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When I thought I was done with my fair share of tragedies in my life, I was thrown mercilessly into a new life which was completely foreign to me. New people, new rules, new ways of survival, new terms, more drama and most importantly a new DESTINY that I had to uncover. My life has never been in my favour. All my life ever did was smack more pain in my face one after the other. But it all changed, my existence in the world started meaning something, for the first time my life veered favouring me just because of someone who I never thought was capable of.

Fantasy / Thriller
Alphy Joseph
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My life was never a glamorous one. Still, I wanted to hold my self together because of my dad. But that was easier said than done.

I am Zoella Spears. Talking about my family I am the only one and I am having a loving and caring dad, about my mother...well I don’t know. My dad Spears Rodalf told that she died in a car crash. So I have not experienced motherly love. For me, everything is my dad. But I have always felt that he has kept secrets from me. But I never asked because I trust him.

It was that time of the year that we had our summer break which was not actually a break but the time that our teachers overwhelm us with holiday assignments. But as I always do I kept those for the last. In my summer break, I also go to Time Café to help my friend, Aleena. She’s the owner of the café(she’s almost 20). I spent most of my time there because my father will be at work and I don’t like sitting alone actually, I am scared.

And my summer break finally began. I was freaking excited. I threw my bag to one side and laid down on my bed. Oh! I forgot to tell you my obsessions, "mythologies". Greek, Roman and Indian. They just fascinate me. Another one of my obsession is space. I just love to know more about it. They are just strange, beautiful and amazing to just think how all this just work synchronized. Just to think that our beautiful earth is not even a dot when compared to the vast galaxy, WOW.

I bathed, dad came and we had a little talk which at last turned sad. For dinner, he cooked me my favourite rice and chicken gravy. I don’t know the actual name of the recipe because my dad had developed that recipe. We ate silently. I couldn’t bear the silence so I started talking about the facts of Greek mythology that I have been researching on. We had a good laugh.

He said, "You know that your mother also was into all these stuff. You remind me of her".

I didn’t know how to reply to that so I kept quiet because I was scared that I may say or ask something that I may regret later. We finished our dinner. He said good night and he went to sleep. I went to my room and had a little bit of research on my further studies. I was interested in going for something space-related. I also bought the study materials and all those things. I closed my laptop and went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep. I woke up the next day morning. It was a beautiful day. Birds singing, trees dancing. I cleaned myself up and got ready for breakfast. I walked down the stairs noticing the silence, that was strange at that time of the day. Usually, I wake up because of the aroma of food that my dad cooks. Walking down I was relieved to see him talking to someone. It was a lady. She was very beautiful. She was tall and slender. She was wearing a white gown with some kind of leaf crown which reminded me of the Gods of Greek. I walked towards her. As I closed in on her, her eyes were pinned on me. Those silvery eyes of her did not make me feel great but I could feel some kind of energy transferring from her to me. Then dad turned to me and said that she was the person I was looking for all my life. Then she said "She has changed a lot." and she said something that disturbed me, "Now she should know, Rodalf." Then she disappeared. Then suddenly our house caught fire! My mind was not processing at that moment. But he wrapped me around his arms. I could sense his heart beating faster. But all he did was stand there. The fire was growing towards us. I tried to push him but he wouldn’t budge. Suddenly he started crying and said, "I am sorry Zoella". With that pushed me into the fire!

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