A cure for boredom


Thranduil is very bored, then he remembers some interesting books he have found in the Library and before long he is entertaining himself With one of the servant Maidens and some Young guards.

Erotica / Drama
Age Rating:


He was bored, extremely so. There was nothing to do, or rather, nothing he could do. He was the king, he couldn't just go gallivanting off into the woods or retreat to the baths or something like that. Being in charge could sometimes be a pain in the ass and he did sincerely wonder how his father had managed to stay sane for the many years he had been the ruler of this place.

Right now his son was out on a patrol, killing spiders and orcs and by Eru, he would have loved to join him. Everything was better than this. He sat there on his throne, looking great as always but nothing happened. There were nobody there asking to meet the king, no council meetings scheduled for days and the palace was almost deserted in the summer heat. Everybody was out hunting, gathering food or just having fun. He wasn't amused, not in the slightest. He was bored and wondered if he could be excused if he went to the library and found a book. He could sit there reading, claiming that it was some sort of important document.

He cringed, there was one book he had been reading just a few nights ago and he had found it by a coincidence in a rather messy part of the library. There were a lot of scrolls and books left by his father and even more which had been brought there from different other realms and not all of them were placed into the shelves. He had found it in a crate, a small red book which was seemingly rather uninteresting. He didn't know why he had picked it up but he had and he had opened it and what he saw had him stand there staring for a while. He had brought the book back to his private chambers, hidden underneath his cloak, and he had hid it well so the servants wouldn't find it when they changed his bedding. He had been reading it that night and before long he had to put a hand to himself, not only one time but several.

The very idea of what that book contained had bothered him for days now, he hadn't dared to read more but what he did read was glued to his mind still. He had no idea that any of the eldar were able to write something that…arousing. He squirmed in the seat, now that his thoughts had been turned in that direction it was hard to think of anything else. Oh by Eru, he was tormenting himself, he shouldn't think about such pleasurable activities right now, after all, he was in the throne room and the only people present were two guards who were placed right at the base of the dais.

He stared down at them, took a sip of his wine and something awakened in his gaze. Yes, he was the king, he ought to be able to do whatever he wanted right? He had been chaste for too goddamn long, it had been more than a year since the last time he had bedded someone and he was rather hot-blooded in spite of his often cool and indifferent behavior. The first centuries after his wife died he had managed to remain completely celibate but it became too much in the end and he didn't really care about the laws and rules the valar supposedly wanted the eldar to follow. It was all just pious superstition and was probably just made to prevent the noldor from having too much fun.

He stared at the two guards, they were both young and rather new to the guard company, both sylvan and both very pretty and absolutely attractive. He smirked, the slow smirk of a cat who has spotted a lame rat trapped in a corner. Now this could be fun, in fact the little plan he was making in his head would ensure him entertainment for days to come. He just had to choose the right moment, yes, this was a good idea. It would provide him with a welcome distraction and be a nice challenge. It would solve his boredom problem and his other problem too. Just the thought of the book and what it contained had made him painfully aroused.

He emptied the goblet by his side and leaned back into the throne, he knew the routine the servants followed and soon somebody would come to make sure that the candles hadn't burned completely down. He didn't care if that somebody was an elleth or an ellyn, if the elf in question was pretty enough he would give it a try anyhow. He knew what his good looks did to others and he did also know that many dreamed of being bedded by him, if only once. The two guards were not allowed to move unless they were ordered to and he chuckled to himself, being watched wasn't something he ordinarily enjoyed but he was rather eager to see how the two of them would react. It could be very interesting indeed.

He didn't have to wait for too long, an elleth in a servant's uniform came scurrying and she carried a small basket with candles. He grinned to himself, he had noticed that one before, she was rather tall and very pretty with thick honey colored hair and a very nice bosom too. In fact she was one of the more attractive ellith who worked there and he knew for a fact that she was rather popular among the ellyn, she wasn't as prudent as she liked to pretend that she were. He also knew that she found him attractive, he had ears everywhere and listened to the gossip of the servants more often than anyone knew, he gathered a lot of interesting information that way.

She replaced a few candles and didn't even look up towards the throne, kept her eyes down all the time. It was time to strike and he felt excited, almost as if he was to lead an attack. This ought to be rather good, he would know instantly if she rejected him, after all, he didn't want to force himself onto someone but he doubted that she would. The rumors all claimed that he was regarded an excellent lover most of the single ellith desired and he was a bit proud of that reputation. He got up, without making a sound and walked down the stairs slowly, with the usual cat-like elegance he was so famous for. She got aware of the movement and froze, bowed swiftly and kept her head lowered.

He did glide around her, watching her intently. " I have noticed you elleth, what is your name?"

She gasped, didn't dare to look straight at him. " C…Candriel my lord"

He smiled, let out a hand and let it slide slowly through her long silky locks, he did notice that her eyes got darker and her breath hitched. Great, she would be easy to persuade. He walked over to her other side, so close to her he knew she could feel his hot breath against her cheek and ears. " Such a sweet name, bold daughter right? Are you indeed bold?"

She swallowed, he could see that she was nervous, yet unable to understand why he was addressing her. " I…I think so my lord"

He lifted her chin, turned her face towards him, he stood so near her his chest pressed against her back and he could feel her trembling. Her eyes flickered and he heard her heartbeat, fast and strong. He could smell her, her scent was very feminine and slightly floral and rather nice too. He took a deep whiff of it. " You are tall Candriel, I like that. I bet there is some Sinda in you?"

She nodded and tried to smile. " Yes. Ah, my grandfather was a sinda and..,"

He interrupted her by leaning forward and letting his tongue slide along the edge of her ear towards the delicate point where he gently let his teeth nip at it. She gasped and almost dropped the basket and he could see how her nipples suddenly pressed against the fabric of her dress. Damn her breasts were nice, he had to give them some attention. He let go of her ear and whispered to her, rather huskily. " Would you like some more?"

Candriel just stared with huge eyes, still not quite sure about his intentions or how to interpret his words but he pressed himself against her and she couldn't avoid feeling his hard member against the small of her back. Candriel squeaked, she just stared at his face and those huge doe eyes were filled with disbelief but not rejection, not at all.

He grinned at her, a rather wolfish grin and took the basket from her hand, placed it on the floor with a swift movement, then he turned her around and grasped her face between his hands and kissed her with passion. At first her lips were stiff, then slowly they got softer and started moving with his and she heaved for air and put her arms around his neck. This was going the right way, excellent. He let go of her and she was breathing hard and her eyes were already a bit glazed, she was easy to ignite, the rumors were true. He leaned forth and licked and nibbled at her throat and she let out a strange almost mewling sound and he knew he had her, she wouldn't reject his advances at all.

He whispered to her. " If you don't want this, then now is the time to let me know for if not I will ravish you right here and now"

Candriel gasped and he could smell it, she was aroused and ready and already shivering. The thought of being bedded by the king had to be the death of every thought of pretending to be a prudish and well behaved lady. He knew a lot about this one already and he was going to discover even more. " Oh my lord, I…I want it"

Thranduil grinned again, a dangerous spark flickered within his gaze and he grasped her and lifted her. " Thought so!"

There was a bench placed on the platform in front of the stairs leading up to the throne, it was used when somebody came to speak with the king and had to wait and it was long and low and rather comfortable. Now he placed her on it and she gasped as he simply lifted the wide dress and pulled it off her in one quick tug. She was glorious, just as he had anticipated and she wore nothing underneath it in the summer heat. Her body was not as toned as that of a warrior and she had a tiny waist and a gorgeous ass and long strong legs. He couldn't wait to feel them wrapped around his waist.

Candriel was shivering, biting her lip, eyes glazed and there was yet a small hint of uncertainty within her eyes. " M..My lord, what if someone…enters the hall?!"

He grinned and knelt down next to the bench. " Worry not, I have used my magic to shield the throne area, nobody can see or hear anything that is happening here."

She relaxed visibly. " Oh, but...the guards?"

Thranduil pushed her back against the soft bench. " Never mind them, they cannot speak of anything they see or hear here, and won't move unless I order them too."

He already knew that the two guards were a bit in shock of what was going on, he could sense it. They were confused too, not sure of what to do. Oh how he enjoyed knowing that they would see everything. "And now my sweet one I intend to find out just how sweet you are"

He pushed her legs apart and started kissing his way up the inside of her legs, slowly and deliberately and she squealed and stared down at him with eyes that were dark and just so darn gorgeous. She was submitting to him perfectly and he promised himself that he would seek her out later too. Before long she was writhing and gasping and he hadn't even touched her sex yet, she was indeed ready for he could smell it and see it too. She was sopping wet and trembling with desire. He continued to tease her, reached up to knead those marvelous breasts of hers and she was close, he could tell by the way she was breathing.

And he heard that the two guards were having problems too. The bench was right in front of them and he had on purpose placed her so that the two guards could see absolutely everything that was going on. Both were having problems breathing and he could hear a very faint sound of armor creaking too, it had to be hard to stay perfectly immobile. He grinned wickedly and let his tongue slide in between her folds, heard her inhale sharply and she bucked her hips up towards him, oh she was wonderful. He loved the taste of her, and she was so sensitive and ready she came the moment he reached her clit. She screamed his name, shuddered and writhed and he knew this one wasn't a faker. Her muscles were contracting nicely and he was yearning to bury his cock deep inside of her wet heat.

He got up from his crouching position and stared down at her, her skin was flustered and she was covered with a thin layer of sweat and he let his robe fall off, then he removed his richly embroidered tunic and undershirt and kicked off the high boots. She was panting and her eyes were distant and dreamy. " That was the appetizer my dear, here comes the main course."

He removed his belt and pulled his pants down and stood there naked, he heard that one of the guards let out a faint gasp, the poor ellon could probably not control himself any more. He caught Candriel's gaze with his own eyes and she stared at him, watched how he let his own hand caress his hard length and she gasped and looked rather shocked by his sheer size. He took a few steps forward, stood right next to her. " I tasted you, I think it would be just fair if you returned the favor?"

The two guards had everything happening just a few feet away and he could hear a rattling sound coming from their armors. The masks covered their faces but he could see their eyes, both were wide eyed and their gaze glazed with arousal. It had to be rather uncomfortable, the linen and leather pants the guards wore underneath all the armor were rather tight. He chuckled slightly to himself and Candriel looked a bit uncertain but sat up and placed her hands on his hip. He had heard that she was rather good at giving head and he wasn't disappointed at all. She was a champion at it, she had an amazing control of her gag reflex and could take him far down her throat without choking and it was amazing. He let a hand caress her silky hair while she let her head bob back and forth and he used the other one to show her the rhythm he wanted without being too forceful.

After all he was very considerate and gentle towards his lovers and he would never hurt anyone on purpose. He could only close his eyes and groan and let her do the job, she had to have quite a lot of experience but that was just great. He remembered his wife, she had been innocent when they got married and although he had enjoyed teaching her what she needed to know she had been a bit too shy for his liking at times. Candriel was not shy, not at all and he could sense that she had started liking the fact that they were being watched. She would throw some quick hidden glances at the two guards who were suffering by now, it was rather easy to see that.

He was getting very close and stopped her, he wanted to come in her cunt, not in her mouth and she obeyed eagerly when he got her up on her hands and knees on the bench. He made sure that he placed her at an angle that made everything visible to the guards before he put one knee up on the bench while standing on the ground with the other, that way she was the right height and he didn't hesitate at all. He slid into her with one quick thrust and Candriel yelled, a hoarse throaty sound filled with sheer lust and he gasped from the immense pleasure and grasped her hips so hard it would leave marks but he didn't care now. He was in a haze of pleasure and desire and his thrusts were fast and hard but controlled. He didn't want to injure her and not all ellith were deep enough to take all of him. Candriel was, no doubt about that and it felt so darn good to just let go and allow his body to be in control just for once.

It didn't take long before he came, it felt like an explosion and she came too, screaming loudly and shaking almost violently. He held onto her while he spilled and he roared and groaned and let go of everything even resembling control. It was such a sweet madness and just what he had needed. He collapsed over her, feeling her heaving for air and giggling and he smiled and kissed her throat. " That was wonderful my sweet, ready for more?"

Candriel blinked and stared at him with disbelief. " Are you able to….Oh!"

He sent her a self-confident grin, he had stored up so much desire and lust it just took him a minute or two to get another rock hard erection and he flipped her over and she moaned and wrapped her legs around him as he entered her once more. The bench was creaking and the legs were being pushed back and forth over the stone tiles with a screeching sound but he didn't mind, Candriel was whimpering, mewling, clawing at his back and ass and he didn't mind. The pain only added to his pleasure and he bit her shoulder, not hard but just enough to add an edge to it all. He pulled his legs up and now she was laying there with her bottom pressed against his lap and her legs were still wrapped around him while he sat almost upright. It had always been a position he enjoyed and he leaned forth and squeezed her nipples with two fingers and were rewarded with a loud yell, she had closed her eyes and her face was contorted in ecstasy, a gentle flick of a finger at the top of her slit and she came again, screaming like mad.

Oh he loved the squealers, they were the best. At least he could be darn sure she enjoyed it fully and he allowed himself to be just as loud. It was all a part of the plan. Could he make the two guards come just from watching this? It had become a challenge and one he intended to finish with a success as a result.

The bench was threatening to fall apart, Candriel was moaning and groaning and he made her come again and again and he was amazed by her sheer endurance. She was truly a gem and he thought that he would make sure that she was available whenever he needed more of this. They changed their positions again and he had a crooked grin on his face, the first guard had stood there shivering and when the king had Candriel straddling him, riding him with lusty determination the poor ellon had made a weird choked sound and for a second he had leaned forward, shuddering all over. There as a spreading dark wet spot on the front of his pants and it was evidence enough, the poor elf was barely able to stand afterwards and Thranduil smirked. One down, one more to go.

Candriel had sort of guessed what he wanted and there was a mischievous glint in her eyes as she sat there with the tip of her tongue out of the corner of her mouth and her hips moving in teasing circles. She sat with her back to the guards and since he had spread his legs a bit the two unfortunate guards saw everything in detail. Candriel did nothing to hide the fact that this felt good, she was moaning his name, leaning forward and riding him like an expert. " Oh this is soo good, oh my lord yes, buck up again, aaahhh, oh yes"

He grinned and did what she wanted, there was a spark of understanding between them, a sort of connection and she blinked an eye and sent the guards a naughty grin. " Fuck me harder my lord, oh I love to feel your cock, deep deep inside"

The last guard let out a loud whimper, his eyes rolled up and his hips moved back and forth a few times and he was coming without any doubt. He almost let go of his spear and Thranduil could hear how the leather of his gloves were creaking. He had to be squeezing his fists together so hard the leather almost ruptured. They both heard a loud moan and grinned at each other, Thranduil chuckled and grasped her again, bucked fast up and she squealed and met his movements with glee. Before long they both came once more and now both were exhausted and sated.

He just laid there next to her for a few minutes, enjoyed the intimacy and the warmth of her skin. He kissed the back of her sweaty neck and she purred and pressed that pert little ass against his groin and he chuckled and gave it a teasing little slap. " Enough for today my sweet, but be sure that I will require your…skills, again soon"

She bit her lower lip, sweet Eru, she was too sexy for her own good. " I am looking forward to it my lord"

He nodded. " Oh I bet you are. Be sure that I will reward your efforts, I do take care of those I treasure. "

She giggled and got up, not shy at all and the two guards were visibly shaken, sweaty and rather disheveled. She did blow him a kiss as she pulled on the dress and hurried off to bathe and get the scent of him off of her.

The king hid his smirk and got up too, put on his robe and his boots and grasped the rest of his clothes. He was heading for his private baths and grinned to himself. At least he wasn't bored anymore and he felt a whole lot better. He would send Candriel a really nice gift, perhaps some jewels or a nice dress and he would make sure that everybody knew that she from this day forth was his mistress. Nobody else were to touch her. He turned towards the two guards, they looked deeply ashamed and he wasn't going to let this be the end of it. No, he had plans for them too but that would have to wait a couple of days. Candriel had really managed to satisfy him and he would need a few nights with that book of his before he had a go at the two delectable young warriors. He bet they would be more than ready after this.

Both stared at the floor and he put on his normal regal expression. " Open the hatch to the air channel above the throne room, it needs to be aired out. And then you can consider yourself dismissed, for now that is…"

The two let out a sigh of relief and hurried to do what he asked of them, although with a weird gate. Both had sticky wet pants and he knew the feeling, he watched as they got the hatch open, the room reeked of sex and he didn't want anyone to come by and feel that scent. He went to the baths and started working on his new plan, oh yes, it was going to be just as entertaining and probably just as satisfying. He was suddenly looking forward to the days to come, yes, the next week would be interesting for sure.

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