bedroom earlier today. Like "Yes!" And "I'm almost there!"

The rest of the kids laughed hysterically while Gumball and Carrie hid their embarrassed faces.

During all the laughter Scrapper, Sindy, Belle and Ranae came from upstairs into the kitchen.

“Ahhhh...” yawned a sleepy Scrapper

“What's for breakfast?” asked Sindy rubbing her eyes

Scrapper is a small purple ghost cat. Like his other ghostly siblings, he does not have a physical body but instead possess the skeleton of a rabbit instead. Sindy and Ranae were two little ghost girls, a year apart in age. Sindy had blonde, dyed hair in an attempt to stand out from the rest of her family while Ranae had blue and pink hair to do the same. Lastly Belle, the youngest of the children, a small cat girl.

“Whatever we have. Now hurry and eat, you have school.” Said Carrie

Gumball and Carrie went to work and the kids went to school after breakfast. Skye, Carbon and Marissa went to Elmore High while Marmalade, Gumdrop, Carine, Belle, Sindy, Ranae and Scrapper went to Elmore Jr. high.

Elmore Jr. High, the school of which almost every resident of Elmore has been alumni. It has not changed much over the years besides some new staff. The oldest and longest working teacher, Mrs. Simian is still teaches while making the Watterson’s lives a living hell as much as she can. Gumball and Darwin have made quite the names for themselves while they attended Elmore so everyone knew who the Wattersons were and the kids lived up to the name.

It was the first class of the day with Mrs.Simian. Marmalade was ignoring her teacher's lecture on bodily functions since it had nothing to do with her. She was still a bit confused from what happened that morning.

"What was the joke?" Thought Marmalade, hopelessly ignorant of the actions of her parents. "I may just ask Gumdrop later on. Maybe he knows. Speaking of Gumdrop‚ i wonder how he is handling having that ghost Amy inside him. Why would she want to live in his body?" Only she and a select few others knew of the existence of Amy Shadowthourne which was kept secret from her parents.

"-now when the it reacts with enzymes‚ what happens?" Asked Ms.Simian focusing her attention to the distracted Marmalade

The little ghost girl is staring out the window still thinking.

"Marmalade.." Said the Baboon

"Is she just mooching off of Gumdrop? And what happened to him being able to use his ghost powers? I haven't seen him use them since-"

"Marmalade Watterson!"

"Present!!" Said the shocked back to reality Marmalade, making the class laugh.

"What is the answer to the question?" Asked Ms.Simian.

"Uhh....it breaks down?" Answered the not so sure girl.

"Hmm..that's actually correct." Mrs. Simian said surprised. "BUT YOU WEREN'T PAYING ANY ATTENTION BEFORE, SO THAT'S AN HOUR OF DETENTION!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Yelled Ms. Simian in an evil triumphant manner

"What?! But i just-" said Marmalade confused.

"Two hours!!" Said the evil teacher

Marmalade opened her mouth to make a vain attempt to explain

"Would you like to make it 3 hours?" Said Ms. Simian with a wide grin on her face.

Marmalade decided to accept defeat and remain silent‚ however not without flipping her teacher off with her back turned to the board.

After a long two hours of class, homeroom ended and Marmalade leaves with an agitated expression after her conflict with her teacher. She left to her locker to prepare for her impending detention with her despised teacher, but thankfully met with her friend Deejay and her cousin Charcoal in the hallway

Charcoal was the son of Darwin and Rachel; a green teenager with a large afro on his head, which he took much pride in and a scruffy face to fit his unkempt nature.

After Darwin Watterson and Rachel Wilson got to know each other‚ Rachel realized how much she cared for him. His childish antics and innocence appealed to Rachel, and she took a fancy towards him. However she repeatedly repressed these feelings due to the age gap of three years. But there came a time where she could not hold these feelings in any longer. They dated in secret while Darwin was in highschool, and Rachel was in college. After Darwin graduated from college and returned home‚ he was first greeted by Rachel who asked him to marry her‚ which he accepted on the spot.

Deejay was the son of Penny and Damien. He mainly resembled his mother with a thick outer peanut shell and a pair of thick horns. Damien was a good friend of Gumball and Darwin. After Gumball found out that Damien had feelings for Penny, who was his current love interest at the time, he decided that it would be best for the two of them to be together.

"What's up cuz?" Said Charcoal, high fiving Marmalade.

"Hey Marms." said Deejay

"Hey Deejay" said Marmalade smiling while giving him a hug. This made Deejay blush a bit, with Charcoal giving him a thumbs up.

Deejay‚ Charcoal and Gumdrop were in their first period class together. Deejay was in a similar situation to Marmalade; day dreaming. Deejay had always had a crush on Marmalade ever since they were little. He had imagined them being together‚ going out‚ talking‚ laughing and his favorite... Kissing. He wondered how it would feel to have his lips pressed against hers. The indescribable joy of sharing affection with the one you love. Deejay was lost in a dream of his own while Charcoal couldn't help but notice this going on for the last few weeks.

Charcoal snapped his fingers in Deejay’s face

"Hey! Dude! Snap out of it!" He whispered to Deejay

"Uh wha..wha..what?" Said Deejay disoriented

"Dreaming about my cousin again i see" remarked Charcoal

"What! I wasn't dreaming about Marmalade!!" Barked Deejay

"I didn't say anything about Marmalade." Charcoal said

Deejay held his head down embarrassed that he just gave out his secret to his crushes cousin.

"....how long have you know?" Asked Deejay with his head in his hands

"For about a month" stated Charcoal

Deejay let out a moan of distress

"Hey man don't worry about it. I'm not mad or anything" assured Charcoal

"Really?" asked Deejay

"Yeah. Although..." Charcoal looked to his left and right "I wouldn't know about Gumdrop. He is her brother after all"

"Please! You can't tell anyone else! Especially not Gumdrop! I don't know what he would do!" Deejay begged

"Hey man don't worry! Your secret is safe with me." He said with a reassuring smile. "In fact‚ I want to see you two get together. I've always thought you two would make a great couple!"

Deejay stared at Charcoal speechless. He couldn't believe his crushes cousin was going to help him be with her. Deejay couldn't contain his happiness any longer and suddenly hugged Charcoal.

"Uhh....dude...let go....people are watching."

Deejay is still a little hyped from being pep talked by Charcoal to say hi to Marmalade which earned him a hug. As Marmalade got the rest of her books together for her next class Deejay made his move.

"Soooo...Marms" said Deejay

"Yeah what's up" asked Marmalade with a bright expression on her face

"Do...you...maybe want to.....I don't know.....go over to my house to play video games after school? said Deejay with an intense blush on his face.

"I'd love to!" Then Marmalade 's face changed from happy to irritated. "But i can't...i have detention."

“Oh.” said Deejay. “W-well how about..”

Before he could finish the bell rung.

“Well i'd better get to my next class. The sooner this day can end the better.” said Marmalade

As Marmalade was floating away. Deejay was frozen in fear of what would happen if he tried talking again. But even so he knew he had to try. With all of his courage he forced himself to scream:


Marmalade quickly turned around.

“How about after detention, i come pick you up? I'll wait for you!”

A few seconds went by as Marmalade and Deejay stood in place, both silent.

“Really?” Marmalade asked with a face full of joy “Yeah i'd love that!”

An announcement came on the P.A system, that class was starting in one minute. They boys got ready to go.

“ Oh crap! We gotta go!” said Charcoal

“Okay. See you later Marms!” Said Deejay as he and Charcoal rushed to class

“Kay! See you later!” shouted Marmalade

Marmalade said her goodbyes heading to her next class, looking forward to the end of the day thanks to her friends.

“I guess....this day will be a good one after all!” Marmalade said to herself, heading to detention.

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