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My first romance


Julie just got fired by her boss's son and in search of another job to be able to take care of herself and her brother. After days of searching the perfect job presents itself to her but the owner is someone she hated so much... But the pay is really good

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The beginning

Julie's pov...

Urghh i hated my job so much my boss was strict and always nagging "bleeehhhhh" i spat the foam out of my. Mouth into the sink in the toilet. I was only 23 years and i had gone through alot of hell already, i lost my mom and my younger sister i only had my dad and brother. I ran away from home when I was 19 to start a new life, my dad became abusive and an alcoholic, my brother broke his knee and gave up on life literally. I was the only one who still had hope and wanted to start my life afresh.
I had my bath and dried my hair as fast as i could, picked a blue shirt and a black skirt, tied my hair into a messy bun and applied lipstick and looked at myself in the mirror
"perfect" i thought to myself.
I walked to the kitchen found my roommate there with another girl
Tonia was a lesbian, a player at that, she brought in different girls every night, most times weeks.
Last week was Davina at least she lasted a week
I grabbed a cup of coffee and sipped alittle
Greeted my rooommate and left the room.

Tonia and i met each other at a bar, after i ran away from home, she ran away from home too but she was doing the exact opposite of what she said she was going to do that night. Tonia didn't care about anything at all, she didn't save or care to look for jobs, she tried a couple of times tho, gave up and started selling drugs for a guy named Bradley

Tonia and i stayed with each other for 2 years and shes pretty cool... While i am a shy, nerdy time. Shes the opposite crazy and psycho.

I got to work exactly 7:50. Phew my boss hated lateness
He fired his last secretary for being 5mins late to a board meeting. He was strictly all about business, he loved command, he loved being in charge, he yelled alot and had zero patience with everyone except the women he dated of course
He dated models and had a type

White women
They were either tall or nothing at all, most of them blonde's or brunette. My boss was a divorcee.

I did not really care, most of the women had a crush on my boss. I did not really care as a matter of fact i did not like my boss he was in late fifties but he was good looking for his age.

"Miss Logan" the voice snapped me out of my thoughts
It was mr tanna's voice a colleague. Tall and well respected in the company, he was close to my boss my (mr Hilton)

"could you help me get these files to mr Hilton table for his signature?" he asked politely

"er sure" i took them and walked and read the room sign in my head like its the first Time i was seeing it

Mr Hilton... Ceo

I knocked gently and waited for him to let me in

No response

I knocked again harder this Time

Still no response

I did not want to barge in on him so i don't lose my job
Then i knocked like a mad woman

Still no response

I waited for a while at my desk and went back after 30 mins had passed. I knocked again and still no response
I took in deep breaths and opened the door and found him lying on his face on the floor

"oh my God mr Hilton..." i ran to him, he was not breathing i screamed for help immediately... In minutes staff were packed inside the office. Mr Hilton was taken away after i called 911.

We stared at the ambulance leaving the premises, i looked around, no one,i mean one looked sober or sad about what happened to mr Hilton. I walked back into the building and back to my desk, i sat quietly, to be honest i was really scared, i thought he was dead.

As much as i hate him... I don't wish him dead.

I checked for mails and cleared my desk up and walked out of the building with my bag, took the bus home. I wondered if mr Hilton was going to be okay.

"Heyyyyy bitch what's popping... Wanna hit the bar tonight? I got a couple of guys coming over tonight my friends from work" she asked lamely even tho she knew i was going to say no.

"eeerr" acting like i was thinking "... nope" i dropped myself on the couch and stared at the TV she was watching the vampire dairies.

"i knew it.." she rolled her eyes "... You need to start living like a normal human" she said glaring at me as she handed me a bowl of soup.

"urgghh you are a life saver tonia" i smiled taking my soup "... So what time you leaving?"

"9pm ..." she looked at the clock and rushed to get dressed.

When she left i sat on the couch and changed the channel, it was already on the news that the ceo of Hilton corp fainted at work

"... According to source from the building, mr Hilton was discovered by a worker named mr Tanna Hudson and further....i stared at the reporter liked she made a mistake or something

I found him... Hes taking the credit for what i did... Not that it matters tho but still

I switched off the TV and layed on my bed and listened to music till i fell asleep.

I got to work 8, i was not really bothered about lateness today

Hilton is not gonna be at work today

I skipped into the building like a child, normally ill be running or ill be fired by now, i smiled to myself as i settled down and sipped my coffee. I checked mr Hilton mails and canceled all meetings that was supposed to hold today.

It's like a day off...

I sat in my chair surfing the net and enjoying my free day

I don't want this day to end

Like tanner senses my happiness

"quick emergency meeting let everyone be aware of it by 10 sharp" tanner rapped

I sent an email to every staff in the building informing them about the meeting...

Urghhhhhhhhh this is so annoying i wonder who called this stupid meeting...

I took my pad and phone and ran into the meeting room and waited for everyone to get seated

"who called this meeting?" i whispered to tanner

"the person who's gonna be in charge till mr Hilton is fine" he spat with disgust

I stared at him for a while "did you tell the reporters that you found mr Hilton in his office yesterday?" i blurted

He gave me this look that sent chills all over my body


The boardroom was noisy until we heard a bang on the table.

Oh boy

This dude looks exactly like mr Hilton,younger, hotter.


He wore a dark blue tuxedo, his body was beautifully made.

Perfect if you ask me

He stood in front of the room... To be honest he looked scary.. Really scary maybe worse than md Hilton

We were all quiet waiting for this man to speak

"hello" he said looking at the room with disgust "... I'm sure you all know me, im daniel, Daniel Hilton... And I'll be in charge till my dad recovers" he sat and started the meeting

"who is the secretary??" he asked, his voice sounded harsh

I was confused,... Do i stand or raise my hands or raise the pad what do i doooo

I looked at him he was staring and waiting for a response

I stood up "i am"

He studied me for a while before speaking "don't you know how to do your fucking job???!!! He roared

I shivered and stood up immediately

" i...i.im sorry " i stammered not knowing exactly what he meant by that

" why would you cancel all the meetings that were planned for today " he asked looking angry

"im sorry... I did not know that you would be taking over for mr Hilton today" i was scared now.

I don't want to lose my job

"Im certain i told you before you left the building yesterday" mr tanner said

Wait what... What the hell did i just hear.

I was about to speak when mr daniel walked over to me and took the tab from me

"you are fired"

I was packing my things Lowkey cussing in my head

You know what?? fuck it, he did not even let me explain myself, stupid dick

I was done with overbearing bosses.

As i left the building i gave mr tanner the finger and left the building

I know im supposed to feel bad coz the salary was awesome i paid my rents and fed myself and there would still be enough money.
But then fuck it... Ill just get another job.

I sat on my bed after bathing, i told tonia what happened
"urghhhh i cant wait to grab that bastard by the neck and shove his head in a toilet full of my shit" she cussed and i laughed.
I laid on my bed opened my laptop and looking for new jobs, the pay wasn't all that. I had so much to pay for, the rent was due in 2 weeks time, i was almost out of groceries and i had to send money to my bother.

I've been sending money to my brother, my dad doesn't really care... they hardly see each other. I had to take care of my brother at least.

I kept on checking till i slept off. The next morning i was fully dressed before it hit me

"oh... Ive been fired.. Ofc"

I took off all my cloths and sat down and switch on the tv in a tee and a pair of new socks. I always like covering my feet. Old habits.

I changed the channel and i saw him, the bastard who took my job away from me and beside him was the bastard that lied. I switched off the TV and checked newspapers that tonia left behind for me to check if they had vacancies in them.


I sat there wondering why tanner would lie like that, i thought we were cool, i mean we don't talk but i don't think I've ever done anything to him.

I spent the rest of my day reading comics and watching TV. When tonia got back she was drunk, after putting her to bed, i decided to check my laptop one last time, i turn it on and checked...

And there it was, the perfect job for me.

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