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For one moment in time

One of a kind

I am the one dancing through the moonlight

I am the one born into this world from no womb

In me the fire resides

In me the frost is sleeping

Light and darkness forever merged together

The beginning, the end, everything there is to be

Forever dancing upon the weave of life

The sounds of battle were deafening, roars, screams and the whinnying from horses mixed with the clashing of steel against steel. It was a vicious fight, neither side showed any mercy nor expected any and the only goal was to kill as many as possible. The orcs had been cornered and now the filth was fighting ferociously and with no regard for their own lives and safety. A cliff stopped them from escaping and the elves were rapidly causing their numbers to decline. A tall black haired ellon was dancing through the chaos, his movements graceful and fleeting even for one of his race and he didn't waste any energy, every strike with the beautiful longsword killed an orc and blood spilled from the blade like water. He had a sneer on his handsome face and he spun around and beheaded an orc who were trying to skewer another elf on a spear. On the other side of the battlefield his mirror image was fighting with equal ferocity and skill and the two of them had left a trail of dead orcs across the area.

The orcs didn't really know how to fear, they had no instinct of self-preservation because all they wanted was to serve their master, they were cannon fodder and expendable. After another twenty minutes the last orc did fall, with the blade of one of the twins buried in his skull. The elf pulled the blade free with a grimace of disgust, they had every good reason to hate orcs and he shook the blood of it and sheathed it. His brother sent him a quick smile before he turned around to evaluate the situation. An ellon clad in an armor walked towards them. "My lords, we have lost just one warrior, three are wounded but they will be fine if we get them back home right away."

Elladan sighed and sent the captain a tired smile. "Good, you can gather everybody and hurry to my father, we will check the perimeters to make sure there aren't any others hiding here somewhere."

The ellon looked a bit doubtful. "My lord, just the two of you?"

Elrohir patted him on the shoulder. "Be at ease Ildirion, we will be safe. I would like to see the orc capable of sneaking up on us two."

The warrior just nodded and knew that he stood no chance of convincing these two to join the rest of the company and return home. He shouted some orders and the twins whistled for their horses and mounted. This pack of orcs had tried to cross this river valley undetected but some scouts saw them and the patrol out of Imladris had taken care of them rather easily. Orcs were disgusting vile creatures and the faster they could be killed the better. Elladan turned his great grey stallion and threw one last glance at the dead orcs, they were already stinking, someone would be sent to burn the carcasses so they wouldn't pollute the valley, he and his brother spent most of their time out hunting orcs and many saw the two brothers as the best orc slayers anywhere. Elrohir wiped his brow, he shook his long black mane of hair and made a grimace. "Let's ride to the river, my horse is thirsty and frankly speaking, so am I"

Elladan just nodded, he wondered if they ever were to see the end of this struggle against the evil forces. The river was rather wide and the current strong and it created a natural barrier orcs had problems crossing. This river valley was lush and green and beautiful and the two elves enjoyed the peace and the tranquility of nature now that the orcs were gone. The day was very hot and the summer sun was shining from a sky devoid of any clouds, fighting in this heat was hard even for an elf. Elladan was considering taking a bath, the valley was safe now and he felt his skin twitch, he had been sweating and felt as though he was stinking rather badly. Elrohir rode his bay mare like he and the horse was one being, he had always been the more patient one of the twins and he could sometimes seem to be both quiet and thoughtful but with a sword in hand he was every bit as dangerous as Elladan, in fact he was regarded as even better than his brother because he seemed to be filled by an ice cold sort of rage that allowed him to remain in control of himself but still made him fight like one possessed.

Both brothers had been fighting the orcs like mad since their mother was attacked and badly injured some years ago. They had managed to save her but she had never been able to heal properly and so she had chosen to sail into the west and they missed her terribly. It seemed that their goal in life was to kill as many orcs as possible and they were doing an impressive job. They reached the river, the riverbed was wide there and covered with boulders and rocks and so they left their horses and let them drink from a small pond. The two elves walked toward the main stream and Elrohir cocked his head. "The river is running high now, must be the rain."

Elladan nodded, he wanted to tear off his light leather armor and throw himself into the water like some elfling but he wanted to at least keep a sheen of dignity. He slowly unclasped his cloak and threw some water into his face. It felt good but darn so cold, maybe a bath was a bad idea. This river came down from the mountains and it was never warm, not even in the summer months. Elrohir got out of his armor and his boots too, stuck his feet into the water and closed his eyes in bliss, the suns heat was sweltering there and both elves were almost panting. Elladan followed Elrohir's example, he sat there in just his pants and enjoyed the cool air following the river. Elrohir yawned and stretched himself, tried to braid his long hair again. His braid had come undone during the fight and although the somewhat wild look suited him he wanted to look civilized.

Both were tired, they had been out for days now and they did long for a few days of rest, perhaps a bath and some proper meals. Elladan closed his eyes and thought of a certain elleth he was set on getting to know a little better, she was resisting his charm but darn it, he would lay that fortress open wide soon enough. She would yield, they all did eventually. He knew how to use his charm and good looks for what they were worth and none had been able to resist him completely just yet. He was humming softly to himself while he thought of her soft brown locks and shapely rear. Elrohir was tugging away at his hair and he was mumbling some phrases that would have made their father raise an eyebrow in a not so very pleased grimace. Birds were singing from the trees and their horses had finished drinking and stood there head to tail swatting away flies.

Elrohir sighed. "I think I can already smell the kitchens, I could eat a whole deer."

Elladan sniggered. "No you cannot, remember the time you and Glorfindel had that eating contest? You lost in a most spectacular way!"

Elrohir scoffed. "Wasn't my fault that I puked, the cook had put too much spice in that stew!"

Elladan laughed. "Yeah right, so speaks the looser."

Elrohir pretended to be deeply hurt. "How could I have won? He is twice my size damn it, and he is used to eating a lot"

Elladan sent his brother a wry grin. "Twice your size? Aren't you exaggerating a bit now? He is three inches taller than you and yes, he probably weighs a lot more than you but that is all muscle."

Elrohir rolled his eyes. "As if I don't already know that!"

Glorfindel had trained both the young peredhels and they had never managed to beat him even once, he always won and to them he was an ideal and their great idol. Elrohir let his eyes follow the stream lazily, he enjoyed the peace and quiet and knew that they had done a good days work. Then he noticed something out of the ordinary, there was something rather white showing against the dark rocks of the rapids and he frowned. "Dan? What is that?"

Elladan frowned. "Ah, probably nothing, just a piece of lightly colored wood or a white rock or something."

Elrohir cocked his head. "I don't think so, it doesn't look that way?"

Elladan turned his head, he looked very tired. "Ro, the last time you thought you saw something in a river it turned out to be a dead pig some farmer had dropped in the lake just to get rid of it, it stank to high heavens!"

Elrohir was on his feet. "That is not a dead pig, look for yourself!"

Elladan sighed, so much for a few minutes rest. He got up and held his hand up to shield his eyes from the sharp sunlight and he did get a sinking feeling in his guts when he saw the thing Elrohir had spotted. It didn't look like a dead branch or anything like that, was it a body?!

He swallowed, they knew of no one who was missing of their people but there were some humans living up river and if this was the victim of an unfortunate drowning the relatives would want to know of this poor persons fate and perhaps they would be glad to be able to give the body a proper funeral. Elrohir grinned. "Now you see it too."

Elladan just nodded and now he ran towards the strange object, he was steady on his feet as all elves are and before long they both stood by the stream and stared at the object that was pushed halfway onto a flat rock by the current. Elladan was pale and Elrohir was swearing. "It is someone, a body."

Elladan bit his lower lip, the current was strong but the river wasn't very deep and he could see that the bottom was even and smooth. It was possible to wade out to the rock but it would be cold and hard and he clenched his teeth together and decided to take the plunge. It was most certainly a body but the river ran white just there and it was hard to see any details. Elrohir looked terrified. "Dan, what are you doing?!"

Elladan shivered, the water reached his hips and it was freezing cold but he slowly moved forward, one leg at a time, leaning toward the current. "Retrieving it, it cannot be left there."

Elrohir looked stunned for a short moment, then he gasped and spun around. "I'll get a rope."

Elladan fought his way against the water and as he got closer the sinking feeling got stronger, oh gods it couldn't be? He waded the last few feet, grasped onto the rock and saw that the body lay on its side with its back towards him, he hesitated and didn't really want to touch a dead person but he had to. Dark hair covered most of it and it was really a wonder they had seen it at all. He turned the body around by the shoulder and he almost let out a startled cry. It was an elleth, a female elf! He felt a surge of panic, by Eru, what was he to do?! She was probably dead but it had become even more important than before to get whoever this was out of the river. She was long, almost as long as he was and the dark hair clung to skin so white it looked like milk. He did notice that she was naked and blushed shortly before he pulled her further up from the water. Oh Gods, how could this have happened?

Elrohir returned from the horses with a rope and tossed the end to Elladan who just barely managed to catch it. He attached it to a protruding part of the rock and then he lifted the body carefully and heaved it over his shoulder. She was rather heavy and so ice cold it made him cringe but the body wasn't stiff yet. He began to wade back, very carefully and he was glad his brother had thought of the rope, it made everything a little better. He was so cold he shivered but he managed to get back onto the riverbank and he knelt down and let his burden slide down onto the sand. He got the first real look at her and he heard Elrohir gasp loudly, his brother stared with huge eyes at the naked female. Elladan just couldn't believe it, what on Arda was she? She had pointy ears like an elf but the upper edge of the ear leading to the delicate point wasn't straight, it had a slight curve to it and the point was more visible than on most elves. Elrohir was almost whispering, as if he didn't dare to speak his mind. "I have never seen anything like that?"

Elladan swallowed hard. "Neither have I brother, I do not know what race she is from."

He bent down, lifted her right hand and noticed how perfect it was with long fingers and an elegant and yet strong shape. Elrohir was blushing. "Ah Dan, she is naked!"

Elladan scoffed. "Thank you for telling me Ro, gee, I didn't notice that!"

He pulled the extremely long thick hair away from the body and stared with startled eyes at the weird tattoo covering her entire left leg. He did notice another one on her arm, it looked like some kneeling human with wings? And on her back she had two more, a beautiful wolf and some kind of a feline.

Elrohir was a bit pale. "She has mutilated herself? Gods!"

Elladan noticed the piercings and cringed, he stared in disbelief on at least a dozen holes and studs in her ears, the stud in her eyebrow, nose and lower lip and Elrohir stared with huge eyes at the piercing in the females nipple and navel. Elladan thought he saw something shiny even further south and moved her leg a bit, yes, she had one there too and Elrohir turned around and turned a bit green. "Who would freely do something like that to themselves? I mean, the ears?!"

Elladan sighed. "It could be a part of her culture for all we know? Perhaps her ears aren't as sensitive as ours?"

Elrohir still cringed. "Aiii, and down there? What is the point in that?"

Elladan got a bit annoyed. "I do not know and I don't care, we have to find out what has happened to her."

Elrohir got a dark expression on his face. "You don't think someone has…you know what? And dumped the body?"

Elladan grinded his teeth. "Listen Ro, I have no clue okay? But we cannot leave her here, do we have something to cover the body with? We have to bring her with us back home, someone is perhaps missing her somewhere."

Elrohir stared down at her, his eyes sad. "Dan? "

Elladan sighed deeply once more and rolled his eyes. "Yes Ro, what?!"

Elrohir lifted his gaze and Elladan was shocked to see a hint of tears in his brothers eyes. "She is so beautiful, haven't you noticed?"

Elladan looked at the elleth again, yes, she was beautiful, in fact more than beautiful. She was…stunning, amazing. The idea of this incredible creature laying there before them dead and robbed of life made him gasp and he too felt tears swelling in his eyes. "Oh Eru, what happened to you young one?"

She had to be young, he somehow sensed it and yet there was something about this creature that seemed ancient. He tried to arrange her legs and arms, make her look a bit less dead, give her some dignity. Elrohir got a blanket from his horse and he hesitated, stared down. "I do not know if I can touch her Dan, it would be…sacrilege!"

Elladan nodded. "I know, she looks like a Goddess, but we have to move her, she cannot lay here to rot, like some carcass."

He gently gathered the mass of thick bluish black hair and was in awe of the elegance of the body, a long neck, long legs, rounded hips and a tiny waist and a pair of breasts that had to be the most perfect pair he had ever seen. Why had this creature perished? It was so unfair, it wasn't natural. He rolled the blanket around her and slowly he lifted her up, the head lolled back and her mouth opened, revealing shiny white teeth and they were almost feline in appearance. Elrohir stared at her again, he was looking at her neck and he was suddenly white like freshly fallen snow. "Dan, take a look at her throat, the jugular!"

Elladan did that, stared at the jugular and suddenly he saw movement, he yelped and pressed his finger towards it, desperately. Elrohir pressed his ear towards her chest and he stared up, his deep blue eyes filled with shock. "She is alive!"

Elladan whistled for his horse, suddenly they were in a terrible hurry. The two horses came running and Elrohir held the female while Elladan got into the saddle, then he lifted her up to him and Elladan spurred his steed desperately. The great grey jumped forward and broke into wild gallop and before long he was followed by Elrohir. Elladan held the female up towards his chest, frantically hoping they would reach their father in time. She was hovering on the edge between life and death and Elrond was after all one of the very best healers of the entire Arda. If anyone could save her it had to be him. They found a path leading back to Imladris and the horses knew the way and gave it their all. The mighty elven steeds could outrun even a mearas and Elladan didn't spare his horse at all but pushed it without mercy. He rode at break neck speed down the narrow spiraling paths towards their home and did see many elves who stared at them with shock and disbelief. Galloping down those paths was something nobody did unless they either had a death wish or if something was awfully wrong.

Elladan didn't pull at the reins until his horse almost skidded across the bridge and stopped panting in front of the main stair leading up to the city. The animal was gasping for air and he waited until Elrohir rode across the bridge before he jumped down. Some elves came running, alarmed by the sound of hooves in such a hurry and they stopped and stared with shock at the twins and the body Elladan held in his arms. Elrohir waved his arm. "Langar, take the horses to the stables, they have been ridden very hard. Lindir, where is Adar?"

The minstrel looked just as startled as usual and had to swallow before he managed to say anything at all. "Ah, in the council room, with Erestor and Glorfindel, a messenger arrived from Mirkwood some hours ago, apparently very bad news"

Elladan swore. "Curse it, someone, go get him and tell him to go to the infirmary right away, tell him it is a matter of life or death."

A servant left at a shocking speed and Lindir stared at the elleth in Elladan's arms. "Who is that?!"

Elladan was already running up the stairs with his brother at his heels. "Have no idea, we found her in the river"

The two brothers rushed into the infirmary and Elladan laid the female on a bench and the three elves who worked there came running, they stopped and stared with shock written all over their faces and Elladan almost panted. "We found her in the river, she's probably drowned but there is a pulse. She is still alive but only the Valar knows for how long if you don't help her"

The door at the back of the room flew open and Elrond came rushing in, he looked a bit confused and Elladan looked at his father with a pleading gaze. "Please ada, we found her in the river, save her!"

Elrond gasped when he saw the naked female that lay on the bench, he had never seen a creature like that before and he immediately noticed that his ring reacted to her. It seemed eager, like it suddenly had gotten extra power. He touched the females neck, counted the heartbeats. They were slow and hesitant and he bowed down and listened to her chest. There was no water in her lungs, whatever had happened to her, she didn't drown.

He started examining the body, she had a very well developed upper torso but her lower body looked a bit weak in comparison and it lacked muscle tone. It was weird. She was terribly cold and he too noticed the strange and yet beautiful tattoos which didn't resemble any other tattoos he had ever seen before. He had no idea of how anyone could create something like that. The piercings made him stare in shock and he opened her mouth and almost let out a yelp in shock. This was no elf, but it was no human either. He had no idea of what she was and he nodded to his sons. "You may leave now, I will do whatever I can for her."

Elladan looked almost angry. "I do not want to leave her."

Elrohir nodded. "Me neither!"

Elrond sighed. "Fine, but please sit down but the fireplace, I need space to work."

The two immediately followed his order and sat down and Elrond barked orders to the other healers. He gently let his hands glide across the unconscious body, searching for fractures or other injuries but he found none. The only thing he did notice was a weird malformation of her lower spine, as if it had been broken but had healed. She was breathing very shallowly and he opened an eyelid, stared at an eye that was almost red in color. He backed away, took a deep breath and lifted the other, bright green, right, what the hell was this? He turned to the other healers. "Pour some hot water into the tub over there, we need to reheat her."

He had no idea of why she was unconscious, there was no apparent injuries or traumas at all, she was just very cold and almost lifeless. He crushed some athelas in a bowl and smeared the herb onto her chest, made a grimace when he thought of the weird piercings. An elf would never disfigure their bodies in such a way, to them it would be a sacrilege. He placed her in a more comfortable position and noticed her last piercing too, shiny against her small black triangle of silky black hair. He tried to think, she was no elf, at least not of any elven race he knew of , and in all of his many millennia of life he had never even heard of someone looking like that. This was something entirely new even to him and although the thought of a challenge thrilled him it also made him a bit nervous. What if she was a threat? A danger to them all? Well, then she was going to stay there, until they knew all there was to know of her.

He admired the tattoos once more, the vines twined around her left leg were exquisite and looked almost like real vines and flowers. The wolf and the feline had to have some sort of spiritual importance and the strange winged person on her arm too. She had to have come from a very different culture indeed. He massaged her legs and frowned, she was tall. Almost as tall as he was and he was stricken by her beauty, it was so exotic and different and yet ethereal and unreal. Her skin reminded him of starlight and that hair, as thick and silky as that of any elf, she was amazing. She had to have come from somewhere but how, and why? And where? He had no idea, he had one of the female healers braid her hair and get it out of the way while he gently examined her neck and head, nothing wrong there. Her eyes were dilated and empty and he hoped that she hadn't suffered some sort of brain injury. He couldn't cure that sort of problem, nobody could.

The healers lifted her into a tub and massaged her arms and legs carefully while Elrond counted her heartbeats. She was getting better but very slowly. They lifted her out again when she was warmer and wrapped her in thick blankets. Elrond smeared mixtures of different herbs and ointments onto her skin wherever it was thin, her neck, armpits and groin. She was so well shaped and he couldn't help himself, he did react to her as any male would but he kept that under control and didn't allow it to cloud his mind at all. He was first and foremost a healer. He already suspected that his sons were a bit taken by her, after all, when had anyone ever seen something this beautiful. He suspected that Luthien herself would have looked plain compared with this creature, but what in the name of Eru was she?

They placed her in a comfortable bed and Elrond told one of the others to keep a watch over her and tell him the moment there was a change no matter how small. Elladan and Elrohir looked at him with suspense and he tried to smile. "She will live I am sure, but I have no idea of how she ended up in the river or why she isn't awake."

Elladan frowned. "Ada, what is she? I have never seen an elf with such ears?"

Elrond placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "Dan, I don't know, I have never encountered anyone of such a race nor have I heard of it described in any way, I think she is something entirely new."

Elladan looked worried. "I cannot say I like that, not while the situation is as it is."

Elrond sighed. "I know, but trust in the good forces of this world. I do not think she is a threat to us."

Elrohir cocked his head. "The others mentioned some bad news from Mirkwood?"

Elrond made a tired grimace. "Yes, I am afraid that is true. The king's son has gone missing, probably been taken by orcs."

Elladan gasped and Elrohir made a whimper. "Gods no, not Legolas, he is our friend! Please, there must be something we can do?"

Elrond took a deep breath. "Estel has already left to help the kings troops searching for him, but I have little hope. And Thranduil is close to breaking down completely."

Elrohir was staring at his father, realization glowing in his eyes. "The enemy is trying to hurt us, weaken us by attacking our loved ones. Grandmother Galadriel and you through naneth and now Thranduil through his son."

Elrond sent his son a somewhat sad smile. "Yes, you are right son, you are truly smart."

Elladan almost shivered, he could barely control himself. "Will the orcs kill him?"

Elrond sat down, his eyes distant and very dark. "Probably not, know this my sons, if Thranduil finds his son dead he will become wild with rage and hatred, he is already a force to be reckoned with but if he goes berserk not even the dark lord can predict how it will end. The worse thing about such situations is not knowing, the uncertainty of it all. If your loved one is dead that is it, it is over."

Elrohir growled. "The dark lord is turning what we love against us isn't he, using our love as a tool to break us all."

Elrond nodded. "Yes, I fear so. He is probably torturing the poor prince and letting his father know of it too, just to torment him, break his will, turn him into a wreck not capable of doing anything that can further endanger his child."

Elladan frowned. "I hope you have sent a message to Lothlorien? If our sister hears about this I am sure she will want to come home and maybe she too is a target."

Elrond sent him a quick grin. "I have already thought of that, I have sent messengers. She is to be kept under guard at all times and she isn't to leave the city at all. She won't like it but there is no way around it I fear."

Elrohir took a deep sigh of relief. "Good, did Estel leave with some warriors or alone?"

Elrond sighed. "He took three ellyn with him, he is hopefully halfway to Mirkwood already. Legolas is his best friend, he will not rest until he is found, alive or dead and in the last case avenged with blood."

Elladan closed his eyes for a second, he tried to remain calm. "Do they know anything about where they may have taken him? "

Elrond shook his head. "No, the letter only told that it had been a very well planned attack, one targeting the kings son in special. He could be anywhere."

Elrohir moaned and looked as if he was in pain. "Valar, I do not want to even imagine what he might be going through now."

Elrond just stared at the floor. "Who would? Let us pray that Estel has luck on his side."

The healer got on his feet and took a look at the unconscious female. "Weird though that she has showed up here now, it is almost as if it wasn't a coincidence?"

He took a quick decision. "Ro, Dan, when she wakes up, if she wakes up, then I want her to be watched over at all times. I want either one of you or Glorfindel to be with her just to make sure that she is safe, and that there isn't any sinister forces at work here."

Elladan nodded. "Sure thing Ada, she won't be able to escape if that is what you fear."

Elrond smiled and left the room, he had things to do and he knew that the healers there were skilled and after all, she didn't appear to be harmed in any way. She just wasn't awake, and he found that a bit strange. Elves will usually never stay unconscious unless they are trying to shield themselves from some mental trauma. Could that be the cause of her condition? He could just wait and see, now he had to discuss the further plans for the defense of Imladris with his seneschal and captain.

Elladan and Elrohir left the infirmary too, they were tired and cold and hungry and the strange female would probably not wake up soon so they went to the bath house to clean themselves off and get some warmth back into their bodies. Both were stunned by the news of their friends capture and didn't really want to talk at all. They went to the dining hall and had a huge meal each and then they went to their rooms to get some rest. They both needed it and although their heads were spinning the twins quickly fell asleep.

The night was quiet and peaceful and the lamps and chandeliers made the valley look as if a piece of heaven had fallen onto earth. The guards were up and about as usual, the hidden valley was never left unguarded and in the hall of fire many were gathered to just socialize, share a few good stories and a cup or two of wine. The moon threw a cold clear light upon the forests and the rivers and only the nighttime creatures were out there at this time of the day.

When the morning light came crawling across the skies the healers discovered that the female was still unconscious but now it was more of a normal sleep and her temperature and heartbeat was more normal. She could wake up soon and so the twins volunteered to sit by her bed to watch over her. They both were extremely curious and wanted to know more about her and they were nervous too so both wore their swords, just in case. She was female and unarmed but they never underestimated anyone based purely on gender.

Elladan was bored and sat reading from a book of ancient poems, Elrohir was halfway paying attention to his brothers words and halfway watching some birds flying around in the far distance. He didn't like just sitting there but he felt like he had to. And he wanted to know who this elleth or whatever she was really was. Elladan had just finished a poem about the beauty of the fallen city of Gondolin when the female moaned and her arms shivered, it looked a bit strange and the two elves stared at each other with big eyes. She moaned once more, tossed her head around and suddenly she called out, in a strange tongue they didn't really understand. It sounded a bit like Westron but the words were twisted and weird, pane-cash? What in the name of the Valar was that? Had she hurt her tongue perhaps?

Elladan got on his feet and nodded to Elrohir who stood ready too in case she was dangerous in any way. They called for the healers and the female made a small shriek and opened her eyes. Both elves stared at her in shock, odd eyed? And such weird colors too? At first she stared at the roof with obvious disbelief and shock, then she whispered something incoherent and slowly she turned her head and saw Elladan. First she just blinked, as if she didn't understand that she was in fact seeing something or perhaps she was too dazed yet to register anything but then her eyes opened up wide and she screamed, she had seen Elrohir too. A loud shrill scream in utter terror and shock and she rolled to her side and fell out of the bed with a thud that made both twins cringe. She then screamed once more and tried to get away from them but not by standing up or crawling. No, she just dragged herself along with her arms like her lower body wasn't there and it looked so terrible, like seeing some half-crushed insect trying to escape an enemy. Her legs just hang after her, like dead weight. She panted and whined and hit the wall and pulled herself up against it, eyes wide open in fear, panting, shivering and trembling and making low mewling sounds of complete fear. Elladan was horrified, how could they believe that she was a threat, something dangerous? She was so afraid of them she almost passed out! And she couldn't walk? That was tragic!

He took a few steps closer, noticed that he and Elrohir by chance was wearing identical clothes, maybe she thought that she was hallucinating, seeing double? He tried to act in a non-threatening manner, holding his arms out, palms towards her. "Easy there, shhhh, you are alright."

He spoke in Sindarin since he had no idea of what languages she knew and she obviously didn't understand him at all. She just stared and whimpered and tried to curl herself up into a ball, her legs appeared to be non-responsive? Gods, how terrible. "Please…"

The words were shivering, almost a mere breathless whisper but he understood, it was some sort of westron indeed but in a strange dialect. "Please don't hurt me…I'll do anything, just don't hurt me"

Her voice pleading and the twins just stared at her confused and a bit shocked. Did she really think that they would harm her in any way? Why?

Elladan sat down on his haunches, tried to look as friendly as possible, held his hands like before. "We wish you no harm."

She did notice her own lack of clothing and a horrified expression rushed across her face, she tried to cover herself with her hands in a pathetic attempt to protect her modesty and Elrohir felt himself blush, he felt almost unwell for putting her into such a situation. Her lower lip trembled. "If…if you…want to…rape me then do it but please let me go afterwards, don't kill me"

Elladan gasped and his eyes got wide with disbelief, he couldn't believe what she was saying. Rape?! By Morgoth, no elf with a sane mind that is would even think about something like that, it was almost an insult hearing her saying this but he realized to his horror that she perhaps came from a place where males would do that to a defenseless female. The mere idea made him want to retch. He didn't know what to do, what to say in order to not frighten her further and Elrohir hawked and sat down next to his brother, she stared at the two in utter disbelief. "You are not seeing double my lady, we are identical twins. Believe me please, we do not want to harm you, in any way. You are safe here."

She still looked extremely frightened and very alert, her eyes slid from Elladan to Elrohir and back, then she took in the room and she looked even more confused, tears were starting to run down her cheeks and she gasped, her hands were shivering all the time and she looked so much like a frightened child there and then. Elladan felt a deep urge to take her into his arms, shield her and comfort her but he knew she probably would misunderstand that completely so he stayed back, just trying to smile. She whimpered and Elrohir took his cape and held it out, his eyes to the floor. "Here, cover yourself with this."

She reached out, hesitantly and with obvious suspicion but she took the cape and quickly she wrapped it around her body, eyes still huge with fear. "Where…where am I?"

Elladan sat down on the floor, very slowly so he wouldn't startle her, he crossed his legs and Elrohir kneeled down behind him. "You are in the valley of Imladris, in the last homely house east of the sea. The home of our father, Elrond Peredhel. This is Elrohir, I am Elladan."

The female just stared, her gaze blank, she hadn't even heard of the place.

Elladan lifted an eyebrow. "Eh Rivendell?"

She just shook her head. "I am not in the united states any more am I?"

Elrohir shook his head with an apologetic grimace. "I am afraid we don't know what you mean by that my lady?"

She sobbed and tears floated down her cheeks, like silvery beads of liquid diamonds. "Then where am I, what land, what world?"

Elladan stared at Elrohir who looked just as shocked as himself. What world? Elrohir tried to keep his voice calm and comforting. "You are in middle-earth of course. Where do you come from, and what is your name by the way?"

She looked a bit stunned. "Middle-earth, I come from earth! I have gone mad for sure, no, I am dying and this is just a last hallucination before the end."

Elrohir gasped. "You are not dying my lady, our father is a very renowned and skilled healer and he says that you are alright, we found you in a river and got you back here yesterday."

She whimpered, even when terrified she was so lovely to look at it hurt their very hearts. Nothing this lovely should ever be hurt or scared, it wasn't right. She shook her head, hid her face in those elegant slender hands. "You are not real, pointy eared people? Really? My brain is shutting down, that is the answer."

Elladan sighed and reached out. "Here, touch me, see if I am real or not. I am not a pointy eared person by the way but an elf."

She let out a hysterical giggle. "Elves? Do you seriously think I can believe that? I got crushed in that plane crash and now my head is short circuiting."

Elladan didn't understand what she was saying but he held his hand out ever so patiently and she bit her lower lip and slowly she too reached out. Her fingers slid against his skin, hesitantly and with a nervous twitch. Then she got bolder and fastened her grip before she let go with a yelp, her eyes wide once more but this time with realization. "You…you are real? Goddamn, you are real!"

Elrohir grinned. "I would most certainly say so yes, we do feel very real at least."

She whimpered. "Oh gods what has happened to me!"

Elladan took her hand gently and she didn't retract it, he tried to smile, to look gentle and harmless. "Again my lady, what is your name? And how did you end up in the river? We thought you had drowned but our father says that you hadn't, you were just unconscious."

She trembled again, her eyes huge and confused and those perfect rosy lips were shivering. "I…My name is Adelyn…I don't know anything about any river, I was in a plane crash and I must have died."

Elrohir scratched his head. "Uh, plane crash?"

She opened her mouth. "Oh damn, you don't know what a plane is do you, this looks like the middle ages or something."

Elladan bit his lower lip. "Adelyn, we don't know what that is no, and middle ages?"

She took a deep breath. "A plane is a sort of vehicle we use where I am from, to travel far. It flies through the air and I was on my way to visit a friend who lives on the west and on the way something bad happened and it fell out of the skies and everybody got killed, me too I guess."

Elrohir frowned. "The west? Valinor? Are you a Vala perhaps? Or a Maia?"

Adelyn felt more and more confused. "Now it is me who doesn't understand anything."

Elladan sighed. "Right, nothing of that then. Perhaps Eru wanted you to live and brought you here instead then?"

She frowned. "Eru?"

Elrohir made a gesture, he tried to explain. "The one? The maker, the creator of the world? The one you pray to?"

Adelyn suddenly smiled. "Oh, God? That's as good an explanation as any I guess."

Elrohir got back on his feet. "I'll go get our father to let him know you are awake, he will wish to speak to you of this I am sure. Worry not, he is wise and very kind."

She looked very nervous again. "Is your father some kind of leader?"

Elladan nodded. "Yes, you might say so. But pardon me for saying this Adelyn, why did you drag yourself along the floor?"

She cringed, looked down. "My legs are paralyzed, I was in an accident and I broke my back and after that I have been unable to move my legs."

Elladan swallowed and suddenly his eyes were filled with compassion, as were his brothers. "Oh, I am so sorry to hear that, but keep hope alive. Our father is very skilled, he might be able to help you."

She sent him a sad glance. "I have met the best doctors of my world and neither of them could help me, no offense but I doubt that your father will be any different in that matter."

Elrohir tried to smile. "I think you'd might be surprised."

Adelyn had sort of been floating in a soft white light for a long time, or it could be just seconds, it was so hard to tell. She was a bit disappointed though, if this was the hereafter it was definitely very boring. Then she suddenly opened her eyes and saw something above her head. A roof? It was made from wood and looked old and also old fashioned but it was clean and well-made and she didn't understand anything. She had to be dead, was this heaven? Weird, she could smell something that had to be some sort of herbs, flowers and trees and the air was so pure. Was the afterlife really supposed to be that real? She felt a presence and turned her head, she immediately felt a rush of pure panic, next to the bed she lay on stood a very tall man with long black hair and he wore some medieval looking clothes and he had a long knife in his belt. Her vision was a bit blurred so she couldn't really see him clearly but he had pointy ears. She looked in the other direction and saw that same tall dude there and she just freaked out, she tried to get away from it all, fell out of the bed and even though she did feel the impact of hitting the rock floor she pulled herself away, too scared to even think. Was she insane? She was seeing double!

She didn't understand what the man said and realized that it was two of them, not one, but they looked so weird and she noticed her own lack of clothing and a new type of panic got control of her. They were both big, muscular and looked a bit like huge cats somehow, there was something definitely dangerous about them and she feared being taken advantage of more than anything else.

Then they did speak so she could understand them although the language sounded old fashioned and strange, and she only slowly was able to accept what they told her, what they were. Elves? She had always thought that elves were such tiny creatures that were flying around in the woods with small wings on their backs but these two men looked…well, amazing. Monica would have been drooling like mad if she saw these two, they would make any model look like a trainwreck. How could anyone be that handsome and beautiful and yet masculine? They had to be gay, undoubtedly. Nobody that freaking perfect could be anything but gay!

She slowly started to realize that this was real, she was in some other world, and she didn't know how to feel about it at all. Was she glad she wasn't dead? Disappointed? In shock was absolutely a phrase that fit her situation and she didn't for a minute believe that this father of theirs could help her. She didn't believe in magic damn it.

She also had a huge problem separating between the two men, they were as similar as two drops of water and it made her feeling a bit uncomfortable. Maybe God or whoever it was who was behind this all had offered her a second chance but heck, couldn't that have been in someplace a bit more modern? She bet they didn't even have a decent bathroom there? She felt safe though, both had such kind eyes and she somehow knew that they never would hurt her. The cape Elrohir had given her was warm and soft and it smelled of forest and a more musky scent that had to be his personal smell. She liked it somehow, some guys did smell like a randy goat or old socks if they had been without a shower for just a few hours but his scent was very natural and comforting in a way. Elrohir left and she was left there with Elladan and she felt very shy all of a sudden.

Elladan saw that she blushed, he realized that it was because they had seen her undressed and he felt awkward too. He stared down at the floor. "Do not feel embarrassed my lady, I realize that we inadvertently might have offended your sense of modesty and honor but fear not, we do have a different view upon nudity than most humans. To us it is just natural and believe me, you have nothing to be ashamed of, you are stunningly beautiful."

She just pulled the fabric tighter around herself, looked down. Elladan swallowed and felt confused by her reactions. "Those tattoos? Do they mean anything?"

She raised her head again, frowned. "Ah yes, and no. The one on my leg was made to cover up some scars but they are gone now it seems."

Elladan had seen that her skin was flawless, without any scars at all. "How did you get scarred?"

She sighed, placed her chin on top of her knees."In the accident that damaged my back. I was in a vehicle that collided with another one, very violently. My foster parents got killed but I lived."

Elladan cocked his head. "Foster parents?"

Adelyn nodded. "Yes, I have never known my real parents."

He wanted to reach out and touch her, show his compassion but he didn't dare to. "Oh, I am so sorry."

She shrugged. "Don't be, it is alright I guess. I hoped that I would meet them again when I died but now I am here instead."

He nodded toward her arm. "The other tattoos?"

She sighed, the sound filled with melancholy. "The wolf is my foster fathers spirit animal and the cougar is mine, and the angel on my arm was for my foster mother, she loved angels."

Elladan looked puzzled. "Angels?"

She smiled, a very sad smile. "In my world many believe in angels, they are creatures of light that watch over you and try to keep you away from harm and make you do good things. You cannot see them though."

He just nodded with a strange expression in his eyes. "Oh, but those piercings?"

She cut a wry grin. "Just to rebel I guess, it is normal for the young in my world. Many decorate themselves thus."

He winced. "Aii, didn't it hurt? I mean, your ears?"

She looked a bit confused. "The ears? Not that much no?"

Elladan made a grimace. "Elven ears are very sensitive, I just thought that…never mind. By the way, why did our ears shock you? You do have pointy ears too?"

She sighed, looked down. "I have lived my whole life believing myself to be disfigured, they even thought of operating my ears to make them look more human at one time but the surgeon thought that I would be left with bad scars so he recommended that they should be left as they were."

Elladan raised an eyebrow. "Operate? Isn't that taking it a bit too far?"

She shook her head. "In my world people change everything about themselves of which they are unhappy, ears, noses, lips, breasts, you name it"

The elf just looked shocked and she stared into the floor again. What was to happen to her now? She was in a different world damn it, did they have wheelchairs here? Talk about being dropped out of the ashes and straight into the fire. She bet she would fit right in, just like a bunny in a pack of ferrets. She sobbed and hid her face in her hands once more. This was getting worse by the minute.

The door at the end of the room opened and Elrohir came back in followed by another tall darkhaired man who looked a bit older than him, more worn in a way but he was very handsome and something about him told her she could trust him, he was powerful and yet kind and she felt as though she should have curtsied or something. Three other elves followed, they all looked as though they were in their mid-twenties and yet she somehow knew they were very old compared with her. Elladan got up, he bowed his head. "Adelyn, this is my father Elrond, Ada, this is Adelyn."

The Peredhel smiled and knelt down, he saw the traces of terror and shock on the face of the young elleth and his heart was swelling with compassion but what Elrohir had told him of her story made him more and more confused and intrigued by her. He let out a hand and she took it, very nervously. He tried to give her as much room as possible. "Greetings my lady. Now, if you don't mind I will let my assistants lift you back into the bed and then we can have a chat. Are you hungry?"

Adelyn saw the soft light in his eyes and somehow he reminded her of Kim, there was a hint of the same kind of strength and the same understanding and compassion in his gaze. She hadn't thought of that until now but when he mentioned food she heard her stomach rumble and she had to cover her mouth in embarrassment. "Yes!"

Elrond smiled and the twins grinned too, they had both heard her. "Great, I will get the kitchens to send something, we can share a meal. "

Adelyn tried to smile, she was hungry as hell but she wasn't looking forward to sharing a meal with these elves, why she didn't know but she knew that she soon would have to finally accept the reality of it all. She was absolutely not in Kansas anymore, and how was she ever going to adept to living in the freaking middle ages?

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