The challenge


Thranduil and his mistress agrees on a bet, both have a week each to seduce a very pious and boring elf, but the bet has some unforseen consequences and it doesnt end quite the way they planned it.

Erotica / Humor
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Challenge accepted

The king was dozing, feeling almost half asleep and yet awake and alert. Candriel was laying almost on top of him and she was sleeping, completely exhausted from one of their very vigorous encounters. He had to grin, she had proven to be very good for him, he wasn't by far as tense and ill-tempered as before and they had sort of found an balance between her very naughty and yet submissive nature and his more demanding demeanor.

She trusted him completely and that did in fact make him feel a bit humble, and he did appreciate her and her youthful mischief more than he dared to express. He didn't love her, nor was he in love with her, but he was fond of her, very much so. She had filled a hole in his soul that had been draining him of life and energy for years and for that he was eternally grateful. The morning sun was rising outside of the palace and he knew he had to get up and get ready to face yet another challenging day but he didn't really want to. Having her warm weight on top of him was heavenly and it made him feel appreciated, in a whole different way than the appreciation he received from the rest of his subjects. She was breathing slowly and he let his eyes slide across her skin, slowly. Her curves were like a beautiful landscape of hills and valleys and he felt himself stirring yet again. He grinned and let a hand slide down along her spine, caressed her firm ass gently and she moaned in her sleep and stretched against him.

She was like a playful little kitten, and at the same time addictive like poppy milk, he rolled them over and she woke up and squealed but he saw the light in her eyes. She was ready as ever, and understood him better than he understood himself. " My lord, you are already awake?"

He nodded and nuzzled her neck, nipped at it with his front teeth and she shivered and hissed, a grin on her lips. " Indeed I am"

She chuckled, a slender but strong hand slid down along his body and found what it was looking for. " And already you have arisen to the occasion, how considerate of you"

He got her legs out of the way, she was still wet from their love making just a few hours earlier and he slid into place with a hearty moan. " I…aim…to please"

She giggled and rocked her hips against him, this wouldn't take long, and it shouldn't. He had a council meeting to attend too, and then he had to meet some traders to discuss some new agreements. Candriel had some special mewling sounds she made when she was near and they were so darn erotic it always set him off. He felt her tense up and then she squealed in delight and shook beneath him and he let go, came so hard he was seeing stars and he roared from the very bottom of his chest. When he was able to gather his senses again he found himself laying on top of her, covered in sweat and she had wrapped her arms and legs around him as if she wasn't going to let him go. " I wish I could be awakened thus every morning."

Thranduil had to snicker, he kissed her lazily and she let go with a sigh and winced as he slid out of her and sat up at her side. " Then I will become known as the only elf to ever have faded from exhaustion!"

Candriel giggled and yet again she reminded him of a cat, she laid on the bed, stretched out and she was so wonderful, her honey hair like a golden river against the by now rather sticky sheets and her dark eyes playful. " Oh but you won't my king, it is I who will become too tired at the end I am sure, your strength is never coming to an end."

He leaned over and kissed her cheek again. " If you say so my gem."

She rolled over on her stomach, Eru how nice her ass was. " You have a council meeting today?"

He nodded and put on a dressing robe. He would need a bath and some food, but the bath was the most important of those two. He did reek of sex and he wondered how the council members would react if they discovered that scent coming from their king. He had to chuckle from the images that idea conjured up within his mind. " I do, I cannot say that I am looking forward to it, but I am after all the king. It is my duty."

Candriel grinned. " Remember the first time you took me? With those two guards, I wonder if the council members ever have had such fun in their lives?"

Thranduil scoffed. " I bet not, they are all a bunch of pious old fools, dry as tinder and with as much energy left for other things than meddling with my affairs as a that shown off by a sleeping mole"

Candriel giggled. " And some of them resemble one too."

Thranduil had to laugh. " Yes, in special when I do not agree with their propositions. I remember how Failaron reacted when I didn't want to raise the taxes yet again, I have never seen an elf getting a heart attack before but I was sure he was inches away from having one. "

Candriel was licking her lips. " I wonder if they are able to have fun at all, or if they spend all their time just thinking about politics."

The king scoffed. " To them that is what life is all about Candriel, it is their sole joy in life, that and annoying me."

She got a peculiar expression within her eyes. " Really? You think they are completely dry, devoid of any sort of urges except the urge to be a pain in your butt?"

Thranduil nodded. " Yes, most certainly."

Candriel sat up, she was very graceful and her grin very wicked indeed. " My lord, may I make a suggestion?"

Thranduil was a bit intrigued by the flame flickering within her eyes. " Yes? "

She tilted her head. " Say, if they got tempted, do you think they would give in to temptation? Or would they shun it?"

Thranduil sat down again, confused and also a bit curious. " What do you mean?"

Candriel had a very wicked expression on her face. " I mean that I bet I could make even the most pious old ellon forget everything about decency and self-control."

Thranduil felt a surge of something that felt like excitement. " Oh you do now? Do you think you can make any ellon become so overcome with lust he will fuck you no matter what? Is that what you are saying?"

Candriel grinned, her eyes dark and her expression one of someone very sure of one self. "Yes, I am sure I can"

Thranduil almost purred. " I don't like to share you, but my dear, the idea is absolutely amazing. If you manage that and I just happen to see it I will have a grip on that council member he won't be able to escape."

Candriel leaned against him. " You are right my king, so, do you want to bet?"

He grinned widely. " Most certainly but I think there ought to be some further preconditions."

She pouted. " Name them my liege"

Thranduil felt excited, this ought to be interesting. " I will chose the one you are to seduce, it has to happen in a public place, most preferably the garden with the pond in the middle of the palace and somebody must be watching you and trying to avoid being detected."

Candriel was purring. " Oh, you like the idea of a voyeur don't you? But fine, and I am sure you too will be watching right?"

He nodded and she leaned forth and kissed his cheek. " I will do it, but if we are to bet you ought to be challenged too"

He raised an eyebrow. " I do? What then?"

She giggled. " You most certainly do. I bet there are a lot of very strict ellith here who could benefit from a really good tumble."

He sent her a wry grin. " You think so? Alright, name your conditions my sweet."

Candriel was thinking hard for a few moments." I will name the ellith you are to bed, you have to do it somewhere within the halls in a public area and she has to be loud enough for everybody to hear her but nobody must discover it is you who is causing the racket."

The king chuckled. " Harsh conditions my dear, but I think I can manage yes. "

Candriel nodded." And to make it interesting we both have no more than a week to finish our task"

Thranduil tilted his head, feeling his heart starting to beat a bit harder with anticipation. " I accept that, what are we to bet over?"

Candriel laid back upon the bed, her legs carelessly open and he groaned at the sight. She did it on purpose, he would have a hard time concentration upon the meeting and the agreement. "There is to be a feast eight days from now, the one who fail to complete their part of it will have to wear whatever the other part chooses for them, alright?"

Thranduil smirked. " Fine by me, and the reward?"

Candriel grinned wickedly. " The other part will have to be completely obedient to the winner for a week."

The king nodded his head. " Seems reasonable, but if we both manage to do it?"

Candriel sniggered. " Then we reward each other with two days in these chambers, doing whatever we wish for."

He grinned and thought that two days away from his duties seemed like a glimpse of paradise. "Good idea. A very good idea."

Candriel looked at him expectantly. " So, who am I to go for?"

Thranduil had to think. " Uh, Failaron?"

Candriel scoffed. " Thran, please, it is supposed to be a challenge remember? Everybody knows that he is one kinky ellon with an appetite for some practices I prefer not to partake in"

Thranduil frowned. " Are those rumors true?!"

Candriel nodded. " Oh yes, one of the other servant maidens spent the night in his rooms and she resigned from her job the next day, she didn't enjoy having to pee on somebody and she enjoyed being peed on even less"

Thranduil sighed, what a mental image that conjured up, no wonder that ellon always preferred wearing slightly yellow robes. " Then he is out of the question, right, a real challenge? Lord Elhadron!"

Candriel whistled and raised an eyebrow. " Now, there we have a true challenge. Alright, I am inn"

Thranduil knew that Elhadron was a widower who had shunned all earthly pleasures after his wife died. The sad fact was that his wife had been a really terrible nag and the marriage had been hellish to say the least. The elleth had controlled her poor husband in every way and rumors said that he barely had been allowed to touch his wife at all and that she loved to humiliate him. If Candriel managed to awaken the libido in that ellon Thranduil was ready to bow down to her in deep respect and admiration.

"So, who am I to try to seduce?"

Candriel's eyes got narrow, she was thinking hard, really hard. " I thought of Lady Ferdhiniel but she is probably too easy to seduce, no, I think I have a good challenge for you my lord, what do you say about the fair lady Gelinnas?"

Thranduil almost snorted, he stared at her with disbelief. " Are you serious?! Oh Eru you are! There is no elf on Arda more religious than her damn it, to her the words of the valar is like…well. She was seen smiling once, once! And that was when an ellon who had been unfortunate enough to swear near her got an arrow lodged in his ass by accident."

Candriel giggled. " The very same my king, surely you are up for it? She isn't ugly."

Thranduil shivered. " No, she isn't, but those eyes? I am not so sure that she isn't the cause why the Helcaraxe is frozen. One glance from her and even molten steel freezes."

Candriel nodded with zeal. " Like I said, a real challenge."

Thranduil had to think fast. " Is there any restrictions on how I go forth? Can I use some slight magic?"

Candriel frowned. " Well, I cannot see why not? As long as it isn't the kind that renders her without a will of her own or changes her personality or something. It has to affect you, not her"

" So I can disguise myself if I need to?"

Candriel nodded. " Yes, the point of this is to see if they can be seduced, not the person doing the seduction?"

Thranduil had an idea. " Alright. One week from today. "

Candriel shook his hand vigorously. " Indeed, one week. May the best win, and I think this is gonna be so much fun."

Thranduil smirked and got up, walked towards the baths. He would have to start working on his plan already today, if he was to crack the ice so to speak he would have to use every trick in the book, and invent some new ones while he was at it. Candriel couldn't have chosen a worse target but he was going to be the winner here, most certainly.

Candriel left for her own chambers and he took a quick bath, he entered the council meeting right on time and had managed to put on his usual cold indifferent mask and he had to snigger to himself when he saw the dignified faces of his council members. Most of them had been inherited from his father and of them almost all had also worked with politics in Doriath before it fell. They were stubborn, stuck to their old ways and more than once Thranduil had wanted to do something really outrageous just to see what would happen. The world was changing but they seemed unable to understand that simple fact. He was not Elu Thingol nor his father and he wasn't some reckless youth with no experience. Getting a sort of hold on them would be so sweet, maybe they would be less cocky then?

Candriel went to bathe and she was thinking hard about her plan, Elhadron was probably scared of females, everybody with a wife like his would be. Candriel knew that the elleth had been the kind of person who makes up for her lack in beauty and power with sheer nastiness. He ought to be easy to flatter, and perhaps even easier to read. She had to be rather good at that.

The first thing she had to do was to discover his weak spots and also what sort of routines he had. It ought to be rather easy since he was known to hardly ever leaving the palace, he was obviously trying to pretend as if he was still living in Doriath and Candriel had some ideas already. She had been a servant for many long years and she had learned a few tricks the masters didn't really think off. She wandered off to the servant's quarters and before long she had found the ones working for that particular lord and she managed to get quite a lot of information out of them. Everything she heard could be used to her advantage in one way of the other and she grinned and felt rather certain that this would be a piece of cake. She did almost pity poor Thranduil, his task was probably going to be so much more difficult than hers.

Thranduil did suffer through the meeting, his only solace was staring at lord Elhadron and imagining how he would react to Candriel and her techniques. The lord was a very slender elf, or rather, he was tall and thin and looked very ascetic indeed. He was well known for being rather stingy and he would never spend a single coin on anything he didn't see as absolutely needed so his robes were centuries old and he only ate left overs and things that the chefs threw away. But he was greedy too, and some rumors said that he was filthy rich. Thranduil couldn't quite see the joy of being rich without being able to enjoy it.

The traders were there on time and at least that meeting was interesting, the forest did still provide the elves with many things others also sought and their neighbors did covet both furs and spider silk and herbs too. In return the elves got metal and other things they couldn't make themselves and the treaties had to be re made every now and then. Thranduil was glad to see that this was the same men as the last time, he knew them and knew how to both flatter and impress them. It shocked him to see how fast humans did succumb to the ravages of time though, the leader had been a young man the last time he saw him, now there were streaks of silver in that dark hair and he was wrinkled and worn.

After the meeting Thranduil went to a room of which few knew much, there had been an ellon there who served his father and he had studied alchemy. There were still quite a few things of his left and Thranduil had a very wry grin on his face. He had paid attention to what that ellon had been doing because he thought it was very interesting and also just to keep an eye on the activities that were going on there. He didn't want another Fëanor working within his own realm. There were a few things left that could prove to be useful in deed and he was going to use that elleth's piousness to his own benefit.

Candriel had managed to get a fairly good understanding of lord Elhadron's daily routines, he would always spend some time in the small garden that was placed next to the public library. It was fairly open and there were benches and tables placed everywhere so that people could take the books with them and read there and enjoy what almost felt like a natural forest. There were openings in the roof of the caves that let the daylight in and the garden was in fact very beautiful even in winter. Elhadron would read there for two hours each day, very early, and he would drink two cups of thin tea while he was at it. He didn't allow anyone to disturb him so she had to be rather clever in order for this to work. But her plan was ready, and she was pretty certain that it would work too. Everything was prepared and she would start the very next morning.

Thranduil felt how his hands shivered ever so slightly, he felt tense and adrenaline was flowing through him, this was more exhilarating than hunting orcs! He had located the rooms the lady owned and he knew that there were secret passageways that lead to almost every room in that part of the palace. He had drawn the entire palace and knew every nook and cranny of it. It would come in handy now, and he had to play his role to perfection. It was indeed a challenge and he felt strangely young again, eager and full of mischief. This was very different from the ordinary life he was living and it was naughty too. His father would have warmed his butt if he had been alive and had heard of this plan.

He knew that the lady Gelinnas was the horror of the entire court, well, at least the horror of the court ladies since she suffered from a very strong "Holier than thou" syndrome. She never failed to complain about the faults of others and she had a vicious and very poisonous tongue which was feared by all. Maybe he could manage to put an end to her constant nagging? She regarded everybody else as sinful and depraved and by Eru how sweet it would be to make her taste some of her own medicine. He had to start working on the plan already that night and so he entered the secret corridors well after midnight with an insane grin upon his lips and a bag full of stuff he hoped none others would see.

The lady always went to bed early and she didn't have any chambermaids, the sole reason was that none managed to stay in her service for more than a few days before she found some flaw with them. They were either too flirty, dressed provocatively or were disrespectful, that was her opinion at least but everybody knew that she just loved to use her power and self righteousness to make others cower before her. Lady Gelinnas had never married, she had been betrothed once while young but her fiancé broke the engagement when he to his horror discovered that she strongly believed that certain marital activities only ought to be performed with the purpose of conceiving children and that it shouldn't be enjoyed at all. It had left her feeling very bitter to say the least and maybe that was why she apparently hated ellyn.

Thranduil had found the secret door and he was glad she was alone, if anyone else saw this there would be quite a racket. He had gotten his disguise on, some was magic but much of it was just a costume with some of the alchemist's stuff added. He was nervous, very nervous but also filled with anticipation. The lady was in bed, wearing a nightgown that probably had more in common with a full suit of armor than what ordinary elleth wore to bed. He could have sworn it would be able to stop arrows since it was so thick and solid. Now that was a sex-killer if he ever had seen one, but that would change for certain.

Gelinnas were sleeping soundly and he had to agree that she was rather beautiful, if she had been a normal elleth everybody would have regarded her as a great beauty but her personality was everything but beautiful. In fact he had met friendlier orcs! Alright, he took a deep breath and whispered a small spell that made his voice sound rather unearthly and powerful. The costume he wore had been smeared with a liquid that made it glow in a soft blue light and he had also added some of it to his face and hair and he had put on a wig and changed his facial features with some make up and spells. He didn't look a bit like himself and he just hoped that she would be so overwhelmed by this that she didn't see through the disguise at all.

Gelinnas was dreaming sweetly about the day when she could stand by the throne of Manwë himself and tell the lord of the valar of all the sinfulness and depravity of the others living there. She saw sin and filth everywhere and that very day she had given the chef quite a scolding for having served chicken legs. After all, they were legs. It could put improper thoughts into the minds of the young and corruptible. But she was of course above all such thoughts, she was as clean and pure as snow and she was convinced that she would have been able to convert the dark lord himself if he had come face to face with her. The truth was that the dark lord probably would have fled for his life and sanity but she wasn't able to see that.

Suddenly Gelinnas woke up with a start, a very powerful and yet strange voice had called her name and for a second she was afraid it was the very lord Namo who was calling her to him, but she wasn't ill or anything? Then she managed to open her eyes and saw a shining figure standing in the middle of her room. She almost swooned!

The voice called once more and she squeaked. " I…I am here"

The figure bowed slightly, the unearthly glow was so strong and she wondered if this was some ghost but it was too substantial. " Be greeted child of Eru, thou art blessed, thou art chosen"

Thranduil had to fight hard, very hard, not to snigger, oh Eru this was precious. " I am?!"

She had gotten up, sat in the bed staring with huge eyes at the apparition. " Yes thou art child, my lord Manwë has chosen thee before all other ellith to receive a special blessing"

Gelinnas was practically beaming with pride, finally she was rewarded for her devotion and faith. " What might that be oh mighty messenger?"

Gelinnas was sure that this had to be one of Manwë's maiar and she was almost shivering with reverence and awe. Thranduil did for a second feel a bit guilty for fooling her thus but then he remembered how she usually treated others and the guilt vanished like mist for the sun. " A most precious gift, one not bestowed upon any other's for ages. Thou will be sanctified by the touch of the maiar"

Gelinnas was a bit confused, she had never heard of that before but it sounded grand, and a tiny bit frightening too. " Oh my lord, my lord, I am deeply honored."

The glowing figure did slide a bit closer and held out his arms. " Indeed, before it is done thou must be prepared and it will take a while"

The lady was almost shivering. " I am ready, do with me what thou must"

Thranduil had a hard time holding back his own laughter, the old fashioned language and all made this all seem rather surreal and he saw that her eyes were shining with religious reverence. " First of all, I must behold thy hroa to make sure that it isn't in any way damaged, for a tainted body cannot be sanctified."

The strange hollow and yet very full voice clearly made her convinced that this was some divine being and she bowed her head. " Command me oh my lord, and I will obey. "

" Thou may call me Alcarin, I am the mighty Manwë's servant."

Gelinnas was staring with huge eyes and her mouth was an O. " I am so honored"

He could see that she was trembling and he hadn't believed that she was that easy to trick. But in spite of all her piousness she was rather naïve and also uneducated. " Then remove thy robes so that I may behold thy hroa."

She didn't think of the fact that the lord Manwë probably saw everything from his throne, she got up on her knees and pulled the nightgown off, shivering visibly. She was in fact very beautiful with a body she had no reason to be ashamed of. Her legs were long and shapely and she had a narrow waist and a beautiful behind and those breasts of hers were a shame to hide within those thick ugly dresses she often wore. He gestured for her to stand up and turn around and she obeyed, her eyes shining and she was wetting her lips. " My…Alcarin…what will happen to me?"

He managed to send her a comforting grin. " Wonderful things child, trust in Eru. It is his will after all. Be not afraid, for I will prepare thy hroa to be filled with the light of the valar, to be cleansed of all evil."

She was obviously very confused but also convinced that this was real, she nodded. " I see, how…how is this…done?"

He reached out and let his hand gently slide over her cheek. " I will awaken the light within thee, through thy truly beautiful hroa, and then thy light may merge with the light of the valar and thou will truly become blessed."

He had to put all of his trust in the assumption that she never really had felt desire, that she was untouched and he was sure that he was right in his assumptions. If she had been touched she wouldn't have been that convinced that sex was a disgusting duty and not a pleasure. She probably believed that it only could be done in one way and that there wasn't more to it than that. She bit her lower lip. " Really? Oh my lord, I…I am scared"

He caressed her neck and she trembled. " Do not be, I will visit thee for three more nights before the blessing may be fulfilled, for each thy will be brought closer to the sacred moment."

She swallowed. " Oh…alright then."

He smiled and bowed his head. " Indeed has my lord chosen well, thy are as brave as thy are worthy. Now, let me see if thy hroa is capable of housing that most sacred of light."

She whimpered and he started whispering something in quenya, it was actually a very rude drinking song some noldo had taught him before the fall of Doriath but he knew that she didn't speak quenya and to her it probably sounded like some sacred prayers. He placed both hands on her hips and she squealed and closed her eyes for a second, completely overwhelmed with awe at the idea of being touched by a maia. He hid his smirk, oh she would be easy to bed, that wasn't the problem at all, the problem was the part of the bet that required that he took her somewhere public, that would be the real test here. " Thy hroa is worthy of worship child, a true gift of Eru. Now, allow me to worship it as it deserves.."

She bit her lower lip, there was a hint of pride in her eyes. " Is it really worthy of thy touch?"

He nodded solemnly and knew that the glowing fluid masked his features quite a lot. " Thy hroa is truly more lovely than those of any valie."

He caressed her ass and it was perfect, that it belonged to such an unpleasant person was such a shame, but maybe it would change from now on. Gelinnas whimpered and he could see that her heart was beating rather fast, her hands were trembling slightly and he could smell that she was both a bit nervous and also getting a bit aroused. He continued to caress her ass and she hissed and closed her eyes for a second. " Thy are feeling it aren't thou? The light gathering within thy hroa? The heat of it?"

She nodded, and he let a hand slide up her back and then he let it slide back down in a slow comforting rhythm. The other hand stayed on her butt but he was gently massaging it and she nodded a bit shocked. " Oh yes my lord, I feel it, the warmth…"

He cooed and continued with his massage and he did notice that she had started to sweat, it was really amazing how fast he had managed to turn her on. Not that it in itself was a shock but he wondered if he would be able to make her so desperate for it that she allowed it to happen in a place where others may see them. " Then let's continue beautiful one, let me show thy the light."

He leaned forth and kissed one of her nipples and she gasped and her eyes rolled in her head, she was breathing hard now. " Oh my lord, oh yes my lord"

He then went on to sucking and licking it while pinching her other nipple and she squeaked and bucked against him, panting. " That is perfect child, there is so much light within thee, can you feel it wanting to break free?"

She nodded, and he slid one hand in between her legs, she immediately tensed up but then she hissed and relaxed, moved her legs so he had room to touch her. Darn, she had probably thought that the only way to experience pleasure was with a cock inside of her. She was getting wet and he had to fight hard to stay in character, she was really tempting but he had to make this a slow process to convince her that it was all for real. He quickly found her clit and caressed it slowly and she started shaking, making mewling sounds. " Oh my lord, oh Eru, I can feel it"

He kissed her neck. " Yes child, through thy hroa I may awaken the light within thy fëa, bring it forth in all its blessed splendor."

It was of course just bullshit but right now she would believe whatever he told her. He continued, supporting her with one arm and before long she tensed up, gasping for air and then she screamed and jerked, eyes rolling and face contorting with ecstatic spasms. Holy Eru, she was indeed a screamer, wonderful. There was no doubt that she was coming hard and he grinned to himself. This was going in the right direction. " Oh Alcarin, I saw it, I saw the light, it was wonderful"

He managed to stop himself from sniggering. " Yes lovely one, it is. And I will show thy more of it tomorrow."

She looked eager. " I am humbly awaiting thee."

He nodded. " I will return tomorrow night, go to bed and go to sleep and I will come to thee yet again to prepare thee further."

She wet her lips. " Yes my lord. "

He gestured for her to get back into the bed and she did, he could see that the insides of her thighs were shiny with wetness and he couldn't wait to see what she would do whence she had a cock buried deep within her. He bet she would be absolutely wild. He mumbled a short spell that induced sleepiness. " Sleep now child and do not tell any of this to anybody before the power of the valar is truly within thee."

She yawned and shook her head. " I will not, I swear it on thy lord Manwë."

He leaned down and kissed her hand. "Good, sleep now"

She drifted off to sleep and he chuckled. This was going to be very funny indeed. He got out through the hidden door and ran straight to his private bath to get rid of the glowing liquid. It wouldn't come off with touch and only soap could remove it so he had quite a job ahead of him but he didn't mind. It had left him aroused too and he thought about sending somebody to fetch Candriel but he decided that she would need her strength for her own task. He wondered if she too had started to prepare for the task ahead, probably yes. He sighed and resigned to taking care of his problem on his own, after he got involved with Candriel he didn't need to seek release on his own that often but tonight he did, and afterwards he just lay there with his chin barely above the water, relaxing and allowing his mind to drift.

The morning light was already streaming down through the openings in the roof when Candriel was in place. She had prepared well and knew exactly when lord Elhadron usually showed up. She did also know where he preferred to sit and now she was ready and eagerly awaiting his arrival. The garden was filled with bushes and trees and luckily for her there was one bush just in the right spot, or rather, a hedge. It wasn't that tall, but it was dense with a lot of branches and it had thorns too. Now she had arranged herself within that bush, and she was standing on her hands and knees with her upper torso deep within it and she wore a thin silk gown that would tear easily, even more easily than normal since she had deliberately cut some of the seams.

She knew that she would receive some cuts from the thorns but that was such a small price to pay and she didn't mind sacrificing some blood to win this bet. She already had some great ideas for what she would make the king wear. There were footsteps coming from the narrow gravel path that meandered through the garden and when they got a bit closer she started to struggle and squeaked and called out for help.

Lord Elhadron was busy reading about a very interesting comparison someone had made between elderly edain and old potatoes and he was so immersed in it he almost tripped over a pair of legs sticking out of the hedge near his favorite bench. He looked down, they were female legs no doubt and now he heard a thin voice sobbing. " Somebody, please help me, I am stuck!"

He put the book upon the table, tilted his head. " Uh, excuse me my lady but, what are you doing within the hedges?"

He heard a shivering voice answer. " I lost my earring and it fell into the hedge and I tried to get it and then I got stuck"

Elhadron had of course been brought up to be just as polite towards females as other ellyn, he was just a wee bit afraid of them. No wonder considering how his own marriage had been, he was sure that his wife had been Sauron's unknown sister or something like that for nothing he ever did was good enough for that female. Now he was in a dilemma, how did he help this poor young thing? He decided that he had to grasp onto something and pull, and so he did. He grasped the bottom of her dress with his face turned away and pulled. She squealed and the dress fell apart, he suddenly stood there with a huge piece of lovely lavender colored fabric in his hand and then he turned his gaze around in shock and stared at a very bare backside that by now was wriggling desperately. " Oh Eru, get me out of here before somebody sees this!"

Elhedran was horrified, his eyes glued to that very shapely ass and she didn't wear any underwear so he saw it all, absolutely all. " Ah…Uh…"

He reacted out of sheer panic, crouched down and grasped onto her hips and pulled once more, there was more tearing sounds, some pained shrieks from the poor unfortunate maiden and then she came loose and flew backwards. Since he was straight behind her he suddenly ended up with her ass pressed against his crotch and he hadn't let go at all so the position was scandalous to say the least. The elleth shook her head, obviously in shock and he felt that warm softness pressed against him and yelped when he realized that his body had started to respond to the stimulus. He let go of her, almost desperately, and tore off his outer robe to cover her with.

The elleth was bleeding from several cuts and he did notice that she was very lovely with huge dark eyes and honey hair. Valar, he was so embarrassed, he had certainly dishonored her, oh she would be furious. He brazed himself for the scolding of a lifetime but the elleth just smiled sweetly and got to her feet, holding his robe around her to preserve her dignity.

" Oh my lord, thank you so much, I was really stuck in there."

She leaned forth and placed a very chaste kiss on his cheek and he blushed and felt himself sweating. " Ah, it was…just a pleasure my lady"

She put her earring back on and Eru, her eyes were so sparkly and her torn dress couldn't hide the fact that she had a very nice body. In fact it did the opposite of hiding anything. He wished he was anywhere but there but he couldn't be impolite and just run off. " What is your name my lord? I am most grateful for thy help?"

Her voice was sweet and low and he managed to straighten himself up and smile, although it was a very stiff smile. " I am lord Elhadron my lady. "

She giggled, it sounded like silver bells. " A lord, oh my, well thank you again, that hedge has such nasty thorns."

She stuck a finger in her mouth and sucked on it, very innocently but Elhadron suddenly wondered if there was a dragon near by for the air had gotten so terribly hot all of a sudden. He whimpered. " Indeed it does my lady, ah, should I escort you back to your rooms, I mean, do you need assistance, uh, you are bleeding and…"

She shook her head." Thank you so much kind sir but it isn't that bad, I can manage. I will return your robe, I promise. You are here often?"

He nodded, the dress had a tear straight over her chest and he thought that he did see a nipple in there, Eru! " Yes, every morning!"

She batted her eyelashes. " Wonderful, I will return it then. "

He stared at her, mesmerized by that sweet face. " You will? Oh, yes, of course, I will be here"

She touched his hand gently. " Until then my savior"

Elhadron had to swallow hard, savior. That was hardly the word he would have chosen but he was glad she left for his pants were tight and he was shaking all over. All he felt was that soft rear pressed against him while he had his hands firmly attached to her hips and he moaned and had to sit down with his legs crossed, pulled the table closer to hide his shame. Eru's mercy, he shouldn't think like that, it wasn't right. Alright, his wife was dead and the way she had behaved it was more likely that lord Namo would release all of the Feanorions at once than letting her return to life but nevertheless, he was regarded as a married man and…

Elhadron had simply shut himself off, he had turned all of his attention to his favorite pastime, reading and politics and one of the reasons was that his marriage had been a very chaste one to say the least. She had been in command the whole time and she had mocked him a lot and left him with a sense of being so inferior and flawed he never had dared thinking about other females at all. The few times he had been allowed to touch his wife she had complained about him being boring, being too loud, being too small, too lazy, without a sense of rhythm and so on and so forth until he stopped asking her completely. Naturally they had no children and he knew that he would spend his life in loneliness until he sailed. He couldn't risk getting involved with females again.

But this one, so sweet, such lovely dark eyes, he shouldn't dare to hope but he did anyhow. Maybe his luck was about to change? Oh he shouldn't, he really shouldn't, he would most certainly make a complete fool out of himself but that feeling…. Elhadron wasn't able to think about the book now, he couldn't get her face out of his mind, nor her body. He could smell her still, and he gave up. With a gasp he got back onto his feet and ran back to his chambers, closing the door hard behind him and just praying that nobody had seen his far from dignified exodus. He didn't know what to do, the images in his mind were so indecent his wife would have made him deaf from her yelling had she been there and known about it and he was aching.

He wandered around the rooms almost desperately, trying to think of everything else, tax reports, the number of sacks of flour stored in the storages, the best way to cure piles, it didn't work. All he could think about was that soft back end pressing against his body and with a hoarse yell he threw all resistance out the door and ripped his pants open, fell back into a chair which threatened to dissolve into its smallest parts from the impact and grasped onto himself. He hadn't done that since he was a mere youth, before his wife put the shame and fear into him, but his body still knew how it felt, and how it ought to be done. He closed his eyes and panted as he kept thrusting into his own grip and he groaned and whimpered and before long he came hard with a scream, legs shaking and hips jerking desperately and he thought he could die, it was such a relief, such an insane relief.

When he came to again he discovered that he had thick streaks of seed all over his chest and hand and his tunic had to be burned for sure for he couldn't let the washing ladies see this. But he felt better, in control again. He sighed and got up on trembling legs, he couldn't remember ever having felt thus with his wife, he couldn't remember coming at all in the years they had spent together. But now he had flushed the desire out of his system and could go back to normal, thank Eru for that. He had needed it but now things didn't bother him that much anymore and he could return to the books and give them his full attention.

He allowed himself to relax for a few minutes more, then he got out of his soiled clothing before he took a quick bath. Tomorrow she would return his robe and that would be the last he would see of her. It was as it ought to be, he was way too old for such a beautiful thing and she would never allow him to touch her, after all, there were so many attractive young ellyn around.

That evening Thranduil met Candriel by chance in one of the corridors, she bowed her head to him and grinned widely. " How are things going?"

He returned the smile. " Very well thank you, I have managed to convince that pious hag that I am one of the maiar and that I am to "bless" her"

Candriel laughed out loud. " Oh Eru, that sounds like a great plan, but will she allow you to do it somewhere public?"

Thranduil cocked his head. " When I am done with her I bet she would agree if I suggested doing it upon the throne."

Candriel shook her finger back and forth. " Do not be too cocky now my king, being to over confident may come back to bite you."

He just sniggered and raised an eyebrow. " And you my dear, how are your plan going so far?"

Candriel giggled. " Very well thank you, I think I gave that poor ellon the first hard on he has had in years. I bet he is somewhere in his rooms wanking off right now, and tomorrow I will continue, he is surely going to learn that not all females are fire breathing dragons."

Thranduil petted her on her back and stole a quick kiss. " Just let me know when you are going to go for it for real, I want to watch. "

Candriel sent him a wry grin. " Worry not, I will."

Thranduil saw her wandering off to work and then he returned to his own rooms to prepare himself for the nights great endeavor, soon he would have Gelinnas eating off his hand, he was sure of it. He would win the bet and then he would really reap the fruits of his labor. He chuckled to himself as he found the costume and the liquid, he could almost taste victory already and the taste was sweet.

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