The hunter


Weird monsters suddenly appear out of nowhere near Imladris and Glorfindel is trying to figure out what they are. Then the one hunting them shows up and before long the elf is pursuing the hunter.

Erotica / Action
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A chance meeting

Prologue: A choice is made

The tall dark haired man stared at the poorly dressed farmer and shook his head, partly in compassion and partly in disbelief. The man stood there leaning over a fallen tree, puking violently and he didn't seem to stop anytime soon. The reason for this behavior lay just a few yards away, the corpse of a young child that had been sent out to herd the sheep. The remains of the sheep were spread all over the meadow, it looked as if it had been raining body parts and entrails and the stench and buzzing from what had to be a million flies were overwhelming.

He turned in the saddle, stared at his two companions. "We have seen this before have we not?"

The elf nodded and the pitch black eyes were even colder than usual, they looked like pieces of polished obsidian, devoid of anything except rage. "Yes, most definitely. They have just killed, nothing is eaten here."

The third companion had dismounted, he walked around, stared at the ground while mumbling to himself. He shook his head. "A huge pack, twenty at least. I wonder where they came from this time?"

The tall man made a grimace. "Heavens know, some moron magician must have opened a gate to the wrong dimension, again!"

The third man threw his white hair back and the expression on his face was serious. "That matters little, what really matters is that we have to stop these beasts before they kill any more."

The elf shifted his weight in the simple saddle, his huge brown warhorse was moving restlessly, eager to go. "Easier said than done. They won't let themselves be caught, not easily. "

The third man just grinned. "She will lead me to them, fear not. She doesn't want such monsters present in her creation. The Goddess will show us the way."

The tall man petted his horse and touched the hilt of his blade almost lovingly. "So, where have they gone from here?"

The farmer had stopped puking at last, he wiped off his face and looked more than a little green. He coughed and tried to stand straight, look brave. "Some of our young men tracked them for a while, they went towards the river."

The dark haired man smiled. "That is good my friend, we'll ride then. The faster we find them, the faster we can kill them."

He sounded more confident than he was, these monsters were particularly hard to get rid of, almost impossible was the right word to use but it was their duty to protect the people of this lands and nothing should stop them from doing just that, even such unnatural creations. They turned the horses and rode hard towards the river and before long they saw the tracks of the pack, these monsters did nothing to hide their presence and were easy to track in daylight. In the nighttime it became a whole different challenge all together and the darkness was the preferred habitat for these beasts.

The tracks stopped by the river and there they split up, that wasn't expected at all and the riders stared at each other with frowns upon their faces. The packs usually never split up like that, it wasn't the way these creatures hunted at all. The white haired man rode along the tracks and they disappeared into thin air, just some burned grass and marks on the ground confirmed what he suspected. "Half of the pack went somewhere else."

The elf sighed. "Then we have just ten to worry about, brilliant. That's three for each and one extra"

The white haired man shrugged. "It is strange, why would half of the pack split up like that and disappear? I do not think they were pulled back to their own world, it doesn't feel that way."

The dark haired man looked a bit sinister, his green eyes were dark. "So what do you think Rheynek?"

The white haired hunter took a deep breath. "These monsters shouldn't get away, not even like this."

The elf made a grimace. "Do you think you can follow them? That is dangerous, you do not know where they went?"

Rheynek nodded. "I know Hawk, I know. But it is my duty to pursue these beasts and kill them, they exist only to inflict damage and hurt, remember that. I am the Goddess own hunter remember? I cannot change what I am, not more than I can change the color of my skin"

The elf sighed and smiled. "I know brother, but be careful. You might end up in a very dangerous world."

Rheynek just shrugged and touched the mane of his mare lovingly. "What do you say Starwind? Ready for an adventure?"

The great dun mare pawed at the ground and snorted and Raigh turned the big black destrier he rode and grabbed Rheynek's hand. "We will deal with the ten that is left here, worry not. They will not escape us. "

Rheynek grinned widely. "And neither will the ten I am to follow, tell Enez that I will return soon, she should not worry about me. "

Raigh just chuckled. "No? She will tear the walls down until you return and you know it. She will demand to know why she wasn't allowed to join us. "

Rheynek just scoffed. "Because she is too darn brave for her own good and she knows it."

He checked that he had all of his weapons and turned the mare around, started chanting and a part of the very air itself seemed to solidify and become almost like a liquid. Hawk hissed, he didn't like looking at it at all and the magic involved made his senses tingle. "Good hunting brother."

Rheynek just smiled and spurred the dun mare, she jumped at the mirror like surface without fear, they went through and disappeared and the two remaining riders looked at each other and shrugged. "He is just as brave as she is, and far more reckless."

The elf nodded and stringed his great bow. "He has quite a task ahead of him, but so do we. Let's ride."

He spurred Trollcrusher and Raigh roared to Nightblade and the black horse ran after the great brown stallion like a ghost.

Chapter one: A chance meeting.

Glorfindel stood there feeling a bit bewildered and confused not the least, he had no idea of what they were up against. He had been sitting comfortably in his office in Imladris when Erestor came rushing in through the door with a speed that indicated that something was very wrong, either his robes were on fire or the whole valley were under siege or something. Glorfindel got up and the seneschal caught his breath and rolled his eyes. "What's the matter? Are there orc's invading us?"

Erestor wheezed and got his normal composure back but he did look a bit pale. "I fear that this is something even worse!"

Glorfindel frowned, worse than orcs? "What? Is it a balrog?"

Erestor shook his head. "No, Malagar and his troop just returned from duty, they have come across a whole pack of orcs, all dead, mauled in the most terrible ways, and some farmers outside of the valley have lost most of their cattle. Something has killed both orcs and animals."

Glorfindel felt a cold chill running down his spine. "Really?"

Erestor nodded. "The twins are saddling up as we speak. Please, it is urgent"

Glorfindel sighed, farewell to a peaceful evening with his paperwork. This sounded serious, a whole pack of orcs murdered? What in heck's name could do that?

And so it was that he a couple of hours later found himself on a pasture filled with dead cows and calves, all the animals were bloody and torn apart but nothing had been eaten. Malagar and the twins had joined him and he had ridden hard the whole way. Now he held the reins of his white stallion and felt like retching, Elladan stood with his sword drawn, he was examining the carcass of a calf and he looked a bit pale. Both tissue and bone were ripped apart and the whole meadow looked like an abattoir that has been hit by a tornado. There were body parts everywhere.

Elrohir was studying some strange tracks that went through the meadow, they did look a bit like the tracks of some huge canine but not even wargs would have done something like this. There was a strange smell in the air, it reminded them all of unwashed socks and it was very strong, and extremely unpleasant. Malagar stood there holding his own horse and those the twins rode and he looked pale and green, he was holding some cloth up in front of his nose and he didn't even look at the carcasses.

Glorfindel had never seen anything like this, ever. It was obviously something new and he wondered if Sauron had managed to conjure up something even more terrifying than his wargs, but why would the beasts then have attacked the orcs? Was it perhaps something so wild not even their master could control them, or something altogether different? He let go of the reins and went over to Elladan who had sheathed his blade again, the peredhel stood there and stared down at the dead calf. "I wonder what this goo is?"

He pointed at the dead animal, some thick bluish liquid was visible around the wounds and the awful stench came from it. Glorfindel made a grimace, was it spit or perhaps some sort of poison? Elladan took a piece of wood and poked at the goo and the twig immediately started to shrivel and it went black, as if it had been burned. Elladan let go of it with a curse and stared at the goo with wide eyes. "This is acid damn it!"

Glorfindel nodded. "Looks like it yes, let me check something. "

He pulled his pocket knife and got some of the goo on the blade, it started creating smoke and the blade melted right in front of their eyes. "Sweet Eru, whatever this is, it is creating acid strong enough to eat through solid steel, what is this?"

Malagar grunted and tried to calm the horses, they were throwing their heads and whinnying, obviously afraid of something. "I have no idea my lord, but whatever it was, they went north."

Glorfindel hesitated, he stared at the twins and two sets of blue eyes met his own, they were unafraid and would go up against any enemy without hesitation, they were perfect warriors but Glorfindel started to worry that this perhaps was something neither of them could hope to fight and escape from unscathed. He had died once, he would very much prefer to stay alive this time.

Elrohir had a stern look upon his face. "We have to do something, the poor farmers have lost every animal in the herd and it will become a disaster if this continues. And if the enemy gets a hold of these creatures whatever they are? That would be really bad!"

Glorfindel knew that his apprentice was right, they had to do something. "Alright, we do pursue, but do not engage unless you have to. "

The elves mounted and got the reluctant horses to gallop along the trail, the tracks were easy to see and Glorfindel tried to determine how many creatures there were. It was hard to tell and he gave up. There could be just a handful or a whole army of them. The farmers had told Malagar that the dogs had went haywire at the time of the attack and that even the chickens in their coops were restless. The captain had told Glorfindel that the attack on the herd had been incredibly swift, a herder had just left the herd to go and take a piss and he wasn't even done when he heard the animals scream. When he returned just a couple of minutes later they were all dead and the assailants gone. The poor man had never before been in such luck, if his bladder hadn't been full just at that moment he would have been dead too.

They rode hard and Glorfindel got a bit nervous, the day was getting close to its end and the sun was setting, he somehow sensed that this would be very dangerous if they encountered these beasts in the dark. They rode up a narrow mountain valley when they suddenly noticed that a new set of tracks had joined theirs, one horse unshod and carrying a rider. The hoof prints were huge and Glorfindel frowned, it was rather apparent that the rider was in pursuit of the same beasts as they were and he was ahead of them. One rider alone against something like that? Glorfindel got a bit nervous, what was going on?

The forest was telling them of discomfort, of fear and confusion and the twins stared at the trees with wide eyes. Something wasn't right there, it was unnatural and just wrong. Some animals were scurrying past them with wild eyes and so scared they didn't even notice the four riders. Glorfindel took a deep breath, deer, raccoons and even a boar ran past them and every animal were heading south, away from the strange things that had killed the herd. Birds were flying south, the trees were moaning and creaking and screaming warnings into his mind. They should turn back, this was out of their league for sure, they should return with a whole troop of the best warriors they had. He had only time to think this through once before something happened, a huge dark shadow came bolting out through the bushes with a terrifying roar and Glorfindel thought that it was one of the monsters before he saw that it was a bear, and it was a terrible sight to behold. Awful wounds covered half of its body and most of the flesh and skin appeared to have been burned away.

Its face was almost ripped away and it only had one eye, glowing with agony fear and rage. That the bear was alive was a miracle and the animal collided with Elrohir's horse and the impact was so sudden and hard it flipped the horse over. The bear roared desperately and Glorfindel didn't have time to react, Malagar had already knocked an arrow and let it fly and it hit the bear straight in the heart and the animal dropped with a final pained groan.

Elrohir's horse screamed and trashed around, desperate to get back up but it couldn't, Elrohir lay trapped beneath it and Elladan was already off his own horse and tried to pull his brother away from the trashing gelding. Glorfindel moaned, it was very apparent that the poor gelding had fractured at least one front leg in the fall, probably both and the huge dark eyes were filled with blind panic. Glorfindel nodded at Malagar who had a new arrow knocked already. "Do it, end his suffering."

Malagar shot the horse between the eyes and it went limp, Elladan managed to pull his brother free now that the animal didn't move and the youngest twin groaned and was pale. Glorfindel had dismounted and he stared at the two brothers, it was obvious that Elrohir was injured by the fall and Elladan looked very worried. "He has fractured his arm and twisted his knee. "

Glorfindel sighed. "Then get him onto your horse and take him home, now. I will see if I can manage to determine what it is we are up against, then I will return too for reinforcements."

Malagar looked relieved, he didn't like this at all and Elladan quickly lifted Elrohir up onto his horse and mounted behind him. Glorfindel stared at the dead bear, it was obvious that it had been attacked by the same thing that had killed the cattle and it did stink. The horses started to nicker and they acted skittishly, the forest was singing a silent warning. Danger, near!

Glorfindel pulled his blade and stared out into the darkening forest, he could sense it, there was something out there, something malicious and wicked, something evil. And it was nearby too, he felt a chill running down his spine. "Gods, be with us"

Then a deep raw voice was heard through the ascending darkness. "If you want to live, do not move!"

Glorfindel turned his head and stared with wide eyes at the stranger who stared at them with the most peculiar eyes he had ever seen. Heck, the whole man was peculiar, he was dark skinned like a man from the south and very tall but his hair was white like snow and his eyes bright yellowish green like those of a huge cat. The stranger rode a very tall dun mare and now he rode past them and got up in front. He stared out into the darkness. "They are near, and they have sensed you. That screaming told them prey is available, they are coming."

Glorfindel sensed something odd about the man, he was filled with some sort of energy, magic perhaps and he looked very confident. This was a hunter who knew his prey and Glorfindel was struck by the strange air of power and dominance the man exuded. Elladan stared at the man with narrow eyes and Malagar looked scared, no wonder really. The man was unworldly beautiful but also terrifying and Glorfindel knew by sheer instinct that he never had met a more dangerous warrior, ever. "Pardon me, but who are you and…"

The man interrupted him with a sudden hand gesture, he stared into the darkness and then he started mumbling something. The air around them began to shiver and Glorfindel felt the temperature drop. The horses shivered and panted with eyes wide open and the four elves felt a strange and restless energy build up there. They saw eyes in the darkness, huge red eyes that were staring with malice and hunger and Glorfindel knew they were in mortal danger. The stranger whispered. "Do not move, do not make any sound. They won't be able to find us and they will move on. Then you can leave."

There were sounds coming from the darkness, growls and hisses and the sound of something heavy moving through the bushes, Glorfindel was shivering, the sense of dread so strong he almost pissed himself and the twins were pale as ghosts. Malagar had closed his eyes and his lips moved in prayer, the stranger on the other hand was calm as a cucumber. His mare didn't move a muscle but even Glorfindel's stallion was sweating and shaking and rolling his eyes. The sounds were everywhere around them, Glorfindel felt the stench and heard the trees screaming in disgust and fear and he had problems breathing.

The stranger stared into the darkness, a small grin on his mouth and the weird cat's eyes did reflect light just like the eyes of nocturnal creatures. It did look insane and terrifying and Glorfindel was frightened of him, he had to admit that. The beasts were making sounds, short growls and grunts and it was awful just to sit there on a terrified horse and not being able to see the opponent, he had yet no idea of what he was up against. All he knew was that these beasts were dangerous and many and strong. The stranger mumbled something once more and the air shivered again, stronger this time, the elegant slender body had a tenseness to it now, and the stranger had his hand on the hilt of a sword he carried at his hip. He had another one across his back and a huge bow was strapped to the saddle behind him. He did look a bit like a riding armory.

The beasts passed them by, the sounds got more distant and Glorfindel stared at the stranger with narrow eyes, the white haired man was in fact grinning. What in the name of Morgoth was going on there? And what was this man? He was no human, that was most certain but no elf either and the power that surrounded him was breathtaking. Was he some sort of wizard? The stranger listened, eyes closed and face relaxed, the mare just stood there with her ears tilted forwards and she chewed on the bit and looked at ease. Glorfindel's horse was still panting and the two other elven steeds did look terrified too.

The rider turned his head, his voice kept low but he wasn't whispering. "They will be gone soon enough, I finished two of them off earlier this evening so there are just eight left."

Glorfindel swallowed, gathered all his confidence and stared straight at the stranger. "Again, who are you and what are those things?"

The rider grinned, a wide grin that revealed that he had teeth that looked rather menacing. "They are called death dogs by some, ghost demons by others but whatever you choose to name them, they are lethal and you have to know what you are doing if you are to hunt them down."

Glorfindel saw that Malagar was frightened still and Elrohir looked more pale than he should, he could perhaps have suffered some internal injury. Glorfindel bit his teeth together. "And you know how to hunt them?"

The stranger bowed his head politely. "Indeed I do, I am known as Rheynek, and I am a hunter by profession. Monsters and evil beings are my targets, in whatever form they take and in whatever worlds they may seek refuge."

Glorfindel frowned. "Worlds?"

The hunter nodded. "Yes, there are countless worlds out there, I am from one not so different from this one, and I followed those beasts here. I know you don't know how to fight them. "

Glorfindel felt a bit confused. "Are you a mage?"

Rheynek shrugged. "Maybe, I know some magic but I do prefer fighting with a blade, not with spells."

Glorfindel pulled himself together, he had to be polite. "I am known as Glorfindel of Imladris, this is Elladan and Elrohir Elrondion and Malagar of Imladris. We were called to check some cattle that had been killed and a bear came running and collided with one of the horses, that is why Elrohir is wounded."

Malagar had calmed down a bit. "Please, we must return, Elrohir is in a bad way now. We must make haste."

Glorfindel hesitated, he felt a sudden urge to stay with the stranger, to learn. Rheynek grinned, a strange pleased grin. "You may ride now, follow the river. The beasts fear running water for some reason. And they do not like daylight either."

Glorfindel stared at the captain. "Malagar, lead them home. I will see what this stranger is capable of."

Malagar hesitated and looked a bit confused but then he nodded and turned his horse around, spurred him. Elladan just stared at Glorfindel for a second before he did the same and Glorfindel felt a bit uncertain all of a sudden. He was alone with this mysterious creature and didn't really know what to say or do. Rheynek cocked his head, stared at him. The glowing eyes were so fierce, so burning and they reminded Glorfindel of the eyes of certain individuals back in the first age, so much power, so much potential destruction. "So, you want to learn ha? Then you'd better listen up because one mistake here will be one mistake too many"

Glorfindel swallowed hard, he stared at the white haired man. "They excrete acid don't they?"

Rheynek nodded and made his mare walk forth. "They do, it is in their spit and in some glands in their mouths too, they can hit you with it from a distance so be aware. And their blood is even worse. "

Glorfindel made his stallion walk beside the mare. "Really? But, how do these beasts look? What are they?"

Rheynek just smiled again. "They are animals from a very strange world where there is no light, just the stars, and they are a natural part of the wildlife there. Here on the other hand they can run amok and create a terrible mess. You see, they cannot eat anything here, it is poisonous to them so they just kill and leave the bodies behind. Their blood is boiling hot by the way, you'll get scalded if it hits your skin."

Glorfindel shivered, an animal which spat acid and bled boiling blood, that was charming. It did in fact beat even a balrog. Rheynek looked at him. "You look like a warrior and I can sense that you have both experience and great courage but I am warning you. This will be no joyride. You do as you are told or else I cannot guarantee your survival."

Glorfindel just nodded, he didn't really know what to say. This man was so overwhelming, so present in a weird sense. He dominated his surroundings and Glorfindel found a strange urge within himself to submit, to allow this male to take the lead. It was strange for normally he would always prefer to be the one in charge of everything. "Now to your question again, they look a bit like a giant dog but imagine a dog made from jelly, the flesh is transparent and you can see the organs and bones through their hide. The skin is covered with long spikes and they look perhaps a bit like a skinned animal, rather disgusting. They have poor eyesight but excellent noses and their heads look a bit like that of an alligator if you are familiar with that type of creature?"

Glorfindel shook his head and he hadn't even heard the word. Rheynek did speak a sort of westron mixed with a few elvish words and he did understand the hunter rather well in spite of his weird lilting accent.

Rheynek made a grimace and thought hard for a second or two. "Right, a rather flat and long head with huge jaws and eyes that are placed rather high on the head and a set of teeth that would make a shark green with envy."

Glorfindel shuddered. "Sounds cozy, but how the heck do you kill something like that? The acid eats steel!"

Rheynek nodded. "It does, there is just one metal strong enough to be used against these beasts."

He pulled a dagger out of his boot and threw it over to Glorfindel who stared at the marvelous craftsmanship with awe. The blade had a strange color, it was white but it shone with a greenish glow and it was so light and yet it looked extremely tough. Rheynek grinned. "The goddess own metal, the only thing that really does the trick."

Glorfindel felt that the balance of the blade was perfect, he felt a bit envious for a moment. "The one who forged this must have been a master? It looks a bit like what we call mithril but it isn't as shiny?"

Rheynek petted his horse absentmindedly. "I know what you are referring too, dwarf silver. We have that in our world too but it is rare. This on the other hand is even rarer and only one knows how to shape it. "

Glorfindel got curious. "Who?"

Rheynek shrugged. "An old blacksmith, or at least that is what he tries to make people believe that he is. In reality he is the one to whom the dwarves pray, their creator and god. "

Glorfindel just gaped, Aüle? Or the equivalent to that Vala? Rheynek petted his sword lovingly. "This is his work too, a masterpiece. Nadharn has saved my ass several times."

The golden haired warrior stared at the hilt, the pommel was shaped like a wolfs head and he tilted his head. "Does that mean anything?"

Rheynek nodded. "The wolf's fang. I have had it for years."

The hunter turned his horse and headed uphill. "It is wise that someone here learns how to deal with these beasts in case someone just shows up here later, but I do find it worrying that they are here in the first place. I and my companions were chasing a herd of twenty and they split up and one half went here. It was unexpected."

Glorfindel tried to pay attention to everything the hunter said. "They are pack animals?"

Rheynek nodded. "Yes, they cannot make it alone for some reason. It is like the whole pack share one mind."

Glorfindel knew he had to remember that for later. "Where are we heading?"

Rheynek pointed out into the darkness. "To a safe place. I will not hunt now during the night, it is their domain after all. They are vulnerable in daylight, that is when I prefer to strike."

The elf sighed. "Why is that?"

Rheynek shrugged. "They have no real skin remember? The sunlight burns them and so they seek refuge and that is where they can be fought. Hunting them out in the open at night is near suicide. The two I finished off earlier were cut off from the pack by a small stream, that enabled me to shoot them."

Glorfindel tilted his head. "So they can be shot?"

The hunter pulled an arrow from his quiver, it was rather long and had black fletching and the arrowhead was in that strange whitish greenish metal. "Yes, but only with arrows like this. Their meat may be transparent but it is terribly dense and an ordinary arrow won't even pierce it."

Glorfindel sighed, these beasts sounded more and more like a nightmare.

They rode for a while and stopped by a giant oak tree, its branches wide as roads and Rheynek dismounted and got the saddle off the mare. "We'll stay here for the rest of the night, they don't know how to climb and even though they can bring down trees with their acid this one is too great even for them. "

Glorfindel dismounted too and let his horse lose, it immediately started to graze and he saw that Rheynek gathered some dead wood and made a small fire. Then he found a small kettle and put some water into it, dropped some dried leaves and berries in with the water and smiled. "Tea, I do have wine but that will have to wait for later, when we can celebrate the death of your enemies."

Glorfindel found his own small pouch of food and sat down to eat some lembas bread, it was dry but enough for now. He got a cup of tea and a sort of cake made from fat, dried grinded meat and berries and it did in fact taste good. Rheynek put out the fire and then he climbed into the tree with the ease and grace of a squirrel. He did remove some remnants of strange blue symbols that had been drawn onto his skin with a cloth before he opened his roll of blankets.

Glorfindel joined him, one of the branches was so wide it was easy sleeping on it. He stared at the white haired male and admired the way the moonlight and stars made the white hair shimmer. And those eyes, unnatural yes but haunting, filled with a mischievous glimpse that stirred something within Glorfindel, something that had been asleep for a long time. The hunter leaned back towards the stem of the tree, staring up at the stars, he was actually beautiful, both with a predatory and a bit frightening side to him and an ethereal and yet very masculine appearance.

Glorfindel couldn't help himself. "If you don't mind me asking, what are you?"

His voice was a bit thin and trembling and Rheynek opened one green eye and stared at him, that tilted grin still on his lips and Glorfindel felt his heart do a somersault in his chest, what was this man doing to him?

"Oh, that is hard to explain, the goddess I serve created me you see. I was born as a human being, as the illegitimate son of a mad prince nonetheless but she took my body and mind and transformed me. What I am now? Heaven knows, a hunter. "

Glorfindel swallowed. "There has to be more to it than just that?"

Rheynek shrugged and put his arms behind his neck, Glorfindel saw that he wasn't just tall, he was extremely muscular but not in a bulging way. He was toned and lean like a great panther and the elf had to tear his eyes away from the sight. "Oh, of course. I have magic now, and I am far stronger, faster and stealthy than a human and even most elves. My senses are hyper sensitive, I can heal very fast and survive injuries that would kill any other creature, I sense evil from a great distance and I am capable of fighting for days if I need to. "

Glorfindel didn't doubt him, that was the weird thing. The hunter said these things so matter-of-factly, he wasn't bragging at all. It was the truth and he realized that Rheynek was a very honest being. "So, what is the hardest kill you have made?"

Rheynek had a wry grin in his face and his eyes were closed. "A God"

Glorfindel gasped. "A God?! Sweet Eru!"

Rheynek nodded. "My first assignment in fact, you see, in my world there are many minor deities, and they all serve the one."

Glorfindel frowned. "It is the same here, we call them Valar."

The hunter nodded. "I guess that word is as good as any. Now, one of these gods wanted more power for himself and he was overthrown by his siblings and bound in the earth itself, deep deep down. But the mad man who sired me managed to unleash him and the ancient god possessed his body and became a terrible enemy. The Goddess created me just to fight him and his minions."

Glorfindel found this fascinating. It sounded a lot like Morgoth or Sauron from this world. "So, what happened, what were these minions, orcs?"

Rheynek laughed. "Heck no, nobody would have problems getting rid of a herd of stupid braindead orc's, no vampires. Lethal fast and clever creatures all existing just to serve their master, heck it was a bloodbath. Literally!"

Glorfindel was shocked. "But you did succeed? "

Rheynek nodded. "If I hadn't I wouldn't have been sitting here talking to you for sure. No, my mate Enez managed to find his one weakness and then I struck and it was one hell of a battle but I survived. "

Glorfindel had to force down the sudden sensation of pure disappointment, the hunter had a mate already, and the name sounded female, not a chance then. "You are bonded?"

He kept his voice calm, relaxed and almost indifferent but it was hard, Rheynek was extremely alluring where he sat and the elf was tempted, very tempted. Rheynek tilted his head. "Yes, sort of. She is my treasure you might say, but too reckless and brave to follow me on my missions."

Glorfindel was jealous, he suddenly realized it and it was a shock to him. "Really?"

Rheynek grinned and stretched like a cat, the sight almost made Glorfindel drool and he had to choke a moan. Rheynek nodded. "Yes, she let the bastard capture her and thus she could steal the key to his powers. And she grew up on the street in a rather shady city, and made a living for herself in a brothel, as a thief. She robbed the customers while they were at it."

Glorfindel blushed, he could not help it. "So, I bet she is one heck of a woman then?"

Rheynek just grinned. "Indeed, and the things she has learned while working? Priceless!"

Glorfindel blushed even more, he looked away from the hunter. Rheynek's eyes got narrow and there was a dangerous flame flickering within them. "So, what about you my friend? Anybody waiting for you back home?"

Glorfindel managed to smile, but his face felt a bit stiff. "Ah, no, nobody in particular no. I have my work and that is all I have time for."

Rheynek stared at him with narrow eyes. "A sad life I must say if that is all you do, work is good but it shouldn't consume you."

Glorfindel tried to look the hunter in the eyes but he could not, he knew Rheynek was right. "Ah, I know but…It is all I know these days."

The hunter grinned, shiny white teeth showing in a flash. "These days, were there days when there was more to it than it is now?"

Glorfindel felt a bit uncomfortable but he started telling the hunter the story of his lives and the tall white haired man sat there listening with his eyes half open and his head a bit tilted. It looked a bit strange but he sensed that the hunter was listening out of real interest, not just to be polite. When he had explained the things he had been through Rheynek grinned again. "I was right when I first laid eyes on you, I felt that you were something very special indeed."

Glorfindel held his breath. "You did?"

Rheynek nodded. "Aye, I did. You have something about you, something which tells me the Gods have plans for you."

Glorfindel cringed. "I hope they don't include a second death then."

The hunter just grinned and laid down, pulled his blanket over himself. "I am sure they don't, why send someone back to have them killed a second time?"

Glorfindel rolled himself into his own blanket slowly, his body felt tense and restless. "I guess you are right."

Rheynek just yawned. "I am, don't doubt that."

Glorfindel heard that the man went to sleep and he remained laying there staring at the stars for a long time before he found any sleep.

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